18th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Another 2 or 3 game day, this time in Multiplayer MFriday…

Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1000 cR

If you want to do this specifically (as you’ll probably getting it just playing for the others) then jump into something on Score Attack, maybe Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or Fiesta Attack to get it done quickly and rack up the kills.

T-Hug It Out – Kill 7 enemies with close quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1400 cR

Close Quarters is a kill using melee, assassination, Shotgun, Energy Sword and Hammer. Infection can be useful, as that’s all CQC. If only there was a game type where you only used hammers and swords though? Yep, again this week I say Grifball, as that’s all CQC as well, and easy to get lots and lots of kills. For other mode options, maps like Sword Base, Countdown and Reflection give you the Sword, Powerhouse sometimes the Hammer and Asylum the Shotgun. I tend to melee a lot anyway so this should come in one game.

Light Fuse, Run Away, Kill 4 enemies with grenades in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

You’re best looking at Elite Slayer where grenades are very powerful, but any map with some tight corners will help (Sword Base, Countdown, Reflection). It’s going to be a bit grenade-tastic when people are going for this challenge!

Double Nickels – Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

We’ve had something similar to this before as well. As it was back then, try and get a weapon you like and aim to take out 5 guys with it. This is pure kills, not what you use, so sticking with Plasma Grenades counts, Elite Slayer could be a good option. Of course the alternative is to play something like Courtyard and snipe people from far away. Don’t get so engrossed in your scope you miss what’s happening around you though! Close Quarters often works well – so Grifball will be really good for getting this too.

And once we’ve done that it’s the weekend. Hurrah.


10 Responses to 18th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Don says:

    Complete “T-Hug It Out” and “Double Nickels” in one Infection game. Just get you 5 kills with the shotgun only for a killing spree, shotgun spree, and zombie killing spree. Then just get two more kills after that with the shotgun for CQC.

    Light Fuse, Run Away use to be easy in Multi Team when it was 6 teams of two, but no so much now. Invasion is the second easiest way to get those grenade kills. Weather you’re attacking or defending, everyone clusters around the same two spots on the map. Just like Crazy King in Multi Team and Team Slayer, only there are two hills, they don’t move, and everyone is concentrated on the objectives. In Crazy King you normally get a few people (normally one or two teams) killing everyone else from outside the hill for commendation specific kills.

  2. michael says:

    Looks like im going to have to let my son get these challenges for us. Hes the master of Infection. Oh and i wanted to tell you guys about this awesome site called trueachievements.com. If your an achievement hound like me you will probally like this site as much as i do. Its free and once you are a member it tracks all of the achievements that you have and if you need help with getting an achievement, people give tips and things to help you get them. Well, have a great day everyone and i have my fingers crossed for another mini-laso challenge soon! lol.

  3. Shane says:

    Just a warning – Double Nickels is pretty specific. You need two Killing Sprees, not any type of spree. For example, in Grifball I got a Killing Spree, Hammer Spree, Killing Frenzy, and Dreamcrusher (and Killionaire :-)) in quick succession but that only counted as one Killing Spree. I needed to die and get a second Killing Spree to complete the challenge.

  4. Trayer says:

    I wish they’d switch Thurs and Fri. Firefight Friday sounds better, and I have more time on Friday nights to play …

  5. michael says:

    For some reason on the T-HUG IT OUT challenge, i was in a game of infection and when i got a kill with the sword it gave me 2 towards the challenge for every 1 kill i got. I dont know why this is but its happened in the past 2 games i have done. Im not good at infection and i got 3 kills in each game so it gave me 6 towards the challenge. Dang, i only needed 1 more!

    • Eyesac says:

      I think a sword kill might count as a pummel and a sword kill and since both are CQC it counts as 2…thats how i got it last night. I was a zombie every round and killed 4 people and i got the callenge.

  6. Braythor says:

    Well, after a lovely day’s walking in the Peak District, I’ve sat down to some nice, calm grifball. The spree one is bugging me; keep getting just the one. What bugs me more though is moronic team-mates who panic-spam the hammer and kill me…Ah well, only 15 multikills to up that commendation to silver, and 77 hammer splats to up close quarters to gold. Onwards!

  7. David says:

    Michael the same thingn happened to me. As for the challenges there simple enough. I just hope I’m not to busy to finish them.

  8. Andrew says:

    So I took a slightly different approach while going after my challenges today.

    Instead of actively pushing for them like I normally do, I just played the game and let them come to me. Of course, I played game type that were conducive to actually allowing me to complete the challenges. For example, I played a quick game of Grifball (which I’m dreadful at) to get the melee challenge. After that, I hot the DLC playlist to try out my new Defiant Map Pack (must say I’m pretty impressed) and was able to get not only the “Double Nickles” challenge, but a Slice n’ Dice and a killing frenzy all in the same match.

    Just something I thought I’d throw out there. If any of these challenges are frustrating you, try just sitting back and let the game come to you. Oh, and get the Defiant map pack if you don’t have it already – it’s awesome.

    Good luck all!

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