Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 21st March

Tip of the Spear: LASO – Complete Tip of the Spear, Legendary, all skulls on – 13000 cR

It really is starting to be one week on one week off for LASO huh. The basic concept for the challenge is complete the mission on close to Mythic difficulty (Mythic is all of this challenge, in solo, without dying). I won’t post a full walkthrough here, because frankly the best one you can use is actually on Halo.Bungie.Org by Tyrant.

Usually now you don’t need the Blind skull on – as ever can I get confirmation of this please?

If you have any tips on how to complete this challenge more easily, please throw them in the comments section for everyone to use.

Next time around we’ll have Long Night of Solace. I’m a little scared of this because the Corvette section of the mission was the hardest thing I had to do when I played through on Legendary – mostly because I ran out of ammo in the bridge section so fighting back to Jorge must have taken several dozen attempts!


50 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 21st March

  1. no blind skull. πŸ˜‰

    • michael says:

      Awesome! We just had a challenge not too long ago for Tip Of The Spear on legendary with 4 rough skulls on, if we got through that i really dont see why we cant get through this. Im gonna try and get this today. I like these challenges and it wont be too much longer til we have all beaten this game on almost mythic. lol.

  2. michael says:

    I believe it was the 15th when we had the mini LASO challenge for Tip Of The Spear, it took me a little while but i followed Tyrants guide completely til i got to the end with the sword elite. I couldnt make him jump off the spire so i wound up assasinating him instead. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what skull or skulls make the elites on mythic difficulty invulnerable to human weapons? Just wondering because when i went through it on the 15th i actually plasma pistoled his shield off with no problem since he doesnt seem to move as much as most of them do. Good luck on this challenge everyone, we will need it! πŸ˜‰

  3. m67reaper says:

    The tilt skull is the one that makes the covenant almost invincible to human weapons. Really makes it hard for me because I favor the human weapons oh well looks like its gonna be DMR plasma pistol combo.

    • michael says:

      Yeah… If you follow Tyrants guide its not too bad. I think it took me about 3 hours last time i did this challenge when it was a daily one and had 4 skulls on so this one will probally be longer. Just if you make it to the end with the sword elite and you cant get him to jump off just keep getting him to chase you and he will run back inside the spire, try to get lucky and assasinate him. Thats how i had to do it. πŸ™‚

  4. TJ says:

    Damned Elite at the end kept on sticking me mid-air. Whenever he missed he would just throw several stickies in quick succession (thank God for the Quit & Save glitch). Ended up running ’round the outside picking off grunts while avoiding the Elite. Once they were all dead I had a straight run to the console that ends the mission. No idea what happened to the Elite

    • michael says:

      Nice. I will have to try that since i thought you had to kill all of them at the console. That makes it much more easy. Thanks!

    • TJ says:

      Read elsewhere that to enable the switch in the slire all of the enemys in there must be dead. I was obvious lucky enough that the Elite jumped off the edge at some point & I didnt see him

  5. Shobaleader One says:

    start from rally point bravo – i’ve yet to complete it but the challenge is still highlighted, more info to come when i complete it

  6. Kenji says:

    i just beat it starting at rally point bravo. did not get the challenge.

    • Shobaleader One says:

      really? did you check the challenge was highlighted for you?

      i was hoping for an easy 13,000 credits

      • michael says:

        Sometimes it will have the challenge highlighted but wont give it to you unless you do it exactally like it says to. I have done a few challenges by taking some sort of shortcut only to find out that it didnt count. 😦

      • Kenji says:

        yeah it was hilighted

  7. Braythor says:

    Done in little over an hour. Wasn’t too bad, and Tyrant’s guide helped a lot:
    No problems getting to the second gun; destroyed it with the rev from the bridge bit, then dropped down expecting to take on the wraiths but they were gone (I found one later stuck between the cliff and the far bridge).
    Had a minor glitch in that the falcon moved slightly while I was dealing with the hunters then when I got on the turret it refused to take off so I had to save and quit.
    Had a beautiful moment at the end. After getting a bit annoyed at it I ran for the console, died and when I reloaded I was right by the console with the two remaining grunts and the elite. Panic was replaced by a smug grin as I noticed they were all facing the other way and had no idea I was there. Assassinated the elite and as the grunts won’t fire the FRG or throw stickies at such close range they were no problem at all. Job done, and promotion to Col. grade 3.

    • michael says:

      Glad you made it. Im going to try it as soon as the kids settle down. Im at the part right after i took out the first gun. I usually have to kill the marine thats with me because when i take the warthog on top of the hill to blow up the gun he usually gets in the drivers seat and takes off so that sucks. I will post again as soon as i complete it. πŸ™‚

      • Braythor says:

        Yeah I had to kill him too as he kept jumping in the drivers seat while I was trying to take out the ghost to the right of that bit.
        Oh, and an added tip, I found supercombines from the needle rifle very effective at taking out the hunters if your plasma launchers run dry. As long as you hit their backs of course…

      • michael says:

        Awesome… I have always heard that you can kill a hunter with a supercombine but i can never get it right. Its pretty crazy that i have had this game since the end of dec. and I am a field marshal and i just found out about this about a week or so ago. lol. When we had the daily challenge for this level i ran out of plasma launcher ammo so i used the revenant to kill them. It took a while but i finally took them both out.

      • Kanna1 says:

        If you are enought away from the hunter and enought lucky, you can get a supercombines from needle bouncing from his shield or his cover in his head

  8. robert says:

    YEAH, finally made it!!! had to use the save and quit a lot during the final part in the control tower!!!! But it was worth it! Thanks for the good link for the walk through, couldn’t have made it without it!

  9. Benny Lava says:

    IF YOU CAN try and get a wraiths and use that to blow up the AA guns from outside instead of fighting your way to the core

    • Phil says:

      Look at the walk through referenced in the OP. You’ll see that the same task can be accomplished using your rocket ‘hog at the first AA gun and your revenant at the second.

  10. ptb says:

    Tyrant’s walkthrough is amazing for this level, but I had a lot of lucky things happen when I did this as the daily challenge earlier this month.

    I did not have to defeat all the forces at the second gun. I got between the left side cliff wall and a rock (sort of in line with the path up to the gun which the Hunters walk down) and after driving back some enemies with the Revenant it said the landing zone was clear and the Falcon arrived. Didn’t have to destroy either Wraith. Only downside was I had to get in on the left side of the Falcon. Hoping to replicate this for the weekly.

    At the end of the level, I flew a Banshee to the top of the Spire and hopped out as it drifted through one of the doorways. After killing a few grunts, the Elite jumped in and tried to fly down the hallway and back out of the Spire. I was able to stick the nearly destroyed vehicle with a grenade and kill the Elite that way.

  11. BS Diablo says:

    Challenge completed! These Laso challenges are my favorite. It took me an hour and forty minutes using Tyrants walkthru. I never can get the last elite to jump of the ledge, so this time I hijacked a banshee and for some reason that locked the last elite in the middle elevator room. So I jumped out of the banshee ran inside and killed him as he just stood there. Lucky me. Good luck everyone.

  12. Garr Komtaree says:

    This is going to be fun…

    although next week will be a challenge, only if you dont get the pelicans Chaingun at the end of the level in LNOS πŸ™‚

  13. michael says:

    Well that was just great. The elite that is where the hunters are just before you get on the falcon turret jacked the falcon. He was the last one left and i was shooting him with the revenant and he ran to the falcon and got in the drivers seat and went up about 5 feet then came back down. He got out and i finally killed him. I went and got on the turret but no one was driving it so i thought i was screwed. I saved and exited then resumed and everything was good. SSSHHHEEEWWWW…thought i was really screwed there!..;)

    • Braythor says:

      I think that’s exactly what happened to me, though I also fired a bit too close to the falcon with the rev while the elite was trying to jack it. He didn’t get in it but he must have taken the pilot out, cos I just sat at the turret for a few minutes, waiting, then had to reload.

    • Scott says:

      Ok, the same thing has happened to me, except nothing is fixed when I reload. The pilot is still gone. There’s another soldier in the passenger seat, so I tried flipping the Falcon by shooting it with the Revenant. It forces the solider out, but then he just runs around the level and never gets back in. Once I get in the turret seat, the music starts like you’re about to take off, but nothing happens. No pilot = no go. Frack.

      • TJ says:

        I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times on Winter Contingency. Only option was to restart

      • Scott says:

        So I played all the way through again and got down to the last sword elite up in the tower. I mis-timed my jump off the ledge and ended up falling to my death. But instead of Save and Quit, I accidentally hit restart level!!! So pissed!

        Oh well, worked through it again tonight and finally got the challenge. I noticed both yesterday and today that at one point, the Elite just camps out in the elevator room with his back to you… you can simply sneak up quietly and assassinate him.

  14. Andrew says:

    This challenge was no where near as difficult as I imagined it would be. I went into it fully expecting it to be the most difficult LASO challenge yet, but I’m not sure it was. In fact, the only part I found a bit tricky was the section before you board the falcon. Taking out the Wraiths should be cake (I did it with a combination of the plasma launcher and Rev.), but the part after that where you’re trying to knock out the hunters, elite, and groups of jackals and grunts can give you a little trouble if you’re not patient with it.

    I simply sat back in my Rev. and bombarded the hell out of them, making sure to take out all the grunts and jackals, and waited for George to land in his falcon. Once this happened, I boosted right through the middle, splattering the elite, and quickly jumped into the falcon and lit up the hunters.

    If you’re struggling at all in the portion of the mission where you’re operating the Falcon turret, just be sure to light up the ground troops before they even notice you. If you’re quick enough, the turrets won’t get off many shots at all and you should make it through the canyon with relative ease.

    Goodluck to everyone!

  15. Steve says:

    Has anyone tried doing this with more people? My buddies and I were working on doing it 4 person, and we were doing alright until the part with the 2 falcons. It was brutal. The falcon with 2 gunners goes first and can kill nothing, while getting in the way of the grenading falcon behind it. Anyone have any ideas or solutions? Thanks.

    • my friends did it with 3 (i would have joined in but i lag out of campaign and FF every.single.time. and can’t figure out why) and they had the same issue, really. i don’t really know how but they made it through and got it though so it IS possible.

  16. Augie says:

    Just want to confirm that you don’t need the Blind skull on to complete the challenge. Assuming this is the case since you haven’t needed it for the past LASO weeklies.

  17. michael says:

    Finally finished it. I really hope that the next weekly challenge is Long Night Of Solace. After i watched Tyrants walkthrough videos on it im really looking forward to trying it.

  18. haydn says:

    I hate LASO, especially as there arent very many credits earned. still going to try it though. probably a lot easier with 4 people if i can find four peple that will help me!

  19. cubedude925 says:

    Yo. I wish i could do these challenges, but I usually end up doing it by myself or with my dad, who SUCKS. He is getting better, and up to ONI on Heroic Solo, but my level of playing is so far above his. I have the Bradygames Guide and it helps. On Nightfall, you can just skip the fighting, or you can run after you cleared the enemies out, but before the first dropship. The thing is, I have always been used to respawning and my style is pretty dependant on that, at least in campaign. I only recently got my Xbox 360, and used to play at a friend’s house. I’m used to the campaigns, and memorize just about every enemy location and strengths, and cool glitches, and now i’m having trouble with the campaigns only because i’m used to playing with a backup man. Kinda Sucks. I have completed every Halo Campaign on Legendary, but now i have to do it all over again because i played it on my buddy’s machine. Damn you taxes, you kept me from saving for the greatest gaming machine of most of all time! our Government needs the FairTax! Oh well. I’m so pissed because I still am having trouble with Legendary single player Campaign. I want you, damn acheivement!!!!
    Please reply if you are a similar player or have dependancies or other stuff like that. Thanks to the site owner! I often wonder if the challenges can net me some points or not, and this is the place.
    Hey Snickerdoodle.

  20. Coolguy says:

    No glitches like nightfall );

  21. Xblthetires says:

    This Laso mission was pretty easy, the only trouble i had was in the control tower a couple of times as i was limited on DMR ammo, however i pushed through and managed to use my Plasma Pistol + AR combo to kill the sword guy. Btw the fuel rod grunts don’t shoot at you unless you shoot at them or kill the elite first.

    • TJ says:

      I found the same thing. They just stood there & looked at me while I shot them in the head

  22. fantomfoenix says:

    Hey guys just to let you know, the guide for this challenge by Tyrant is excellent, but there is a hitch. When he says the falcon after the second AA gun can’t be destroyed, he’s correct, but the pilot can be killed. This just happened to me, and now when i get in the falcon it won’t fly and take me to the spire. In fact, I can’t even get out of the falcon. This is probably the one way to screw yourself for this mission, and I found it.

  23. matt says:

    If you go to the challenges screen and select the LASO challenge it lists the needed skulls. Blind isn’t listed. In fact, just hit ‘a’ to “go to an appropriate lobby” and it sets everything for you.

  24. Easterncleric says:

    I worked my way to the spire only to die by a lucky toss from a mere grunt at a checkpoint. No matter what I returned to this death over and over. LOL. Not the swordman, not a jeep dropping on me, not a falcon getting stolen… no just a grunt at the spire entrance. What I discovered is that as soon as you kill a FR packing grunt and the sword elite runs out, fly to the roof. The elite will stop at the entrance to the interior with his back to the outside. Just drop down from the roof behind him to assinate him easily.
    I think the hardest part on this mission is the flying in the canyon trying to take out all those enemies.
    I like Cruel Legacy’s fast run; but, was myself very conservative. I found that using the turrent on the jeep on the hunters is best. Tyrant’s run also was super instructive. I got the iron and Lsao challenges at once today. It seems this is a timing to look for in the future.

  25. Defender77 says:

    I got this done yesterday so I got 15500 for it due to the bonus daily challenge. I used the 12:36 sec YouTube speedrun and it worked well but had trouble w the sword elite a bit. Was done in about an hour or so.

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