23rd March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

More mixing challenges, and an old one that should take you a minute…

More Than a Handful – Kill 125 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 2500 cR

Multi Team Battle is the best way to get lots and lots of kills, you tend to get more than any other mode. If you play Crazy King or Oddball you can get even more as some people who would shoot you go for the objective, and you can take them out. Seasoned Grifball players will also be able to get this in only a couple of games, assuming no one scores the points very quickly.

A Simple Spree – Earn any spree in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Sprees cover a lot of options, 5 kills with Shotguns, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Grenade sticks, Swords… and so on. Frankly, 10 kills with anything gets you a spree, so just do that and you’ve got a very easy 1000 credits.

Clip It. Share It. – Make a clip from your local files and upload it to your File Share – 1250 cR

One of the Reach achievements is to recommend a video to someone, this challenge is pretty similar. Press Start, go to Files and Local Store. I had one in there which was the one I’d recommended, so I picked ‘upload to File Share’ from the file info section and voila.

Single Wield – Earn 100 kills with small arms weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

Team SWAT – Magnums will be a good way of doing this. The Plasma Pistol also counts as Small Arms, so think about using that to take guys down, it’s good for stripping away shields, but the Magnum is better for unshielded guys. Infection might be good too – you can snipe the zombies using your pistol and get a few kills that way, esp in Cage, Courtyard  or Pinnacle where you can see Zs coming.


11 Responses to 23rd March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Darth Malber says:

    Single Wield will stack well with More than a Handful. Team SWAT with magnums is the best option as everyone is equalized and even if you don’t get the magnum variant you can switch from the DMR to magnum in regular SWAT. You can even stack the spree challenge here too if you’re good.

    • ian says:

      Only one problem the spree has to be done in firefight.

      I agree with the rest and I tend to get lots of magnum kills during the first wave of invasion as the spartans.

      • Darth Malber says:

        Ah yes, I missed that about the spree challenge. One round of gruntpoc or 2x Score would do it.

  2. Headshot says:

    Cant wait to knock these out should be a pretty easy day assuming i can get some good maps in swat to use the magnum

  3. Braythor says:

    I don’t know why they bother with the simple spree ‘challenge’. They could at least make it a bit more interesting, something like ‘earn 5 different sprees in firefight’, or ‘earn a be the bullet/open season/sunday driver in firefight’. Wouldn’t mind seeing a weekly firefight spree challenge too, just for something different. Or now that I’ve discovered griffball maybe one for multiplayer.

    • SwiftEagleEye says:

      Yeah I know, its almost a waste of time. I’m going to start crashsite on score attack, get my 10 kills and hand it over….

  4. Matt says:

    “Kill X enemies in MM” challenges go very quickly in Grifball: there’s little opportunity for opponents to camp or hide, plenty of chances to earn multikills against foolishly clustered opponents, and with a cooperative bomb carrier on either team the rounds can last a while.

  5. CoolGuyWithGlasses says:

    The small arms is so good because I only need 15 MM kills and I get that commendation to gold XD

    • Shane says:

      Yep, I was glad to see that as well although in my case I’m still working towards silver!

  6. michael says:

    You get more credits for killing 125 enemies in multiplayer matchmaking than you do for killing 100 enemies with small arms weapons? That sounds backwards dont you think? lol. Granted, both of these challenges arent hard at all if you play the game alot but only thing is i dont usually use the pistol. I guess i will let my son get most of these in infection. 🙂

  7. Andrew says:

    As most have said, Team SWAT is definitely the way to go for the small arms challenge. Most people in the lobby are also going after the challenge, and more often than not you’ll end up getting a SWAT Magnums game.

    Goodluck everyone!

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