24th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

Firefight Thursday again, and I have to say I really like these challenges, in theory two games of Gruntpocalypse and you’ve got all four…

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

You get 120 enemies in a Gruntpocalypse/Fiesta Attack/2X Score Attack game types. How annoyed would you be if a Grunt took out one or two others with a grenade leaving you with 119 kills? My tip – do this on Waterfront. Not the most favourite map I know, but you can snipe the dudes on the cliff to add a kill or two.

Survivor – Earn 7 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

Sprees are hard for weapons, and can be really difficult in Firefight. I reckon Gruntpocalypse on Corvette (where else), get the 50 kills medal, then die and do another 50. You get 120 kills in Gruntpoc so it’s an easy way to do it. If you can get kills using weapons (ie 5 grenade sticks, a shotgun, sniper rifle etc) then you get nearer the total – use Score Attack to get a range of weapons. Beachhead is quite good as you can use the vehicles to get more sprees – and now on Firefight Arcade you’ve got a good chance of using a variety of weapons, lots of killing sprees and grenades and the like.

One Game, One Spawn – Complete a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying – 2000 cR

I really hope you like Gruntpocalypse. The best strategies to make sure you stay alive are to use Sprint, letting you get to the platform by the corridor on Corvette to DMR Grunts as they enter the arena, which speeds up the match and means you can take out 30-50% of the wave before they get close enough to be a threat. Key things to be aware of are Grunts with Plasma Launchers and Fuel Rod Guns, who will fire from further away; Grunts overcharging their Plasma Pistols; and Grunts throwing grenades as they get close. Take out anyone you see with a heavy or charged weapon first. If you see a Grunt pull a Plasma Grenade, shoot it and they’ll often drop it. If you hear one thrown or something fired then get out of there quickly. Always better to pull back to a different part of the map than make a brave stand. Don’t be a hero and dive in, you get plenty of time to take them all out.

Hyper Lethal Vector – Kill 200 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking – 1500 cR

Gruntpocalypse is a great way of doing this, you should be looking to get 90 or more headshots in a game, especially if it’s on a simple map where you can line up the Grunts, like Corvette or Courtyard.


10 Responses to 24th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Braythor says:

    Nice challenges indeed. For the one spawn challenge I go for gruntpoc on Outpost and stay on the top of the central building. Another possibility is sniperfight on Outpost or Beachhead, though you need to have a fairly competent team, and it’s a bit harder now the elites at the end have grenade and rocket launchers; they’re damn good shots with them too.

  2. Headshot says:

    Was thinking it could be done in one game until that last challenge the spree challenge should be pretty easy with gruntpoc without dying

  3. Wahammy says:

    I have ended up with 119 and needed 120 before 😦 I just starte up with a new game, lured them to t spawn and went to get a snack

  4. CoolGuyWithGlasses says:

    Wow already done…. What to do with the rest of my day…

    • t-rOY says:

      Griiiiiifffffffbaaaaaalll! or if you wanna rack up credits, firefight tends to payout quite a bit per game. Or you can start LASO for the next mission, if you have already done this weeks challenge.

      • CoolGuyWithGlasses says:

        Yea I played 2hours of griffball then got PO’d at the people who run the ball so I left

  5. Ytypo123 says:

    For gruntpocalypse I always try to do it on outpost above where the ammo crate is in the building you spawn in with the jet pack. I’ve only died there like five times out of the fifty or so times I’ve played. Also having the jet pack you can jump down and grab ammo and jet pack up. Only problem here is it can be slow to get grunts.

  6. Andrew says:

    The way I took care of this today was by first hitting a 2x score attack on Corvette. I took out 15 grunts with the shotgun to get the three sprees, then switched to a combination of the piston and needle rifle to get headshots. If you’re good enough, you can really rack up the headshots on 2x.

    After the 2x, I had completed the Survivor, Covenant-cide, and One Game, One Spawn challenges. I then followed that up with a quick game of Gruntpoc on Courtyard to get the remaining headshots.

    Goodluck everyone!

  7. docdiver says:

    Agree with Matthew – gruntpoc on corvette..and did it prior to starting my day! 2 games…the first covered #1 and #3 but of course, giving me only 6 sprees. Left 84 headshots and spree challenge (so had to die after untouchable). Seems rare to get corvette now with all the score attack variants…I usually end up playing a beachhead gruntpoc or 2x/score attack on Holdout. Which is my favorite for boosting Get Loud using specter loadout since I don’t go into FF LTD/ARCADE…saw a video of this somewhere so credit goes to someone else…use the dpad to select the initial spawn point every time you die.

    Cheers and Luck to all!

  8. t-rOY says:

    If you have some friends that want to work on the Survivor & Covent-cide challenges with you, the new firefight map (Unearthed?) worked out decently for me and my buddies. We had Rocketfight, and in addition to the spawn multi-kills, we also got some wheelmen sprees, and splatter sprees. IMHO, this is map is way more warthog friendly than Beach Head. Other ideal maps for Survivor & Covent-cide challenge in Firefight Arcade would be Corvette, Holdout, Outpost, and Overlook, with FRG, Rocket, or Sniper Fight. Goodluck to everybody today.

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