30th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

A great mix today, and not as bad as they sound on paper…

Fire When Ready – Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

This is over any number of games, so no stress to push for it at once. 50 should only take a few games though, Grifball and Multi-Team Battle are particularly good for getting a high number of kills in any one game, especially the objective based Crazy King and Oddball variants.

Climb Points Mountain  – Score 500,000 points on any Firefight map – 1000 cR

You’ve probably already done this in an achievement, but it can be done in 10-15 mins. Key is to set up a Firefight game in Corvette (where else) on Legendary that is all Elite Generals on every round with no dropships, boost your damage to 300% and make yourself invulnerable. If you want to do it quickly, jump into File Share and look up someone else who’s done one for you – I have a file called ‘Firefight Legendary‘ that has all these settings and should take you about 13 mins to reach 1,000,000 points (the bonus rounds are the key here, trust me!).

Hard Mode: Enabled – Complete a Campaign mission with these Skulls activated: None, Tough Luck, Thunderstorm, Tilt, Mythic – 2500 cR

Anytime they set a complete a Campaign mission challenge  I’ll always say Winter Contingency as it’s an easy level and we all know it well, or Nightfall following the guide from Tyrant to run through the level quickly. Can someone also check what that ‘None’ reference is – when you go to challenges in game what does it say, and what does it activate when you tell it you want to attempt the challenge?

Five-time Champ – Win 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1750 cR

Team Slayer and SWAT will be excellent for this, as there are only two teams so a much better chance of winning than in multi team. If you are doing Multi Team, try objective based types and go for the objective itself, most teams don’t. I mean Crazy King, Oddball, Rocket Race. Grifball can be good if you’re ready to grab the bomb and score you can win really quickly.

As ever please add your own comments with your own suggestions.


60 Responses to 30th March – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. michael says:

    When i went to look at the challenges it says complete a campaign mission on heroic with the below skulls activated, tough luck, thunderstorm, tilt, mythic. It doesnt say none on here so i have no idea. When i jump to lobby its the same 4 skulls.

  2. X Solid says:

    Well I can’t do the challenges yet. I have school this morning sigh…. Hopefully some one will complete the challenge quickly and give an update. Where do you have to go to to download the “Firefight Legendary” setting?

    • JXibalba says:

      I see the post response below regarding your question but you can also accomplish the file download without using your bungie account online. You can search for user content by name of content or username from within the Halo Reach menu. Search for gamertag “Loreweaver” and download “Firefight Invincible.” I did that this morning and it was slow going on the points until the bonus round where I grabbed about 375,000 there to complete the 500,000 challenge. Good Luck.

  3. Scruff UK says:

    @ X Solid – There’s a link to the Firefight Legendary file in the challenge description. Click it, log into the Bungie website with your Live ID, click ‘download’, then when you get home, turn on your 360 and Reach. Should download automatically.

    Anyway, hi all, long time lurking, first time posting.

    I guess tonight I’ll be running through Nightfall for the second time in two days…

    • X Solid says:

      Thank you…this should help me out a lot.

      • Thanks for the link. I will make sure to watch the video.
        I have been following the challenges at videogamejunkie.net and bungie.

    • Justin says:

      You can also search “Firefight Achievements” for a good map and settings on Courtyard. I used it to hit 1,000,000 points easy. Invulnerable, unlimited rockets with no reload and Legendary Elites for easy points.

  4. David says:

    Well Scruff UK: Welcome :). As for the challenges there easy enough but the Climb points Mountain wont be as fun for me. If the weekly wasn’t what it is now I probably wouldn’t have done it.

    • Andrew says:

      Agreed. Its not that the challenge is difficult or anything… it’s just not interesting. Haha.

      Oh well, Goodluck everyone!

  5. so far, i really really like these dailies. not too bad and can be done in an hour or so. halfway to the weekly. 🙂

  6. Anthony says:

    Let’s see…

    Should I work on these challenges tonight or play Crysis 2? Hmm… Well, guess I’m gonna have to do both!

    Thank you Matthew as always for the great tips!

    • Lex says:

      Just picked up crysis 2 today cant wait to play it of course Halo still #1 that’s why I’m gonna get these challenges done before playing…….I find nightfall way easier to do a run-through since you don’t have to fight anyone except for some sneaky kills and once you get the hang of the forklift trick you can run-through in 5 mins

    • Matthew Vose says:

      No worries dude, that means more than you’d guess given how there’s been a load of criticism and weirdness on the comments the last month or so.

      • Shane says:

        This blog is well appreciated. It’s my daily breakfast read and prepares me for some post-work fragging.

        Many thanks.

  7. ZzOwningMoFozZ(XBL) says:

    The firefight challenge is challen ging yes, but can you put any skulls on to boost the score multiplier?

  8. ZzOwningMoFozZ(XBL) says:

    The firefight challenge is challenging yes, but can you put any skulls on to boost the score multiplier?

  9. ZzOwningMoFozZ(XBL) says:

    also on the boss wave do you have to use dropship?

  10. ZzOwningMoFozZ(XBL) says:

    also what weapon would be good to use for the challenge?
    srry im asking alot of questions….i havent done a challenge like this im new to Reach, but been playin halo since halo combat evolved came out. I started uhm 2 fridays ago..

    • you’d be better off just DL’ing the premade game variants that have been linked to already. much faster and already done.

    • Shane says:

      You’re going to love Team Classic then – plenty of remakes of old CE maps. Last night was the good times!

      • JXibalba says:

        Team Classic is awesome! Very good memories. I remember playing on XBC (Xbox Connect) with original Halo before Xbox Live – the lag, running back and forth from computer to xbox to start games and find game rooms…great times!

      • Lex says:

        I dunno man I played them last night I get how they’re kinda look like Midship, Battle Creek, etc. But It’s just not the same all that concrete and no grass I’m sorry but I do not enjoy playing bland representations of old levels

      • Shane says:

        Some are definitely better than others. Magus (Warlock) looks nice and Rat Race has nicer cave tunnels than before. I do know what you mean about the default Forge palette (blerg) but it’s great to relive great maps. It’s a pity Yoyorast Island is probably too expensive for the Forge budget :-).

  11. GunsOfSummer33 says:

    Is anyone else as pissed as I am that you can no longer swap weapons in Firefight??

    • Shane says:

      Yup. Prepare for endless rocketfight :-(.

    • Justin says:

      Even Firefight Fiesta?

    • JXibalba says:

      I didn’t know which variants before didn’t allow weapon pick-up so I haven’t noticed it yet. This is a bummer though – that means that the needle combine challenge will be much more difficult – yes?

      • GunsOfSummer33 says:

        Some. Plasma Fight starts you with a needle rifle, and there are a few that give you the Needler. But yeah, certainly not quite as easy.

        Also, I have NO earthly idea why they did it in the first place. It just doesn’t make sense.

      • John says:

        Because weapon pickup made the gametypes pointless as after the first wave whatever gametype selected becamse FRG Fight. I’m pleased to see they’ve finally disabled weapon pickup in Firefight Arcade given they did the same a long time ago in Score Attack.

  12. ZzOwningMoFozZ(XBL) says:

    the below skulls are Famine,Thunderstorm,Tilt, and Mythic right?

  13. Shane says:

    The None skull puzzle is simple:

    GET SKULL to drop the None skull, then GET NONE SKULL. The Guardians are impressed, 7777 points. Of course, you’ll have to lose your common sense first.

  14. GenuinRisk says:

    Decent challenges today… The firefight challenge is pretty easy…either set it up yourself or better yet get one of The many 1,000,000 point setups through file share. For the campaign, speedrun Nightfall (I have found this easier than Winter Contingency as I don’t have to shoot a single shot)…5 mins and u r done.
    As for the rest, as Matthew suggested, good ole grifball….nice challenges do far…

    I’m stuck on completing every daily challenge here on as I missed out on all of Mondays challenge….

    Enjoy the rest of ur week peops.

  15. michael says:

    So what exactally is the “none” skull?… I finished the campaign challenge and the firefight challenge already, just need the multiplayer challenges and im good. In the game it doesnt say anything about a none skull. So i have no idea. lol.

    • GenuinRisk says:

      when I loaded the challenges, didnt see anything about a “none” skull either. Simply ignored it, loaded the skulls noted, speed-run Nightfall, and voila…challenge completed.

    • Lex says:

      Michael I didn’t know it at the time but I played an infection game with dr Higglestein a while back the gamertag stuck in my head for some reason and reading it the other day I remembered. My gamertag back then was iLL Lum1nuS LeX but I recently switched it to. RevOfEv echelon. Not sure whether it was you or your son playin but hey I though you might be interested

  16. Lex says:

    This is a message for all readers. If you are a solo player and would like some company finishing challenges or just a squad of cool people to play. Me and a buddy of mine started a clan RevOfEv(revolution of evolution) as of now it only consists of 4 members but we are trying to expand. I don’t care if your a Warrant Officer or an Eclipse as long as your a cool person who loves the game which most if you are. If you’re interested add my gamertag RevOfEv echelon and send me a message. A name change is by no means required unless you’ve been a long time member just a change of emblem. Mathew I know your a busy man but what kinda person would I be if I didn’t extend my invite you my good sir are always welcome. So let me know people and let’s go kick some covenant a**

    • michael says:

      Yeah it probably was my son cause he pretty much always plays infection. And as far as i know im the only DR HIGGLESTEIN. lol. 🙂

  17. funny how the one i thought would be easiest is actually turning out to be the hardest. and the one i thought would be hardest was simplest.

    for the life of me, i can’t find a good team in ANY game variant and still need 4 wins. 😦

    • michael says:

      Speedpile is pretty easy. Me, my son and a friend played together lastnight and we won 3 games of it in a row. I like it cause you can just drive a vehicle over the flag and it will pick it up. Saves a lot of time and deaths not having to get out. lol.

      • oh i love speedpile. especially on countdown! buuuut apparently my teammates don’t know how to play. and i even had 29 points ON MY OWN! 😦

      • michael says:

        Very very nice Snickerdoodle. 29 on your own is pretty good.

    • Andrew says:

      Such is life for me as well, Snicker. Whenever there’s a challenge to actually WIN games is the day I end up with teammates who think aiming is a form of instant messaging. Anyway, I did eventually get the wins challenge today, just took longer than I had hoped. If you;d like to maybe team up for this or some other challenges in the future, just go ahead and add my GT – EyeOhYou, I’m always looking for a few good teammates for the challenges.

  18. Reaperville says:

    Well I’m 12 for 12 (thanks for the Firefight map Matthew) – but I’ve just realised I’m going to be away this weekend.

    I am COLONEL (Grade 2) GUTTED, as – extreme MM challenges notwithstanding – I actually had a shot at this week’s challenge.

    • Edward says:

      That’s a pity. I think Bungie has been quite fair with this week’s dailies, allowing most of the dailies to be done in less than an hour.

  19. iam8up says:

    For the campaign challenge just hit start, go to it and hit A.

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  21. Cam says:

    Just thought I’d mention – I think the glitch for the Nightfall level has been fixed by Bungie. The walkthrough on that other site was great, and it worked for me before, but the last two times I tried, the part where you jump out of the forklift and into the end of the level (through the wall), I never can get through the wall. Don’t know if it’s just me =(

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