Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 11th April

Not Lough, High – Earn a score of 80,000 in any mission in the Reach Campaign – 7777 cR

Lough? Is this Gareth Lough, one of the engineers? I’ll try and get confirmation.

80,000 is actually eminently do-able. Especially for you LASO experts. The basic premise is the same as all points challenges – throw on a load of skulls, set it to a higher difficulty and jump in a mission that gives high points for each kill. Two areas spring to mind – Long Night of Solace Rally Point Alpha for the space combat, or New Alexandria from the beginning for the Banshee and Phantom kills.

My advice is actually to go into New Alexandria to do this. Put on lots and lots of skulls to up your multiplier to 10x or more, especially in Legendary. You can then keep flying around and taking on Banshees and Phantoms (and any ground troops you stray near) till you get your total. If your Falcon gets trashed from too many dogfights land and then blow it up so you’re rewarded with a shiny new one – I think you can land anywhere not necessarily your next target. It should be that simple.

Update – I’ve just been shown another good way to do this, I’m 50/50 which is faster. But go to Pillar of Autumn Rally Point Bravo with at least 5 skulls on (Normal difficulty). Play through as normal then when you jump in the MAC Cannon at the end shoot every single Phantom and Banshee you see – you’ll get a few thousand points for each and quickly rock up to 80k.

Tip of the Spear might also be a good place since you can wreak havoc with the vehicles and there are a huge number of enemies to take out, but you get a lot of points for the flying things in NE or LNOS, and it’s pretty easy to get those kills, especially in co-op where you can have your squad on the guns or in a second Falcon. My one question there is – does the challenge require a personal score of 80,000 or is the squad total accepted? I expect this to be a personal score but hopefully someone can confirm later this morning.

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38 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 11th April

  1. Scruff UK says:

    How long does your New Alexandria method take? I’m trying to work out how the time investment compares to the decidedly poor credit return, since I can make more than 7,777 credits just from playing like 3 games in Invasion :/

  2. Blake says:

    Yah I did this weekly in 16 minutes….Just blow up 8 phantoms on new alexandria on hard with all skulls but iron on…easy

    • Scruff UK says:

      Awesome, thanks. In that case I will bother doing it… but probably later in the week 🙂

  3. Pat says:

    Hi, regarding the weekly challenge, do you have to get the 80,000 points until the end or do you just have to reach it once and maybe just end up with 50,000 (cause of dead or so)?


    • SwiftEagleEye says:

      Just get to 80,000 and you should get the “challenge complete” pop-up and ten just save and quit to cash out your points

  4. michael says:

    Wow what an easy weekly challenge. Its crazy that it has the same credit payout as the Clear Eyes, Full Hearts challenge, where we had to win 50 games of multiplayer matchmaking. I knew the 7,777 credits sounded familiar. Im going to take Matthews advice on this one and hit New Alexandria wide open. Well everyone have a great day and good luck!

    • SwiftEagleEye says:

      Would the dog fight be long enough in long night of solace for this one Matt?

      • Matthew Vose says:

        Matt?? :p

        No it’s not, but I’ve gotten 45,000 on it without trying, so do that then get everything around the Corvette taken out and you’re probably looking 55-65k points, then lots of Elites to kill in the Corvette.

      • SwiftEagleEye says:

        My apologies Matt lol I meant to post a new thread lol I guess new alexandria would be best for least amount of effort then lol

  5. Eric says:

    Is the scoring for one person or for the whole team?

  6. Christopher says:

    Hey. Thanks for the help. What i did was New Alexandria with most skulls, except for: Iron, Thunderstorm, Mythic, and Blind. I did it on normal (thought i was doing on heroic lol), flew around killing banshees, and when i saw Phantoms, i took them out. Doing this on Heroic or Legendary would probably be take about 7-12 minutes, as normal took me 20. And you do not have to finish the mission to get the challenge :D.

    • Matt says:

      Good to know, Christopher, for those cowardly fools among us (myself included) who only muster up the courage for a legendary playthrough on Winter Contingency 🙂

  7. michael says:

    I just did New Alexandria on heroic with all skulls on except for iron, black eye, cloud, blind and cowbell. It took me around 12-15 minutes to accumulate 80,000 points but for some reason i wanted to keep at it so i wound up having 296,312 points when i finished and a total of 150 banshees and 12 phantoms. Im happy to say i did all of it in 1 falcon. lol. This is definately the level to do this on! 🙂

  8. EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

    So an easy weekly to make up for the hell many of us had to endure last week. This one takes all of 15 or so minutes. Take Matthew’s advice and hit New Alexandria and just do work in your Falcon. Simple as that.


  9. Matt says:

    I did New Alexandria on Legendary with all gold skulls but Iron. I would leave off Black Eye if I had to do it again, because not having a shield probably slowed me down more than it helped. I wouldn’t be afraid to do it on Legendary though, the flying parts are not remotely hard.

  10. Justin D says:

    Yup, 10 minutes of a LASO run and I got it. I would recommend this for everyone since my falcon barely sustained any damage, but I myself was near death. If this worries you take off black eye and it should be quick and easy (~1700 points per banshee and ~12000 per phantom).

  11. Eric (GunsOfSummer33) says:

    Great advice on this one, guys! I’m excited to get home and give this one a whirl, especially if it’s only 15 minutes or so. But seriously, just 7k cR for a weekly??

    • Wahammy says:

      Of course it’s only 7k…you answered the question yourself…”only 15 minutes”…be lucky we get 7k for this!

      • Eric (GunsOfSummer33) says:

        I should have expounded on this, but what I meant was that it probably should have been a daily instead of a weekly. The same challenge done as a daily paying out even 5k would have made more sense, methinks. But trust me, I’m not objecting to an easy weekly challenge!

  12. Rob says:

    Quick and easy. Just how I like iy. Now to fix my home network so I can snag the dailies as well.

  13. garrett says:

    Has anyone tried in on co-op yet? Combined 80,000 or does each person need 80,000 cR themselves?

    • matt says:

      For another weekly where you had to get x points in the mission (i believe it was 75,000) me and 2 friends did it as a last minute thing. We totalled 80,000 combined and we didn’t get the challenge. Bank on it being a solo challenge.

  14. Mister X says:

    One easy Weekly Challenge, a good Cr for only 10 – 20 minutes.
    I think the Long Night Of Solace is the best.

  15. iam8up says:

    I did it with all skulls but Iron on Alexandria, Legendary. It took 22 minutes. Definitely faster then ~8 minute matchmaking game for ~1200 credits.

    I would suggest keeping Black Eye off. I died 3 times that set me back at least 10 minutes. I just flew around shooting anything I could find.

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  17. Cheborneck says:

    Pillar-B, normal, all skulls, 15-20 minutes!

  18. Reaperville says:

    Blimey, never envisaged the day I’d get the weekly on the first day! Can def recommend the New Alexandria to those (like myself) not at LASO level yet. Now that I’ve got it I’m gonna take the skulls off & go back and boost my vehicle commendations a bit!

  19. Eric (GunsOfSummer33) says:

    Went with New Alexandria on Legendary with all skulls on except Iron and Black Eye. Took me about 20 minutes, DEFINITELY worth it for 7,777 cR!!! A big thank you to Matthew and all the contributors to this forum for the suggestion and the continuing help in my pursuit of Inheritor!!! ;D

  20. Babel Outcast says:

    Thanks man:
    URL: That it works [ Outcast] and the video [ Outcast] did it Heroic all skulls on, except blind. and killed 18 banshees, 4 phantoms, and 8 turrets for a total of 106155. Hardest part was trying to find phantoms to kill.

  21. Weeaboo Fantasy says:

    I did it on ONI Sword Base. I just jacked a Wraith, and before activating the turret I used the Wraith cannon to take down as many Phantom’s as I want.

  22. DCSimian81 says:

    Twenty minutes and done! That 7,777 cR didn’t make much of a dent in my rank progress :./ Ah well. I swear some of the dailies will be more challenging than this.

  23. Hamster at Dawn says:

    Long Night of Solace, point alpha, all skulls. Takes about 10 minutes and is really easy, particularly since you can do it on normal (though it’s not that hard even on legendary, but why make it harder for yourself?).

    • Yep! Same way I did it. Pretty easy. Wish you could eliminate some cut scenes though.

      Also, if you’re really a good shot, take out the sets of 3 pods full of Elites being jettisoned to the planet. Racks up some points too.

      That’s also a fast way of getting challenges that call for Elite kills.

  24. unshiftedpoem85 says:

    You can do the weekly this week very easy. Go to the mission the package I think and shoot the Corvettes down with the big gun you get 4500 points per corvette and they keep coming until you take out the bigger ship, and you can do this with 4 people just don’t take out the big ship and one person get it while the others stay back. We just died and respawned but i think you may be able to all do it with out dying.

  25. Mathman1990 says:

    It doesnt seem that anyone has posted about doing this in co-op mode with a friend yet. Fortunately I did this challenge with two of my buddies. We found out that you need to score 80000 points INDIVIDUALLY. Nice thing about co-op mode is that you can get a Falcon with grenade launcher turrets. Best way to get this is switching the pilot out once the pilot reaches 80000 pts, since it is easier to snipe banshees far away with the main turret. With 10 of the skulls on, we were all able to get it in about 50 min, so its up to you if you want to do it yourself. I will say that it was a lot more fun with friends. 😀

    • matt says:

      Haha my sentiments exactly. I posted a reply about 10 mins ago with the same statement. Apologies for not posting earlier, today is the first day I’ve been on the WordPress

      • Mathman1990 says:

        That’s perfectly fine. Just wanted to make sure that the word did get out that you do have to get the score yourself. We all have lives outside of this. 😀

        Or do we? O.o

  26. IWTC says:

    I did the Pillar of Autumn from Rally Point Bravo with at least 5 skulls on, normal difficulty and got the weekly challenge easy great choice this one

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