13th April – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

A really good mix of challenges today, a little something for everyone…

Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1000 cR

If you want to do this specifically (as you’ll probably getting it just playing for the next challenge) then jump into something on Score Attack, maybe Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or Fiesta Attack to get it done quickly and rack up the kills.

Points, Points – Score 40,000 in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

This challenge has always been either 15 or 20k points. 40k is still do-able, particularly in some of the exciting Firefight Arcade variants. Something like Rocketfight, Nadefight or Fistfight will work well, particuarly if you can have really good Bonus Rounds. I’m not sure how achievable this is through Score Attack. There was a bug found in the 188 kills a few days ago – go into FF MM with your second controller signed in as a guest, when it finds the game and the other players disconnect your other controller and it should throw you into MM on your own, allowing you to rack up the kills.

Update – I’m not recommending the sign out trick, there’s enough anecdotal evidence that you can be punished for it. Therefore best to meet up with people after the challenge too and play it through a few times with them. As we’ve recommended in the past, decide who’s going for the points, then distract the enemies from them so they can do it quickly and easily, as well as increasing other commendations. When they’ve got it either swap to the next person or play through again. If you commit to doing this then see it through. Feel free to add your Gamertag to the comments to squad up with people to do this.

Mostly at Night – Complete Nightfall on Legendary without dying – 1700 cR

Your best tip for this is to see the LASO commentary for Nightfall, particularly Tyrant’s guide to doing it in Mythic. This will give you all the tricks needed to speed run Nightfall in about 10 mins and make it really really easy. Remember if you die then you should instantly hit save and quit then resume mission to come back in alive and undying at your last checkpoint.

Killing Frenzy – Earn a Killing Frenzy in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

Wow, double the credit return for the last time we had this. The Frenzy is 10 kills without dying. Not necessarily in a short space of time. This will come down a lot to personal preference. Immediately I think Grifball, Juggernaut in Rumble Pit or Team SWAT for me. Grifball might be best although it’s so easy to be killed or betrayed you’re likely to get annoyed, however if you can get your timing in and get to the spawn points to take the opposition out as they spawn – annoying I know as the person spawning but admit it – you would if you were in that position!

As ever if you have your own tips please add them into the comments.


53 Responses to 13th April – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. Scruff UK says:

    Really good challenges today with really good payouts, though the 40,000 points in FF scare me somewhat. I’m relatively new to the world of FF Arcade (more of a matchmaking fan generally, but I’m getting into FF now) so I’m not even sure what a good score is there, but in Score Attack the highest I’ve seen is only around 35,000 – and that’s from my friend who’s a Noble.

    The Nightfall challenge is pretty hilarious. I wish they’d call that challenge I Can Drive A Forklift or something.

    As for a Killing Frenzy, as you say it’s personal preference; for me it’s gonna be Invasion on Breakpoint. You get two really good opportunities per game; one as the Spartans, defending. Run up the stairs at the back of the base, grab the DMR, and perch on the edge overlooking Objective A and the Elite spawn point. Whatever you do, don’t jump down and get into the fray! You should easily get 10-20 kills without dying from here before the game moves onto the next phase. Second opportunity is rounds 2 and 3 as Elites. If you can, get in the Wraith or the Banshee, forget about the objective and just go around murdering people. You should get 10 pretty easily unless you’re up against a team who know what they’re doing against Covenant vehicles.

    And Matthew, congrats on your newfound popularity! 😉 I don’t know about anyone else but this site’s become one of my regular daily checks now; I can plan up my Halo time for when I get home after work and stuff, and there’s a good bunch of people here. I’ve added quite a few of your regulars to my Live friends list and they’re always good for a few games or hammering out the challenges 🙂

    • Elite Eliwood says:

      i found the best and easy way to get a frenzy for theajority of people. go to playlist living dead and get to pinacle, be sure to be human and go to the tower building as quick posible. hope for 2 or 3 survivors to aid you, and headshot the zombies that run trough the center of the map. one slipped trough? watch your back haha

  2. wnwoody says:

    40,000 points is not happening for me. In Scoring Attack, I’ve only been able to manage 33,000-34,000 points at most on a few occasions.

  3. michael says:

    Im not sure if the controller sign out trick is bannable or not but a guy on the Bungie website was talking about it a few days ago and said he had done it numerous times daily and he was never punished for it. I did it twice the other day when we had the 188 kills challenge and they have done nothing to me yet. Of course i wasnt able to get the 188 kills though since i used up all my lives before then. lol. I have made it through different Score Attack variants without dying plenty of times and i dont remember 1 time getting over 38,000 points, so the Points Points challenge probably isnt doable in Score Attack. If your afraid of doing the sign out trick then find a few of your friends and get into a FF Arcade game and take turns getting the challenge. Good luck!

    • michael says:

      I was wrong, sorry. The most points i have had in 1 game of Score Attack was 34,833. I looked at my Halo Reach service record to check so disregard the 38,000.

  4. Luke says:

    Both disconnecting and having an AFK controller are bannable offenses. Does that mean you’re going to be banned if you do them? No, the Bungie system auto-bans repeat offenders, but you procede at your own risk.

  5. John says:

    I don’t think the 40,000 is doable in Score Attack, 30K definitely but I don’t think I’ve ever hit 40K and I’ve played it a fair amount although mainly in 2x Score Attack rather than the heavy modes, I just can’t see there being enough enemies for 40,000 without a bonus round. I thought the signing in a guest and dropping them out in Firefight was bannable but it’s not something I’ve tried nor really kept up with.

    However I think 40,000 in Firefight Arcade is definitely doable just in normal play, I’ve just finished a FRG Fight on Holdout with three other players and managed to get 42K (over ten of which was the bonus round) and 52K with Rocketfight on Corvette with just one other player. I actually think it’s better having just one other player because on your own I find it’s a bit of a struggle getting to the bonus round where the real points are particularly the Elite waves when they’re on mythic with sniper or explosive weaponry which can cut you down so fast and are difficult to mow through thanks to their evades and increased shields.

  6. Scruff UK says:

    Re: 40,000 points.

    Just had a look at my Service Record – as I said I’ve only recently got into FF Arcade, but in the 5 games I’ve played, my scores range from 65,000 – 103,250. That’s with no boosting or second controllers or anything.

    So 40,000 should be *easy*. Just go into FF Arcade.

    • michael says:

      Were those scores combined together with the other players you were playing with or are they what you scored yourself? When i looked at my service record under previous games it has some FF Arcade games and the score was over 100,000 points, when i clicked on the game it breaks down everyones points into what they got themselves. If you go to your service record and click on Career Stats and then on Firefight, it will show you the highest amount of points you have obtained by yourself and what your whole team has obtained.

      • Scruff UK says:

        Damnit, you’re right. Stupid misleading Bungie.net! 😉

        Just looked at the 103,250 point game (which incidentally was with EyeOhYou off of here) and my personal score was 25,117. Ah.

        So 40,000 is, indeed, going to be difficult. Possible, but difficult 😦

      • John says:

        That’s a relief as I was wondering what the heck I was doing so wrong as the best I’ve managed is around 60K-ish, which is a lot short of over 100K!

  7. For the controller trick, I know of at least two people who have had their knuckles rapped for party boosting in Reach but as with all swings of the Banhammer (with the exception of any serious network manipulation) they do usually give a warning.

    I’d suggest buddying up with another couple of people to help one another to get the score; for the 188 kills four of us took it in turns to run and gun & chose Holdout so that the other three could jet pack up to the sneaky safe zone to get perfections & keep an eye out on the Banshees for the other one on the ground…

  8. Zakariya says:

    The killing frenzy should be easy in living dead. If your a defender, you could try to kill some zombies in pinnacle from th original spot tower or Sword base by the edge of the main hall. I think you should mention this in your post.

  9. Chris Atreides says:

    I have two systems and I used both of them for the 188 and the account that wasn’t “moving” during the game was suspended…no points were earned on that account for 24 hours. Oh well I’m going to do it again today and if any of y’all need some help along the way send me a friend request (Chris Atreides) I’ll be on 3pm Pacific Time. Thanks again for all the great beta.

  10. Chris says:

    I just scored 40,670 on FF arcade – Rocket fight – Courtyard. luckily for me 1 guy dropped out and the other 2 players took the side where the drop ship comes down and I was left alone on the other.

  11. michael says:

    Im having problems getting the 40,000 points challenge. I got into a FF Arcade game, rocketfight on Corvette. It was me, another guy and one other guy with a guest. As i thought would happen the guys guest came and stood in front of me, shot rockets at me and tried to get me to shoot him up close with a rocket so it would kill me. Well i wound up getting 128 kills and 1 death with a total of 31,757. I honestly dont think i can get this without doing the guest controller sign out trick. Last time i did that though the enemies were overwhelming and i didnt do good at all. I guess my best bet is to wait until my 2 friends get off work and do it with them and my guest controller so we can take turns getting it. 😦

  12. CaptainRon19 says:

    My brother and I definitely received suspensions for doing the “sign-out” trick in firefight arcade a total of 3 times over 2 days, so yes, I wouldn’t recommend it. Bungie, unlike a lot of other game developers, take cheating/tom foolery very seriously. I wouldn’t call the “sign-out” trick cheating but it definitely gives you an edge in earning more credits than the normal joe.

    That being said, I only did it to achieve the 188 kills challenge.

  13. DCSimian81 says:

    Sounds like you definitely need a bonus round for the 40,000 points. I’m sure most of you know this, but for those new to FF…

    If you’re playing RocketFight or FRGFight, strap on a jet pack and when you get to the bonus round, fly on top of the phantom. It’ll stay until the round is over. You’re relatively safe and you can rack up crazy points dropping an explosive reign of terror for the poor sods falling out of the phantom.

    • John says:

      It is possible to hit 40K without the bonus round but a lot easier with it, your suggestion for the jetpack is a good one although I’d add to it by saying I’d recommend Evade for the main rounds. I find it works well as you can quickly avoid danger to stay in the fight and you can quickly get between groups of enemies as they spawn to rack up the overkills.

  14. r0b0 says:

    Theres another way that will work for FF Arcade rather than signing your extra controller out, depending on how you feel about it I guess. Sometimes when I need the high points in Firefight I get into the game with the other two or three players and as soon as the game starts – disconnect the internet and reconnect it right away.
    The other people who entered the game with you will simply see that you’ve quit (well, I’m assuming this since theres really no way to test it) and you continue in your game alone. Hopefully your internet reconnects quickly and as soon as it does you simply hit Reconnect to Xbox Live and the challenges will be available again.
    Clearly I would feel bad if this ends the game for the other players, but I don’t see how it would. If anyone knows that it does, let me know!
    And most importantly I’ve never gotten banned or even got a warning after doing this. Sorry if anyone tries this and has a problem, but I never have!

    Also as I sidenote I find that often a beat down kill with earn 2-3x more points in firefight – although not every time. Just if you’re face to face with somebody, better to smash him in the face rather than backing up for a shot, chances are it’ll get you more points.

    • michael says:

      Im pretty sure that would count as a quit R0b0. Ive heard of people quitting out of MM games numerous times and never getting even a warning, but ive heard some people do it once and get caught. Its kinda iffy really i guess.

      • r0b0 says:

        You would think it would… but yeah it is iffy. Quitting multiplayer matchmaking games as opposed to Firefight is different though.
        In a FF game when I disconnect it says the other players have quit but of course the game doesn’t end. Because it doesn’t take me out of the game it technically doesn’t count as a quit like disconnecting a controller would, since that is actually taking a player out of the game on your account.
        Firefight is kind of strange in this respect, since if your internet disconnects while in any MM game (which happens to me often enough because of a crappy service) it of course ends your game and you get warned/banned. In firefight this doesn’t happen, so it seems like a work around.

        Like I said, I haven’t been banned for it yet! 🙂

  15. Dave Yaroch says:

    I’m not sure if more folks experienced this ,but yesterday doing FLAT TIRE I found that DMR kills of the Banshee were not counted toward the challenge. Only Sniper ifle or Spartan Laser were the kills I got that were credited towards the challenge.

    • John says:

      I find vehicle kills are very flaky for being detected so I just don’t bother any more, the challenge is worth so little anyway.


    • michael says:

      Your right. The DMR kills the driver first so it doesnt count as a vehicle kill. I got lucky on a 2X Score Attack. I had a Grenade Launcher and Plasma Pistol so when the Banshee flew overhead i shot it with an overcharge and when it dropped down i hit it with the Grenade Launcher. If you try this be careful because since its 2X damage if you hit it with 2 overcharges it will blow up.

      • Shane says:

        Read all of the other comments in the last few Flat Tire posts and you’ll get your answer.

  16. Cash says:

    I’ve never understood why they have betrayals on in Grifball. It makes more sense to have betrayals off since its so easy to accidently betray a teammate.

    • John says:

      I thought betrayals were off? I’ve had team-mates kill me repeatedly without ever getting a betray option or has this just changed?

      • michael says:

        I think Cash is talking about taking the killing team mates out completely, where you and your team mates can never hurt each other. Kind of like in Firefight where you can fire rockets or whatever at the other people and it doesnt hurt them. As for what your talking about, I know used to when you were betrayed by a team mate in Infection you could boot them. Now they have it to where people can betray over and over without ever getting booted. I think its terrible and it should be off alltogether like in Firefight MM.

      • Stephen says:

        You never get the option to boot players (or at least I haven’t), which is really annoying if one guy on your team gets pissed for no reason, and starts betraying people. Anyways he just means that you can betray your teammates, and that when they kill you the announcer says “betrayed”. But that’s all that happens.

      • Pirate Drummer says:

        Betrayals off means you can’t kill a teammate. The non-option of betrayal is something different (probably a way of combating frequently booting trolls). If betrayals were off in grifball, then rounds would last a max of 60 seconds.

  17. Austin Kurtz says:

    I know all the chatter today is about the 40,000 points in Firefight challenge, but I thought I’d mention what I do for quick completions of the kill challenges in “any game mode” when I’m short on time. I made some modifications to Matthew’s excellent “Firefight Invincible” variant…

    * 100% grunts
    * Removed the Mythic and Tilt skulls -- no need to make enemies harder to kill since we're not going for points anyway
    * Removed the Cloud skull and set radar to 75m -- so you can see where all grunts are at all times (on Corvette, at least)
    * Reduced enemy health to 10%
    * Turned off enemy grenades -- so the grunts can't kill each other as easily
    * One loadout with jetpack, needler, and rocket launcher -- needler is best here because...
        * It's fully automatic and has an insanely fast firing rate (with the bottomless clip) -- so your trigger finger won't get tired (you could tape the button down if you wanted)
        * The needles track the grunts -- closest thing to an aimbot that you're allowed to use without being banned
        * With these settings, it only takes one needle to kill anywhere on an unshielded enemy, so you can pick up easy multikills by spraying fire indiscriminately

    Settings are on my fileshare as FF Grunt Grind if you’re interested. As always, play on Corvette, and you might as well do Legendary since it doesn’t affect how fast you can kill the grunts. I found that hovering just above the center and spraying needles at each door and group of grunts was very fast. I was able to get 488 kills in 12 minutes.

    But if you’re just looking to get through quickly, it takes less than 3 minutes to get the first 100 kills.

  18. mobber says:

    when was the last time anyone saw Juggernaut in Rumble Pit? it’s always suggested, but i never see it. i haven’t seen it since last Fall…

    • Stephen says:

      I want to say that it was removed from rumble pit in an early matchmaking update by Bungie (which is disappointing because it was a good change from the constant slayer games) but I’m not entirely sure. Can anyone confirm this?

      • Austin Kurtz says:

        I can confirm that Juggernaut is still in the Rumble Pit playlist, but it just doesn’t show up frequently. I don’t play RP often, but the last time I played a Juggernaut game was February 13 (game record here). It’s also still in the official list of gametypes for that playlist (scroll down to “Rumble Pit” and click “More”).

        I would guess that Bungie has reduced its frequency because it is very unbalanced in favor of the Juggernaut. (Yes, I know it’s supposed to be that way, but the way it is now is ridiculous. A good player on the right map can stay Juggernaut the whole game.) What they really need to do is just fix it by making the Juggernaut a little less resistant to damage.

  19. V4lkyrie246 says:

    I have a feeling that everyone’s going to do the forklift trick… Anyways if your up for FF challenge my gamer tag is my name

  20. Stephen says:

    Has anyone had a problem with the forklift on Nightfall? It hasn’t worked for me since I did it the first time for a challenge about a week ago, but I haven’t heard anyone else having problems with it. Instead of phasing through I end up getting out the left side, and then somehow end up behind the forklift. Anyone know what’s going on? (I’m definitely as close to the door as possible)

    • Sean says:

      Worked for me as of a couple days ago. It seems like if you are close to the right spot but not in it, you end up behind the forklift.

    • wnwoody says:

      I have trouble as well. I can’t ever get through within the first three tries. It usually takes me four or five tries. Anyway, just this past weekend, it took me at least 20 tries before I finally got through.

    • FrknRainbow says:

      I had forklift issues last night. After a few tries (hopping out left side yet ending up behind the forklift), I decided Bungie must have patched the glitch. Relatively new to this method, I stubbornly persisted, and after about 20 mins I finally warped through. I’m not sure if anything has changed or not, but I just wanted to share that I had some trouble as well.

      • fartcat says:

        they have not patched the forklift trick. to do it properly you have to align yourself where the two panels of the gate meet, and then exit

  21. Erik Shicotitcoc says:

    Get er done!

  22. Eric (GunsOfSummer33) says:

    I routinely get 40k or 50k on Rocketfight, especially on a good map like Holdout, Beachhead or Courtyard.

    • John says:

      Agreed, I don’t think you should need to do turn about or anything like that as you can get the straight 40K (or more) just normally even with three other players.

    • Eric (GunsOfSummer33) says:

      I should note that to do this I use the jetpack, pick spots where I can quickly kill groups of enemies as they spawn, and most importantly, I do the trick where you fly up on top of the Phantom for the bonus round (works great on grunts, not so much on those damned skirmishers).

  23. rippy says:

    Pick rocketfight, reset router, get 60K+ points easy. If you do it just once they will never ban you. I’ve had it happen enough times naturally to know they won’t ban you for it.

    • there have been a lot of “just do it once” suggestions over the past few days.

      those “one time deals” add up quickly.

      why not play the game the way it’s supposed to be done instead of scamming the system?

      • Eric (GunsOfSummer33) says:

        Agreed. I feel cheap just doing things like killing the grunts at the beginning of Sword Base and restarting the level, or doing the speed run on Nightfall. What’s the point of reaching a new rank or buying a cool new piece of armor if you know you didn’t do anything to warrant having it?

      • Tom says:

        I’ll agree with that too. I got the 40,000 easily in regular rocket fight anyways. No need to cheat.

      • Scruff UK says:

        That’s the second time “cheating” has come up as a talking point this week… Times like this I wish there was more of a ‘forum’ type thing here, rather than daily posts that quickly vanish. I’m very curious as to what people consider cheating and what they don’t consider cheating etc 🙂

      • Chris says:

        Bravo ….. play and enjoy the game as it was intended …. simples.

        Scruff – its only cheating when your wife finds out , but that’s another subject 🙂


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