Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 18th April

Exodus: LASO – Complete Exodus, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO) – 15000 cR

We’re almost there, and as levels go Exodus isn’t too bad, I think it’s to give you a breather after LNoS, and before the pain that can be New Alexandria. The few times I’ve played this mission I’ve always enjoyed it, although the flight to Beachhead and that whole section took me a VERY long time in Legendary, so you’ve got to be on your game to get it right.

The basic concept for the challenge is complete the mission on close to Mythic difficulty (Mythic is all of this challenge, in solo, without dying). I won’t post a full walkthrough here, because frankly the best one you can use is actually on Halo.Bungie.Org by Tyrant.

Usually now you don’t need the Blind skull on – as ever can I get confirmation of this please?

If you have any tips on how to complete this challenge more easily, please throw them in the comments section for everyone to use.

Next time around we’ll have New Alexandria. Great mission, awesome design (those of you who played Firefight in ODST should recognise the club section), but OMG so painful at times. It looks as though we’re getting an additional 1000 credits for each successive level, so it’s really worth your while doing them now.

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52 Responses to Reach Weekly Challenge Commentary – w/c 18th April

  1. Sergeant Jinto says:

    LASO challenges do NOT require the Blind Skull to be on. If you go in to view the Challenge and select the option to take you to an appropriate lobby for the challenge, there are only 12 Skulls turned on, Blind being the only one still turned off.

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  3. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    Well lastnight i made it to the part where you have to make the very long jet pack jump across the roof. I havent had any real problems up to this point, atleast nothing like the past LASO challenges. Im definately following Tyrants guide on this. Good luck to everyone going for this.

  4. Braythor says:

    I’ve not actually done the campaign in legendary yet so these LASOs have been helping me toward that, though I didn’t do LNoS, for various reasons. Will probably do this one, I like Exodus and look forward to seeing what little tips Tyrant has for it. I just hope Bungie don’t pepper the daily challenges with incompatible campaign ones…

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Yep, like the past LASO challenge weeks where we had some daily campaign challenges that call for getting through a mission that day. Makes you have to choose one or the other. Ive had to get through a weekly in a day just to get the daily.

    • Sergeant Jinto says:

      I’m expecting other campaign challenges during the week, so that’s why I’m focusing on trying to finish the LASO today while there aren’t any!

  5. Scruff UK says:

    Hahahahaha no. 15,000 credits would be nice – keeping my sanity and my hair would be nicer. And this is from someone who’s zero-faulted Prison Break on Trials HD. These LASO challenges are far too much for me, with the exception of Winter and Nightfall which were just too easy to NOT do them 😉

    A little tip for people that’s not mentioned in Tyrant’s guide though – when you come to steal the Wraith, if you don’t fancy trying to kill the driver while he’s driving; if you just get into the vacant secondary gun then the driver tends to exit of his own accord. Then you can kill him the old fashioned way. Might be best doing this in co-op though, so one person can kill the driver as he’s exiting the Wraith while the other sits snug in the secondary gun.

    Good luck, everyone who’s going for this! You are infinitely braver and more patient than I! 😉

    • Wes says:

      You are so right about this. The time spent vs the payoff..ain’t worth it. Play 5 FF Arcades, and net about 17K to 20K in credits (and not even in 2 hours!). I’m a fairly good player, but I find these LASO challenges take the joy/escape out of Halo Reach..(for me). Life has enough stress, without spending 10 hours pulling your hair out over one stupid challenge.

      while playing Halo reach this week, I’ve been checking the stats on some of the better players – none of them have this challenge completed. I suspect Bungie is having a bit of a laugh at the try-hards attempting to beat an almost unbeatable AI design.

      I prefer to keep my hair, and my stress levels down.

  6. Chris Atreides says:

    Why not 15000 pistol kills on Firefight? Or 7000 Close quarter kills? I get it, Bungie is guiding the community through the campain on Legendary BUT I thought it was called WEEKLY challenge. Like 50 wins or 24 challenges completed. Dare I say, “F LASO!” lmao Y’all have a great week.

    Viva Reach

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      I like to play alot of Firefight solo (Score Attack), so i too wish they would have a weekly challenge that was something like the 15,000 pistol kills in Firefight. If that was the case it would give me a reason to play it alot more and on top of that, tons of credits!

      • Chris Atreides says:

        God knows there will be a campain challenge tomorrow on the Daily’s…so it looks like Good Friday will be my day to swing the LASO. And I concur…MORE FF Challenges (I’m trying to earn my commendations). Nerd Alert!!! 😉 LOL


    • Scruff UK says:

      Maybe we’ll get a challenge like that next week? The LASO challenges (which are SO much worse than just ‘the campaign on Legendary’ btw) are happening every 2 weeks. Unfortunately last week’s Weekly was *also* a Campaign challenge, whereas a FF or MM one would’ve suited a lot better.

      Still, the LASO ones will all be over with relatively soon!

  7. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    Well i think i am completely screwed. I have been following Tyrants guide exactally and im at the part where you have to jet pack over the huge gap to sneak up on the fuel rod Chieftain. I got over the gap but instead of landing on the other side where im supposed to, i wound up landing on a small ledge below it. It gave me a checkpoint there now all of the Covenant inside are alerted and the dropships are there. Its gonna take a Halo miracle to pull out of this one!

  8. EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

    As far as the LASO’s go, this one shouldn’t be too awful outside of the last beachhead battle. I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl later on today.

    I was also thinking it’d be great if somehow Bungie kept up with all the players who have completed all the LASO challenges by the time we’re through all the campaign missions and gave them some kind of exclusive reward. Whether it be a special nameplate, achievement, or something fun along those lines, it’d be pretty cool I think.

    As always, goodluck to everyone!

    • REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

      I agree I think there should be some sort of reward for the players that beat the entire game on LASO 🙂

    • DaddyOi30 says:

      I can absolutely confirm that you are completely screwed at that point! Exact same thing happened to me and you have no chance of pulling off the assassination once the turrents are in place. You can snipe the gunners from across the gap but this alerts the other enemys & the chieftain.

  9. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    I finally beat the weekly challenge! It was rough at the part before you get into the falcon. The part at the beach wasnt bad at all, I thought it would take me a good while but i did it without dying. If your doing this just remember to follow the guide and at the beach part take your time. It took me about 20 min. after i got out of the falcon but it was worth it! 🙂

  10. REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

    Yes another LASO!! I love these challenges and so far I am 5/6 on the LASO about to make it 6/6 when I get back from work….although I read tyrants guide I think I’m just going to strong-arm my wag through it with 3 other halo constituents. …… when I was doing exodus on Solo Legendary at the end instead of sneaking your way past all of the brutes in the room with the button I simply waited till they were distracted by my ever so useless marine buddies I used the Jet pack to jump through the window and push the button while the hammer brute stood in the door way trying to comprehend how I just outsmarted him. Well Good Luck everyone and remember LNOS was the toughest and that’s over 😉

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Your right, LNOS was awful! I spent 20+hours on it. This one took me around 7 or so. Good luck getting through it Lex.

      • REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

        Thx bro!….looks like you got done nice an early now you can enjoy gears beta :)……. How is that by the way? I would of had early access but I traded in bulletstorm to get crysis 2 so now I have to wait with the rest of the mortals to the 25th….can’t wait to get back from work and ruin the dinner plans of 1 angry brute chieftain lol

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        Welcome. The GOW3 Beta is great. They fixed some things and i think its more fluid. Crysis 2 is definately better than Bulletstorm so the only thing your missing from not having that game is the Beta! Sorry Matthew for going off subject on your blog! 😉

      • Matthew Vose says:

        Guys have at it, Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm are on my list of 2011 games to play. As is GOW3. I took advantage of the sale the other day to get Limbo half price, and tomorrow I’ll be getting ilomilo half price in the deal of the week.

        There are other games besides Halo, this is definitely the place for people who realise that.

  11. kurt says:

    Does anyone have a video of this LASO challenge?
    I always check the videos first because my internet here at work is restricted and I can’t access tyrant’s super awesome guide. 😦

  12. Pirate Drummer says:

    At least there are no Elites on Exodus.

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Geeezzz…I will second that! As long as you have DMR ammo you can mess up a bunch of Brutes! 😉

      • DaddyOi30 says:

        Main problem with Brutes is those damn plasma grenades. At the LASO level their aim is deadly.

  13. EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

    Just knocked this one out following Tyrant’s guide off and on. I definitely suggest taking his advice for the portion where you get pack along the broken beams, the part where you jet pack across that huge gap, and the last part where he shows you how to sneak into the room with the activation switch for the AA batteries. This is really very simple for a LASO challenge, and it’s a relatively easy 15,000 cR.

    As for the part where you have to jetpack across the large gap and beat down the brute with the fuel rod gun inside the tower, don’t be discouraged if you end up coming up just short. I did on my second try and just as I was about to save and quit, and stopped falling. Theres actually a tiny ledge that goes all the way around that balcony. With some luck, you fall onto that, wait for your jetpack to charge back up a bit, and have a very easy jet pack jump to the rear access of that building.

    Goodluck all!

  14. MJOLNIR Tester says:

    Another way to fight the Beachhead battle is to drive the Warthog. If you want to try this before you start the challenge, start from Rally Point Bravo. Backtrack and pick up the rocket launcher, then board the Falcon. I found that not shooting at enemies draws less fire so you take less damage. After you get off the Falcon run to the Warthog.

    Pick up two troopers, one for the passenger seat and one on the gun. Drive to the safe area where you landed then give the passenger the rocket launcher you kept from earlier in the mission. If you can get Sergeant Major Duvall into the shotgun seat with the rocket launcher that is ideal, because he is invulnerable, but any trooper will do. The passenger with the infinite-ammo rocket launcher and your gunner, along with your smart driving, are a powerful combination.

    Head up the Access Road and take out the Ghost. Then curve around and drive along the beach until you encounter the first Wraith. Use hit-and-run attacks, because if you stop moving a Grunt will hit you with a charged plasma shot and disable the Warthog, making you a sitting duck. After the first Wraith is destroyed take out the second one the same way.

    Then let your gunner and passenger take out the Brute with a Plasma Launcher on the bridge.There is a second Ghost that your gunner and passenger will destroy. Then let your passenger and gunner take out the enemies near each missile battery from a distance. Get just close enough so your passenger starts shooting rockets, but no closer. For the missile battery with the Active Camo armor ability you might have to get out and kill the last Brute on foot.

    When all of the enemies are dead get the Active Camo , get the Mongoose and hit both missile battery switches. Then as per Tyrant’s guide drive the Mongoose up the back stairs, activate the Camo, then jump up and hit the switch.

    Without the Wraith it is harder to get through without dying, so use the Save/Quit/Resume method if you die.

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  16. Justin says:

    I only had to save/quit/resume twice in this one: once during the Falcon sequence and once because I got Wraithed. An hour of work for 15000 credits? Not bad.

  17. jim says:

    If people are having problems jumping the huge gap using tyrant’s guide, the number of times he uses the jet pack to get across is 5, so, for me, it was easier (instead of trying to count the seconds he uses it) to count the number of times i used the jet pack, and that made it really easy.

    also, when on the beach and going to take the wraith, I’m sure most people know to just hop in the gunner seat and the brute will jump out, so then either you can just shoot him or hop in the wraith driver seat and run him over.

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  19. mickoboy90 says:

    I hate these LASO challenges…i prefer MM or FF ones better…and one thing i hate about halo reach achievements is that solo campaign,cos me and my brother play reach together all the time…never solo.

    • Scruff UK says:

      Well.. It’s called an achievement for a reason. I *love* the Solo Legendary achievement. I’ve finished every Halo game on Solo Legendary but I’ve never been able to prove it until now! 😉

      In fact, if there was a Mythic Difficulty achievement then I’d probably be more keen on these LASO challenges… Even though they don’t have to be done solo. And everyone just cheats by glitching the save/quit/resume thing anyway 😉

  20. Darklight GC says:

    Me and another GC clan member tryed for 11 hours and got to the bit where you have to destroy the turrets we had just ammo and health to destroy them after that we had no chance of clearing out the courtyard so we just sat there teabaging and clicking are guns >.<

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      You have to jack a Wraith. I was very lucky and got through that part without dying. I dont think i could make it through it without the Wraith to be honest with you.

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  22. Mr Postman 117 says:

    Where do I find tyrants walk throughs? I tried this weekly challenge the othe night amd couldnt even get passed the suicide grunts at the begining. Embarassed!

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      It’s on Good luck! He has a great guide, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you follow it as closely as you can, you should be fine, though.

  23. SensoryFour34 says:

    I had hardly any problems up until I had to assassinate the Chieftain. I waited a bit too long before trying it, and got a checkpoint, so every time I tried, I would be seen by either the Chieftain or just a single Jackal, but that was enough. I finally got it, though.

  24. Matthew Edwards says:

    I have a conundrum. I’m following tyrant’s guide pretty much completely, with a few tips and one serious issue.

    • During the atrium fight, if you want to conserve mag ammo use a MA3 lying around and take good aim at the brutes when you have a good position. Get a few headshots and his hat’ll come off, ripe for pistoling.

    • Speaking of positions, to the right of the top floor DMR, the little staircase goin down to the bottom floor is a good place to stand during that first fight, after you snipe the captain, because you can shoot through the handrail. Most shots will miss you.

    • Instead of the crazy jetpack gap, there’s a ledge below it you can jetpack up, but you kinda have to trick it to get the height needed, YouTube search jetpack trick halo reach or something and some obnoxious guy called ‘Fretgod’ or something explains it. It works, and if you don’t make it you can just land soft and try again. Don’t land hard though.

    Now, my issue is with that last rafter jump up from the broken beams. The part he says to bring the hammer for. I’m like 2/15 tries on that god forsaken thing and on only 1 of those tries was it anywhere NEAR as tame as his video or explanation covered. The rest of the time there’s one, maybe two brutes and a few grunts there who shoot or grenade me as soon as I’m up there, no chance of me making it halfway up the stairs. One time I made it with a sliver of health, after full shields and health, the other time there wasn’t really any resistance for some reason. I would give the hammer s few swings but they’re always several paces to the opposite direction, so it seems risky to try to dust them instead of mad-dashing up the stairs. I HAVE tried giving them a few grenades to maybe keep them dodging, sometimes works a bit, but I always ALMOST make it.

    The rest of the mission isn’t too bad. Though some success stories regarding killing the chieftain traditionally after missing the assassination and getting spotted would be interesting to hear.

    Any explanations or solutions?

    • plstubblefield says:

      The YouTube video to which Matthew refers can be found at:

      It basically explains what most of us have learned by trial and error: using short, controlled bursts (!) from the jetpack works much better than just holding down the button continuously. The video author gives a bit of advice concerning the timing of the bursts.

      Regarding the rafter jump from the broken beams, I also got creamed several times before working it out. I think it depends primarily on how many additional enemies have wandered near the landing spot while Noble Six was climbing below. My advice is just to aim to land near the doorway up the stairs so that you can get out of sight ASAP!

      On a separate note, I’ve worked on the challenge several hours each day since Monday and had reached the battle on the Beachhead map. When I walked into the den this morning, my son was playing a Campaign level using my gamertag, completely oblivious to the fact that he had just wiped out days of work! He tends to get angry at himself when he makes foolish errors, so I just soft played the whole incident and used it as a teaching moment: “It’s just a game!”

      I don’t know if I’m going to start all over or not…

      Good luck to the rest of you! 🙂

  25. Matthew Edwards says:

    Wait what. You can just save quit and resume? That had never occurred to me… >.> <.<

    That puts me in an interesting dilemma. These deserve to be really hard, since they're worth so much… But I'd totally do it if I die again.

    So, Bungie should fix that somehow. So I don't have that choice, which I'm too weak to not make. 😛

    Also, is it confirmed you still get the credits? I thought I'd glitches it so that I clicked on the challenge to send me to campaign menu and loaded up Exodus, but it had somehow been set to point bravo. I did it real quick and the challenge was lit up as though I was eligible, but it didn't work at the end.

    • EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

      In order to receive the credits for the challenge you must complete the entire level from start to finish. Meaning you cannot jump in at either rally point in hopes of skipping most of the mission and getting an easy completion.

      Hope this helped!

      • Matthew Edwards says:

        That’s what I thought, but usually in the in-game challenges screen, the challenge will be greyed out and say ‘You cannot complete this challenge at this time’ or something, and in this case it was not.

  26. Jetpack333 says:

    Send me msg if u wanna co-op this mission

    Gt: jetpack333

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  28. DaddyOi30 says:

    Finally got this done this morning after having to restart a couple of times due to bad save locations. I discovered that instead of trying to make the huge gap jump to assassinate the brute chieftain, just after you kill the 3 grunts run forward but don’t go down the stairs to where the enemy is waiting, follow the path around to the right until you can’t go any further. Jump through the window on your right down to a landing just below & follow it. This landing ends immediately below the building containing the chieftain (in fact I’ve landed on It numerous time trying to jetpack across the huge gap). Hop into the garden bed (for a little extra height) & jetpack straight up & you can easily make it to a narrow ledge that runs around the building below the balcony. It’s a very simple jetpack jump from here to the balcony to score the assassination.

  29. DaddyOi30 says:

    Just be careful at the end when you position the mongoose for a quick run at the final button after activation the 2nd middle battery. Some Asshole Marine decided to jump on mine so it took an extra 1/2 second or so while I got him off & jumped on myself. It can make all the difference.

    Don’t be too disappointed if you”accidentally” betray some Marines

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