19th April – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

As several people predicted there is a Campaign mission today, although it’s not hard, although annoying if you’ve not made it through the Weekly Challenge on Exodus yet…

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

So you could do this in one game of Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or some of the other variants. Why am I going for Gruntpoc as the best option? Because it’s got easy enemies to take out and a really quick game type to play through (and given the next challenge you can get a couple together). If you’re worried about not quite hitting the 120 due to Plasma grenades then play Waterfront and snipe the cliff Jackals with your DMR.

One Game, One Spawn – Complete a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying – 2000 cR

As ever this is easiest in Gruntpoc or 2X Score Attack. The best strategies to make sure you stay alive are to use Sprint, letting you get to take out 30-50% of the wave before they get close enough to be a threat. Key things to be aware of are enemies with Plasma Launchers and Fuel Rod Guns, who will fire from further away; Grunts overcharging their Plasma Pistols; and guys throwing grenades as they get close. Take out anyone you see with a heavy or charged weapon first. If you see an enemy with a Plasma Grenade, shoot it and they’ll often drop it. If you hear one thrown or something fired then get out of there quickly. Always better to pull back to a different part of the map than make a brave stand. Don’t be a hero and dive in, you get plenty of time to take them all out.

The Little Guys – Kill 125 Grunts in Campaign today on Normal or harder – 1000 cR

Winter Contingency, Exodus or The Package are excellent for Grunts – read through the post from the 17th for more information on them. The opening of ONI Sword Base has one useful trick – go straight to the Target Designator, turn around and blast some Grunts, then reset to checkpoint. It’s a quick way of doing it, although I prefer playing through levels to up various commendations. Ryan suggested something similar on The Package, throwing a grenade just before the checkpoint so that every time you reset it goes off and takes out a few Grunts. ONI: Sword Base using the Target Designator trick can be good, or just taking out the few who are around you at the start then restarting the mission.

Freelancing – Earn at least 21 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 2100 cR

I know a few people will look at this and think it’s not a problem, but for us mere mortals this can be something of a challenge. If you’re good at Rumble Pit, where the total is 25 to win, you can get this. Other good options are Multi-Team Battle generally, and specifically the objective based games where kill volume is not the target, so you can keep taking guys down without the game ending. Particularly Crazy King and Oddball I’m thinking. Grifball’s also a good one at times, as is Invasion if you’re human and have a good group/defensible position.

If you have any questions, or any additional tips to getting these feel free to add them into the comments.


54 Responses to 19th April – Reach Daily Challenges Commentary

  1. R says:

    I always manage perfect on 2x Courtyard, ive just failed with 3 kills to go because i got charged by 5 elites and decided to stick one 😦

  2. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    For the 21 kills i would recommend Halo Ball Xtreme if you havent tried that out yet. Im not good at Grifball but in Halo ball Xtreme i have had 30+ kills in 1 game before and i have seen people on the opposite team with around 45. The rest of the challenges arent too bad. Good luck! 😉

  3. Clone 066 says:

    2x on the winter cpntingecy map where you first meet the covy for FF is a good chalice for 2x score attack because in the safe room there’s a subroom with some O2 tanks as well as some blocks.

    This room also only has one way in and a makes a nice turn allowing youva nice view for the few that come out the left most enhance of the safe builidng to snipe with tour pistol. For the others that use the main entrance make sure to have your shotgun ready to blast ’em as they turn the corner.

    I would suggest doing this on 2x due to the small area being bad for grenades– that’s why you have amorlock, but Gruntpocs seems to be relentless if you’re with the plasmas giving you no break to come out safely.

    It’s nit the most fun waiting out the clock but were talking about 2000 credits.

    • Clone 066 says:

      Sooty about all the mistakes and confusing words. The iPod touch is so terrible at just changing what is typed because it likes it’s word better than mine.

      • Scruff UK says:

        Hahaha this is brilliant! You should type the main blog!

        “Kiss 120 Grunts on Campoon today while normal or harder” 🙂

  4. Scruff UK says:

    I actually find 2x Score Attack an easier mode to survive a full round in; in Gruntpocalypse I tend to get taken out by stupid plasma grenades or quick unexpected Fuel Rod blasts to the face, whereas you can survive a full one of each in 2x Score Attack. Corvette and Courtyard are the best for it, though Unearthed is working out pretty well for me too. You can slightly cheat it a bit as well, and block the small stairwell in the starting room with the Warthog from down below, which stops a lot of enemies from coming up the stairs. That way you can just cower inside the starting room and only take out those enemies that dare to come in; but it’s not quite as much fun as actually trying to win a game 😉

    21 kills in MM could be interesting! If I spend long enough in Team Slayer I might just get it naturally, but hopping in to Rumble Pit or Arcade seems quicker, for I suck at Grifball and don’t find it remotely fun.

    Won’t be bothering with the Campaign Grunts challenge though… I’d need more than 1,000 credits to tempt me out of destroying my perfectly placed Campaign save.

    • Shane says:

      Crazy King like Matthew suggests is a good bet. I picked up a rocket launcher and got a Killtrocity in the first 30 seconds. People weren’t happy. 😀

  5. Matt says:

    For the first two challenges, Rocketfight on any map is a pretty sure thing, and while you probably won’t get both in the same game (except maybe on Beachhead), you can tune your playing style to be certain of picking up one.

    Grifball is the place to go for Freelancing. I’ve been playing like poop warmed over lately but there are many days where I’ve played ~5 games of Grifball and gone over 21 on at least two.

  6. Nick says:

    For the grunts challenge I use the last mission, Lone Wolf. You can get a solid 40 or so grunt kills before you start to get overrun by elites, at which point you can just restart the mission.

  7. Jetpack333 says:

    For The 21 kills, do BtB and try to take a tank/banshee/sniper/wraith. You should be able to get it especially on CTF/stockpile/crazy king

    Or do community btb, and get ridged blue spawn. Red= screwed with spawn locations all near eachother

    • i think this is wholly random and not always guaranteed. i must have horrendous luck when i play BTB because i *always* get morons on my team who either kill me or pester me if i pick up anything “good” (to include DMR’s, most recently. WTF.) or do nothing.

      i almost never play it anymore.

      • DCSimian81 says:

        Seriously…I’ve had some jerks try and kill me b/c I got to the sniper rifle first. And I don’t know what’s going on in Grifball these days, but it seems more and more often there’s always one jerk playing for the other team, constantly betraying your side. It’s annoying, old and for those of us that enjoy Grifball, we say this…grow up.

      • Scruff UK says:

        Yeah, BTB seems to be the absolute worst mode for people being jerks. It’s a shame, because it’s one of my favourites in terms of there being a lot more weapons, plenty of vehicles around, less reliance on armour lock, etc.

        One of these days we’ll have to organise a group of 8 people from off here to play a load of BTB games together, thereby avoiding all stupid betrayals / suicides / etc 🙂

      • DCSimian81 says:

        I’m in. Hey authors, any chance you guys would be willing to organize something like BTB Monday or Invasion Tuesday, etc.? Set a day and time, and the first 4 or 8 (or whatever, depending on game type) get in on the team?

        Or hell we can try to organize it right here. Anyone up for some BTB tonight? 8 peeps and we’re golden 🙂

      • Clone 066 says:

        Sounds Good. My gamertag is my name. I will be home 5:00 PM EST (USA).

      • REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

        I’m always in for some pain free BTB without having to watch your own back for your teammates half the tome lol….I’m in tho be on around 6pm West coast time

      • Subject 6x says:

        Hey guys, I am down for btb invasion even trying to tackle the laso challenges I am online at about 7 pm Eastern USA time on Wednesday’s Fridays and whenever in weekends gamertag is same as my name add and what not

  8. V4lkyrie246 says:

    Spend sometime learning Grifball, Im so glad I did it has saved me so much time on challenges. For instance yesterday I got 25 kills and my triple kill challenge in 1 game. It’s well worth the effort even tho you’ll suck at first.

  9. Chris Atreides says:

    We should form a clan “Matthew’s Disciple’s” 😉 We are obviously the coolest Halo players and we are all committed to accomplishing the challenges. I’m just saying, “League of Harmonious Fists.” Because I love driving my forearm into EVERYONE’s face. Lmao.

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Well my main Tool Of Destruction is Melee, so that would work out just fine. 😉

    • Matthew Vose says:

      😀 Love it – but if you’re gonna do it guys (and keep me informed so I can throw my Loreweaver gt into it) go with something like ‘Seriously Challenged’, some sort of play on words like that. As you say, everyone here is a resolute challenge warrior.

      • Clone 066 says:

        ‘SC4’ is a cool clan tag. The 4 representing the amount of dailies.

  10. The Fired Goon says:

    Great tips and tricks, great community (specifically you kids!), great GAME!!! I love you Halo and Halo fans!!! BTB, sign this goon up!

  11. fredyzilla says:

    I need people for “LASO” weekly challenges. Well, pretty much any multiplayer challenge. Everyone on my current friend list has moved on from REACH. I get aggravated when a grunt gets a lucky stick and I HAVE to restart the entire mission. Add me GT: fredyzilla

    • wbs Skatanic says:

      You don’t have to restart. The second you know you’re about to die (Or even a second after you’ve died) Hit Save & Quit, then resume the level and you’ll find the challenge is still valid.

      • fredyzilla says:

        Oh! I never tried doing that. Thanx! I still would like to play with real HALO fans like me.

      • thefiredgoon says:

        Although its how I skated through last weeks “Nightfall” Challenge (big ups again to Vose for posting Tyrants helpful walkthrough)…doesn’t that kind kill the whole added difficulty of Iron skull? Hey, small favors atleast, no blind skull!! The only LASO I have completed was WC which was the only one to require it. What a grind!!!

  12. mickoboy90 says:

    You could also play firefight arcade sniper fight…corvete is best one cos you can just stay back and shoot…plus enemies dont go after you only but also other friendlies.

  13. Reaperville says:

    Just so say Matthew, I doubt you’ll notice your hit count going down by 1 for a couple of weeks, but I got the Curse of the Open Tray fault yesterday and none of the suggested fixes have done anything so far, so I’m Reachless for a while 😦

    My 360 is well out of its warranty, and if I buy less beer next month (and my pimp takes me back) I should probably be able to afford a new 250GB for £150. Which is nice, obviously, but it’ll be after payday.

    I was really looking forward to making Brigadier over the long weekend, so I am mightily pissed off! Coming here in the meantime will probably just further depress me! Good luck to all with the weeklies and dailies, and keep up the good work! Hopefully see you soon!

    • ooooh too bad you’re in the UK! i have a spare american Elite system i was looking to sell. 🙂

      i hope you get a new one soon! 😦

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      My old Arcade 360 did that for about a year. Sometimes i had to sit there for an hour or longer opening and closing that damn disc tray for it to work. Sorry to hear.

    • DCSimian81 says:

      That happens to me on occasion. Usually after some kicking/screaming/changing disks/cursing, it works. I guess yours is a more permanent error? I kept changing discs in and out and would give a good bump from time to time. It’s not frequent, but damn it’s annoying when it happens…

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Oh noes!! I assume you’ve seen the deal on Amazon – 250gb Slim for £150, plus for £15 you can add on one from a selection of games, or a year of XBL. Pretty sweet deal. They’re also doing Kinect for £80.

    • Reaperville says:

      Thanks all, and cheers for the heads-up about Amazon. I actually ended up taking it apart tonight after another few hours of trying the ‘safe’ solutions – given that I had nothing to lose.

      Would never normally try such a thing, but unfortunately I only managed to put it back together so it was back to the same level of functionality – but even that is quite an achievement for me!

      Will probably just pick up a good XBLA game to keep me sane til the 28th!

      • Matthew Vose says:

        There’s a load on half price this week – I’ve picked up IloMilo 😀

        Also check out Geometry Wars if you haven’t, it’s an awesome twin sticks shooter.

  14. olah says:

    I’m up for some btb/invasion.
    tired of idiots walking in front of so that they die and can boot me.
    GT: Olahs hydregion

  15. DCSimian81 says:

    Alright, for BTB tonight (I’m thinking 9pm EST) I have the following peeps:

    Clone 066
    REvOfEv EcHELoN
    The Fired Goon
    Olahs hydregion

    Miss anyone? Anyone else interested? Friendly reminder: We’re all of different skill and interest levels, so lets keep it civil as we run rampant on the opposition 🙂

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I’d love to jump in with you guys, but I don’t fancy staying up till 1am for it! Perhaps another time?

      • REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

        Hey if you guys are up for it we can do another round tomorrow at a earlier time let’s say 3 pm eastern so we can give our friends from the UK (i know for a fact there’s a few other people on this website from the UK including Mathew of course)a chance to join in on the festivities……let me know what you guys think

      • i’m usually GMT+1, so an hour ahead of UK time but for the next week or so i’m stateside. 🙂

    • i may or may not be game. some friends are coming over for dinner and i’m not sure how late they’ll stay. i best say no i guess.

    • fredyzilla says:

      thanx!!! Can’t wait…. I should prolly warm up my reflexes with some Griffball!!

    • EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

      Add me to the list. I’d love to hit up some BTB later.

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      I might be down for tomorrow if you all are gonna do it then. If not me, my son would probably play with you all. Hes better than me anyways. That is if i can get him away from Infection long enough! 🙂

  16. thefiredgoon says:

    Between Portal 2 and my Canucks taking on the Blackhawks in game 4 of the play offs, I might be a bit busy tonight. But I am almost always on and can usually be convinced to whore myself out for Halo…..its just the best!

  17. Austin E says:

    I wish this was yesterday. i got 38 kills in grifball twice…. Oh and the biggest jerks are in infection when they get mad that you got the good camping spot too!!!

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Nice. I got 28 kills in a game of Halo Ball Xtreme, so im happy with that. Yeah my son plays Infection all the time. Since they took out being able to boot a betrayer there are TONS of people killing their team mates. Problem is that this has spread to all gametypes now and im really starting to not want to play MM anymore, which is pretty sad.

  18. Scorpion035 says:

    If anybody wants to do the weekly laso with me send me scorpion035 a friend request saying so

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