21st April – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are below, and in a change to the normal format you can now click ‘Read more’ to view the full post with commentaries. This means there is now only one post to read, those of you wanting to just check the challenges can see them here, those of you wanting to read the commentaries can see them in the full post, with comments. I hope you like it.

  1. One Spartan Army – Kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR
  2. A Simple Spree – Earn any spree in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR
  3. Just Hold On… – Complete 6 rounds in Firefight Matchmaking without dying – 1500 cR
  4. Scoped – Kill 200 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with precision weapons – 1500 cR

Click more to read the commentary for these challenges…

One Spartan Army – Kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Since it’s Firefight Thursday, play for the other challenges as you want, then if you need to top up to this volume go for another format you prefer. You get 120 Grunts in Gruntpocalypse, about 100 enemies in Score Attack and something like 330 in a Firefight Matchmaking game (although split between up to 4 people). There was a great comment a while ago (sorry I can’t remember who said it) that if you need to ‘top up’ your FF kills, jump into a game of Generator Defense or Crashsite and once you have your kills give up the defense. That’s a great idea in situations like this.

A Simple Spree – Earn any spree in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Sprees cover a lot of options, 5 kills with Shotguns, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Grenade sticks, Swords… and so on. Frankly, 10 kills with anything gets you a spree, so just do that and you’ve got a very easy 1000 credits.

Just Hold On… – Complete 6 rounds in Firefight Matchmaking without dying – 1500 cR

A round is 5 waves. So it’s possible you could play Score Attack/Gruntpocalypse 10 times without dying and get this. However if you’re good and know some tricks in full Firefight you’ll be able to get these a lot quicker. Best to jump in your favourite FF Arcade type and map to play through. I’m sure you all have good ideas for locations and ways to achieve this you can add to the comments.

Scoped – Kill 200 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with precision weapons – 1500 cR

Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Focus Rifle and Needle Rifle – note not the pistol! Gruntpocalypse will get you through this challenge in two games if you stick with the DMR. As always, use Corvette since it’s such a small map and use one of the corridors off the spawn room to bottle neck and scope enemies without being too vulnerable. Your best bet is to go for any Score Attack type game and just make sure you loadout with the precision weapons and keep killing enemies.

As I said earlier a slightly different format, combining my two posts into one.

And as usual, please add your own thoughts, questions and tricks to the comments.


49 Responses to 21st April – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. mickoboy90 says:

    Hi. My best option would be playing FF arcade and go after sniper fight. You just stay back, and get precision kills and also without dying. There is a spot on Glacier at top of crane thing.

  2. mickoboy90 says:

    I can even show you if you want. Just add me. My gamertag is my name.

  3. Scruff UK says:

    Love the new layout; should get more people on the comments this way too! 🙂

    It’s irrelevant me posting my thoughts on this since I won’t be on the Xbox at all tonight, but still:

    3 of these challenges are easy to get in two games of Score Attack; Gruntpoc / 2x Score Attack would be best since enemies go down easily in both these game variants.

    Just Hold On, however, is going to be a nightmare, especially considering it gives you less credits than just completing one game of FF. If you were already planning on playing a load of FF today then good luck to you – 2x Score Attack would work well, but would take longer than a few games of Rocketfight. Just got to be careful not to blow yourself up / jetpack off something stupid in Rocketfight. Howeverrrr – I think this challenge is going to bring out a load of AFKers in FF Matchmaking.

    Pro Tip – if you get stuck with an AFKer or two in your FF team, don’t try and kill them. It won’t work, and even if it randomly does, they’ll just boot you from the game. What you should do is wait for a particularly nasty group of enemies (preferably a Hunter or two) to show up, anger them a little bit, and then lead them backwards into the spawn room where your AFK friends are hiding. Stand near them for a moment, and then attempt to run away. Hopefully you survive while the AFK person gets murdered with big shiny green death. Much laughter ensues.

    • mickoboy90 says:

      Actually booting is disabled in Firefight now. I just take a rocket launcher and blow an object to them 🙂

    • SangheiliSean says:

      good idea 😀

    • Shane says:

      Or you can wait a couple of minutes til they find their little safe spot and have gone off to do whatever. Then sneak up and rocket them off the map / push them into the _dan-ger-zone_ (Archer) until the timer runs out / move them in and out of the killzone repeatedly until their timer runs out (necessary on Beachhead).

      I have screenshots :-D.

  4. Matthew Edwards says:

    I hate to double post, but I’m really starting to like this community, and I really want some opinions, but I’m afraid no one will read past post comments:

    Here’s something I’ve wanted opinions on for a long time. Why on God’s green earth can’t I crouch when I’m getting shot at? That’s the most annoying problem with Reach, when you get hit, you automatically unchrouch, and can’t crouch for a split second. Surely I’m not alone here, this doesn’t make sense. How can we tell Bungie to fix this? Haha.

    Also I noticed someone saying they were saving for Inclement Weather. I’ve been playing a long time and doing challenges, but I’ve only got like 600k or so. Do people just spend way too much time playi g Reach? Or is there some way to get credits that I don’t know about? Hahaha.

    • Cameronaut says:

      I saved up for Inclement Weather…I only have been playing reach since January but am like 50000 CR from being Field Marshall…I only spent like 500,000CR before I spent the 2,000,000CR on the Inclement Weather…also at first I played Reach quite a lot…now I just play casually and its been enough to get my credits but I do a lot of firefight and quite enjoy it…those are quite CR usually

    • mickoboy90 says:

      I hate it as well, when you cant crouch when getting shot at. But that was in all halo games so bungie wont fix it. And have you done the campaign ONI Sword Base glitch with target locator?? That will give you nice credits at start,but then credits will be lower as your commendations increase.But you should get about 40-50K credits including commendation credits. And if you play Firefight a lot, you will get high credits if you get good multikills. Good luck

    • Scruff UK says:

      Yeah, the crouching is annoying. I don’t really understand why. I totally get why we can’t scope whilst getting shot – it’s a nice defense mechanism when you’re going in for the kill against a sniper, but crouching? Odd. It’s ruined my sneakiness a few times when a grenade has gone off near me and my previously radar-invisble crouch-moving became full-on running. Boo 😦

      As for how much people play Halo… Depends what you define as a lot. I’ve put in around 150 hours, which is the most I’ve ever put into any other game, ever, and I’m around a General, which is around 1.5 million credits total. However I’ve not saved up any of them, and tend to just buy the cheapest thing I can in order to get my armoury completion percentage up. Some people don’t like to spend and will instead save up for things they actually want – which is why you’ll have Generals like me on 75% completion on the same team as a higher-ranked General who has 20% completion.

      In other news, it’s awesome that booting is now disabled in FF. Thanks for the suggestion! I still enjoy causing havoc with Hunters but killing someone with a box sounds like a hoot 🙂

      • mickoboy90 says:

        Or if you play Fist Fight, if some one keeps stealing your kills, just launch a vehicle or something to him few times and he will leave. Once me and my brother kept betraying one person and he left lol

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Im the one that said i was saving for Inclement Weather. Yes, i do play this game a lot more than most people probably do, but my son plays it also. Ive had this game since the 10th of Dec. so thats given me enough time to save up for what i want even if it is 2 million credits. I also have 61% Armory completion already. But yeah, the reason im a Legend with almost 2 million credits saved up is because i have 2 people playing on my account. If it was just me i would more than likely not even be close to Legend. I try to do all of the challenges, daily and weekly. Since ive had the game id say i have missed maybe a handful of dailys and a few weeklys, thats it. I also look at my commendations about every other day and if i am within a couple hundred of one i will work on that til i get it, after i do the challenges. I also rent games from Gamefly and beat most of them before i send them back.

  5. Clone 066 says:

    The ammo room in overlook is the best place to be if you want to survive. With only one way in and a good view to pistol snipe anybody who come into the safe room.

    Although since the survival is only surviving 6 rounds Imma play Gruntpoc to get the 3 then play rocket fight to do the rest. I usually don’t die until cloud meaning I should be done in 4 games since I don’t die really in Gruntpoc.

    • Scruff UK says:

      I could very well be wrong here… But doesn’t Gruntpoc only count as one round of FF? Not three?

      • Tim Everitt says:

        Gruntpoc and any Score Attack variant yields a single round.

      • Clone 066 says:

        Oh really? That sucks. I guess oita FF all night starting with 2 games is SA for precision kills then to FF arcade for round surviving and 2500 cR a game.

  6. William Woodmore says:

    I just want to say that I actually like the new format. At first, I wondered on what happen when I click on the link to this site, but then I immediately thought that you must be changing things a bit. Anyway, once again, I like it.

  7. mickoboy90 says:

    Hey,im going to be on halo reach about two o’clock,so if someone wants to join and play FF and good hiding spots,add me 🙂

  8. Tim Everitt says:

    Next to MM Friday, FF Thursday is the best challenge day of the week. Only ’cause I’m a FF geek.

    To avoid the constant voting for Rocket Fight keeping me from my DMR, I’ll knock 3 of the 4 out with either 2X or Gruntpoc Score Attack (Corvette, Beachhead, Outpost, preferred in that order) for a total of 3 for 30 minutes. Then the final 3 rounds without dying….. dun dun dun… FF Arcade for the aforementioned Rocket Fight.


    Couple of ideas/suggestions:
    –You’ve already mentioned looking into ways to organize gamertags and group playtimes. This would be a great addition.
    –Guest challenge authors. Perhaps a trivia question, with the first winner or XX winner, winning the opportunity to guest post for a day.
    –Collection of Halo related links. A couple useful ones, I’m certain there are others:
    —(any others from the community?)

    Google search ‘reach challenges’ and this blog is typically at the top of the result. Strong following and community interaction will continue to make this a popular place to visit. Keep up the good work and dedication, the community appreciates it.

    -que dios

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Thanks Tim. However one of my goals here is to keep the site really simple so it’s easy to load and access from a variety of platforms. Things I’ve tried in the past have been experiments, as today’s posting style is.

      I also need to keep it simple because I don’t have much time to invest, particularly in the last few months and in the forseeable. I’m not going to hand this off to anyone else, although I do have a fab support network some of whom can help out when it’s really needed.

      One of the problems, particularly with gamertags and playdates, is that WordPress doesn’t have the functionality needed for them. I’m very keen on the idea of having a community group or clan concept within RDC that we can then use in the sites that are better setup for such things – so we have ‘Clan RDC’ for instance and we use Bungie.net to list members and arrange things. But again that overcomplicates things which we want to avoid.

      Finally I’m also thinking about creating a separate Twitter account to separate the blog from my personal one, similar to how the Facebook page works. This then gives me the chance to have an RDC email that I can use for correspondance – I do want to start adding Spartan profile pics if we do form a clan page or something.

      • Tim Everitt says:

        Right on, I can appreciate that perspective and keeping it simple is best. After all, these things are available elsewhere in various iterations.

      • Scruff UK says:

        I quite like the idea of an RDC clan page, though personally I’d prefer it stayed clear of Facebook, Twitter etc because I don’t use them. Something on Bungie.net would be just fine and dandy with me.

        Alternative thoughts:
        – A free web forum (Proboards, if they still exist), though this could have the disadvantage of sucking traffic and user contributions away from this site
        – A weekly Clan RDC post, similar to the Weekly Challenge post in that it’s linked to in the top corner, and perhaps in Daily Challenge posts; which could contain an agreed time and date to meet, with everyone’s gamertags in the comments below
        – I’ve run out of ideas…

      • scruff – i don’t think matthew means actively using twitter/facebook for information more than the blog but rather using those avenues to direct attention back to here. does that make sense?

      • LAP Rooster says:

        I also think an RDC clan page would be awesome, especially for us guys that are new to this site… Incidentally, any of you guys from Utah??

      • Chris Atreides says:

        Can’t we just post our names i.e. Chris Atreides, accept one another as friends and take it from there? Or are we talking full blown Website Clan? Personally I would just love to have a community of guys to play with who are all committed to a great gaming experience. Like most of you I’m a professional with multiple responsibilities so when I do play I want to enjoy myself. So… I’m going to attempt to add a bunch of you over the weekend. If you see a request from Chris Atreides, accept it! 😉 Onward.

        p.s. Spartan profile pics is a GREAT idea…Nerd Alert!!!

  9. Sergeant Jinto says:

    My favorite way to get through a whole round of Score Attack without dying is to play 2x Score Attack on Holdout. The room where you first spawn is a GREAT defensible position since the Covies can only come at you through the two doors in front of you. What makes it even better is you get a second of advance notice that there are enemies near you when the doors start to open. 3rd plus? There’s an ammo box in there with you! I just take the Assault Rifle and start spraying when the doors open. Hardly any of them get through.

    • Edward (GT: Marshy 40) says:

      I agree completely on Holdout. The only caveat is that the skirmisher wave can sometimes swamp you and take your shields out. That said, Holdout and Corvette in 2xSore Attack are my go to maps for most challenges now.

      Matthew, nice work on the layout, I like only having one page to go to.

      • Sergeant Jinto says:

        I completely wasted the Skirmisher wave with the Target Designator last time. XD

  10. Braythor says:

    My choice for these is Gruntpoc. on Beachhead. Head up the stairs opposite the ammo that’s in front of the initial spawn and pick them off with the DMR. It’s great for being close to ammo and having only one entrance point. Sometimes a couple of grunts will make it around and up the stairs from the far left of you but usually you can hear them before they shoot or stick you. It’s good for 2XSA too though the skirmishers can make things awkward if too many of them leap up to you.

  11. The new format will keep the main page cleaner.
    Nice change and as always, thanks for the tips and great comments from all. Always a good read!

  12. SwiftEagleEye says:

    Well done on the format. Thanks Matt for your daily read for the past several months!

  13. mac round fartz says:

    for the precision and the 6 round w/o dieing challenges, i recemend doing gruntocolyps on overlook (or whatever the place that was in the winter contingency is), just jet pack on one the silos near the building and headshot every grunt in sight. Note: sometimes you have to move around so that some grunts start to wandre when they spawn behind rocks or what not. staying up at the silo will make the grunts have to get very close to start shooting. all u gota do is see one and shoot it.

  14. John says:

    2x Score attack is my choice for surviving rounds, with the additional damage you can punch through enemies with ease and even the assault rifle can cut through them plus you’ve got the overshield to protect you against a fuel rod shot or sticky grenade which used to be the bane of my existence when trying to survive rounds without dying.

    I like the new format for the challenges/commentary as well, keeps the site cleaner without losing any information.


  15. V4lkyrie246 says:

    Well today’s challenges are easily do-able. Just go straight for the 6 rounds without dieing and as long as you’d us precision weapons you could get all in 2-3 games.Especially because Spartan and Scoped are basically stacked if you is precision weapons

  16. brightenheezy says:

    looks like two rounds of gruntpoc to get all these done today, woot

  17. Shawn (Gamertag: txmade1986) says:

    Best way I found to do all the Daily Challenges fast: Play Score Attack: Gruntpocalypse for the “One Spartan Army”, “A Simple Spree”, and “Scoped” Challenges. Then play Firefight Arcade and camp out for the “Just Hold On” Challenge. Finished all four in about 35 minutes.

  18. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    Well i just finished all the challenges and i finally bought Inclement Weather, FINALLY! 🙂

    • Shane says:

      Nice one! It’s my favourite armour effect.

    • mickoboy90 says:

      Inclement is too dear..I like the flaming helmet much 🙂

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        Trust me, if i had the flaming helmet i would be wearing it all the time and forget all about Inclement Weather. But unfortunately i didnt buy the Legendary edition so i do not have it. 😦 Oh how i wish i did though! I guess the lightning will have to do.

  19. LAP Rooster says:

    So I have only just recently been using the RDC site, which I found by googling how to complete the daily challenges. In doing so, Matthew I have found your site a wealth of assistance along with the comments.I want everyone to know I value the insight and use it to better my game. Lately, I am on the kick of completing the challenges, achievements and the data pads in the campaign. That said, I have had a harder time in completing the weekly challenges. Thanks again everyone…

    • for the weekly LASO challenges, DEFINITELY check out Tyrant’s veryveryvery helpful guide. you can find the link by clicking on “weeky challenges” at the top of the blog and it should be linked in the post. 🙂

      and welcome!!!

  20. Corporal Alexei says:

    Totally off-topic comment, but here it goes: does anyone else hate CTF? I have all achievements for the game except the new Defiant CTF achievements. Seems like they were running out of ideas for achievements on Defiant….though three kills with the oddball was quite fun. Alas, maybe I don’t like CTF because I am terrible at it. 🙂

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      If you want to get it any way possible, you can play it in a custom game with a guest controller and do it that way. It has to be a gametype of CTF that you download, not the one that is in custom games already. Thats how i got my map pack achievements. lol.

      • Corporal Alexei says:

        Good thought, Doc. I had seen that on you tube at one time but thought that I would stick it out through matchmaking….that was then, however. I think I am quickly warming up to the idea to get it done and over with!

  21. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    If anyone wants to add me go ahead. Im on pretty much everyday. If im not on then my son is but he will play with you all too. Hes really good at Reach and is better than me most of the time.

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