8th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed here, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1350 cR
  2. There Are Many Like… – Kill 200 enemies with precision weapons in the Campaign today – 1500 cR
  3. Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR
  4. You Want This, Don’t You? – Earn 12 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1350 cR

Just go for the next challenge. Not sure why this is a lower kill volume than that one, but hey.

There Are Many Like… – Kill 200 enemies with precision weapons in the Campaign today – 1500 cR

Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Needle Rifle and Focus Rifle (anything that can headshot except the Pistol, which is small arms, although you don’t need to headshot for the challenge). Nightfall is good, because you start with loads and loads of ammo for the Sniper Rifle, and you can shoot the first Elite in the head, restart checkpoint and do it over and over (a little dull but quick and easy). Winter Contingency from Rally Point Bravo which has DMRs in the base and lots of guys dropped off to shoot at you. I think ONI Sword Base also starts off with the DMR as well, and a series of Grunts running towards you quickly. With 200 being such a large kill volume that might be your best bet, to start there, take out the Grunts and Jackals then restart the mission.

Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Holdout is a good option for this because you’re guaranteed a Banshee each game, and if you take it out quick (Sniper Rifle in the crow’s nest) then you can get several. Another trick is to keep the last Grunt or two in a wave alive to extend the game as much as possible. Beachhead and Outpost do have some vehicles dropped, 2X Score Attack has been reported to do well here, although sometimes there are none sometimes there are 4 or 5.

You Want This, Don’t You? – Earn 12 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1500 cR

Randomly, I’m actually wearing a ‘I am a Jedi like my father before me’ shirt today. This is fairly easy in Team SWAT. Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Needle Rifle and Focus Rifle (anything that gives a headshot bar the Pistol). So in SWAT you can easily kit up the DMR and just play the game. 12 in one game is a little tough, but should be attainable. Other options are Rumble Pit and grab something lying around, or a Team Snipers game.

As ever, drop your thoughts into the comments section.


34 Responses to 8th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. for the 200 with precision weapon, i had nightfall already at the checkpoint to assassinate the elite so i just went with that. instead of assassinating him, i shot him and the 5 grunts (sometimes the last one runs around the rock and it’s only 4) so that’s at least 5, if not 6 enemies at one go. rinse and repeat until you get a boatload of cR for the two challenges AND two commendations you leveled up. (oh wait – that’s just me….sorry! 😀 )

    i’m flat out not doing flat tire. stupid and i refuse to waste time waiting for 10 vehicles for 1100 cR. no thanks. that’s one mediocre game of anything almost at this point.

    happy weekend and happy hunting! :mrgreen:

  2. Kenji Ono says:

    I did -alot- of research about killing vehicles in mm firefight on holdout, so that i get 6 banshee kills + 1 turrent kill = 7 vehicle kills/game. Does anyone want me to post a vid tutorial?

    • Tom says:

      Sure! I hate this challenge.

      • Kenji Ono says:


        Just click on files, and you are good to go. All you basically do is get score attack-sniper on holdout and camp there. Then you have to kill enough grunts AS FAST AS YOU CAN until you get a score of 1200+, but don’t kill all of them or else reinforcements will come. after you get 1200+, a banshee will come within the next increment of 30, then every 2 min/ 2 min and 30 sec if you did it right. If you didn’t, the banshees will come every 3 min/3 min 30 sec and you will only get 4/5 (like most people). my 6 banshees in the vid came at 12:20, 9:30, 7:25, 5:00, 2:46, 0:27.

      • Tom says:

        Thanks a lot. Works well.

      • Saber says:

        I agree,this sucks: its bad enough wasting life playing video games to begin with( And I Love playing,but truth is truth),but do you think their behavioral Marketing Psychs could make this challenge any more abusive to the addictive minus? I even tried Kenji Onos method with one major hitch, sniper on Holdout never came up after God knows how many tries- to many to even admit to? So went with 2x Score attack and killed 3 Banshees with the Weapon drop Sniper and they did not register a one???? %&%X*** Go figure? Love + Hate relationship with this evil game. So what’s the deal with taking our choice away with playing the Noble Map pack too? I paid for it and I’d like the option if you don’t mind to play it when I want to. Bungie and 342 loves us alright – laughing all the way to the bank! I’m no challenge light weight either, I’m closing in on 800 Dailys and 32 weeklies. So yes any real help out there?

    • Edward (GT: Marshy 40) says:

      Cool find! I’ll definitely try some time. Normally I’m of Snicks’s opinion on the flat tire challenge, but I’d could not pass it up today, as it brings my total number of dailies to 500!
      Many thanks to Matthew, Snickerdoodle and others for running this blog, as it’s a great help at times.

    • Tim Everitt says:

      Good find, and by the carnage report, all 6 Banshee’s counted. I’ll test this out immediately.

    • Tim Everitt says:

      Confirmed for both Sniper and Rocket Attack. The points threshold is key. I attempted with zero kills and no Banshee came at the 10 minute remaining mark. Threw a couple of rockets down and the Banshee came. Can’t confirm the 1200 point mark yet.

  3. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    I’m having some problems. I know this probably isn’t the right place to ask but I’m desperate. In MM, the DLC playlist, only the defiant map pack shows, but not the Noble map pack! I have downloaded the Noble maps and played them heaps of times. Its only really since I bought the Defiant pack that it disappeared :/
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Please help I can’t find anything on the Internet so I’m asking here.

    Thankyou everyone

  4. Hierakles says:

    @Sir Galahad Apparently they Noble maps have been rolled into the Defiant playlist.

    • that’s what i was going to say – they’ve probably been assimilated into something else.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks , you learn something new everyday

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      Where do I go if I want to do a custom game on a Noble map? It’s not a choice that I can find in custom games

      • Kenji Ono says:

        Under custom games I still see Tempest, Breakpoint, and Anchor 9. If you are looking for the letters DLC under custom games, just select the maps.

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        @kenji Ono
        I don’t see the noble maps in custom games, only the defiant ones.

    • Braythor says:

      The Noble pack was a complete waste of cash for me; bought it 3 weeks ago and I’ve had a total of 3 games on it. It never comes up for me in the normal menus and because I haven’t got Defiant it won’t let me play the DLC menu. What a joke and a rip-off.

  5. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    For the Flat Tire challenge most of the time i go with Holdout, whether it be Sniperfight, Rocketfight, or just regular 2X Score Attack. Sometimes when i get tired of Holdout i will do Beachhead because Tim Everitt stated in a past post that if you grab the Ghost and protect it you will get more than 1 vehicle dropped at the end, if the Ghost gets blown up you will get none, and if you dont touch it you will get 1. Before i tried his theory out i always just got 1 if i was lucky. The one time i did this and drove and protected the Ghost i got a Wraith and a Ghost dropped at the end. Thanks again Tim!

    • Niisama Broham says:

      I think “using the Ghost” may be partially right… In my experience, I’ve had a Wraith and a Ghost both appear maybe 70%-80% of the time on the last wave of 2X Score Attack – Beachhead. Sometimes I use the Ghost available on the map. Sometimes I don’t. I’ve never protected it and it has blown up. That didn’t seem to affect the results.

      I think the post by Kenji Ono above is more accurate. I think the chance for enemy vehicles to appear on HoldOut, BeachHead and Overlook (only maps I’ve unofficially tested) is based more on scoring during the game session. Each wave may have a certain hidden “par” score.

      1200 each round? Maybe the hidden score depends on the enemy of the wave…
      1200 for grunts and skirmisher waves? Meaning multi-kills are a must
      2400 or 3600 for Elite and Brute waves since they are worth more points?

      Anyway, Flat Tire is the devil. I gave up on it after I sniper killed 1 Ghost and 3 Banshees across two separate games with no results.

      I know, I know; I killed the driver before the vehicle blew, but what an aggravation! Only way to do this challenge aggravation-free is with rockets or a target locator…

      I wish they’d dump this challenge or maybe change it to “Commandeer Commander” – “take control of 3 enemy vehicles in FF matchmaking” (or something like that)

  6. who else says:

    Don’t forget to check out btb for the super jackpots, 9000 right there x

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Is it EVERY game you play of BTB and Squad Slayer you get “Super Slots” or is it just random? My son played a game of Squad Slayer the other day and got like 1,000 Cr but today me and Braythor played a game of BTB and i got like nine hundred and something Cr.

      • the 9,000 is a random jackpot for this weekend only.

      • Braythor says:

        Yeah I got around that number too on that game. Played a few BTBs this weekend and highest I’ve had is 3K, but only the once. Other than that it’s been the usual. Hope ya didn’t mind me jumping in with you on that one, it was fun, though I noticed a few quitters on our team (including a mouthy american kid that I wasn’t sad to see go)…had my moment at the end with a banshee; another 10 secs and I’d’ve had a frenzy…oh well.

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        I dont mind at all man. But if you ever join a game with me and i get out of it and into a different game, its my son. He does that a lot since he cant make up his mind what gametype he wants to play. Yeah i did awful in that game of course. That was the first time i have ever played that map. I usually never go for the Banshee even though i want it just because of the a**holes that shoot, grenade, and or kill you for it. Thats the only thing that makes me mad in Reach. Betrayers. Glad you did good. I tried numerous times to go for the flag and got smashed. Oh well, atleast they didnt score either. 😉

  7. jason says:

    you want this don’t you – Any pro game as you well start with DMR or needle rifle, works in rumble pit and team slayer.

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