11th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. More than a Handful – Kill 25 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR
  2. Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR
  3. Harder Than Some – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Thunderstorm, Famine and Tilt on – 2500 cR
  4. Participation Counts – Complete 4 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1200 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

More than a Handful – Kill 25 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Multi Team Battle is the best way to get lots and lots of kills, you tend to get more than any other mode. If you play Crazy King or Oddball you can get even more as some people who would shoot you go for the objective, and you can take them out. Seasoned Grifball players will also be able to get this in only a game or two, and if you can make an area in an Infection game defensible as a human you can rack up kills quickly. Those of you in Scruff’s party tonight should get this quickly (esp when I’m in that group, you get lots of easy kills when I’m around).

Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Holdout is a good option for this because you’re guaranteed a Banshee each game, and if you take it out quick (Sniper Rifle in the crow’s nest) then you can get several. Another trick is to keep the last Grunt or two in a wave alive to extend the game as much as possible. Beachhead and Outpost do have some vehicles dropped, 2X Score Attack has been reported to do well here, although sometimes there are none sometimes there are 4 or 5.

Harder Than Some – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Thunderstorm, Famine and Tilt on – 2500 cR

Nightfall’s usually a pretty good mission to do speed runs on. An old post has a lot of info on this, so use that to help get through. If you want other options, then Winter Contingency’s always the best one to go for. It’s short, and frankly most of you should know it like the back of your hand now!

Participation Counts – Complete 4 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1200 cR

Complete 4 games. Don’t drop out. Get to the end of each. Just play through them. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Sorry, I can’t drag out this explanation any further. Is there a way of doing this quickly? Infection is a very fast game type so you’ll probably get it done in 10 minutes using that, or Grifball if you want to just go after the bomb score. Again if you play in Scruff UK’s party tonight you should pick this challenge up there.

And yes, tonight is our second Game Night. All details can be found on this post here, and you should bookmark or visit the RDC Game Night page (at the top for the link) which we’ll use as a hub for each week’s gaming.


32 Responses to 11th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. JD says:

    what’s the crow’s nest?

    • Chris says:

      It’s the wee shed thingy on top of the building you spawn in.You can sit on the edge and they leave you alone.

      Not explained it very well ,but hope it helps.There was a better explanation a few days ago with a link
      to the game in which he got 6/7 vehicle kills , sorry I can’t find it just now.


  2. Scruff UK says:

    Yeesh, Flat Tire again already? No thanks! I’m also not going to bother with the Campaign one, despite the fact that I could get 2500 cR from speed running Nightfall in under five minutes. It took me so damn long to precisely set up my current commendation-farming Campaign checkpoint that I’m not losing it until I’m done with it!

    The other two challenges will be easy though. I have no clear plan for tonight; I’ll be there from 8 (maybe a little earlier, but don’t count on it) and depending on how many people we’ve got and what people are in the mood for we’ll hit some Action Sack, Team Slayer, Objective, SWAT, and/or Invasion. Looking forward to it 🙂

    Do bear in mind that I’ll be heading offline at about 9.30 – I’ve got to be up at 5.30 in the morning – so it might be worth a bunch of you people also adding each other (and/or posting on here) so you can see who takes over my job as party leader when I head off!

    • Shobaleader One says:

      Flat tire is awful – especially 10! 5 was bad enough. And the credit payout is terrible.

      What, may i ask, is your current commendation you’re farming? I recently got the LNOS 1’s (vehicle kills and kills with a vehicle) and it seemed to take forever, i won’t be doing any more campaign farming any time soon.

      • Scruff UK says:

        I’m working on pistol kills and headshot kills, with the cunning use of a well-placed checkpoint (there are videos on Youtube for it, it’s at the start of Nightfall) and some sticky tape on my controller. Despite that it’s still taking forever. Each kill takes around 10 seconds after you factor in the fall off the cliff and the respawn, and I’ve got to hit 16,000 kills with the pistol before I max it. Ugh.

        Yeah, the LNOS ones were the last ones I did and they took sooooo long. Thankfully my next one (after these pistol ones) will be grenades, which shouldn’t take too long at all 🙂

      • Edward (GT: Marshy 40) says:

        Absolutely! I just sat through a half hour of Score Attack rotations waiting for the Holdout/Sniper Attack to come up, and it did not. Sod this. Even if we could pick the map and type, it would be 2 games at best, 4 or 5 if you’re unlucky.

        Now I’ll have to battle my OCD which wants to get every daily challenge, every day. B**ger!

      • Chris says:

        🙂 I was going to make a reference to Geek’ism , but it speaks for its self 🙂

        Would Velcro work equally as well as stick tape I wonder ? 🙂


        ps got 8 out of 10 flat tire’s (tyres) in 2 games,got Holdout sniper then Holdout rocket back to back.
        can’t seem to get the 6/7 vehicle kills in one game though.

  3. John says:

    Just remember you have to be very careful what weapons you use to take out the vehicles if you’re in 2x Score Attack as many of them will kill the pilot/driver which automatically destroys the vehicle but it won’t actually count. Neither the DMR or sniper rifle will count for destroying a vehicle in 2x mode, if you’re on holdout then the turret will count and if the vehicle is on the ground then plastering it with stickies will count as a kill.

    I’ve never seen four or five vehicles in Beachhead or outpost and I can’t see how that would be possible either as unlike Holdout only the Phantoms can bring them in which means as there’s only two phantoms there’s a maximum of just two vehicles.


    • John says:

      Just rethinking this, I guess you mean Firefight limited for the multiple vehicles on Outpost/Beachhead? Glacier and Overlook also get a few vehicles.


    • Shane says:

      The turret won’t always count depending on the mode and damage multiplier. The best bet is still Sniper Attack on Holdout for my money but the system for choosing the map/type is horrible.

      • John says:

        Thanks for the correction, I’d seen it mentioned previously but admittedly hadn’t tried it myself. I don’t bother trying to get flat tyre, if I’m playing 2x Score Attack I’ll kill a vehicle with stickies for it to count but as you say the map selection system makes it pretty much impossible to get sniper attack on Holdout consistently.

    • Wes says:

      Found that out the hard way (I thought this was a glitch). EVEN the god’s who blog in the the Bungie forum hate this particular challenge.
      This one is a mystery; why not allow DMR Banshee kills in 2x, but make it 20 kills required, or something? I definitely have a love/hate relationship happening with Reach now!!!!

  4. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    I don’t like flat tire 😐
    Will you guys (for your game tonight) still be on at 11:30pm? Because that is 8:30am my time so I might be able to squeeze in one quick game before school. Which would be fun.

    • no promises but knowing my track record….probably. 🙂

    • John says:

      I also hate Flat Tyre for the fact it turns the usually poor Firefight Limited players into something worse…every game today I’ve seen suicidal idiots rushing at Wraiths and not only dying several times in the process but also leaving me to deal with the rest which at one point was all the gold elites and a couple of hunters. Better yet they grab the power weapons and won’t use them on anything other than vehicles leaving me trying to take the hunters down with my trusty DMR.

      I don’t think my blood pressure can take another game of FF limited today…

      • Tom says:

        Totally feel you dude. I’ve had the exact same experiences every time this challenge has come up.

  5. mickoboy90 says:

    just speed run with my brother on winter contigency, them team swat 🙂

  6. Saber says:

    Glad some of you have been getting Holdout/Sniper attack with score attack for Flat Tire. I have not seen it come up at all since three Flat Tires ago? Go Figure? Completed the Weekly with Team Swat and Grifball. All todays dailys except Flat tire YET! Hit 100% Armor completion last night with Electrocution. Hope to jump on late, but if not catch you all another time. Sure appreciate all your sharing and this site. snickerdoodle, what’s it like in Italy? Would love to go there some day too?

    • italy is…..interesting. the area i live in is like the Tijuana of Europe, really so it’s not that exciting. check out my blog for a bit of what it’s like if you want. you can click around and find it 😉

      • Saber says:

        Thanks snickerdoodle. It’s 11:05pm here and not even on Xbox live yet, so I think I’ll probably try to get Flat Tire? Did not see any notes if anybody was planning on being on late but maybe I’ll message you in case you or the other tags listed to see if anybody is still playing? Will check out your blog tomorrow. Enjoy the Journey, Saber

  7. nme61 says:

    Hi Matthew do you have an email address i can contact you on
    i am part creator for halo.360x.org.uk and would like to disscuss a few things with your self

  8. John says:

    I think there may be a hidden daily challenge today, the target is to betray as many people in Griffball. I’m not sure how many you need to get but I think it’s a lot based on games today, I’ve seen people deliberately and repeatedly betraying team-mates. At least I’m assuming that’s why there’s all these betrayals…

    Before anyone says anything, I know I lack precision with the hammer at times but the betrayals were always accidental!

    • SlimEel94 says:

      I am totally with you on that one!

    • Shane says:

      Yep, they should remove teamkilling in Grifball. It serves no point whatsoever and most people seem to ignore the motion sensor.

      • John says:

        Or at least allow booting if the person is excessively teamkilling, I appreciate with the hammers there is some accidental team-killing which I’ve done myself but when people are just constantly team killing then the boot option should come up. I don’t even get why they do it…in one game, two of the enemy team were just constantly killing everything which was mainly their own team as they were closer. I mucked up and stayed with them into the next game (didn’t keep an eye on the tags!) where they resumed their constant team killing. Oddly they lost both games so that’s not good, does it help your k/D spread when you kill teammates?

      • Tom says:

        They should just take friendly fire out of it all together and remove the issue.

  9. Tim Everitt says:

    Tyrant posted Vol 2 of Tips/Tricks the other day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nM-4dXQb6R0

    One in particular is Winter Contingency, high-jack a falcon, nestle it into the center of the drop ship, fly through the invisible barrier to Rally Point Bravo. Obviously not needed for a Heroic with Thunderstorm, Famine and Tilt on, WC run-through, but wicked nonetheless.

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