20th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1350 cR
  2. Explosive Ordnance Distribution – Earn 3 kills with ordnance weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR
  3. Chaddlesby’s Justice – Avenge your teammates’ deaths 3 times in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1360 cR
  4. Neuroscience – Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1200 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1350 cR

You’ve got a few choices for doing this really easily and quickly…

  • Forge – make a game with players spawning in one spot and camp it
  • Firefight – Download my Firefight Invincible game type on my File Share, lots of Elites, lots of medals, lots of kills
  • ONI: Sword Base – Use the Target Designator trick (run past everyone at the beginning, grab it, turn around, fire, wait for the killing to stop and restart the checkpoint)
  • Package – There are points where you can get a checkpoint just before a number of Grunts appear in the final battle, so you can gun them down and restart

Explosive Ordnance Distribution – Earn 3 kills with ordnance weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

EOD weapons include: Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Spartan Laser, Plasma Launcher, and the Concussion Rifle. The very best mode for this is now DinoBlasters, found in the Action Sack game types. You’re given a Concussion Rifle with an unlimited clip, so 3 kills should be really simple.

Chaddlesby’s Justice – Avenge your teammates’ deaths 3 times in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1360 cR

This can be a difficult medal to get, as you have to kill the person who killed your team mate within a few seconds of the death. My usual advice is to team up with someone and do each other a favour on the challenge. It’s a shame there’s no assist challenge today, Revenge and assists can often go hand in hand! However if Grifball is still live then that’s usually a great way to get Revenge and Avenger medals, keep an eye on your team mates, perhaps don’t rush in at the beginning and take out the guys who survive the initial melee.

Neuroscience – Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1200 cR

Play on Team SWAT for this, where about 97% of kills should be headshots with one shot. Don’t forget if you shoot someone in the body you can still shoot them in the head for the headshot. Keep your reticule at head height as well.

And there you go. Easy today, no grinding, just a good mix of game types.


35 Responses to 20th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Tom says:

    Got Explosive Ordnance Distribution without even realizing the challenges had ticked over 😀
    Was halfway through a Splockets game and it popped up.

  2. Scruff UK says:

    At least Chaddlesby’s Justice doesn’t have to be in one game, I guess. That said, the other two MM-specific challenges should help to get it, since SWAT and Dino Blasters / Splockets / Boom Ball etc are all so fast and furious.

    Easy challenges with low payouts again today but I’m alright with that, week-days have been a little busy for me of late so I’m lucky if I even get an hour in on Reach. When I do get the chance I’d rather complete a challenge or two along the way, I’ve got a new helmet to be saving up for! 🙂

    • Edward (GT: Marshy 40) says:

      Ah good, I misread and though I’d have too hang on someone’s tails for a while, waiting for them to die before me.

    • mickoboy90 says:

      Althought todays challenges are low pay outs,i wish there was at least one harder with high pay out. What helmet you saving up for?? Im saving for the first attachment for the Security helmet 🙂

      • Scruff UK says:

        I’m saving for Recon right now. Just another 55k or so to go. It’s not actually the helmet I want to end up with, but a small spot of OCD won’t let me do anything other than buy all the helmets in the correct order 😉

      • John says:

        Yeah, I wish we’d start to see challenges building up a bit. I was disappointed with the FF challenges yesterday which were also very quick and simple.

        On a random note, I found I was wrong about Score Attack – it is indeed possible to get over 40,000 points.


      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        What mode on score attack? 2x?

      • FireySplork says:

        @Scurff UK – What rank are you?

      • Scruff UK says:

        ^ I’m a General Grade 3 right now. Another 100,000 cR or so before my next promotion…

      • mickoboy90 says:

        Im general grade 3 as well lol..just need 20k credits for next rank 🙂 whats ur k/d ratio???

      • John says:

        Yep 2x Score Attack – one of the challenges was 40K in Firefight which I thought needed to be Firefight Matchmaking but finally hit 40K in Score Attack so definitely possible. The key seems to be accuracy rather than multikills.

        I’m 90% towards Field Marshall after a 14,000 credit jackpot yesterday and a couple of 3,000 ones in Score Attack

  3. Tim Everitt says:

    What is next week’s Weekly that they are softening up this weeks challenges for… interesting

  4. FireySplork says:

    They should make a monthly challenge – that would be ridiculous!!!!!
    LIKE KILL 10 000 enemies in firefight this month with a 30000 pay out

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      I was saying the exact same thing in a post about 4 days ago…

    • Corporal Alexei says:

      I wonder what is next after the every-other-week LASOs are done (PoA coming up soon). I know a few others commented on this previously, but I am looking forward to getting out of LASO season…..though, wait, isn’t the world supposed to end tomorrow? Better get your games in tonight!!! 🙂

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Now THATS what im talking about! I love me some Firefight. Well Score Attack that is. 🙂


    Grifball for avenges, got all 3 in like 45 seconds. Picked up 10 headshots and 3 laser kills in a game of CTF on highlands, now its just the rest of the 180. Easy challenges again

  6. Shane says:

    Took me three games of Grifball for the revenges what with the premature detonators and all. Would Team Doubles be good for this? It only occurred to me afterwards.

  7. Tim Everitt says:

    Off Topic:

    Super Jackpot 13K per day through the weekend is Living Dead. Living Dead is THE worst game variant of ALL TIME.

    Now that that’s off my chest. Let’s boost this bastard and get it over with 😛

    • biodrumr says:

      I’m actually a fan of Living Dead. I’m not a great fan of the new Alpha Zombies variant though, although ANYTHING is better than Safe Havens.

    • Corporal Alexei says:

      Yeah…..I either love infection or hate it….surely, it depends on how well I play. I have no in between here: I am either delighted with the game or want to throw my controller through the wall. Maybe I just like to hear the announcer say….”Infection” in a cool tone. 🙂

    • DuckFuzzy says:

      How do you find out what playlist has the super jackpot weekend? Where is this information released? And Matthew can you make your friday daily challenge posts include this from now on? This website is great already and that would be the icing on the cake.

      • i think you find out when you sign in for the first time that day….

      • Tim Everitt says:

        As snicks mentioned, when you sign in after noon pacific. Also b.net forums will have a thread.

        Griffball? I get. Level playing field. Living Dead is ridiculously one sided. Alpha does nothing to even it out. No rhyme or reason to what a player starts a round as. To each his own I suppose, but no sheilded zombies vs constant campers is not a competition. Just stay away until the clock runs out. Rediculous.

    • Shane says:


      I understand what Dr. Higglestein means now. This gametype is filled with TKers now the ban’s been lifted. 10 LONG games (Alpha Zombies is really unbalanced) of teeth grinding and cursing before payday.

  8. SnuK evoX says:

    Uh, did anyone have all their data reset for Reach? I signed on and I kept my credits, but everything else even the campaign was erased. Please help!

    • DuckFuzzy says:

      This is happened to me (a couple months back) and a couple other people online, Bungie refuses to acknowledge the issue. I had to play through the campaign again cause thats the only thing that resets.

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      Same here, but it gave me the chance to get on with doing the campaign on Legendary. I had been meaning to do it for sometime and my progress getting reset was the little push I needed.
      Also my armor and emblem were reset too.

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