26th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. One Spartan Army – Kill 250 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1875 cR
  2. Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR
  3. Blast Radius – Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades – 1000 cR
  4. Demon – Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 1400 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

One Spartan Army – Kill 250 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1875 cR

You get 120 Grunts in Gruntpocalypse, and 120 in 2X Score Attack. But go after the rest of the challenges and you’ll get close to this so you can either run through a quick game type or use Generator Defense/Crashsite to ‘top up’ your kill volume.

Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Holdout is a good option for this because you’re guaranteed a Banshee each game, and if you take it out quick (Sniper Rifle in the crow’s nest) then you can get several. Another trick is to keep the last Grunt or two in a wave alive to extend the game as much as possible. Beachhead and Outpost do have some vehicles dropped, 2X Score Attack has been reported to do well here, although sometimes there are none sometimes there are 4 or 5.

Blast Radius – Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades – 1000 cR

Several strategies for you here – Gruntpocalypse on Corvette and throw grenades at the Grunt spawn rooms (particularly those to the left and right of the ramps opposite your spawn room), then when you get grenades from the Grunts you kill use grenades when they come into the pinch point corridors. Or play Firefight on Courtyard, run to the left out of the spawn room and from the terrace you can usually get up to 5 or 6 dudes with grenades when they’re dropped off. Or play Nadefight where you get lots of grenades when you spawn. Or play 2X Score Attack and use grenades to bomb the spawn/dropship points when a load of guys are dropped off.

Demon – Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 1400 cR

Rocketfight’s usually a good one here, especially since they often up the amount of Elites you get, particularly in the Bonus Round. Fiesta Attack gave a lot more Elites than I’d seen before, but only about 25, and I think there were about 28 in the 2x Score Attack I played.

All in all I reckon today will do you well getting through a couple of 2X Score Attack/FiestaFight type games for your vehicle, grenade and Elite kills then topping up your kill volume as needed. Simples.

If you have your own thoughts feel free to add them to the comments.


60 Responses to 26th May – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Braythor says:

    Oh wow, Flat Tyre and Blast Radius! Fantastic! Ahem, sorry…

    Last time the elite one came up I got them all in one rocketfight on Overlook, though that was largely because we had one AFKer, which I highly doubt will be happening again after the recent banhammer dreamcrushing.

    Think I’ll take a relaxed approach to these after my visit to the dentist later, nothing like a bit of numb-faced firefighting. Should hit General too today, hurray.

    • Jesse says:

      Is this why I’m suddenly seeing all these very low ranks? (banhammer) Noticing some Warrant Officers playing pretty good!!!

      • Scruff UK says:

        Check their stats. Credits, armoury and rank have been reset, commendations and stats have not. So if they’re Warrant Officers with 20,000 games played and 85% commendations, chances are they’re one of the AFK brigade 😉

      • Jesse says:

        I’m going to check that out. Good call. I was suspicious when a group of 3 warrant dudes were playing like a well oiled machine in firefight matchmaking. I sat in the corner and had a Halo Reach Starbuck coffee as I watched 3 dudes destroy all comers on Corvette. Then watched as they directed a Hunter toward me (I wasn’t AFK’n, just observing! honest!) 🙂

      • Scruff UK says:

        Yeesh, now is NOT the time to be AFK-ing…

  2. Matthew Edwards (Amduscias) says:

    Now maybe I’m a huge scrub or maybe I just haven’t cared, you decide:

    I never get my vehicle kills to count in firefight. Presumably I am killing th pilot/driver prematurely to get the vehicle kill, but the main problem is it never counts my banshee kills and that sounds like what people are using.

    Any tips?

    • Chris McKee says:

      You’re probably mincing he driver before the vehicle like you said. Happens all the time to me too, I tend to aim for the chassis or outer framework of the vehicle, away from where he enemy would sit
      Good luck! 🙂

    • Chris says:

      You can get 4/5 on Holdout sniper > 1200 score > birdsnest > sit and wait.I just got 4 today but I kind of
      f**ked it up by getting KIA. 😦

      Or for a more eloquent solution GT:SOVGAZ has a film on his share showing how he
      gets 6/7 vehicle kills in the same game.

      Hope it helps a bit

    • Braythor says:

      Yeah that happens a lot, particularly on 2x score attack. As Matthew said, your best bet is sniperfight on Holdout, in the little nest area. It’s possible to get 5 in a game this way (the turret counts too if an enemy starts using it). Here’s a link from a post last week showing what to do (click on files and watch):


    • John says:

      In 2x Score Attack the easiest way I find to get a ground vehicle kill is to use sticky grenades, stick one to the hull of a wraith and ghost and you’ll get the kill.

  3. Chris McKee says:

    Involving ‘Flat Tire’ for those who have the Defiant Map Pack, Unearthed usually has a Ghost in the final wave of 2x Score Attack, plus a Wraith if you’re playing it on Rocket Attack/ Rocketfight


    • John says:

      It’s been discussed fairly extensively but I’m not convinced there is any pattern to vehicles spawning aside from Holdout which gets a flow of Banshees. You can get a Wraith in 2x Score Attack on Unearthed as you can on Glacier, Corvette, Beachhead, Overlook and/or ghost on those (or a second wraith on Beachhead) as well as a ghost or two on outpost. Waterfront and Courtyard of course never get vehicles and I’ve been on Unearthed and the other vehicle maps and not seen a single vehicle several times in a row.


  4. Matthew Edwards (Amduscias) says:

    Also crazy coincidence, I’m going to the dentist today too. After like years.

    • Braythor says:

      Yeah I left it for years too (about 13) and ended up with teeth that fit the stereotype of English mouths… Finally took the plunge to get it sorted so have been going weekly for the past couple of months. Fortunately it’s a student dentists; she’s very good, as is her tutor, and it’s all free.

    • Matthew Edwards (Amduscias) says:

      Jeez, freakin dentist party.

  5. Scruff UK says:

    Oops, forgot it was Thursday. That’ll be why everything’s Firefight based today! 😉

    Meh, all in all. Two games of 2x Score Attack and a Crashsite should do them, but I’m really starting to notice that we need some fresh FF challenges. There’s a lot of potential there – how about kills WITH a vehicle for once?

    • John says:

      Yeah, I was hoping after the 1,000 kills on Glacier that we’d start to see bigger FF challenges but clearly not so far.


  6. Volantdreadknux says:

    Flat tire is messed up blew up 2 banshies in the same game didn’t count

    • FireySplork says:

      banshees, theres no i

    • Scruff UK says:

      There’s been a lot of talk about this – basically you’re killing the driver before you kill the vehicle, and an empty vehicle doesn’t count as a kill. Were you playing 2x Score Attack? That can do it, just because damage is doubled. Rockets / FRG / sniper attack are better. If you are playing 2x Score Attack, only use something that’ll take out the Banshee in one go. Rockets, plasma launcher, etc.

      Don’t worry though, it happens to all of us 😦

  7. Tom says:

    Lucky there’s a break from L.D. ’cause I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.

  8. Volantdreadknux says:

    Flat tire is imposible I have suck banshies FRG wraiths cilmbed onto wraithes and bashed the hell out of them, but still no progress for “flat tire”

    • biodrumr says:

      Sniper attack on Holdout, Score Attack has never let me down. You get the grunt on the turret and 4 banshees in one game easily if you know what you’re doing.

    • Scruff UK says:

      How are you getting so many vehicles? Obvious question but you are in RANKED Firefight, right? Not Custom games, Campaign or Matchmaking?

      • Matthew Edwards (Amduscias) says:

        This one at least I can attest to, even on score attack if you kill a banshee quick as you see it, they’re a timed spawn, so just prolong the round if you can and wait.

        Or just, y’know, be slow. 😉

      • biodrumr says:

        There’s a nice little video on youtube that I followed. Just look for “halo reach holdout crow’s nest” or something like that. The game type you’re looking for is in Matchmaking – Score Attack – Sniper Attack on Holdout.

        You basically camp in the crow’s nest and take out just enough of the grunts in the first wave to get the first banshee to spawn. Take him out quickly and just wait. Another one will spawn a couple minutes later. If you’re quick about it, you can even get 5 to spawn over the course of a 15 minute game.

    • Jesse says:

      HOLDOUT Sniper Attack is your answer my friend. (But play Score attack. It may take a few tries to get that match, but keep trying).

  9. CrestOfFire says:

    Yay, Firefight Thursday! Let’s see…

    250 Firefight kills. I see myself getting this while doing the other challenges. 🙂

    5 Vehicle kills. Ouch. I’ve always disliked Flat Tyre, but a good Holdout match will do wonders here.

    40 Grenade kills. One word: Corvette.

    40 Elite kills. Bungie, thanks and all, but Elites are… elite. :s

    Let’s hope I can do the last one, eh?

    CrestOfFire (that’s my gamertag too!)

    • John says:

      Not all Elites are elite, in 2x Score attack you’ll get just under 30 Elites for the last round that are very weak, just two hits from the dmr will take them down. Or better yet one shot will stun them while it knocks their shield and cloak out allowing you to easily sticky them and get that challenge as well.

  10. Simmons9552 says:

    Yay firefight challenges today! Not much to say bout then but good luck everyone! Also add me as a friend


  11. ZaganZee says:

    For flat tire do Firefight limited and go to Beachhead if possible. As long as you keep killing the vehicles they send out, they’ll often send one with the very next phantom. Between myself and the rest of my team in the game we just played for example, there were eight wraith kills and 4 ghost kills. And that doesn’t count the few vehicles we jacked. If you’re proactive and go for the vehicles quickly you can easily get five in one game. I’ve never had any luck on any other map with vehicles like this, so it must be just a beachhead thing.

  12. mickoboy90 says:

    Ive done doubles attack and then ff limited for vehicles…only need one more tho…someone stole one wraith from me lol

    off topic,who is saving up for inclement weather??me and my brother are 🙂

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Me and my son FINALLY got Inclement Weather a while back. Took us a long time to get it. Good luck.

      • mickoboy90 says:

        Thx..ive seen ur armory,and i love that security attachment lol..now im bout to hit field marshal,and i should get inclement weather by legend…long way to go lol

      • Simmons9552 says:

        Dang inclement weather looks so boss but it’s gonna be hard saving up for since I’m now a Lt. Colonel

    • John says:

      Not me, I have enough to buy it but I think it makes you a target as the spartan model is far easier to spot with inclement weather enabled.

  13. Absolution Gap says:

    Sorry for being dumb…..”AFK” ?

    • Chris says:

      AFK is a three-letter acronym that may refer to:

      * Internet slang indicating that one is not at the computer (Away From Keyboard)

      or in this case the xbox , or as Bungie like to call it cheating.


  14. Jesse says:

    Re. Blast Radius:

    Well timed grenade tosses during Bonus Rounds, can net a lot of kills. Distract the other players by firing you’re rocket launcher “elsewhere”….works every time!

  15. Wunschkind89 says:

    Beachhead is the best for vehicles. Holdout you get at max 5 banshees, but on Beachhead you’re good for 3-4 ghosts and 8-10 wraiths on FF Limited.

  16. Beermit says:

    Saving up for Inclement Weather too! I’m at about 1.1 mil Cr after having already completing 40 somethin percent of the armory. Decided to go for it back in December and finally been able to work towards it again now that the semester is over lol.

    I do agree tho that it makes you stick out like a sore thumb but I feel like there’s a tradeoff, I have a helluva time headshotting those guys with precision weapons.

  17. Matt says:

    I discovered something weird today while pursuing the challenges, though I’m certain that I’m not the first. I was playing a round of Rocket Attack (solo, Score Attack) on Corvette to round out the daily challenges, and the last wave as always was 2 hunters, 4 elites, and a bunch of grunts. Two of the grunts decided to kamikaze immediately and came up the ramp to my spot; both of them detonated within melee distance of me, but I was in the middle of the “deploy” activation for my Drop Shield, and they only took about 30% of my shields out (Rocket Attack in Score Attack doesn’t give you overshields or damage modifiers, AFAIK). This corresponds to something I saw in a Fails of the Weak episode a while back where a person in the deploy animation destroyed a Ghost as if he had used Armor Lock. Weird.

    Also, in my one miserable attempt to get to the Crow’s Nest in FF, I got soft-killed on top of the deck – I couldn’t find the safe zone. Is it all the way to the right when you’re facing the railing? Or do you have to stay outside the railing entirely?

    Also, I agree with John about the mixed bag of Inclement Weather: I love playing against people using it in Grifball or BTB because it’s basically a “Kill Me” sign, but getting a headshot in SWAT becomes much more difficult because it’s harder to focus visually on the head.

    • John says:

      There are some odd things that can happen with suicide grunts, there’s another fails of the weak where the grunt suicides, a spartan deploys a shield for him and his teammate which the grunt breaches, blows up killing both spartans but the grunt survives?!

      On FF Limited I was mauled by the drop pod elites (team-mates had all quitted), while they were killing me though two grunts had gone suicide and ran towards me but as they were approaching only my mangled remains were left. So they just went back to their normal idle behaviour amongst the drop pod elites but still with their grenades armed. A short moment later the inevitable happened and they blew away the elites much to my amusement.

      It’s Griffball I notice inclement weather and pestilence particularly in as well and can’t help going for those players as they stand out. My poor spartan must hate me as I spend very little on his armour, I don’t see it most of the time so I don’t really care! He does have a good array of FF voices though…


    • Shane says:

      The Crow’s Nest in Holdout? On the very top of the building you spawn in you should be able to jump onto the railing safely. For sniping banshees, I prefer going to the highest roof in front and to the right of where you spawn (above the campaign cannon, I think). The safe spot up there is on the furthest side away from the spawn – you can also jump safely onto part of the railing which helps when aiming at the turret grunt.

  18. Corporal Alexei says:

    Totally off-topic comment, but here it goes: I ran into Halo 2 the other day, the one that plays on 360. I had to buy it…damn, I forgot how much fun that game was. I know people love it or hate it, much like the Halo franchise in general, but such a cool throw back after playing Reach nonstop for months.

    • John says:

      Halo 2 is probably my favourite although that’s partially because I had a great group of friends to play with regularly that I’ve not been able to manage on Reach. That’s partially down to lack of effort on my part and the fact I work shifts rather than 9-5, the one game night I did manage to take part in here was extremely good.


    • Scruff UK says:

      Halo 2 multiplayer = awesome.

      Halo 2 single-player = awful.

  19. Braythor says:

    Bungie really need to sort out the vehicle thing. I’ve had a hugely enjoyable, mammoth 4+ hours session on firefight tonight and my Flat Tyre count is 2. I’ve not been specifically going for it (I started on score attack with the intention of trying for it but got fed up of cycling through the selections) but considering I’ve played on all FF options and still only hit 2 surely shows something is wrong. I appreciate the changing of FF into arcade to speed things up but there used to be several vehicles in almost every map, now they’re as rare as campaign assists…

    One thing I will say is that Arcadefight is massively underrated and should be voted for more often; I just had an epic Holdout match on it, getting 6K+ in cR (granted, I did up Target Practice to onyx, but still…). It’s great for working on multiple commendations at once. Especially the grenade one. And it’s manic fun.

    • John says:

      Well they have cut it down from the ten or so it normally is down to five, there’s still plenty of vehicles in FF Limited and I’ve managed to get all five vehicle kills in less in four or five 2x Score Attack games. This bug with killing the driver and not getting the vehicle kill is a bit annoying but now I’m aware of it I don’t find it an issue.

      I find Arcadefight to be a common choice although I’m not keen on it as whoever manages to get the fuel rod cannon and keep it basically wins, frequently I find most people go for the fuelrod gun making it little different to FRG attack aside from the luck of whoever gets the FRG first.


      • Braythor says:

        Yeah I hear limited is the best option, will keep trying it as it’s been mentioned on the Bungie forums. Re the forums by the way, anyone know how you post a reply that ‘inbeds’ the post you want to directly respond to at the top of your own message? I don’t want to ask on there as I know it’s a really simple thing and expect more people will insult me rather than help me…

        As for the FRG, I tend to avoid that and the rocket launcher, as I’ve maxed out my heavy weapons commendation so although it gets a good multikill count I’d rather stick to grenades or automatic weapons, or a hammer for the extra sprees. This variety is what I’m finding appealing.

      • Scruff UK says:

        … what is Arcadefight? I’ve never voted for it entirely because I don’t know what it is and I fear change 😉

      • Mister Shhhhhhh says:

        Arcadefight- unlimited ammo and you can pickup any dropped weapon. Downside- a wave of elites with sniper rifles and rockets.

  20. Edward (GT: Marshy 40) says:

    @Braythor: on the Bungie forum, hit “reply”, then when the text box appears, you can scroll down and then select “quote”. This fills in the message that you are replying to.

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