Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 30th May

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

Pillar of Autumn: LASO – Complete Pillar of Autumn, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO) – 17,777 cR

If you click on Read More you can also read the commentary on this challenge…

If any of you read the book ‘The Fall of Reach’ you’ll know this is where the two stories wildly deviate. Honestly I preferred the story in the novel, however this climax is very well done. The biggest disappointment – you can’t take on, or steal, a Covvie Scarab. That would’ve been a lot of fun!

The basic concept for the challenge is complete the mission on close to Mythic difficulty (Mythic is all of this challenge, in solo, without dying). I won’t post a full walkthrough here, because frankly the best one you can use is actually on Halo.Bungie.Org by Tyrant. As usual with these if you do die then quickly pause, save and exit, then restart from last checkpoint, so you don’t go back to the start of the mission.

Usually now you don’t need the Blind skull on – as ever can I get confirmation of this in the comments please?

If you have any tips on how to complete this challenge more easily, please throw them in the comments section for everyone to use.

So do we think there will be a Lone Wolf type challenge? I hope not, but I also hope so and that it’s really interesting – someone suggested survive LW for 7 minutes, or perhaps kill 77 enemies over the course of the week?

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82 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 30th May

  1. Matt says:


  2. Tom says:

    The big payout is tempting, but this’d be damn near impossible.

    • Scruff UK says:

      You call it a big payout… I got nearly 20,000 cR from a game of Team Classic yesterday :/

      • Tom says:

        I am yet to get a jackpot – even though I play the required playlists all weekend 😦

      • Jez WarriorPoet says:

        How long did the game take? I find the LASO challenges oddly rewarding despite their difficulty. Takes me about an hour each level to do solo. I did the Corvette level in Co-Op and that took just over two hours though.

      • Scruff UK says:

        Took me about 7 minutes… That said, last weekend I played Living Dead for forever and didn’t even get a 3k jackpot, let alone the huge one. They are annoyingly random jackpots 😉

        I hate the LASO challenges. I did Winter Contingency and Nightfall because they’re easy, but I’m not willing to tear my hair out just for a few thousand credits. If the credit rewards were three or four times as much then I’d probably bother with them though.

      • John says:

        Tom – were you in Team Classic? I misunderstood the pop-up and thought that if you were in any of the five playlists you could get the super jackpot and therefore played quite a bit of doubles attack (Skirmigeddon actually works very well in Doubles Attack). On reading the Bungie forums the next day I realised it was only Team Classic that had the super jackpot with the other four listed only offering double jackpots or something.


      • Tom says:

        Yeah, it was team classic. I also haven’t got one any of the previous weekends in the right playlist. I think I’m just really unlucky 😦

  3. Braythor says:

    Think it’ll be tough (though I haven’t watched Tyrant’s giude yet so hopefully it won’t be too bad) but it’s the only one I haven’t done on legendary so what better time to go for it? Pillar of Awesome!

    • Scruff UK says:

      Hahaha 🙂 You’ll get the Monument To All Your Sins achievement as well if this is the only remaining solo Legendary mission for you 🙂

      • Braythor says:

        Yep, been doing all the LASOs on solo, though didn’t finish Exodus and LNoS but did them on just legendary to get them done before this challenge came up. Took me an hour just to go through Tyrant’s guide for this and it looks like it’s going to be tough, particularly at the end. I predict more than one save and quite->resume.

  4. Shobaleader One says:

    Those bloody brute chieftains……

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      Lol, I’ve assassinated the brute Cheiftan with the fuel rod, I was so happy with my self. But that was on Legendary, not mythic :/

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        How did you assasinate the Brute Chieftan? Im stuck at the one with the Plasma Grenade Launcher and the only weapons i have are an assault rifle and a pistol. I have gotten this guys back plenty of times and it just will not let me assasinate him. I didnt think it was possible.

      • REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

        To Michael: I think Sir G is referring to the chieftain in exodus. I have tried manny times assasinating the chieftains in POA but they are dropped off a drop ship hence they are already aware of your presence and once they are aware it’s impossible to assassinate a Brute. Anyway good luck with the LASO to all I’m excited as this will be that last LASO challenge and theta a certain satisfaction that comes with getting all the LASO’ s done.

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        Thanks Lex. I dont know what it is with this Brute but he just doesnt go down with the weapons i have available but then again what enemies go down from an Assault Rifle when doing a Mythic run. Right. LoL.

      • REvOfEv EcHELoN (Lex) says:

        Haha for real I feel like the Assault is almost as useless as the Shotgun on LASO….I think I was stuck on the same part as you on LD Pillar(except it wasnt just a few skulls I turned them all on except Blind to prepare for the upcoming LASo) a few days ago where I made it to the last of the 3 brute chieftains with all ammo exhausted except an assault rifle and a shotgun and after of watching the brutes gloriously feast over my dead carcas again over and over for about half an hour, I simply quit out and got the 5g in a game of firefight. …….ps to everyone I have recently changed my GT to Pillar of Fire. 🙂

      • EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

        To answer the question of why you may be having trouble assassinating the chieftains, it’s because it is impossible to assassinate a brute once they are aware of your presence.

      • GN says:

        Yeah I managed to assassinate the last chieftan (the one with the plasma grenade launcher) by spamming the hologram at the outside stairs from inside the shotgun/grenade launcher room. He ran and tried to pummel the hologram while having his back face the door. Assassinated him right there and finally the pelican came. I was all out of DMR and PP ammo and all the other weapons suck massively so I was forced to improvise. Took a lot of time though for the right positioning.

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        I wasn’t referring to the Exodus mission, I had only the fuel rod chieftain left on PoA and I went inside the level under the crowd nest, the door closed he ran away to the other side of the map, and I just sprinted after him, jumped and bingo, got him. It IS possible, just wait till they turn their back to get away.

  5. DBD AceRay says:

    Am I the only one who thoroughly enjoys the challenge of completing a mission on LASO solo? I always get these missions done within the first day they come out and they are always a blast!

  6. app411 says:

    Got the challenge in 3 hours or just about. Already had some of it done 17777 hell yeah!!!!!!!!

  7. Elite Eliwood says:

    guys BIG TIP here!!
    learned by playing two LD pillar dailys.
    this weakly is EASY compared to LD. now you can actually die on both controllers. use tyrant guide. but here is the BIG tip: second player/controller is a MUST because the mac cannon part is a cointoss. if you got a second controller you can just restart checkpoint if you dont manage to shoot the corvette twice. listen to a guy who failed LD pillar twice at the end… USE SECONDARY CoNTROLLER

    • Shobaleader One says:

      or you can just use the ‘save and quit’ option. it’s a bit of a cop-out, but its effective none-the-less

  8. Hobocore says:

    It’s a shame my friend’s Xbox red ringed last week, I have been looking forward to doing this with him as we have done the others together. Ah well, will probably do it with 3 other guys as it’s just so much fun with 4 people.

  9. kurt says:

    I’ve never played this mission on mythic, but the last part as Tyrant’s guide explains it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you jump on to the mac cannon at the right time. Can anyone confirm that the corvette is destroyed with two Mc-shots (TM) =P ?

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Yes, the mission is over with 2 shots from the Mac Cannon. Just make sure when you go to jump in you hold down the fire button while entering so you can get that first shot charged up while your getting pelted to pieces. As long as you can get that second shot off you will be good to go. Good Luck.

      • VisitingWalnut says:

        Another tip is to have hologram, and send one off to the other side of the platform just as you get in. The phantoms only started shooting me when I was half way through charging the second shot 😀

      • kurt says:

        Thanks! I’ll try to get the challenge tonight. Can’t wait for that brute chieftan battle (sarcasm).

  10. Hi guys,

    I’m confused; Matt’s commetary says

    <blockquote cite="The basic concept for the challenge is complete the mission on close to Mythic difficulty (Mythic is all of this challenge, in solo, without dying). "

    I thought for it to be solo, it's SLASO. I've played earlier Weekly Challenges with a friend and got the challenge.

    Has it changed? Or is he referring to that you don't want to die if you play solo (at least do the quick Save & Quit)?

    Thanks if you can clear this up, as I was about to do this with my son who lives in another state. (so it won't be on the same console, if that matters).


  11. Braythor says:

    Ok I give up for now. The last battle is not going anything like Tyrant’s at all. The FRG chieftain came straight for me almost right behind the hammer one. I took out the latter but then the FRG guy just wouldn’t stay anywhere long enough for me to deal with him. So I ran around to try and get a better angle but with no luck. Then the third wave came and now I’m stuck on the catwalk, hemmed in by the two chieftains, I’m out of DMR and needle ammo and have no plasma pistol either so resorting to trying to strip their shields with the grenade launcher’s EMP. Anyone think I stand a chance doing that? Or maybe if I could get to the sniper rifle…?

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      Well man thats exactally what happened to me. The first time i went through it i got down to the Plasma Launcher Chieftan and the only weapons i had were the assault rifle and the pistol. I had to restart the mission because there is NO WAY you can take him out without a Plasma Pistol to my knowledge. I did try the Grenade Launcher emp blast and that didnt work for me at all. The second time i went through the mission i got to the part where you have to crouch jump up onto the ledge and skip the Hunters. Well i got up on the ledge and walked around the elites and what do you know, the Hunters were there along with a very unneeded checkpoint. So i restarted again. Now im at the Holdout part. I took out the first wave easily. The second wave came and the Hammer weilding Chieftan came at me and i took him out. I avoided the Fuel Rod Chieftan while i took out the other remaining enemies. As soon as i started working on the Fuel Rod guy, the third wave came. Now im stuck with the Fuel Rod Chieftan, Plasma Grenade Launcher Chieftan and all the other Brutes and Jackals. My Needle Rifle is gone so i have a DMR with about 30 rounds, a full Pistol and 1 Plasma Pistol that is almost out. LoL. Looks like im going to have to start over AGAIN, Dammit! Good luck man!

      • Braythor says:

        Aw mate I feel for you, I really do. But also a small part of me is glad I’m not the only one having issues with it. I figured a restart might be on the cards but didn’t want to think about it with all the trouble I had just getting to that bit – the wraith section took me ages and the grenade crouch jumping drove me up the wall (no pun intended). I’m going to at least try and get the sniper rifle, see if that offers a solution. If not then back to the beginning. Normally I wouldn’t but as it’s my last solo legendary mission needed I want to finish in style (and get cR for it). Not today though.

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        Well i finally beat it. It got down to the Fuel Rod Chieftan and the Plasma Launcher Chieftan. While i was running around the map i ran across a Plasma Pistol. I was pretty much out of DMR ammo so i went for the Grenade Launcher. I stayed under the steps and let the Fuel Rod Chieftan come to me. He wouldnt come past the steps so it gave me the opportunity to pepper him with my Plasma Pistol, since i was so close to him he wouldnt fire the Fuel Rod. Instead he would take his time throwing grenades at me. After his shields were down i put 4 to 5 rounds from the Grenade Launcher in his face and he went down. Did the same with the Plasma Launcher Chieftan. The EMP blast from the Grenade Launcher really doesnt take the shields off of them too great so im glad a Plasma Pistol was there. LoL. With me starting over 3 times it took me over 6 hours to do this mission. LoL. When i get started on a LASO mission its hard for me to stop and restart the next day, i just blame it on my O.C.D. LoL! 😉

      • Braythor says:

        Phew, finally did it too, and didn’t have to restart. Found a grunt with a plasma pistol and so using that and the magnum (which I still had in a crate in the building) I managed to pick them off until it was just me and the FRG chieftain. Finally got fed up of trying to lure him so when he went into the building I followed, kept close enough to avoid him using the FRG, went at him with the plasma pistol then stuck him with a plasma grenade when his shield popped. After that it was almost a walk in the park; got the cruiser down on the third try. Took another 2 hours to do all that, but worth it for the cR and achievements. Don’t think I’ll ever be doing it again though.

  12. EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

    Just knocked this weekly out a few moments ago.

    For everyone building it up like it’s the apocalypse of :LASO’s, it’s really not that difficult at all if you follow Tyrant’s guide. I found it leaps and bounds easier than LNoS.

    Anyway, good luck to everyone attempting this. And if you’ve taken the time as I have to knock out every single LASO weekly, congrats to you!

  13. DBD AceRay says:

    got the challenge within 50 minutes! another one bites the dust

    • Dogmeat says:

      Yup. That sounds about right! I think it took me about 1 hr 15 min as I was very cautious on the holdout section. The two daily LD challenges on POA were good trial runs for me. I used them to practice conserving my needle rifle ammo, grenade jumping, etc. By the time the LASO weekly challenge arrived this morning, it was cake! I even had 8 shots of needle rifle left after all 3 waves were over. I also missed my chance at headshotting the final fuel rod elite and had to go get another plasma pistol to climb up and try again. Don’t give up everyone!

  14. SHAZAM says:

    For those of you who have trouble with ‘nade jumping, here’s a neat trick on how to deal with the elites in the boneyard area.

    As soon as you exit the caves, stay up in the hills and pick off the jackals and skirmishers. No enemies will try to shoot at you so you’re safe. As soon as you’re done wasting the jackals and skirmishers, head back into the cave and backtrack all the way to the entrance of the cave (where you entered, right before triggering the Carter sacrificial lamb cutscene. The game will freeze for a few seconds and you’ll get the “loading…” message.

    VOILA! Exit the caves and the elites in the boneyard have all successfully despawned.

    • Shobaleader One says:

      This is the 1 thing missing from Tyrant’s guide, its so much easier than grenade jumping

  15. Chris says:

    I just spent two hours trying for PoA LASO – died a dozen or so times, but I did the save & quit trick… but then the challenge didn’t pop at the end! WTF!? I’m really kind of fuming on the inside right now…

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      Are you sure it was truly LASO?

    • FireySplork says:

      sucks man

    • Tethercat says:

      Same thing just happened to me. All I can think is that I didn’t “Jump to an appropriate lobby for this challenge” from the Challenges screen from the get-go. I’m proud though. 17,777cR or no, getting through that level was really fun and satisfying. I’ll be doing it again later this week.

  16. DBD AceRay says:

    well that really sucks man. all I can say is try again or just don’t even worry about it

  17. Bowtie Bob says:

    Here are some tips from my experience playing this level:
    1. At the boneyard section, if you can’t ‘nade jump (like me), Tyrants legendary video(not the LASO one) shows a trick to despawn all the boneyard elites. After walking to the ledge where you can see everyone, turn around and walk as far back through the caves as you can. The screen should freeze for a second, then just go back to the boneyard. The elites will be gone and only jackals and skirmishers to deal with most of which you can just skip.

    2. If you can kill the hammer chieftain, you can use his hammer to knock the other chieftains off the cliff. I can take a few tries to get them positioned right though. Three or four hits should kill them as well, but much faster to jump push them over the edge!
    3. On the final elite general, if you have problems using Tyrants trick to knock out his shields, here’s what I did. Jump up to the cannon platform and watch the general from the top of the stairs (stay back where he can’t see you though). When he moves behind the boxes and other stuff to the far side, jump down staying behind the column until he gets within melee range. Once you punch him your shields will recharge, and as long as you get a punch in every time he attacks, your shields will keep recharging. Repeat till he dies, but be quick before he gets his sword out. 😉

    Good luck to anyone trying this mission, it’s tough, but totally doable!

  18. Scott (disturbeddaddy) says:

    I’m not as good as Tyrant (or as some you guys!) – it took me about 3.5 hours yesterday to complete. The grenade jumping was difficult but I kept trying and finally got it.

    The hardest part by far was Holdout – my aim is much worse than Tyrant’s because I was completely out of DMR and needle rifle ammo by the third wave! (I was so tense!) After the cut scene with Captain Keyes I had about 4 bullets left in my pistol and an assault rifle (just enough to finish off the grunts at the door). Before I entered the room to get to the MAC gun I did one last recon around the area just in case there was a DMR nobody knew about – and I found one! on the side area to the left beside a boulder was a dead marine with a DMR! I was saved!

    I wasn’t able to take down the Elite’s shields like Tyrant did, he just kept dodging too much. With a full DMR I just kept unloading head shots and eventually he went down! phew! glad that’s over!!

  19. Sergeant Jinto says:


    I had just jumped into the Mass Driver to take my shots at the Cruiser bearing down on the Pillar of Autumn, and JUST as I got my second shot off and the screen started to fade out to the cut scene…

    I DIED.

    The cut scene started, but then the audio faded out and restarted my mission!

    All that hard work for nothing! T____________T

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      That sucks man. Trust me, i know what that feels like since i had to restart that damn mission over about 5 times after i got over half way through it. Hopefully you can get through it again man. Good Luck.

    • Dogmeat says:

      I know it’s too late for you to try now. But does dashboarding keep you from having to do a save and quit that wipes out your last checkpoint once you are reset to the beginning of the level? If so, you would be able to try again from the end once you start the game back up.

    • EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

      That exact same thing happened to me on The Package. Just as I flipped the switch to get in Halsey’s lab and finish the level, a plasma grenade flew in and killed me. The cutscene started, but froze for a moment about 5 seconds into it and placed me all the way back at the beginning of the mission.

      Trust me, I know your pain.

  20. Scott says:

    Man, that sucks! I almost had that happen to me in the Holdout fight. In an intense battle I died and took a breather, but my son said, “quit and save Daddy! Quit and save!” I almost had to start over.

    Maybe you’ll be able to do it quicker? I don’t know if I would try again though.

  21. mobber says:

    I just ran through using Tyrant’s Mythic guide. Surprises:

    1) when i shot out the window, didn’t open the door, finally got through the right window: the enemies spawned (unlike the window). i had to fight the elite…

    2) at the landing pad, i shot very conservative as instructed, and was down to a human pistol & AR. I do not recommend leaving the Plasma Launcher space monkey. destroy him ASAP. the only way i got passed it: i had no health, ran to the right of the catwalk, he came after me, i hid behind something, he walked past, & he got assassinated (giving me full shields). it instantly killed every enemy on the map. i walked up to the pelican to deliver the package, & a captain appeared out of no where & i survived by reaching the area with 3 red bars of health…

    3) at the finale: i tried for over an hour to shoot the corvette. i’d be lucky to get 1 shot off. i’d try killing the first 5 ships & retreat/reheal. i’d try to mount the gun right before Keyes gives the order. like i said: over an hour. finally, i got 2 shots into the ship. I died right after the shot. the game gave me the cut scene of the ship blowing up & Keyes congratulating me. so, i got the challenge right? NO, it restarted the mission due to the Iron Skull…

    i have to start over…

    • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

      How did you assasinate the Plasma Launcher Brute Chieftan? I heard it was impossible. I was stuck at that point the other day and no assasinating or beatdowns for some reason. It just wound up being a melee attack which does absolutely nothing to that guy. Oh and what do you mean by it instantly killed every enemy on the map? LoL!

      • GN says:

        I managed to assassinate him by spamming hologram at an area I knew he would show his back. (The lower level of the crows nest type area, I kept spamming the hologram at the stairs outside while I was in the room with the assault rifles etc.) The Plasma launcher brute was the only one giving me real trouble, so when he finally tried to pummel the hologram, I got his back and assassinated that douche. There were still other brutes left (but not that many because spamming hologram AT the other brutes made the plasma launcher brute launch grenades in the other brutes faces). As soon as the pelican came I just grabbed sprint and ran for it and made it. Completely out of DMR ammo and pp ammo, and shotgun wasn’t doing nothing so I figured hologram might work, and it did.

      • mobber says:

        yes, i have found that assassinating elites is impossible in LASO, but don’t think it’s impossible for Brutes cause that’s the only way i got by.

        i was up on the catwalk & the Plasma Launcher guy was drilling me over & over. besides him, there were about 4 captains & others. i was down to a plasma pistol (10%) & a human pistol (low ammo). i ran hard to the right & hid behind an obstacle & threw up a bubble shield. he came towards me but started up the stairs back towards the catwalk & i ran up & assassinated him.

        suddenly, i got a checkpoint & there were no other enemies in sight. the pelican appeared with a marker. i made it to the mid point & a chief came out of absolutely nowhere & attacked me. i only survived by running towards the marker as he was drilling me in the back with a spiker.

      • ptb says:

        I had to assassinate the plasma launcher Chieftan (and the fuel rod gun Chieftan as well) in order to get past this section. If you can get out sight, these enemies will start to patrol and after watching their movement patterns I was able to time my assassinations. Managed to get the plasma launcher Chieftan on the stairs up to the Crow’s Nest after taking out everyone else.

        This was a tough weekly challenge, but I’m really glad I put the time in to complete it.

    • GN says:

      Don’t try killing ANY ships. Follow tyrants guide – wait until the exact moment Keyes says do it now spartan, THEN run up the stairs, hop in, and GRAB the RT until you fire your first shot, and then quickly try again. You should have at LEAST half a shield left before you jump in the cannon, if not, before you start the phantom checkpoint go back downstairs and use a medpack (use tyrant’s method to get up to the railing but instead do it backwards). I had to get more health the same way, and managed to avoid the 3 zealots I didn’t kill by spamming hologram away from the rafters.

    • GN says:

      Also hologram saved my life because I used it on the other side of the landing pad before getting in the cannon, so the ships didn’t fire at me for a few seconds.

  22. Garr Komtaree says:

    I did it, it was so F-ing hard when i got to that cheiftain until i found a plasma pistol to assist in taking down his damn sheilds and eventually managed to shoot off his “Top-Hat” with my DMR then i was able to continue with the mission, watching Tyrants videos on how to do it helped aside from the fact i had died atleast 13 times… how unlucky 😦 eventually when i had assisanated 2 of the 3 Zealots the Field marshall was an easy task 30 shots with the PP took his sheilds… ouchie. then i managed to kill him with the DMR one shot 🙂 such fun then jumped to the ONAGER and tore through the rest of the game. never was i so excited to watch a cutscene

  23. Garr Komtaree says:

    As to the OP up top surviving 7 mins on Lw is so hard on legendary even with friends assisting, hiding got us to 5 mins then the bastards came and ATE us.

  24. Jesse says:

    wow..some darn good skills here (another tyrant vid)

  25. CaptainDynamic8 says:

    Firstly, if playing coop you can assassinate either elites or chieftains, doesn’t matter. I’m sure it works solo as well.

    Secondly, If you grab a laser at the Mac cannon part you can take out four of the concussion turrets mounted on the phantoms reducing damage taken and also using hologram helps as well. You definitely need some shields.

    All in all wasn’t too difficult. Not sure if they will do a lone wolf laso but curious to see what comes next.

  26. DBD AceRay says:

    I know the very first LASO ever took some getting used to, but trust me once you get the hang of it and strategize well you will be able to breeze through everything. The LASOs really aren’t all that hard as everyone says, as long as you do it solo and follow tyrant’s guide to the letter. If any of you guys need help look up my gamertag DBD AceRay96 and I have 3 clips on the pillar of autumn that show all the major parts as seen in tyrant’s guide. I had to sometimes improvise a bit though, but just message me on xbox and I’ll send you the clips from my fileshare

  27. WarZombie says:


    ^^^ RC Master does a speed run of PoA LASO, lots of good pointers in this video. It only takes him 28 minutes to beat the entire mission.

    • Jesse says:

      Do guys like Tyrant, RC, etc, earn money doing this stuff? If not, they should for the amount of effort and dedication they put in! 7million points in one game, that’s some crazy sh*t!

  28. Wunschkind89 says:

    Just a heads up, after you get out of the tunnels and you get to the part where Tyrant uses the grenade jump, there is another way to get up there that I’ve been using forever. When you get to that rea there should be half a cylindrical object laying in the ground. When inside of it and facing the “out of map” area, crouch-jump onto the left side’s edge. Face to the other side and do a quick running leap over to the other edge (crouch if needed). Then run along the edge towards the wall, crouch-jump over and you’re up, usually without the covenant realizing you were even there. Saves you a grenade if needed, and saves you your shield.

    • Wunschkind89 says:

      Also, another tip for the remaining 3 zealots. If you run to where the DMR stash is under the platform, hide on the table with the lamp on it for about 25 seconds and one should come down. Half the time his back will be turned, resulting in an easy assassination. If not, slap and plasma pistol away. Then go up the stairs to the platform and the second zealot should be there. If you time it perfectly, he runs in a near constant circle around it. Get behind him for a second assassination. Easy peasy. Now for the last one, use the trick Tyrant uses and get up top to the ledge and work your way around to the ledge and use the bannister to get to the Mass Driver. Turn around and wait for his back to be turned, and run after him. Assassinations are trick with this one, but if you keep moving around and stay close to him, wailing away with the plasma pistol will drop his shield quickly. One pop with the DMR and you’re clear in 5 minutes or less.

  29. Bah Bodenkurk says:

    Since I suck at Legendary alone, nevermind LASO or Mythic, I’m glad this week is over after tomorrow. That 17777 has been taunting me for too long.

  30. Bah Bodenkurk says:

    Hey can you do this mission on multiplayer matchmaking? If so, how does it work? Who decides what skulls are on and which mission to play, the party leader or something? Sorry if this is a noob question, I’m sort of new to multiplayer matchmaking.

    • i’m not sure i understand the confusion? this is a campaign challenge, not MM. you can do it co-op, yes. but the LASO bit means All Skulls On (except Blind).

      does that clarify things at all?

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