Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 6th June

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All in a Week’s Work – Kill 1000 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 15,000 cR

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You may remember we had this back in February (albeit more kills and more credits). Since then we’ve gotten new game types to play in too. So I’ll take the advice from that post and adapt it.

Huge numbers of credits, but a huge kill volume too. What’s the best way to rack up the kills in Multiplayer? If we take it by game type (and this list is not definitive):

  • Rumble Pit – If you can win games that’s 25 a time, but usually in 10-12 minutes. Something like Juggernaut is good where it’s not necessarily on kill volume, esp if you can take out other players
  • Multi-Team Battle – Normal Slayer is good, but the objective based missions are really good, Crazy King and Oddball can see you net 40+ kills
  • Grifball – Can be a really mixed bag, against a good team or someone scoring quickly you won’t get many kills, but if you’re able to time your hammer blows right or grab the bomb you can get 30, 40 or even 50 kills in a 3 round game
  • Invasion – Depends on your team and the ability of the attackers when you’re defending, but if they keep swarming there are loads of opportunities to get quick and easy kills
  • Action Sack – DinoBlasters seems pretty quick and shares the kills pretty evenly

There are lots of game types – Infection can be good but not a high kill game type when I’ve played it, especially if you’re never made human. I think all that you need to do here is keep playing along.

As ever I hope you’ve all got your own ways of doing this (and I don’t want to hear about signing in with friends or spare controllers to boost), so please do let everyone know in the comments.

Check out our Game Night page for information on this Wednesday’s games (will be updated during the day).

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86 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 6th June

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  2. Scruff UK says:

    Wheeeee! This challenge makes me happy, though it could end up being a bit of a grind… At a high average of 20 kills a game, 1000 kills is 50 games, which is more than 7 games a day. Considering I don’t play every day, and when I do play on a normal evening it’s more like 5 games maximum, this could get a little tight over the weekend!

    Grifball’s probably the obvious choice but personally I hate it. Mainly because I’m completely useless at it. And the idea of playing dozens of games of Grifball makes me die inside.

    Going into Action Sack with a big group is a good plan, then you can pick lots of fast games and avoid things like Hockey and HaloBall where you’re not going to get (m)any kills. For small groups Squad Slayer is a good idea, especially since there’s also the regular 6,000 cR jackpots. When it comes to solo play I guess I’m back to SWAT for the week!

    • game night should hopefully help. 😀

      also, a tip for SWAT – go for SWAT objective games like SWAT potato since you are not limited to 50 kills to win. 😉

      • t-rOY says:

        3 plot is another one where you can get 50+ kills, but its a little trickier because once you lock in a territory your score will automatically rise until you lose all of your territories.

      • Shane says:

        Yeah, I love SWAT potato for that reason but in my experience it’s not picked very often :-(.

      • MadAmericanTaco says:

        Personally I played Griftball last night for about an hour and got 175 kills! a few of the games people were only interested in scoring but I suspect that was because of the daily challenge. Most games got maxed out on time and it was non-stop hammer time! I am going to jump in again and if people keep it up the goal of 1000 will be a cake walk!

  3. Sergeant Jinto says:

    Welp, here’s a weekly challenge I don’t believe I’ll be finishing. =\ I don’t play near enough multiplayer matchmaking to even get CLOSE to that. Firefight/Campaign all the way!

  4. Shobaleader One says:

    this works out at 143 kills per day – i’m liking this challenge already

  5. Braythor says:

    Wow, that’s going to be quite the grind for me. If nobody minds, I’ll post various stats to try and see if it’s worth it/how it works out…

    My average is 14.6 kills per game. So let’s bump it up to 15 and I’m looking at 67 games to break 1000 kills (my total kills for the 6 months I’ve had Reach is only ~8500). Let’s say 70 games, 10 games per day. Quite hefty, and enough to balance the quick games out with slower ones, whatever the mode. This is a lot for me, even taking into account game night.

    What about time on a more detailed level? 70 games, average game say, what, 8 minutes? 560 minutes for 15K = just over 1600cR per hour… Or, based on my 109 kills/hour average, at 9 hours play, gives 1660cR p/hr.

    In terms of kills, 15,000 for 1000 kills, obviously 15cR per kill, but looking at my kills/game stuff means 70 games for 15K, which is an extra 214cR per game…mmm.

    Looking at Grifball, as it’s my best mode for kills/time, I’ve got around 230 kills per hour, so clearly that’s the way forward to have it done in just over 4 hours. Gives a much more attractive 3750cR per hour.

    Okay, enough now. Personally I don’t think this is worth specifically aiming for. Perhaps getting some solid Grifball sessions in might make it easier (for those of us who are ok at it). I’ll play as normal and see how it goes I think. By the look of the daily challenges for today, they’re going to be encouraging us to go for it. Perhaps a Grifball orientated party on Wednesday? I don’t mind heading it up if need be,

    • Scruff UK says:

      A Grifball orientated party? What evil is this?!

    • MadAmericanTaco says:

      I’m down for it but might be better for Friday night, that way we can all stay online to ensure we all get the 1000!

      • sorry, can’t flex to friday.

        but good news! the challenges come out on mondays so there’s always sunday night if you don’t get the challenges done on saturday night! 😀

    • Bah Bodenkurk says:

      Another thing to remember is that all the credits you’re going to get in pursuit of this challenge are going to far outweigh the challenge itself. I’m only up to about 350 kills, and I’ve gotten probably 7 or 8 thousand credits anyway, not including the daily challenges like “fire when ready” that give you something like 1000 credits for 30 MM kills in just one day. In the end, you’ll actually get less than what it would be worth anyway, but when you get a lump sum of 15000, I’m sure it’s satisfying to watch your credit bar fly from the left to the right and close in on a big rank jump.

  6. Clone066 says:

    1000/7 = 142.857. 1000/6=1666.6667.

    There’s the numbers. And those for people who want to have done before Sunday. Now get killing to earn 15 cR/kill. (20 if you add the normal commedation bonuses.)

    • Shobaleader One says:

      166 per day is an attainable feat. A party of 8 friends in grifball could achieve this alot sooner though 😉 (revenge challenge anyone??)

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  8. Atreides says:

    By the love of Oden’s Beard thank the God’s NO MORE LASO!!! 😉 Viva Reach


    • Phil (GT feeblestud) says:

      You’ve apparently forgotten Lone Wolf… 😉

      • EyeOhYou (Andrew) says:

        I’d be really interested to see if they can actually make a LASO for Lone Wolf. If they can that;s great because I actually don’t mind the LASO’s, but if they don’t I’m sure many people on this blog will be thrilled. Haha.

        Also something I haven;t seen mentioned that may be a good way to hit your 1000 kills is perhaps Invasion. Slower gametypes, but you can get plenty of kills in one match.

      • ahem. methinks your eyes need to be checked sweets. from the OP:

        Invasion – Depends on your team and the ability of the attackers when you’re defending, but if they keep swarming there are loads of opportunities to get quick and easy kills

        read better! 😉

  9. Mister Shhhhhhh says:

    Count me in for party of 8 grifball! We should each rackup 30-40 kills/game. Many multikills, too! Git ‘er done!

    • Clone066 says:

      I git 64 kills, 20 deaths today. It was amazing – havimg a team that knows not scoring is good.

    • JustHawkeye says:

      Actually it should be more like 50+ kills if it goes 5 rounds.

  10. Xanadu says:

    Awww I liked the Laso challenges. They were doable at least.

  11. Colossalslayer says:

    there wont be a laso weekly for lone wolf i dont think as its techniqley not a campain mission. swat would be the best game type for this weeks weekly i rake in around 25 kills per game but it all depends on wot game type your good at, as i always say just go with the flow 🙂

  12. Don says:

    So my old nemesis “1000 kills in one week” you decided to show your face again. It has been a while. I have other things to do this week but I will find a way of sending you back to the hole you crawled out from. I will not be denied my 39th weekly completion.

    Joking aside, if you’re good at Grifball this weekly becomes pretty painless. Assuming there’s no one lagging the match and everyone is playing for kills, I can get between 100 and 300 kills in an hour playing Grifball. That or SWAT. But in SWAT you’re sharing kills that will end the game. Grifball is perfect since you can spawn kill the other team. Most kills I got in one GB game was 109 before my teammate said” that’s enough” and scored the bomb. Its all about timing your swing, and avoiding the ones lagging.

    • Chris Atreides says:


    • JustHawkeye says:

      Playing for kills is the hard part. I hate people that score in the first 10 seconds each round. When try hards do that you actually spend more time searching for a match than playing a match. >o

  13. Jetpack333 says:

    this is gonna b ezy.. Just do griffball or my personal favorite halloball extreme.. i got 93 kills in a single game last night

  14. mickoboy90 says:

    Of two hours of playing griffball,i managed to get just over 500 kills lol..in one game i got 110 kills…i was happy 🙂

  15. Garr Komtaree says:

    I truly do not understand bungies love for the people who have no lives and are able to play every day.

    it is silly that they dont care for the people who only get on in the weekends 😦
    1000 is alot of kills, and not worth the cR when i personally can obtain that ammount in less than 6 games.

    • John says:

      I’d say generally the challenge aren’t worth the credits although I like having something to aim for. I’d also say that 1,000 kills is doable in a weekend as the last time this came up I’d decided not to bother with it then got into some good invasion games and ended up doing it over the weekend without spending that much time at it. Thankfully the credit cap is higher now as I ended up getting sod all from completing the challenge as I hit the cap from all the games.

      It’s also easier to get kills in some of the newer gametypes and to me a weekly challenge should take a week, I like having something to work towards rather than just blitz through.


    • Scruff UK says:

      It’s a WEEKLY challenge. Not a WEEKENDLY challenge. There are 8 daily challenges over the weekend – if you’re that bothered, just do them.

      And there have been loads of weekly’s recently that could be done in one day. All the LASO’s, the ‘campaign points’ one, the ‘firefight points’ one, the ‘complete a mission in under 15 minutes’ one…

      Bungie can’t please all the people all the time.

      Also there are plenty of people who did this challenge in less than 2 days.

      • i saw people who had this done on the first day.

        and i thought *I* had no life! 😉

      • Garr Komtaree says:

        I Know the deffinition. but it is rather stupid that they cater to people with no lives.

      • i don’t think they are “catering” to any specific set of players at all.

        the fact is, the challenges aren’t going to please everyone all the time so there will ALWAYS be someone pissed off. and let’s face it, if the kills were halved and only 500 for the week, people would whine that it was too easy. so really, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

        it’s a CHALLENGE and isn’t supposed to be easy. if you can’t get it done for whatever reason, there’s nothing wrong with that. as has been pointed out ad nauseum, you can make up the points in other games when you play anyways if that’s what you’re really worried about.

        so no, i don’t think this weekly is “stupid” at all. in fact, i like it. and no, i definitely don’t like all weekly or even daily challenges. no matter what the challenge is, there will always be SOMEONE pissed off. when it was the “complete any campaign mission in under 15 minutes” or whatever, people complained that it was too easy and not challenging enough. now that there’s one that could legitimately take a week, it’s stupid?

      • Scruff UK says:

        @Garr – Your general problem appears to be that you resent anyone who plays Halo more than you do. You say “people with no lives” all over the place, but really this challenge can be done in around 5 hours if you just stick with Grifball.

        Yes, I’ll get 15,000 cR through less than 10 games in Matchmaking. But that’s not the point. I’ll get the 15,000 cR *as well* as all the cR from the Matchmaking games. This Weekly is a good example of a challenge that’s making me play in a different way than I normally would, because the 15k is quite appealing to me. I started off this week just playing Action Sack / Squad Slayer / all the stuff I would normally play. That wasn’t working out too well from a kill count point-of-view, so I started playing Grifball for a few games at a time, when previously I’d only ever played the occasional game of it. As a result I’m now reasonably competent at Grifball, whereas this time last week I was utterly awful at it and routinely came out with around -20 in my K/D.

        So basically, if you don’t want to do the challenge, then don’t do the challenge. Simple. But don’t whine that everyone who does do it “has no life” because you won’t make any friends on here that way. And don’t whine that Bungie aren’t catering for you when more than half of the challenges recently could have been done in a day, and usually less than a couple of hours.

  16. Reaperville says:

    I’m not a hardcore player (only halfway through on Legendary) so I like the weekly LASOs as much as I like nazis, paedophiles and people who vote for Grifball Evolved.

    Had some time tonight, so stuck some tunes on and have picked up 600 kills in Vanilla Grifball. It’s the only MM game I’m remotely experienced at, so even though I know I should try others it’s perfect for me for this week.

    I only have one XBL friend who plays Reach, and he insists on doing ridiculous things like spending time with his wife and daughter, so I’m pretty much at the mercy of whatever game I’m thrown into – against teams or people just out to score asap.

    But given that I’m on the long slow slog to General, I’m actually quite happy about this weekly!

    • i think this is my new favorite comment. :mrgreen:

      you actually earn a friend request FROM me. 😉

      • Reaperville says:


        I’m quite old-fashioned though, you should probably have asked for my father’s permission first. But…..go on then.

        You modern girls :p :p

  17. Thazmo says:

    I managed to complete this earlier today, took 30 games of online XD
    I would suggest griffball for this one as it’s the one I used for almost all of the kills.
    The credit reward is actually quite low as I’m a general grade4 and I got 62000Crs by the time I got 1000kills so I think the reward should have been a bit higher but I suppose getting just under 80000Crs in one day is not half bad actually XD
    GT is Thazmo if anyone wants to check my stats 😛

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Well done Thaz, glad to hear you followed my commentary and the myriad comments here to achieve this.

    • mickoboy90 says:

      Yep,griffball is the best for this..i played 9 games and got bout 500 kills…including two exterminations lol :-D…

      but for everyone,play and get used to griffball,its easiest play list for everything:kills,multikills,even games completition if u go after bomb only.

      • Jesse says:

        I played 8 games, and got about 540 kills. 🙂

        (just buggin…)

      • i don’t really agree with “get used to grifball, it’s the easiest playlist for everything” at all, actually. i will admit that multikills are easiest in grif, no doubt, but some of the other lists are just as fun and rely less on dumb luck and internet connection (read: lag).

        that said, we know grifball is good for lots of kills as well which is why it was recommended in the first place. 😉

      • JustHawkeye says:

        I got all 10,000 kills in one game of grifball. I completed the weekly with one magical hammer swing too. 😉

        Take that subspace!

      • Scruff UK says:

        It’s true – Grifball is absolutely the best for EVERYTHING. Last week I got 30,000,000 DMR kills in just one game of Grifball!

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        Lol, you guys…

      • John says:

        I agree with the above, Griffball really is no fun at all if your latency isn’t quite as low as your opponents and there’s a lack of variety particularly compared to the weird and wonderful Action Sack. I tend to go Griffball for the heavy kills and multikills then wander through some of the other MM gametypes for a bit of variety.

        Scruff – Quite frankly a single DMR kill in Griffball would be impressive!


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  19. John says:

    Obviously with Griffball it’s really a test of your lag, if your lag is pretty low it’s a good fun game that’s easy to get kills in and if it’s not then frankly you’re stuff and it’s not any fun at all. I say this as I used to avoid Griffball with my old router which seemed fine in general (Zyxel Prestige SOHO ADSL router) but in Griffball I always got nailed to the floor. I decided to dig deep and upgraded to a new Draytek 2710n as the Zyxel kept bumping off newer wireless devices and was a bit unstable and I can’t believe the difference, Griffball is completely different now and actually very enjoyable. In technology terms I’m in the middle of nowhere so always thought my linespeed/latency wasn’t good enough but the QoS on the Draytek clearly works very well. So I suspect those saying they’re not very good at Griffball don’t quite have the latency for it, I found I could play most gametypes fine it was just Griffball that the other players always seemed faster than me.

    Last time I did this on invasion, if you get a good team-mate who understands the spawning system (remarkably rare unfortunately) you can mow down people and stay in the kill area. I’m probably going to go for Griffball mainly, I find it oddly relaxing after a long shift, the kill rate is high and the games are quick so if you’ve a rubbish team you’re not with them for long whereas Invasion matches are longer.


    • i wonder what it is about grifball that causes such issues with latency and such? like, why not SWAT or anything else really? strange. for me, i find it’s hit or miss with my internet here. just like everything else here, really.

      • JustHawkeye says:

        Host is king is grifball. This is why you have to swing your hammer sooner to overcome host and aim at the ground not the person unless you want an assist..

      • John says:

        Close combat weaponry has always been a bit fishy in Halo, I remember when the introduced swords in Halo 2 there was no bounce mechanic so when two of you did a sword charge it basically came down to who had the better latency. Since then the swords have been changed so that if you both do a sword attack at the same time you’d bounce off each other as you do in Reach which you can also trigger with a melee. Therefore the game doesn’t need to worry about the latency and tends to default to ‘bouncing’

        The hammer has no such mechanism and it’s a much more complicated weapon, the sword is quite simple in that it locks on and goes through the enemy player but the hammer has no lock on and it causes damage from hitting the ground and generating a small shockwave.

        For the likes of Swat I think it’s easier for Reach to work out which bullet hits where with lag as it’s got a bit more time to work things out whereas with the hammer and close combat in general I’d say it’s split second timing. Anyone who follows Fails of the Weak will have seen when the close combat netcode goes horribly wrong, there’s a few cases where someone has meleed an idler and been killed themselves, two players fighting have hit each other and both just been slammed flying off the platform, one where the player beat down another and killed them only to have the dead player reanimate and kill his murderer plus another one where a player went to assassinate another but did the melee move instead, the enemy player was then jumped back to the assassinate position which blew the assassin straight out the level at high speed.

        In short I think Reach’s netcode for the bullet mechanics works reasonably well but for close combat it’s too dependent on lag.

    • Reaperville says:

      This is really interesting to me, because Grifball is really the only MM game I can talk about with any knowledge and recently I’ve been considering asking here, “Can you cheat at Grifball??” – simply because occasionally you run across people whose hammers may as well be four times as big, and it can get kind of annoying.

      If it IS just lag then fair enough – it’s outside everyone’s control and so we all get good games and bad games. Personally I find it takes me a couple of minutes to get the ‘speed’ of the game – so I know whether it’s a split-second bashy-bashy affair, or whether I have to strike while the person running towards me is still a distant speck on the horizon.

      But sometimes I wonder if there is a trick, a secret, SOMETHING – that these people are doing that I don’t know about. They sometimes strike me down so casually and so often and from SO FAR AWAY that it makes me say bad words.

      By its very nature, Grifball is anything other than precision – and I know I should branch out a little – and it doesn’t massively bother me. It’s interesting to read other people’s experiences of it though – makes me feel a bit better about some of my worse games!!

      • John says:

        I think it could well be lag, there’s games I play where one player in particular just seems invincible – no matter how I time the hammer swing I just cannot kill them and they maul me every time (my connection is green and looks fine otherwise). Then there’s a reconnect and I kill the invincible guy every time without issue which is why I think it’s purely down to lag, as you say there is a bit of timing involved particularly to get the feel of the specific game but in general I think it’s mainly skill rather than lag. The fact my Griffball experience has changed so much with a new router and my skill level has not points to lag rather than skill I have to admit!

        In some games I am the invincible guy as I can just mow down the enemy team all in a row without any of them landing a single hit then in another games I just can’t seem to get anywhere and at best only getting a kill while dying at the same time.

      • sevonica says:

        It’s all about timing and you def don’t want to wait until you’re right on top of the guy. think of your hammer as having a slight bit of power right in front of it when it hits the ground. in this manner you can hit just in front of people and push through them with the controller. some matches you might want to let them run into you. you’ll see that people keep running towards you so use that to your advantage. don’t wait for the hammer target to turn red. by then you’re too close and dead. My ID is effrego solvo if you want to check my grifball stats from 6/6 (monday). Good luck!

      • John says:

        I don’t think it is all about timing, yes that’s important but lag is more so – no matter how good your timing is if someone has better latency than you they’re likely to nail you every time. I find my Griffball experience varies from game to game and even midgame if there’s a host change which is definitely nothing to do with timing. Also on my previous router I was hopeless at Griffball despite the game claiming I was full green and could play other types fine but with the new router I was immediately far better.

        I see people here frequently mention they’re rubbish at Griffball and don’t play it but I think the reality is their latency just isn’t quite good enough and it’s nothing to do with skill. Not that it changes anything though as it doesn’t make Griffball any more playable.


      • Braythor says:

        Personally I love Griffball, and almost always get a +K/D spread (unlike other modes, *grumble grumble*). I don’t know about the lag issue, I rarely (if ever) come across it on Griffball, but then I don’t run wireless (£50 for an antennae or £5 for a 20m ethernet cable…? Easy choice). Of course I’m not tech-savvy enough to know if that makes a difference… Anyway I think the game is about the team; if you have folk who spam the hammer around you’re not going anywhere, but if your team keeps distance and flows nicely you can rack up the kills quickly (I just got 200+ out of 3 games with a good team). One thing I’ve noticed is that the push-through effect of the hammer is dampened if you strike on, or next to, a corpse, so avoid striking if there’s a body on the floor between you and your enemy.

      • John says:

        If you’ve got a decent setup and good connection then you probably won’t notice the lag issue, my games are much the same as yours in that I can normally get a good K/D spread with just the occasional one where I seem to have trouble getting the hammer connecting. I suspect some of these games are probably US hosts where the latency from the UK isn’t going to be as favourable.

        A wired connection is definitely the way to go for gaming as it gives you a consistently quick connection to your router which wireless does not. Of course your connection speed and latency is based on your entire route from your Xbox to the host which goes far beyond your router however a wireless connection even with good signal strength can double the time taken to get to the host. This is why i don’t use wireless for my consoles or desktop PC because of the potentially large hop to the router over wireless, sometimes it was fine, sometimes it wasn’t which is just no good.

        If you can’t run ethernet cabling for whatever reason, an alternative is to use homeplugs which allow you to run your network connection over your power cabling. The bandwidth isn’t as good as a direct network cable but the latency is minimal and consistent which is exactly what you need for gaming. As I can’t run cable through my house I use homeplugs, the router sits beside the phone connection and connects into a homeplug which emerges in another room connected to a Gigabit switch where the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and other network bits and pieces are connected. This setup is cheap and ensures a good connection.

        Thanks for the tip on the corpse which I wasn’t aware of but suspect I’ve seen it in action particularly after mauling the enemy team and then them respawning and coming into combat over their dead bodies.


      • John says:

        Ugh…just had one of those ‘invincible’ games – no matter what I did I couldn’t kill any of the enemy team, the range of their hammer seemed double mine and whatever timing I got it never hurt them. They were all high ranks and in one party but I’m still convinced it’s a lag issue, even when I slammed them in the back with the hammer before they’d even seen me they still survived and I died.


  20. dn hrt porkfish says:

    i got like 300 kills last night in 4 games of griffball with decent teammates. if i play with my girffball elite friends it’d be higher, unfortunately i signed on at 11 pm pacific time last night so not many were on. im sure if you play giffball you know our names as we rarely lose, and always destroy. ive seen my buddy avg 150 kills a game over at least 5 games. its definitely a delicate skill that can be skewed by lag, but there are ways to overcome that as long as you dont run into a really good team with host. in that case, we just score as quickly as possible and get on to the next game. vanilla griff ftw. evolved always loses, and if you vote for evolved, you are a sucker cause my team of 4 will always win the vote.

  21. mickoboy90 says:

    Thats me weekly challenge completed…also got a killionaire today 🙂

  22. Jetpack333 says:

    action sack totally helped , just fin weekly.

  23. Docgdc says:

    Yay!! Finished weekly. And getting ok at mm finally!

  24. Madamericantaco says:

    I’m up to 733 from a few hours on Monday and today! Just sayin Griftball is the way to go…

  25. This Machine says:

    I got a bad feeling they are simply going to start the LASOS again starting from Winter Contingency!

    • mickoboy90 says:

      better not..i hate LASOs so much

      • Sean says:

        I agree – give us something different for a change – I’m simply not capable of doing a LASO. Granted the current weekly is something different and I’m rapidly losing interest in completing it (a little over half way so far)

      • Corporal Alexei says:

        Yeah, I simply can’t complete a LASO. I am fairly competent in legendary on the campaign, but turning on all those skulls without dying? Nope, I am definately not part of the Mythic community. I also seem to be too slow to save my progress once I die in a LASO not to revert to the start of the mission. Oh, life is so difficult. 🙂

    • John says:

      I really, really hope not…

  26. John says:

    Finally finished this evening, a brutal game of Griffball on the game night here was certainly a big help.


  27. Shane says:

    Went for it today since I may hit the daily cap on the weekend. The cherry on the cake was the last game of Grif-of-the-ball where I scored a neat 100 kills. Adrian Monk would be proud.

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  29. Steve says:

    Grifball and multi-team crazy king or 3 ball are great options. I got most of them with the multi-team.

  30. Brook (Flexi) Harris says:

    I Love this Challenge!! -_-

  31. DaddyOi30 says:

    Finally completed the last 400 kills last night. Had way more games than I should have needed because so many idiots kept scoring quickly. I had 1 game where I got 2 kills & a total of 140Cr. There were no challenges requiring completion of X games, so what the.hell were these morons thinking? I must have blocked over a dozen people to ensure I didn’t play with them again in subsequent games

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