10th June – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Gunslinger – Kill 40 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1200 cR
  2. Secondary Fire – Earn 25 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1875 cR
  3. Aggressive Negotiations – Earn at least 16 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1600 cR
  4. Oops! All Kills – Earn 15 multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Gunslinger – Kill 40 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1200 cR

Grifball as ever for high kill volumes. You can get 30, 40, 50 and more kills in a good game when you have your timing and eye in with the hammer.

Secondary Fire – Earn 25 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1875 cR

Communicate if you’re going after this, use overcharged plasma pistol shots, or sniper rifle shots, to strip away someone’s shields. Only 25 so it shouldn’t take too long. Rumble Pit is excellent for assists too, as are some of the Action Sack games or Squad Slayer (anything that features big firefights with lots of people in confined spaces).

Aggressive Negotiations – Earn at least 16 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1600 cR

As ever… Grifball for buckets of kills. 16 in one game is fairly achievable in Team Slayer or Team SWAT too. Crazy King or Oddball in Multi-Team should get you there in one game if you can get either of those variants, remember to take it slow and don’t rush in to battles, pick people off after other players have shot them up. If you can lay your hands on the Sword or Hammer and use Active Camo you can go on a decent run.

Oops! All Kills – Earn 15 multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3000 cR

Bungie are finally working out the right credit return for this having experimented a lot, it seems to be 1000 credits for 5 MP multikills. Again Grifball and the Multi Team Battles are excellent for multi kills. These will stack, so an Overkill (4 people) counts as 3 multikills. The objective variants are helpful because you can aim for people who are going for the objective (ie in the hill in Crazy King) where a natural firefight usually opens up. Often I’ll play Team SWAT as I like the game type and know it can lead to a number of multikills. This is over any number of game types which is good.

So depending on your assist volume in Grifball you could do all these in a couple of games there, or only a couple of games of Multi-Team/Squad Slayer type gaming.


50 Responses to 10th June – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. porottaja says:

    Nice birthday challenges, focusing on weekly gets these done too.

    • tanti auguri!!!

    • CrestOfFire says:

      Happy Birthday!

      BTW: It’s Crest on a guest account :p

      Todays challenges look cool, Infection should be good as ever, a few games of Rumble Pit and Team Slayer won’t be too bad either. I just wish Sky would finish fixing my XBL connection.

  2. Scruff UK says:

    Grifball, then, since I’m still several hundred away from the Weekly!

    @Fireysplork & co – thanks for the Grifball party last night, got about 200 kills in less than an hour, and having never given the game much of a chance before I think I got a hell of a lot better at Grifball in general! I was so annoyingly close to the Killionaire… Damnit 😉
    “First to 1,000 wins!”

    @Porottaja – happy birthday! 🙂

    @Everyone – if I’m online later and you fancy some Grifball then feel free to invite / join. The more the merrier, since it seems that if you don’t have a full party of 8 then some jerk is always going to go and play the game to score the points. Who does that?!

    • i may be on later, depends on a few things around here but very likely. 🙂

    • Starmage008 says:

      Count me in for some Grifball sometime after 4 PM EST.

    • Scruff UK says:

      ^ I should stress the “if” in “if I’m online later” – I’m not certain yet whether I will be. I hope to be though. 4pm EST is 9pm here so that is certainly a possibility 🙂

      Though if you see me online but I’m in Campaign then don’t bother, I won’t actually be at my Xbox 😉

    • FireySplork says:

      No problem scruff, I had a good time + we were on the same team…..Finally, Anyways i wont be on today until mabye 4 am your time so I guess We can play tomorrow. Grifball FTW.

    • Bah Bodenkurk says:

      Yeah, I got the killtastrophe the other day in Grifball and I was about two inches from a killionaire when I got betrayed… It was a huge disappointment.

    • Shane says:

      Who does that, indeed! Grrrr.

    • t-rOY says:

      congratulations on your improved skills in Griffball. You will find it very useful when you have challenges like the weekly. I found G-ball very frustrating when I started in H3, but eventually I got the timing down and its now my favorite way to improve K/D, rack up multi-kills, and work on sprees. I gotta agree that it’s so irritating when people score right away. It really makes you wonder why they even bother playing. As for the challenges it’ll be Yes, Maybe, Yes, and Yes, since I still have a little less than 200 to go on the weekly. My wife beat me by 2 days on this challenge. Suffice to say, she is a G-Ball beast.

  3. wnwoody says:

    Well, I guess these challenges will be a good way for me to get caught up on my weekly, since I’m sooooo behind 69 kills and three days to work with.

  4. mrshls says:

    Im down for some grifball later i should be on around 3 est just send a friend request

    • Scruff UK says:

      You know what’d help? Your Gamertag 😉 Just add me, GT is the same as my username on here…

    • FireySplork says:

      I’ll be on at that time aswell for approx. an hour, 200 Kills again

  5. I wish more game companies treated their users like Bungie does.
    These challenges every day make the game really interesting.

  6. FireySplork says:

    I am on today at 3 pm eastern time (9pm for the brits) and will be helping anyone who needs the weekly challenge get a lot of kills. If you want to play Send Friend Request (to FireySplork) and feel free to join. Obviously we will not be scoring the ball so if youre after winning the games quickly, pls do not join. I will only be on for one hour, but in that time, you can manage easy 200 kills.


    @Scruff, we need to work on camping methods

    • Scruff UK says:

      3pm EST is 8pm here 😉 Yeah we need to work on camping methods. When I was trying last night it seemed that the enemy team would always spawn on the opposite side of where I was camping. Maybe you need to have both sides covered or something.

      By the way, it’s immensely kind of you to help people with the Weekly considering you’ve already done it. 🙂

      Balls in the corner, people, balls in the corner…

      • Shane says:

        Most of the time the enemy spawns on the other side of the goal to you. Having one person on either side fixes that… not that I would ever resort to such a thing…

        I love the sound of “Killionaire” in the morning.

  7. NightRaven45 says:

    Has anyone completed the weekly challenge yet? I think I’ve pretty much given up. Also, this may be hard to explain on here, but are there any tips on how to time the hammer swings? Happy hunting

    • wnwoody says:

      I’m wondering the same thing about the hammer. I played Grifball once and and I can honestly say that I sucked swinging the hammer. It felt like 7-on-1 Grifball. Lol

    • Ian (FearTheTurtle06) says:

      yup just completed it this morning. got to about 800 without griffball then finished up with that and rumble pit today

    • Band1tS1x says:

      I got it done yesterday. I used grifball to do it. The first couple of games I played I was aiming a little low cause the hammer sight seems to be in the way. But just learn to look through the stupid sight and remember that the hammer takes a split second to go over your head then come down. So hit fire a second before you normally would. Hope that helps.

      • Scruff UK says:

        ^ this. I only managed to get my first Hammer Spree yesterday, after several games over several months of not understanding the timing of the hammers at all. Basically, don’t aim to hit the person with the hammer – they’re on 200% damage anyway. Aim to hit the floor in front of the person.

        Oh, and be careful of areas littered with corpses; dead bodies seem to soak up a lot of the splash damage from the hammer.

        A hell of a lot of people have got the Weekly done now, and after last night’s Grifball session I understand why. I’m pretty rubbish at Grifball, and even then I managed to get 200 kills in less than an hour. Really you could get 1000 kills in an afternoon with a good group of people.

        Don’t give up. If I can go from useless to slightly rubbish in less than an hour then you can too! 🙂

    • Braythor says:

      Yeah I got it done on Wednesday during the game night. I’ve some tips for you:
      – don’t run straight into the middle at the start; if your opponents don’t kill you chances are one of your team-mates will. I find it best to veer around and come in from the side
      – the spawning position of your target reticle is too high, you want to lower your view a bit
      – if you can get to the opponent’s end of the field you can rack up the kills by keeping to the side and hitting them as they spawn, as it’s tougher for them to kill you
      – corpses dampen the area of effect so avoid swinging if there’s one between you and your enemy
      – there is a ‘push through’ effect with the hammer: when it hits the bottom of the swing there is a slight pause and during this the hammer is still in ‘kill mode’. So if you’re still moving forward it can be pushed into opponents for a kill. Timing is everything here, you want to be swinging before your opponent is actually within range of a normal swing. Time it wrong though and you’re wide open…
      – an alternative to pushing through with the hammer is to quickly flick your left stick back as the hammer hits the floor, this (obviously) stops you moving forward and chances are your opponent will swing, miss and run straight into your blow. This is useful for countering opponents who are good with the push through technique

      • Shane says:

        Some great tips above from Scruff and Braythor. One of these which I only realised myself recently is that the bodies soak up damage which can explain some otherwise frustrating deaths.

        Another tip I’d add is that “skill” in Grifball in particular has a lot to do with network lag. Learn to spot the opponents who seem to win every fairly-based swing… and then concentrate on their teammates instead.

      • t-rOY says:

        I would also like to add that if you need to kill the bomb-carrier, they are more vulnerable if you hit them from the side instead of head-on. Just dodge them like a matador dodges a bull and turn back towards them as you sidestep, then swipe with the sword or slam with your hammer. It usually takes 1 strike with the sword and 2 strikes with a hammer to bring them down, but it will vary greatly if the game lags. Also, for whatever reason, you need to wait half-a-second after a weapon switch, before you can use it.

    • FoximusPrimeGT says:

      been lurking for awhile on here, really super useful site. thanks matt.

      @NightRaven45 – as far as timing the swing, it is a bit sooner than you would think as the hammer has a broader effect area. truth is, just playing a bunch has helped me. I am convinced however that connection speed has something to do with it as well

      • John says:

        There definitely is a knack to the timing but the connection definitely plays a bigger part, moreso than timing I’d say. Some games I’m completely untouchable while others I’m useless, there’s been a few times during a host change midgame I’ve gone from being unable to kill anyone to getting exterminations.


    • NightRaven45 says:

      Haha thanks for all the advice. I still haven’t started the daily challenges yet, but I’m hoping I have time to do so tonight. Again thanks for the advice. Happy hunting!

  8. I love the new feature that WordPress implemented that allows me to use my Facebook profile picture when I comment on here. Kudos.

    Anyway, really simple challenges today. I would have knocked all but three out in one game of Grifball, but instead I managed to get 16 kills before people started rushing the ball to the goal in the first game, and then got more than enough multikills and overall kills in the second.

    As for the assists, I managed to get 6 in those two games of Grifball, so I went and knocked out my 4 arena games for the day. That left me sitting around 20. I went to invasion to mop up the last few.

    Hope that helps out!

    Good luck all!
    GT: EyeOhYou

  9. Ian (FearTheTurtle06) says:

    I know this is off subject of the daily challenges, but would anyone be up for some more Halo 3 and/or ODST achievement hunting? Tonight or possibly during the saturday night game night? If so, reply here.

    • ZaganZee says:

      yes. Whenever you’d like. if we can get a group let me know when.

    • lilmonkeyboy1 (Tim) says:

      I enjoyed this last time we did this. Count me in.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      We will be doing this again soon guys. We’re probably doing Reach achievement hunting this week, and back into H3 in 3 weeks maybe.

      • Ian (FearTheTurtle06) says:

        I was just lookin for anyone who would want to do this outside of gamenight. I had a blast (even with all the frustration of checkpoint triggers) doin the vidmaster annual achievement and was wondering if anyone is interested in this?

    • t-rOY says:

      Perhaps after I finish weekly challenge, if things get too laggy on Reach. I’ll look for you online and send a message if I’m able to help with achievements. I just need Vid masters from ODST.

  10. Tom says:

    Productive day. Played a few hours of Action Sack with my housemates and got all today’s challenges and the weekly, including a 48 kill domination of HaloBall Xtreme, a rampage and winning s game of Hockey in 40 seconds.

  11. Jetpack333 says:

    i think 1 game of haloball extreme will get all dailys except the assist 1..

  12. mickoboy90 says:

    hi..does anyone know what playlist has the super jackpot??heard its on friday,saturday and sunday,i just dont know what to play…thx

  13. mickoboy90 says:

    never mind..just found out..its the new flag bla bla bla…dont know how to pronounce or write it lol…it offers super jackpot of 21,000 credits and also double jackpot 🙂

  14. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    Well my son finally finished the weekly challenge. I really didnt think we would get it but i guess 1,000 kills in a week isnt too hard. And you all are right, Grifball is definately a good choice for the weekly. 😉

  15. GN says:

    Man, playing Flagstravaganza, I am amazed at how many stupid people there are in Halo Reach. I bring the flag like 2 feet away from our flag capture, and get killed by a sniper. Three guys are AROUND the flag, but don’t even bother touching it. Seriously… idiots! Playing neutral flag on Enclosed, the freaking morons that I’m teamed up with take the longest route to capture our flag, instead of just taking it and running back in 4 seconds. Idiots! =(

    • GN says:

      Why does the K/D even count for a mode like Flagstravaganza. If I’m the only player trying to get the flag and I die 20 times, that ruins my K/D. While my teammates that are just screwing around benefit…. They should make it so that K/D does not count at all (for stat purposes I mean).

  16. DrDave says:

    Wow, just got 26,600 jackpot on my 3rd game of flagstravaganza. I got 19,200 last weekend on whatever that jackpot was. Are these super jackpots really that common?

    • GN says:

      They happen once a day Friday/Saturday/Sunday – time when day ends is 12AM EST. This week it’s Flagstravaganza with 21k. So many idiots on that playlist right now though. They don’t even care about the flags.

  17. GN says:

    Whoops I meant PST.

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