Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 13th June

The new weekly challenge is as below, click Read More to view the commentary:

That’s Dedication, Holmes – Complete 150 game in mutliplayer Matchmaking this week – 10,000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Similar to the daily challenges about completing games, some are much quicker than others. Infection is my go to for quick games, it can be 12 minutes long, but usually you’re only looking at 5 or 6 minutes. Grifball’s the same, it’s possible to finish a Grifball game in about 2 minutes if you’re just grabbing the bomb and scoring. Yes it’s boring because that’s not what makes Grifball fun, but at least it works towards the challenge! Halo Ball (not Extreme) can be really quick too, but of course you’re running a risk with much longer Action Sack games coming up.

Note this says to just complete the games, so you don’t have any requirement to actually win those games, or play in any particular fashion. So if you’re going to be doing 150, you might as well try something different. Jump in a Rumble Put, or Big-Team Battle, or any game type you’ve not played before and give it a whirl. You might discover that Objective is the best thing since Firefight.

And really, don’t do this straight away by playing stuff specifically. We have not only Game Night to come this week which will have lots of multiplayer going on to help out with this, plus you’ll have your usual daily challenges (and multiplayer Matchmaking Friday especially) to help you achieve this.

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79 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 13th June

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  2. Corporal Alexei says:

    Urgh…..21 games per day. Definately attainable, but not for me over the course of the week. There will certainly be days where I hit this mark, but not everday. Oh well. Here’s hoping for a long overdue firefight weekly next week!

  3. Scruff UK says:

    Ah. I was hoping for something better after last week’s – something in Firefight would’ve been ideal, or perhaps the speculated ‘Survive 7 (or 77) Minutes on Lone Wolf’ challenge, or even one of those cheap Campaign challenges that you can do in 2 minutes. Considering I normally play 20-30 games a week, asking me to play 22 games a day is just a little silly. At least last week’s challenge turned me from a Grifball novice into someone who, by last night, was generally getting the highest kills per game when playing with randoms. This challenge seems to have no such skill-giving bonus, unless it’s “learn how to win at Grifball really quickly”.

    Still, for everyone else who thinks this challenge stinks – let’s just not do it, not whinge about it, and carry on with our business. 10,000 cR isn’t worth it anyway, we’ll get that just from a couple of the non-Matchmaking Daily challenges this week.

    On the other hand, for those who do want to do this challenge as quickly as possible: a party of 8 people “playing” Grifball should be able to do this in – at 2 minutes per game including loading times – around 5 hours. And when I say “playing”, I mean that someone just runs the bomb to the goal and everyone else does precisely nothing. Repeat to fade. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it due to the constant threat of the banhammer for going AFK, but the option is there for you 😉

    • Sergeant Jinto says:

      Just designate one person on one team to go for the bomb while everyone else kills each other for fun? That would pretty much guarantee that everyone is doing something, and wouldn’t trigger the banhammer.

    • Ian (FearTheTurtle06) says:

      I agree that we boycott this one. They do keep stats on these things and if a huge part of the bungie.net community fails to achieve this maybe they will learn that people do have other things to do in a week besides play reach.

      • MadAmericanTaco says:

        Don’t boycott just play and have fun! It is Bungie’s job to keep us playing and mixing it up. If we had the same thing every week or it was say only complete 50 games everyone would complain that it was too easy or too boring and Bungie doesent take us seriously. Personaly I have only completed 4 weekly challenges cause I can’t do LASO and some are just downright tedious but still they are designed to be fun, not easy and most of all provide some form of bragging rights for the people who actually complete them. Scruff said it right “let’s just not do it, not whinge about it, and carry on with our business”, enjoy, have fun and just play the game cause that is what we really love to do anyway.

  4. Sergeant Jinto says:

    Bah, another Multiplayer-oriented weekly challenge that I probably wont get. Especially since I’ve kinda picked up the addiction of playing Mass Effect. @_@

    • Niisama Broham says:

      Wooo! Mass Effect! I’ve been on that as well for the past week. Just got the level 60 achievement yesterday.

      Now trying to finish the game on Insanity then I may start a third (pure biotics) character. That game never gets old!

      • Braythor says:

        Mass Effect’s been high on my list of ‘to play’ games for a while now (I only got a 360 18 months ago so had a lot of catching up to do). Is it truly as good as everyone says it is? It takes a really good game to make me commit to seeing it through when it’s so big, eg Dragon Age Origins I liked but stopped playing after 20-odd hours because it just didn’t quite have that edge to it…

      • Niisama Broham says:

        I was the same way. I got my 360 in 2009; Mass Effect came out in 2007. I learned about Mass Effect before its release and figured I’d try it one day but wasn’t in a hurry.

        All I can say is if you’ve played other Bioware games in the past (namely: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; Jade Empire; Baldur’s Gate series) and enjoyed them, Mass Effect should be a pleasure as well.

        The catch is Dragon Age: Origins… you say you didn’t quite enjoy that. Mass Effect is similar except the setting is own our Milky Way galaxy rather than a fantasy world. Bioware games tend to focus on story telling, dialogue and richness of character/party members. If you enjoy that element in games, you’ll enjoy Mass Effect and it will live up to the hype you’ve been hearing.

      • Pillar of Fire(Lex) says:

        Braythor – Mass Effect is an amazing experience that every Shooter and RPG fan should experience! Both 1 and 2 are just as good in my opinion. I like playing 2 more because the armory system has been fixed, hence I no longer have to go through a list with 50 Kesslers 1,2,&3’s lol. I also find that Mass Effect is nothing like Dragon age, there are more differences than similarities between the two. The biggest difference is the combat and the biggest similarity is the developers. As for this terrible weeky Bungie stuck us with, 150 games realy Bungie? Really!?! 22 games a day? After spending all last week grinding in Matchmaking you reward us with even more MM grinding with a smaller reward? Really?! Lol I’m boycotting the weekly and playing LA Noire this week! 🙂

      • Shawn (Gamertag: txmade1986) says:

        Can’t wait for Mass Effect 3 next year! Pretty cool that it will be compatible with the Kinect

  5. Ian (FearTheTurtle06) says:

    I was just thinking to myself last week that while 1000 kills is a bit of a grind, at least its not as much a grind as the play 77 games that they had a while back. Then here comes this doubling the game total. With 10000cR, the payout just isn’t worth the time. I can’t play 22 games a day (wifey would get pissed) so I’ll be skipping this one and just playing what I can.

    • Woody says:

      I can definitely relate to wiretapping being upset. Lol
      I’m surprise that she was willing to help me out when it came to last week’s challenge.

    • Bah Bodenkurk says:

      Yeah, there’s something to be said about those of us that have wives who don’t play video games. I can’t do the LASO challenges, and these grind ones are easy, but the time they take cause friction between my wife and me.

    • Niisama Broham says:

      Yep, I agree.

      One or two days a week – playing for 2-4 hours usually isn’t an issue… but everyday for hours straight after work? May as well grab a blanket and sleep in my gaming chair.

      My XBOX has already been dubbed Xboxena, the mistress.

      • Defender77 says:

        LOL, mine is called the Other Woman too…but the iPhone has a similar label and apparently I touch it more than the Other Woman now and it may cause problems with my relationship with both my real wife and my 1st mistress. All I can say is…my wife and Xbox both need touch screens installed ASAP. 🙂

      • Niisama Broham says:

        Hehe… Defender, sounds like you have it worse. I work with computers a bit so I guess she doesn’t see the other devices as “mistresses” just the XBOX. She also has a quirky sense of humor so I don’t know.

        All I know is as long as I can keep a balance between the wife and Xboxena (90% to 10% balance in favor of the wife) then I’m good. And playing at least 20 games of MM everyday for the next 7 days is not going to bode well for the mistress or I… I may come home from work one day (probably Wed. or Thurs.) and find Xboxena gone with a ransom note in her place knowing my mischievous wife. Then the weekly is screwed anyway…

      • The Fired Goon says:

        My box already cost me one marriage. And that broad was a gamer. So lessons learned kids. Love your Halo, but love your ladies MORE!

      • Matthew Vose says:

        *hugs Goon*

        I couldn’t have said it better. And I’ve been trying.

  6. MadAmericanTaco says:

    I think that if they raised to cR reward for the weekly people would have more interest in it, cause like you said I can get 10k cR in like 4 games of FF which kind of takes the fun out of it. However thanks to last week’s challenge I managed to advance my close quarters commendation to gold and because of quite a few people being AFK in Griftball got silver on rear admiral. So the benefit isn’t always the total amount but everything else you get along the way! Just keep playing and if you find yourself close to 150 by the end of the week then it might be worth going for just to get the cR boost and another weekly in the bag.

  7. John says:

    Do they have automated idle detection and kicking now? I’ve seen some people idling for a while then quitting but I didn’t know if it was automatic rather than the person just quitting, I seem to remember Bungie claiming they were now auto-kicking idlers in FF but nothing about matchmaking.

    Before anyone says it I know you’d think no-one would dream of idling after the massive round of bans and resets for Firefight but I’m still seeing plenty people idling and my worry is that’s going to massively increase this week if there is no auto-kick.


    • MadAmericanTaco says:

      My wife and I have a 3 month old and last weekend he woke up and needed to eat, well we were in the middle of a game of griftball so she put her controller down and went to feed him, after the game ended I backed out and when she gave me the OK I started a new match but she didn’t get back till the end. After that one ended I got a pop up saying that my profile has been blocked for online cR because of illegal activity, after that I got another one that said my console has been banned. I had to wait a full 24 hours before playing online again 😦 So the banhammer is out there but I don’t know how they make the decisions cause I have seen a lot of people AFK for full games of FF only to get partied up with them 2 more times in a row!? Seems like more of a random check of certian servers/hosts instead of constant enforcement for everyone.

      • FireySplork says:

        Once I was playing Swat and my bud had to answer the door. It was a very pushy salesman and we had to deal with him. We got back just as I got assasinated and the game ended. For me, It told me that I had to wait 24 hours. For him it was two weeks but he didnt get a credit reset. So watch out for and always exit your game.

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        Same thing happened to me about 3weeks ago. My dad always calls from work when I’m in the middle of a game and the craps on for 5-10 mins, then 3 weeks ago I logged on and it said my accout and console had been banned from earning credits for 2 weeks 😦 but I just accepted it because technically I had been AFKing even though it was not my fault… Oh well. Just harden up princess.

      • John says:

        MadAmericanTaco – I think you’re right about the lack of consistency as it sounds like you’ve been unlucky to get hit hard like that for a one off. I didn’t like the weekly challenge from the start as it’s just a grind but my main worry was idlers and sadly it looks like I’m right, every game I’ve played this evening has had at least one person idling and several more in others. It’s really not much fun when half the team are idling regardless of whether it’s your team or the others as it just ruins it.

        I’d really hoped Bungie had proper idle protection before setting a challenge where idling would clearly be massively beneficial but clearly not. Looks like not only will I not be bothering with the weekly but probably not going to be doing much matchmaking either.


  8. Woody says:

    Looks like another week of grifball for me, which is fine since last week was the first I actually played it. I feel in love with it and don’t mind going at it again, though it would’ve been nice to see a firefight weekly.

    • The Fired Goon says:

      Grifball might be the best “sports” game I have ever played. but that list IS short being just a handful of NHL and a couple of Wii games..ha!

  9. FireySplork says:

    I need to get a lot of games in anyways, Im trying to rank up to hero and ive got 680000 left. I only have two weeks before I leave for 7 weeks and dont see my xbox. Hopefully I can get a couple jackpots here and there to help me rank up. Im usually start playing around 10 – 11 pm eastern time. If anyone wants to join me in the quest for rapid games. Go ahead.

    Send Friend Request to: FireySplork

    • Frenchy says:

      Be advised my friend, Bungie has a daily CR earn limit of approx. 120000/day. I ran into this limit during the 1000 kill weekly. I hit 20000, 6000, and two 3000 jackpots. The jackpots plus credits earned from 40 Grifball games put me in a 100 to 120k neighborhood. I have a friend who has ran into this limit 3 times. He was trying to earn enough to buy armor effects. He thought the limit to be 350k. He’s a Halo beast, I’m not. There is NO WAY I could earn 350k in a day. The limit is much, much smaller than that.

  10. Tom says:

    As much as I hate not doing challenges, I won’t be able to do this. disappointing.

  11. Hobocore says:

    Unfortunately not something I’ll be able to complete. I didn’t even do last week’s challenge because I simply don’t play unless i have a few friends online.

  12. Braythor says:

    Damn, was really hoping for a firefight week. Oh well…

    This is a big ask for a lot of people I think, and agree with what’s been said about just playing. On the other hand it could be boosted – I believe the banhammer strikes on full party idle boosting but if it’s organised, so say for example everyone go for the bomb with the agreement to let the first person to pick it up score, then it’s fine. Not a huge amount of fun to be had through that though.

    • MadAmericanTaco says:

      If there are no objections I would like to form a mini game night for us in the Americas on Friday night starting at 10pm est. Only objective is reaching the 150 as fast a possiable, using Braythor’s method and possiably griftball evolved we can knock it out in a few hours.

      I’ve never tried this before but we if we get a group of 8 all with headsets we can all avoid the banhammer and get 10k cR pretty eaisly, leaving the rest of the week for casual gaming and daily challenges.

      Hit me up either here or on XBL my profile name is Leroy789

      • Matthew Vose says:

        That’s fine Mad, would you want host a part on Saturday night – when we did a poll about it that seemed pretty popular.

      • MadAmericanTaco says:

        Friday would be best for me but if the group wants to do it on Sat at the same time I can deal with that! Since I have never been a host or even a participant in a game night (new to wordpress.com) can you let me know what I need to do for coodination and if you have any specific guidelines for play? I suppose all we really need to do is find out who is in and split them up into groups of 8 then assign leaders but I just want to be sure!

      • MadAmericanTaco says:

        All if you are in for a game night on Sat starting at 10pm est send me a friend request to my XBL profile Leroy789 and I will get started on spliting us up into groups of 8.

      • Matthew Vose says:

        No all that happens if you sign on, we’ll advertise you’ll be there as PL (updating page/posts on Thursday or Friday) and people send you friend requests. They then join your party and you start playing. Simples!

      • MadAmericanTaco says:

        Looks like a Sat. game night of griftball didn’t pan out 😦 Oh well Hopefully next week the challenge will be better! On a good not I managed to level up twice since Wed, tonight is the night I hit Col 3 and start chipping away at Brigader! Hope to see some of you online tonight!

  13. onza says:

    Definitely not doing this one. Really weak payout for squeezing out free time between work and everyday life. Hope next week is a FF weekly.

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  15. Thazmo says:

    Last weeks challenge, even though it was a huge grind, is nothing compared to this.
    Played 30 games by the time I got 1000kills so doing that 5 times, no dice bungie.
    They need to do less grinding challenges, get some firefight ones or bring back the vidmasters 😀

  16. Atreides says:

    Whoever determines the credit distribution per challenge @ Bungie should be quartered then put on a water board then sent to North Korea. 150 games? Hello, work? Life? Family? Not all of us are 13 on summer break holding a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew in one hand and our remote in the other. Come on Bungie don’t make me go back to Black Ops.

    • plstubblefield says:

      Well said, Chris! Hear, hear!

      When I was 13, the only computer I had access to was the TRS-80 at the local Radio Shack. The manager would let my friend and me come in after school and spend an hour programming primitive graphics, presumably so that paying customers would think, “Hey, if those junior high kids can program a computer, then so can I!” 😉

      • Chris Atreides says:

        Yeah that brings me back to playing Gunship on the Commador 64. To be young with a coke classic and a bag of cheese doritos. 😉 Onward.


  17. michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

    Yep, i dont think im gonna go for this weekly challenge either. Damn like a lot of other people i was really wanting a Firefight challenge. If not that then another LASO would have worked for me. It would be nice if we got some harder dailys with a better payout too. The kill 120 enemies in Firefight is getting old. I guess i will be playing Hunted The Demons Forge for a few days. 🙂

  18. SensoryFour34 says:

    Not too impressed with the Weekly. I’m gonna be gone most of the day this week, so I’m not getting this one done. Also, what exactly is “Rumble Put”? I’ve heard of Rumble Pit, but not Put.

  19. Mister X says:

    Well, i’m not doing the week challenge.

  20. dn hrt porkfish says:

    ridiculously low payout for hours upon hours 7 days a week 😦

  21. sevonica says:

    10k credits? you can get that in 2-3 games easy. blah. not worth hours spent playing mindless griffball – esp after doing that last week for the kills challenge!

  22. Reaperville says:

    Yeah, another ‘no’ vote here. I hammered Grifball last week, got the weekly AND it got me to General. Champagne all round.

    But having done the maths (or ‘math’, depending on where you are!) – this week’s is just not realistic for me. If the payout was worth it I’d maybe find a way to give it a shot, but for 10,000? Let’s be honest, in Grifball you’re going to see very low-earning games as people just run to score – so it’s not even like 10,000 on top of the 150,000 which the games should easily net you otherwise.

    No biggie though. I’ll do the dailys, plus I have a couple of commendations to work on, and Legendary campaign to progress. I also recently discovered a button on the front of my 360 which lets me take the Reach disk out and play other games. Had almost forgotten that was there!

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      Lol, I’ve never heard of that button! Tell me more?

    • Frenchy says:

      Careful Reaper, Bungie has a daily CR earn limit of approx. 120000/day. I ran into this limit during the 1000 kill weekly. I hit 20000, 6000, and two 3000 jackpots. The jackpots plus credits earned from 40 Grifball games put me in a 100 to 120k neighborhood. I have a friend who has ran into this limit 3 times. He was trying to earn enough to buy armor effects. He thought the limit to be 350k. He’s a Halo beast, I’m not. There is NO WAY I could earn 350k in a day. The limit is much, much smaller than that.

  23. Shane says:

    Yeah, I think I’m joining the consensus here. Those “Love of the game” challenges are usually ridiculous and this is a 7 day version of the worst of those. I also have a love of the outside, Bungie!

    On Saturday, I hit the daily credit cap around game 15 (I had played several games of FF to max out my last easy commendation) so I stopped playing. If they’re going to lump these challenges in every so often, FF games should be included. I’ll have to see whether there’s an Optimatch thread about that or maybe 343 will set up some feedback thingy.

  24. The Fired Goon says:

    Two things…
    1) 21 games a day…roughly…big time grind.
    But to say “the 10k isn’t worth it” is insane. Because the working of this should net you a couple hundred thousand at minimum.Tha’ts like being payed to rank up. And THAT is always worth it in my eyes.

    B) I skimmed over the Weekly Playlist update popup on the main menu and can’t seem to find it’s contents on the internet…I read something about 3x Jackpots in BTB but you have to play X amount of Invasion games first or something…please someone to be explaining…THANKS!!

    • Don says:

      They are only doing 10k because the daily limit of credits you can earn is 120k. Daily and weekly challenges count towards the daily limit. Only the weekend jackpots don’t count towards your daily limit. In my opinion they should jump that to 200k or 300k so we can get 100k weeklies.

      Weekend jackpots give you 3k every 3 or 4 games in the specified playlists, and the special jackpot (like last weekends 21k for playing in Flagstravaganza) you have to play the playlist it is specified in until you get the jackpot. It is random, but will be rewarded within 20 games. I normally play 2 to 12 games before I get mine. Got last weekends on my 6th game.

      • SlimEel94 says:

        The increase in cR for weeklies like this would be a good idea but putting them to high would mean that the early ranks such as warrant officer would never be experienced. If this happened occasionally like the jackpots its a gift and you welcome it with open arms but when it becomes a regular thing all players will be around brigadier without actually developing any skill in the game. personally I’d love a 50k weekly just to be able to rank up but then I’d feel slightly let down that all my hard work to get to where I am in the game after months of hard work can be accomplished by someone on summer break in a matter of weeks. Still if there are cR ro earn I’m gonna try my hardest to get them even if it is ‘perform 1 assassination in matchmaking’

    • Braythor says:

      The update said something called BTB Allstars will be on for a day near the end of the month (can’t remember exact date), during which BTB will have 3X bonus jackpots. To be eiligible to play in it, and to get a star on your nameplate, you have to play 5 games of Invasion between today and next Monday (20th).

    • Reaperville says:

      Thing is tho TFG – I intially thought about it like that too (and I admit I’m talking purely about Grifball here, which is my go-to game for volume kills) – but from what I already experienced tonight, most people are teaming up and just running for the goal.

      Usually 150 random games of Grifball would earn you a lot. But with lots of people playing for the weekly and just wanting to score as quickly as possible, I don’t feel the considerable time investment is worth the routinely low payouts for an extra 10k.

      • The Fired Goon says:

        If points are what your after, i agree, this week at least, I don’t think Grifball is going to be where you want to be playing. Squad Slayer and Invasion here I come.

  25. Will says:

    What does it mean, if you’re playing a game of Grifball, and everyone you’re playing with has Purple flames coming out of their helmets, and you start spawning outside of the game board, as in different parts of the forge world? My user name is wcline, and I saved a file in my file share called WOW. Was that kids hacking the game?

    • Scruff UK says:

      Certainly sounds like it. I’ll try and remember to watch your video and will get back to you!

    • John says:

      I’ve watched your replay but no-one has purple flames on them and the couple of times you respawned outside the arena was due to one of the other players timing his swings to propel himself up onto the side of the arena and out of bounds which seems to screw up new player spawns.


      • Will says:

        It was the game before it with the crazy helmets. I figured it out tonight, they’re Bungie Staff. Play against a whole lot of them anywhere I went. Hadn’t seen that before.

      • Scruff UK says:

        ^ They’re blue flames, and they’ve been given out to everyone via an iPhone app.

        It’s been discussed in multiple posts on here, and in the Bungie weekly update, and in just about every Halo-related comment thread anywhere in the world.

        Does no-one read anything anymore?

      • John says:

        Scruff – clearly not! I assumed the purple was meant to indicate it was hacked as it wasn’t either the orange or blue.


      • MadAmericanTaco says:

        I downloaded the app and got my blue flames the day it came out. On a related note I recieved about 20 messages from people that either accused me of hacking Reach or asking me for tips on how they can mod like me???? WTF?????

        Anyway I have 3 of the special nameplates left to gift so for all my peeps who who don’t have an iPhone reply to this post and I will gift it to you! Remember I only have 3 left so first post first served!!!


  26. CallUpChuck says:

    Okay, I still have a little bit of faith in Bungie in creating sensible challenges. So with the benefit of the doubt, there must be some players who could spend a few minutes per game. There is no way that Bungie could expect 21 games of ~10 minutes each per day.

    And has anyone noticed that new BTB All Stars playlist coming soon? There are record numbers in the invasion playlist right now, it’s great!

  27. Shawn (Gamertag: txmade1986) says:

    100 down, 50 to go… Grinding Grifball to death!

  28. Sean says:

    I’m not even trying this week. I think I have 4 so far . After losing interest and giving up at 600 MM kills last week, it became very clear that Firefight is worth way more cR in the end. The new FF doubles attack: Arcadefight (which I’m loving) is worth a solid 4000 cR every game – more if the other player quits (which seems to happen a good half the time). I think I got 5500 on one yesterday without any challenge points.

    Why couldn’t they do 150 games ANY matchmaking, let us FF’ers get it on it too? It’s not like FF is faster than a MM game

    • Shane says:

      Yeah, I don’t understand why they didn’t let FF doesn’t contribute to this or any of the “Complete x games” challenges.

  29. MadAmericanTaco says:

    Does anyone know if they are running another super jackpot anytime soon? Or are they just going to be running the normal ones over this weekend?

    • Scruff UK says:

      Super Jackpots are on every weekend, in a different playlist each time. You can win it once on Friday, once on Saturday, one on Sunday. This weekend it’s Team Objective, with a Super Jackpot of 24,000 cR.

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