18th June – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentary:

  1. Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1000 cR
  2. Sweep the Leg – Perform an Assassination in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR
  3. Short, Controlled Bursts – Kill 50 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today – 1000 cR
  4. Home Field Advantage – Win 4 game in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1600 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1000 cR

If you want to do this specifically (as you’ll probably getting it just playing for the other challenges) then jump into something on Score Attack, maybe Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or Fiesta Attack to get it done quickly and rack up the kills.

Sweep the Leg – Perform an Assassination in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1000 cR

So many options for assassinations – you can stealth it and hide somewhere to take someone out as they run past (Sword Base’s hallways, Pinnacle and Uncaged in the lofts etc). You can play Halo Ball Extreme (my favourite for this) as the massive map often means you’ll end up with someone not knowing you’re behind them at some point. Or just play normally – if you find someone AFK then you’re quids in.

Short, Controlled Bursts – Kill 50 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today – 1000 cR

Automatic weapons are those that fire repeatedly, namely the Assault Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Plasma Rifle, Needler and Spiker. In Campaign you want a mission with lots and lots of enemies quickly. As usual, Winter Contingency’s a good one as it’s not too hard, and the enemies come quickly. Stick to Normal difficulty so you don’t have to spend too long. There are tricks in some places like Rally Point Bravo on The Package where you can get a checkpoint just before a group of Grunts so you can take out 5 quickly, then restart checkpoint and do it again.

Home Field Advantage – Win 4 game in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1600 cR

Stick to Team Slayer/SWAT/Snipers/Objective/Grifball/Action Sack etc for this. In those there are only two teams so your chances of winning are greatly improved. If you find a group of guys you play well with then stick with them.

I’m hearing reports that Team Objective is the Super Jackpot this weekend. I’ve not seen a post confirming this yet, so if anyone can link to confirmation in the comments please do. Thanks Tobias, turns out Jackpots are confirmed when you turn on Reach. Good news.

Update –


36 Responses to 18th June – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Juggernaut says:

    Jug here again
    This is my second first comment
    Im on a roll

    Btw the assassination challenge can be easily gained in any playlist without a radar, like snipers or swat
    Just keep running circles around the map and hopefully you’ll find a camper

  2. Just fired up Reach and got the “Free Stuff” message confirming that Team Objective is the Super Jackpot Weekend. Daily jackpot: 24000 cR. The message also talks about Blue Flames coming on Bungie day (and available now if you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch!

    • Juggernaut says:

      If you download the app you also get the bungie and star nameplates as well as the eternal armor effect

      “burn bright. Burn blue”
      Remember Reach

      • SapEE says:

        What’s that app called ?

      • Matthew Vose says:

        Bungie Mobile. It’s iPhone only atm.

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        Is the app only on iPhone or can you get it on the Touch too?

      • iTouch will work. if you can use the iTunes app store to get your apps, you should be able to get the bungie mobile app.

      • michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        Whenever i pulled up itunes on my laptop it says i can download it. Anyone know if you can download it to the computer and use the Bungie app from there without an Iphone or whatever? I was just wondering because as much as im on the Bungie.net site i havent seen anyone saying you can do it from a computer.

      • has to be done from the app.

  3. mickoboy90 says:

    Im not gonna bother with campaign challenge as there is super jackpot 🙂 but should manage the rest of them in team objective

  4. Edward (Marshy 40) says:

    Nice and easy today, as most contribute to the weekly. Got a nice 8-run win on team objective, including the super jackpot, and also completed the weekly! I is a happy camper.

  5. John says:

    2 questions: I just got the supper jackpot. Can I get more than 1 today, and if not, is there any point to playing objective compared to something else? And is anyone here gonna finish the weekly challenge? I started late and dont think I can finish

    • i don’t think you can get it again today but you should be able to tomorrow so no, probably no point in sticking to TO.

    • Stephen says:

      I’m going to try and finish the weekly as I’m at 124/150 , but I have to work a lot this weekend so it’ll be close!

    • Shane says:

      I’m confused on that point. I’ve played the last three Fridays and not gotten the jackpot until just after 3am PST which should probably count as Saturday. Last night I got two jackpots – one at 7pm PST and the other at 2.15AM PST. So either you can get two jackpots a day or else the jackpots reset at a different time to the challenges. The Bungie forums are more confusing than helpful there and the official explanations even differ. Maybe they reset at 12am PST?

      • John says:

        I find it odd as well, each week I find I either get the jackpot very quickly (within five games, usually on the second) or I don’t get it all. I can’t figure out if there is a timing issue or what.


      • Stephen says:

        My belief is that the Super Jackpot resets at 12am PST, because the announcement is released at 12pm PST (or at least I think it is… it just takes a while for the message to get to everyone). But I also hate having to play an absurd amount of games to get this jackpot… I think they should have a limit of at least 20 games, so in the case you haven’t gotten it after 19 games you get it on your 20th. Right now I’ve played 16 games of Team Objective, and I guess I’ll try a few more times, but give me a break you know?

      • Stephen says:

        I should clarify my first point… it should say 12pm PST on Friday so the super jackpot for friday would stop at 12am PST that night, and then begin for Saturday. This would also explain your situation.

      • Scruff UK says:

        The super jackpots run until midnight PST on Sunday, so that would fit in to the 12am theory. And I’ve heard that there *is* a 20 game limit on hitting it, but I’ve never actually put it to the test.

        Weird thing – got the Super Jackpot yesterday, but it didn’t show in the Credit report after the game. Right at the end of the game I saw the little “+25000 cR” (ish) in the bottom left of the screen, but the Credit report itself only gave me a few hundred in the slot machine. And my total score of 2,240 according to the Credit report managed to take me from 75,000 cR or so in the bank to over 100,000 cR.
        Moral of the story – make sure that you know how much cR you’ve got before going into each game for the Super Jackpot, because you might actually hit it and not realise you’ve done it!

      • Shane says:

        Thanks for the replies. 12am PST sounds like the reasonable explanation.

  6. Connor Owns says:

    I have had over 20 matches now an no jackpot still, and i hate team objective too!

    • John says:

      Me too on both counts…played a fair few games and no jackpot. Also really hating Team Objective which many people seem more bothered about their K/D ratio, I won a game -16 on kills because the other team couldn’t care less about the objective. Plus this week there’s the added bonus of loads of idlers thanks to that stupid weekly challenge, just finished a game and on looking through the players to submit negative player reviews for one quitter and idler I found my other team-mate had moved briefly then switched to idling although the other team’s idler at least gave me the assassination.

      Will maybe see if there’s people on here playing tomorrow night instead otherwise I don’t think I’ll bother as I risk breaking my control pad in half although playing with randoms on team games after a 14 hour shift at work probably has me a little more grumpy.


      • i’ll probably be on for a bit if you want. 🙂

      • Braythor says:

        I’ll likely be on too. Do I have you in my friends list? I think I probably do but I assume your gt isn’t John… I’m getting annoyed with idlers and k/d folk too, as I actually like team objective (well most of them).

      • John says:

        Braythor, we’ve played quite a few times on the gamenights but I don’t think you’re on my friends list so I’ll send you an invite. I forgot I’ve got a talk on this evening on the psychology of luck but will hopefully see if anyone’s online after that.

        snickerdoodle, any luck with the jackpot yourself?


  7. Tom says:

    So pissed, I jumped down and assassinated someone, the game ended mid-animation and the challenge didn’t register.

    • ehhhh good thing assassinations are easy to come by. 😉

      • Tom says:

        Yeah, true story. Got it next game. It was annoying at the time though.

    • John says:

      I was waiting for my assassination to go wrong and not get the challenge…I’m rubbish at them I guess because I normally try and avoid them, while it is satisfying it’s time lost to either be killed or where you should be killing.

  8. aaron says:

    completed all daily challenges and played well over 40 TO games and still no jackpot. And my chances of winning are high because i regularly finish games

  9. Paul says:

    How about a ‘Weekend Jackpot’ section on the blog to go with the Daily/Weekly challenges?

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Hey Paul, welcome to RDC. That’s an interesting idea, what would you imagine seeing on that page? There’s a couple of issues sticking in my head with that:

      1 – It’s not always that easy to find out about the jackpots. Hopefully it now becomes a standard that at some point on Friday it tells you when you boot up Reach, which makes that easier.
      2 – There’s not a huge amount of discussion to have on it. There’s a jackpot. It’s in this playlist. Play it a lot and you might get it. Yes some will get it first game, and some will get it after a lot of games. There’s a finite number of times (I hope) you can have those comments

      On the flip side, people searching for the jackpot might find the site, which is always good given fewer and fewer are playing Reach these days, and hence reading RDC.

      What I am thinking following your comment – how about a text entry on the right column that says ‘Super Jackpot’ and then lists where it is and for what dates it applies to. I’ll add it now and see how it’s received (and if anyone notices!!) 🙂

      • Paul says:

        You’ve captured the idea perfectly.

        My thinking was: At the simplest, the page will be the verbatim text from the splash screen – I assume it’s the same for everyone. I’m usually not the first on the xbox so I don’t get to see the splash screen and (as you say) trying to find detail on the Jackpot anywhere else isn’t easy! Checking RDC is easier/quicker than trying to bounce an 11-yr old off his xbox and fits with it being a great source of Reach info. My ranking has certainly improved immensely since I found it a couple of months ago.

        I agree that discussion could be limited, but the Jackpots do seem to be featuring in the Daily comments at the moment and who knows where they may go in the future?

        BTW, for The Little Guys challenge, Nightfall-Alpha-Waterfront is the place to go. 8 Grunts and an Elite in 15 seconds, rinse and repeat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNXuGBVDZvk

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