1st August – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR
  2. Blast Radius – Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades – 1000 cR
  3. Aggressive Negotiations – Earn at least 17 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1700 cR
  4. Grunt Spelunking – Kill 125 enemies on Glacier in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

So you could do this in one game of Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or some of the other variants. If you can get 2x Score Attack on Glacier today you’ve got a good chance of getting all the FF challenges in one, as you can keep restocking grenades and use them on every enemy you can.

Blast Radius – Kill 40 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades – 1000 cR

As above, anything on Glacier to help with the fourth challenge, but ideally a 2X Score Attack so you can get the 120 too. Pick up Plasma Grenades from the Grunts and Brutes to use them, but keep picking up normal grenades from the ammo crate to help keep your supply up.

Aggressive Negotiations – Earn at least 17 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1700 cR

17 in one game is fairly achievable in Team Slayer, Squad Slayer or Team SWAT. Crazy King or Oddball in Multi-Team should get you there in one game if you can get either of those variants, remember to take it slow and don’t rush in to battles, pick people off after other players have shot them up. If you can lay your hands on the Sword or Hammer and use Active Camo you can go on a decent run. Of course our old friend Grifball is really the king of large kill volumes, even I could get 17 in that (probably). I’ve found Halo Ball Extreme to be really good for kills too, although might be harder to get as it’s in Action Sack.

Grunt Spelunking – Kill 125 enemies on Glacier in Firefight Matchmaking – 1100 cR

If you go in Firefight Arcade you’ll be able to get this assuming there’s only one or two people playing. If you go via Score Attack variants chances are it’ll take two games unless you can get 2x Score Attack where the drop pods up the total enemy count, but that’ll probably still be the same time if not faster. Frankly take whatever game types it offers you on Glacier just to get this done since you can’t guarantee you’ll get what you want.

Don’t forget to check out the latest Weekly Challenge, and we’ll be hitting Multiplayer on Game Night on Thursday to play a whole variety of game types!

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47 Responses to 1st August – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. porottaja says:

    It is Firefight Monday!

  2. chrisllama says:

    D: man more firefight, atleast i can get started on the weekly early, its 3:20 AM!

  3. MadAmericanTacos says:

    SOOOOOOOO glad there is no flat tire today, I played Holdout like 5 times and destroyed at least 15 banshies with ONLY 3 counting toward the five! I got so mad I just gave up 😦

    On the other hand I finnaly made it a point to kill that Gold Elite on WC, since I had been missing him every time before yesterday I took out my Flat Tire rage on him lol Even after he was dead I just pummled him for like 3 minutes…

    • Noobwarrior523 says:

      If you dont splatter him he doesn’t die.I punched him in the face, 5 times, until he died.

    • Shane says:

      The vehicle kills have been pretty well explained on the blog – I one miss them now when I accidentally snipe the grunt from the ghost rather than the ghost (there’s a nice trick here if the ghost is still on the dropship though).

      Matthew, would you be up for adding some article pages on these types of common problems (vehicle kills, where to find sticky grenades, links to speed run tutorials, end of level glitch)? That way we could just link to them. Maybe have a main article and periodically the useful comments get folded back into the article? I’d be willing to contribute towards any Grounded tips or anything else I know about.

  4. Scruff 815 says:

    If anyone wants a game of Doubles to increase the chances of getting Glacier later, hit me up 🙂

    • SlimEel94 says:

      I may take you up on that but my Internet is being annoyingly slow and laggy on Halo! If you’re on at about 1am I will join but don’t laugh at my lack of accuracy. Oh how I love lag!!

  5. Thazmo says:

    Rumble pit can be helpful for the 17 kills challenge 🙂

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Usually my favourite mode for that challenge too, but given what the weekly is, I’m just going to try and get this one from a team game for once 🙂

      • lolGTFOplz says:

        scruff care if i add you when i get home? 1.41 K/D atm, looking to get a good start on the weekly

    • Homicidal Burger says:

      I’m so bad at Rumble Pit, I tried it once for the 17 kills and I got 3 just because I would always get taken from behind (don’t be rude people). Big Team Slayer is also quite good for this challenge, even if you’re only an average player (like me).

  6. lolGTFOplz says:

    not too bad of a day full of challanges. Like MadAmericanTacos said, no more flat tire! no campaign challenges is a good day for me! the weekly on the other hand….. guess i’m going to have to make some friends, i always am getting stuck with terrible kids. I’m thinking squad battle, just because it doesn’t have such bad maps. Good luck everyone!

  7. Niisama Broham says:

    I really hate challenges on specific maps! I swear, challenges requiring specific maps cause said map to barely show up in rotation for the day forcing you to either leave countless games or just play though the last map in rotation with a horrid variant list to choose from (Mythic, Skirmigeddon or Crashsite).

    But, maybe its just me. That last challenge on Waterfront a few days ago took like 6 games to complete though. Waterfront wasn’t even in the first three rotation for me.

  8. gans42 says:

    i got the 17 kills a few times in swat actually, scruff and i partnered up, and for the most part we got stuck with crappy teammates, so we got to rack up kills. here is just one example http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/GameStats.aspx?gameid=733643776&player=gans42

    p.s. how do you hyperlink text?

    • lolGTFOplz says:

      you guys had some great teammates! XD

    • chrisllama says:

      I got 36 in a game of swat, if your teamates quit its actually better cause even if they gang up on you its one hit kill 😀 (and if youve ever played 1 on 6 invasion, you know why its better e.e)

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Yeah, gans and I (and 2 other teammates) found ourselves surprisingly stretched against a team of just 2 people. Won, but barely.

        However, having the lame people on your team quit on you would be much better than them running round providing free kills for the other team. I swear this happens every time there’s a “win [x] games” challenge…

        If you see me online then join up, the more the merrier, if we can get a full team together then we should storm through some wins 😀

      • gans42 says:

        this is the 4v2 game we just barely managed to turn around and win

      • Noobwarrior523 says:

        Scruff I would love to join you guys for some swat but idk when I should be on, I might be a bit rusty in swat though, as mostly play infection now,but a couple games and I should be pretty good, I never play team games the reason you guys want a full team,I ALWAYS get the people that only get 1 kill a game. I don’t know when I’ll be on though, my baby cousin was born yesterday so my schedule is all messed up.

      • gans42 says:

        congrats on the new cousin noobwarrior! im on like almost always (and as we found out yesterday were in the same time zone), so i should be on mostly the same times as you, if im on feel free to join me

  9. Homicidal Burger says:

    Sorry, I’m new here, but what’s your gamertag Scruff?

  10. SensoryFour34 says:

    If only we could have had Aggressive Negotiations yesterday. I had an amazing game of SWAT Magnums, and I’m not usually very good at SWAT!

  11. lolGTFOplz says:

    my big game of the weekend… since that’s the popular trend. lol


    almost 2 Aggressive Negotiations. 🙂

  12. I have no idea how to hyperlink anything but i wanted to throw my sons game he had in the other day. http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/GameStats.aspx?gameid=733112579&player=DR HIGGLESTEIN

  13. SensoryFour34 says:

    I’m getting kinda tired of randoms. If anyone wants to join me for some Grifball, please send me a friend request. It’s a lot easier with other people.

  14. 'Cos says:

    Well, here’s my story so far. It’s a horror story…if you’re into those :

    So far today, in my attempt at putting a dent into the “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts” weekly challenge, i have played 10 games of big team battle, of which i have won exactly 0 games. I have had the worst teammates ever so far. The first 9 games i had at least four of the eight players quit on my team; including four games in which i got betrayed by at least one player (for no good reason i might add). I ‘booted’ them all, leaving me with only one or two other players max by the end of the game. Meanwhile, the other team has remained eight strong, and seemed quite coordinated in their efforts. The last game i played, my whole team actually stayed in-tact, with no betrayals. Thank God! While the other team i noticed at one point had only four players left. Problem is…the other team STILL won the game of assault 2-1. Oh my…

    I fear i, too, am growing weary of “the randoms” i get matched up with. I’m taking a break, getting a bite to eat,and gonna play with the dogs…all the meanwhile trying to forget about the past two hours. Hope everyone has better luck. I’ll try again later i suppose…

    • 'Cos says:

      By the way,

      I might be adding some of you to my friends list, especially if you have noted so on here yourself. Don’t add me if you don’t want to…no hard feelings. Best of luck to all…

      – seventh dawg

    • gans42 says:

      yeah i rarely play BTB because i hate randoms and i can never get that large a team together. and yeah feel free to friend me, just know i mostly play swat, grifball, and action sack, and snipers to a lesser extent. i rarely venture in to other game modes (though i do when im in the mood for a change)

      • 'Cos says:

        Thanks, i’ll send a request later. Is gans42 your GT?

        I’m up for playing all gametypes. That way i keep working on ALL commendations. So it’s all good with me. Thanks again…

      • gans42 says:

        yeah its gans42. hit me up, id love to play

    • i’m convinced that BTB is the biggest asshat magnet ever. i hate it with the burning passion of a thousand fiery suns because i always, ALWAYS, get the idiots on my team. i generally avoid BTB, Invasion, and Grifball when i play solo because i’m pretty much guaranteed to get the dipsticks on my team.

      • 'Cos says:

        …but…but, it’s my favorite gametype! 🙂

        I know. The more people one plays with in a game…the bigger the chance to gat the ‘dipsticks’ (good, clean word!) on my team. But i find the overall space of the maps to be metter suited for my style of gameplay; Hence my love for the sniper. But still, i’m not willing to betray for it’s use, unlike many a soul out there. ‘Tis a shame. “I pity the fool”…

      • 'Cos says:

        …that’s what i get for trying to type and eat at the same time. Sorry for the misspellings.

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I know what you mean. I just played a game of Grifball, and this was the result.
        It’s getting kinda ridiculous.

      • gans42 says:

        but you wont even play it when you have a full team 😦

      • …..full team or not, i still hate BTB.

  15. Braythor says:

    Ran through a 2X on Glacier, got 119 so went into a crashsite to finish the two challenges off, ended up surviving for the entire thing! First time I’ve ‘completed’ a crashsite game.

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      I did the same thing. I kept thinking I would lose, so I was surprised when it said five enemies remaining.

      • gans42 says:

        i never tried playing through…i always just thought it was endless enemies until time ran out lol

        noob question, whats the difference between crashsite and gen defense?

      • roughly the same difference, i think. just crashsite is in score attack and gen defense is in “regular” FF MM.

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