3rd August – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Gunslinger – Kill 40 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1200 cR
  2. Hyper Lethal Vector – Kill 100 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR
  3. Nature vs. Nurture – Kill 15 Moa in Winter Contingency on Normal or harder – 2000 cR
  4. Put Your Quarter Up – Complete 15 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1750 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Gunslinger – Kill 40 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1200 cR

Grifball as ever for high kill volumes. You can get 30, 40, 50 and more kills in a good game when you have your timing and eye in with the hammer.

Hyper Lethal Vector – Kill 100 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Gruntpocalypse and 2x Score Attack are great ways of doing this, you should be looking to get a lot of headshots in a game, especially if it’s on a simple map where you can line up the Grunts, like Corvette or Courtyard. If you get to a high number rather than doing a whole game again jump in Crashsite or Generator Defense and only defend until you have your total then give up the goal.

Nature vs. Nurture – Kill 15 Moa in Winter Contingency on Normal or harder – 2000 cR

The Moa are scattered through the first two sections of Winter Contingency, one melee and they drop like a bag of stones. Last time we had this challenge we found you can even do it in Nightfall, go to Rally Point Alpha, run through the valley and you come across a group of four with a checkpoint before them. On Winter Contingency, two run around the corner when starting the mission so you can always just restart that, but I think you may have to sit through the Falcon flight to do so unless you can trigger a checkpoint. There are some more when you first fight Elites, and then more as you drive the truck around the place. You can run them over but it’s harder, I suggest jumping out and shooting or punching them. I reckon there are 15 in the level but a quick two runs would easily get this. I bet somewhere there’s a useful checkpoint just before a group of them too.

Put Your Quarter Up – Complete 15 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1750 cR

Complete these games. Don’t drop out. Get to the end of each. Just play through them. Doesn’t matter if you win or lose. Sorry, I can’t drag out this explanation any further. Is there a way of doing this quickly? Infection is a very fast game type so you’ll probably get it done in 45-60 minutes using that, and Grifball can be very quick depending on if someone goes for the score straight away!

And an amusing moment to share from last night, some dude shot me in red base in Asylum, then started teabagging me (which I don’t mind if I’m being conclusively beaten, but they were definitely losing, the only triumph for him was he ended my spree). I spawned in the middle, and by the time I’d run round the rocks and back into the base he was still teabagging me, with one team mate watching (presumably thinking why did I get paired with this). I didn’t even waste the bullet on him, pummel for him and shoot his mate.


Don’t forget to check out our Game Night hub page for details of the plan for this Thursday. Lots of Multiplayer Matchmaking to have some fun and help everyone on the weekly a bit.


69 Responses to 3rd August – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. spartan says:

    Been trying to do the nature one but the number of Moa killed keep on resetting for me. o.o? are you suppose to kill them all during one run, cause most i found was 14/15.

    • Krandyt says:

      It usually is in one run, there are 15, maybe more?, sometimes they can be hard to spot if theres trees or rocks around, if you’re still having trouble there’s a checkpoint just before the first 2 appear at the start of the level kill them then revert to last save and repeat until done. Hope that helps. 

    • gans42 says:

      not in one run, the 2 times theyve had this challenge i just kept resetting a checkpoint right before the first part with the elites and would pistol snipe a moa

  2. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    I’m loving the Moa and BOB challenges, it’s nice to have variety 🙂
    3 of today’s challenges I will easily be able to do, excluding the 15 games, I just don’t have the time.
    Next week I’m hoping for a “kill x amount of players in multiplayer matchmaking” for the weekly. Or a LASO. Love LASO’s 😀

  3. Woody says:

    Wow, we just had a Moa challenge very recent. Oh well, I won’t complain about it, since it’s an easy challenge. It’s funny that it is the easiest challenge, in my opinion, and it gives the most credits.

    • gans42 says:

      well if you think about it, it technically has the worst payout. you dont get credits for killing moa, and you dont even have to finish the game. as opposed to 100 FF headshots, which in gruntpoc would give you 500 credits at least (not counting sprees, multikills, more than 100 kills, credits for finishing the game etc.). same thing for kill 40 enemies in MM. lastly, youll get the 40MM kills challenge with the 15 games challenge, so thats like a built in reward, plus all the credits for kills >40, AND credits for finishing the games. basically the moa challenge has the highest flat payout, but is actually the least rewarding challenge

      • artemi says:

        You go in, shoot and reset five or six times, and are done in two or three minutes. What other game mode can you get 2000 points in that time frame? That’s one, two rounds of grifball, TOPS.

      • Woody says:

        Goodness, and my girlfriend thought I was technical. lol
        I see exactly what you are saying and you’re right if you look at it that way. I guess I should have been specific and mentioned just the base challenge payout versus time comsumption.

      • joshua (mr per0) says:

        I am always up for a challenge that will give me 2000 for less time and effort than it takes to fill up a lobby and vote for a game type.

        @ woody: thanks for the help with the wins yesterday. you, sir, seem to be much better at swat than you let on.

      • Woody says:

        You’re welcome, Joshua. Though, I want to thank you for not only the wins from yesterday, but also the confidence booster I gained from all the SWAT games. I think some of those kills may have been a little lucky, but I alsogave myself pressure to not let you down.

  4. Krandyt says:

    I can’t wait to get cracking on challenges again! I’ve been without Internet for 5 weeks now and hopefully it will get fixed today  i love moa challenges theres something deeply satisfiying about whacking them with the pistol 

  5. SlimEel94 says:

    Wow! Recycling at it’s best! The Moa challenge has always been fun but I think it’s becoming a little to frequent. Why not mix it up and have kill 10 with Sticky grenades or something. I might actually do these today because my lag shouldn’t pay that big a part on these.

  6. >>Check those emails of yours Matthew!!<<
    (but when you read it, just ignore the second word :S)

  7. lolGTFOplz says:

    After a huge aguement with the gf, and staying up lastnight till 4am completing yesturdays challenges, i am glad that todays are a little more laid back. GOODLUCK everyone

    • biodrumr says:

      I was up until 1:30. I think I was too tired and irritated to get a win, felt like I kept getting paired with a bunch of morons. I had 14/15 wins by 11pm, and it took me until 1:30 to finally land the 15th after trying various game types. Needless to say, I was upset.

      • lolGTFOplz says:

        i would be as well. i played grifball and my last game the entire other team quit out before the game even started. it made my night none the less. lol

  8. Pro x Zanal says:

    Just a word of advice for the Moa challenge, spawn at Rally Point Alpha on Winter Contingency, get in the car and drive onto the main path, and a large group of Moa will be there. Just jump out, kill them, and restart the checkpoint for an easy way to do this challenge.

  9. Scruff 815 says:

    Campaign and FF done… MM later, although 15 games might be asking a little too much today. We shall see 😀

    Heh, nice to kill the teabagger. I need to go through my temporary history and find the three-person gang-teabag from one of yesterday’s SWAT games. To be fair, the guy in question totally deserved it 😉

    • Pro x Zanal says:

      I was teabagging someone who teabagged me first and a banshee swept in but I crouched and dodged it 🙂

  10. mickoboy90 says:

    Hi all..i know this is the wrong forum,but its the best one 🙂
    so my problem is my freezer wont freeze properly. if u put something frozen in,it will stay frozen but not fully frozen.but it will not freeze anything. could it be that i have another freezer placed on top of it??thanks in advance

    • lolGTFOplz says:

      -scratches head- O.o

    • Auntie Agony says:

      oh dear me, you are in a pickle (or is it a teapot). You most likely have a Beko freezer which is likely to spontaneously combust, leaving behind fewer remains than Sword Base after a thorough glassing by a Covie cruiser, or Oracle after I’ve had an evenings Grifball with the girls doing the Gunslinger challenge. I suggest you do the Hyper Lethal challenge on Glacier and use some frozen methane from a Grunt tank to fill a jury-rigged Ghost as a replacement freezer. Should be large enough to hold all the Moa meat from the Nature Vs Nurture challenge

      Auntie Agony

    • DESTROYER says:

      Mickoboy- check inside your freezer, there should be a setting/ dial that says how cold your freezer is. It sounds like you don’t have it on a high enough setting.
      Snickerdoodle- Eat a better cereal that actually comes with prizes. Lol

    • t-rOY (tROYnHI) says:

      I think you’re looking for yahoo answers, but to help you out…stacking freezers on top of each other will compromise its functionality since it could cause the motors to overheat, and unlike an xbox, it won’t go to a red ring of death to tell you it needs to be repaired (how’s that for making his question relevant). =P

  11. Project SHAVE says:

    Easy day. I’m thinking a few rounds of Infection to work on my pistol/spree/headshot commendations, them some grifball to work towards the weekly. Everything else is childsplay!

    Good hunting my friends!

  12. Rider says:

    Er, does there seem to be a problem with the servers today?…

    • artemi says:

      Good, it’s not just me, then? I was beginning to get worried. I can’t seem to log onto the Matchmaking playlists. I will not update my challenges, either, so I can’t even do the Moa one offline… *sad*

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Yeah, I had problems too. Played a video in Theater and then suddenly everything worked again, although I did randomly lose my emblem mid-game in FF, which then came back again a couple of minutes later. I dunno. Random glitches I guess 😀

      • Noobwarrior523 says:

        Scruff, I tested out watching a video in theater and it worked,but the server is definitely having problems, less than 50,000 people online and the lowest pop. Gametype is team classic with 36 people.

      • gans42 says:

        theater trick didnt work for me

      • Bungie and 343i both are saying there are server issues and are working on it together.

  13. Anthony says:

    Is anyone else having a significant amount of trouble with their connections on XBL? I can play any matchmaking games I like, but every individual, including myself, is showing as a recruit and I keep getting the “Halo Reach Server is unavailable, try again later” error. Now I’ve hit my offline credit limit and I don’t really want to continue playing if I won’t get credit for any of it.

    • Woody says:

      The only issue I’ve experienced over the last couple of weeks is not being able to see some of my friends’ daily stats, which also doesn’t allow me to join some of them at times.

      • lolGTFOplz says:

        I’d say that is just a internet problem on your friends part, i can see all but my one friend and i was on two different high speed connections lastnight (mine and the ladies). He was complaining that he could not join and i could not see his stats/party details etc. time for a upgrade! lol.

      • t-rOY (tROYnHI) says:

        My wife and I experienced this phenomenon quite a bit before. It seems to stem from a network setup issue (NAT?), but I haven’t quite figured out how to correct it. However we’ve been reseting our modem and router once a week, due to excess internet usage by my in-laws when they come over to watch our son. That seems to have reduced the frequency of the issue; to the point where I don’t remember the last time it happened.

    • Woody says:

      I see what you are talking about now. I hope the server is up before my girlfriend gets off from work. I don’t have the same free time today, as I do on Mondays and Tuesdays and I would like to at least do three of the challenges.

  14. i suspect the server issues relate to the handoff between bungie and 343i…but i could be mistaken. from poking around a few different places seems to be a fairly common (and known) issue right now.

  15. Kingoftherats says:

    Hey what’s going on guys. Do I got the day off of work finally going to be online all day. Seeing if people are trying to team up and try to get alot the weekly done if interested shoot me a message or friend request Kingoftherats

  16. xXMaster SoulXx says:

    LASO’s are not worth going for the credits…Challenging yes, makes you a better player yes, but time spent trying to complete a LASO and credit return is NOT worth it! If you take all the time spent doing a LASO and instead play MM or FF …in the long run you’ll be farther ahead in Credits! Thats just my opinion.

    • Scruff 815 says:

      (unless it’s Winter Contingency or Nightfall)

      But then, most of the LASO crowd (which does *not* include me, btw) do it more for the satisfaction of it than the credit return. Personally I don’t really like repeatedly punching myself in the face so I leave the LASO’s well alone, other than the previously mentioned very easy two 😉

  17. SnuK evoX says:

    Can’t connect to the servers. It’s 11:45AM in CA

  18. Marc says:

    Not bad today. Looks like the 15 MM game completion challenge was a minor incentive to focus more on the Weekly. Much better than yesterdays challenge where it was all about winning 15 games which I didn’t bother with.

  19. Project SHAVE says:

    Nothing quite like a seamless transition, huh? I’m so close to Field Marshall I can almost taste it!

  20. John says:

    I honestly can’t believe it…due to redecorating my Xbox has had to be moved temporarily, unfortunately one of my Homeplug adapters died so I had to go back to wireless. I was pleased to find the new ones I ordered arrived today so spent the last half hour getting them working only to find I can’t play Reach!

    Well I have managed to match up with a single person on FF Limited so will see how this goes…


    • John says:

      Haha, who was I kidding…my teammate repeatedly blew himself up with his own grenades before constantly shooting me and blocking my shots..*sigh*


  21. Does anyone know when the servers will be back up? You can still play MM or FF, but you dont get any credits. I have never seen it down like this for this long. 😦

  22. Braythor says:

    Servers are back up. Should go to bed really, but…

    • Woody says:

      I’m glad for everyone that the server is up. Unfortunate for me it came too late. The “wardon” demands quality time from me and she wants to watch Patrick Swayze haunt people in “Ghost”.

      • Braythor says:

        Urgh, what is it with women and that film? The only redeeming quality it has is that the quote ‘you want to move something, you got to move it with your mind’ was sampled by the Plump DJs for a great track (if you like the breakbeat sub-genre of dance music), which, to keep things game orientated, appeared on SSX Tricky. Oh and of course the fact that it was parodied in Naked Gun 2 1/2…

        On the bright side, you can always bug your missus by saying things like ‘so I hear they’ve signed him up for a sequel…’ and following it up with some childish giggling. Or is that going too far?

      • t-rOY (tROYnHI) says:

        @Braythor – yeah its a little too soon for that one…then again maybe I’m just biased because I’ve seen so many famous people that died from the same disease within the past few years.

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