17th August – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Fire When Ready – Kill 30 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1100 cR
  2. Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR
  3. Linked Up with Bungie.net – Link your gamertag with Bungie.net and play a game in Halo: Reach Matchmaking – 3000 cR
  4. Now I have a Machine Gun – Earn 40 kills with automatic weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1300 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Fire When Ready – Kill 30 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1100 cR

Don’t shoot for this one on it’s own. You’ll likely get it by working on the last challenge. But if you must go for each one separately, just play whatever you like to get kills. I hear some of you are good at Grifball and can get that many kills in one match so you could always do that. But I really wouldn’t go for this one specifically.

Flat Tire – Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Time for a little rewrite (so I’ll be updating it as we see this challenge on Thursday, and Saturday, and Sunday XD). The best options for this are below. Key to point out is you must destroy the vehicle, not the driver first. You’re better off using something explosive (Spartan Laser, Plasma Launcher).

  • Score Attack – On Holdout you get Banshees in the rounds. If you can keep a Grunt alive at the end of a wave for a long time you have a higher chance of getting them to come out again and again. They don’t tend to appear when it’s raining
  • Firefight Doubles – Especially Beachhead, where vehicles are usually dropped at the beginning and end of each round, you can decide who gets to take them out and work on it (plus great for working on assists)

Linked Up with Bungie.net – Link your gamertag with Bungie.net and play a game in Halo: Reach Matchmaking – 3000 cR

I was actually thinking about this challenge earlier today, wondering if it would be converted to something new – ‘Connected to halo.xbox.com’ or something. However they still want us linked with Bungie.net, and this 3000 credits couldn’t be simpler. You don’t even need to actually play, just enter the Matchmaking lobby and you’re there, on Firefight, Score Attack, any Matchmaking type. If you’re not already signed up, go to Bungie.net on your computer, and follow the instructions when you click ‘Sign Up’ in the top right, using the email you use for your XBL account to link the two. 3000 credits for about 15 seconds work!

Now I have a Machine Gun – Earn 40 kills with automatic weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1300 cR

Your multiplayer automatic weapons are the Assault Rifle, Needler, Plasma Repeater and Plasma Rifle. I’d recommend Team Slayer in Elite Slayer, so that you can use the Needler to take guys out. Rumble Pit can be really helpful too running around blazing the AR, but it’s tempting to pick up other weapons (and again to get the first challenge).

Last day to sign up for the inaugural RDC tournament if you haven’t already. Numbers are good so it’ll be interesting to see how everyone does.


53 Responses to 17th August – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Peggy Peggy says:

    Sorry I can’t join you guys this weekend, I’m at a wedding but I’m sure it will be a great craic, and hopefully I’ll be able to get involved in future? tournaments!

    Also, invasion will be good for the Automatic weapon challenge!

    RDC FTW!

  2. Scruff 815 says:

    Whew, a day off Firefight (since Flat Tire can go to hell). Multi Team and Team Classic are also good for automatic weapons, as they generally lack DMRs. And yay for my favourite daily challenge! Easiest 3,000 cR ever! I wonder if we’ll manage to get through a day of this without someone asking how to link their account up…

    Also, I cannot wait for the tournament. It’s making me make noises like ‘gnah’. I want to know who I’m playing with and when! 😉

    Ooh, and I’m guessing we won’t be having a game night this week?

    And yay, 17,000 cR away from Legend! 😀

    • gans42 says:

      congrats scruff! oh and if were not having game night this week you can finally join digi, ‘Cos, and me for endure. let me know if thats good for you

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Yeah, sorry for late reply on that… waiting to know for definite if I’ll be free. I’m 99% sure I will be; if not I definitely will be later on that same evening, say 6pm EST? 😀

      • gans42 says:

        let me know today please because i have my last day of summer volunteering tomorrow, and i need to know if i should do it before or after ODST (i gotta go for 2 hours from 4pm est or later)

      • yeah, i’ve been busy staring at names for the tournament and forgot about game night. i’ll go toss something up really quick. (it won’t be anything that you guys can’t do Endure or anything like that, promise.)

      • gans42 says:

        snick i just saw this, and thanks so much, you have no idea how much i appreciate you taking our endure run in to account. we’ve been trying to put this together for like a week now lol. we actually would have done it last week, but scruff decided to live in the UK, and also not to be an insomniac. such a selfish dude

    • HC Sangheili says:

      We went 4 hours and 27 minutes until the first B.net link question appeared. That’s a record 😛

  3. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    I just signed up for the tournament, sorry for the late entry, I had to smooth things over with my parental units, so I’m looking forward to it!

    Wow, easiest 3000cR ever! Just have to go into the lobby!

    How long until Halo 4 comes out? I know it’s more than a year, but is there a date?

    • Woody says:

      I was told from some guys who work at a retail video game store that Halo 4 would be release around November 15 of next year. I’m sure there is a give or take of at least one week.

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        Oh awesome! Just in time for my birthday!

      • Woody says:

        It will be like an early birthday gift for me, since mine is early December.

      • 😕 hmm. don’t put too much stock in that right now guys. everything i’ve seen says there isn’t a release date yet, just “Holidays 2012.” and if you look at amazon, the current ship date is set to December 31. (i’m like 99% sure this is a place holder because people want to preorder it already and it’ll ship before that.)

        i mean, it’s a good thought that it’ll release on the anniversary of Halo but i’m just not sure and i don’t think they really know what the exact date will be yet.

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        So there’s a chance it mightn’t even be out until 2013?!? God, what a letdown. Curse you 343, for bringing up my hopes so early, only to beat them down into a wailing mess on the ground :/

      • no, i’m pretty sure it’ll be out in time for Christmas next year but exactly when is the question.

        plus, i wouldn’t be surprised to see a H4 console around that time too. 😉

      • HC Sangheili says:

        It’s a long shot, but it’d be wicked if H4 and the 3rd Gen XBOX arrive at the same time.

        To snicks point, at a minimum, a new Halo themed 360.

      • Oreo says:

        Curse you HC. 😉 It took me forever to start playing Halo 3, because I had a perfectly working Xbox, until the HD clicked off into the sunset, forcing me to get a 360. Also, it was only a few months after I bought the HDTV cables for it. I for one am not in any hurry for a new Xbox, since the current gen is working fine, and I’m sure we’ll get screwed again on backwards compatibility. I also don’t have a ton of money to spend on gaming these days, with kids, a house, and all those related expenses. I would like more than 2 games per generation, and just look at what was accomplished with Reach. There’s plenty of petrol left in tank, IMO.

        Sorry for the rant, but I guess I still have some hard feelings for the rather large brick in my closet and the games I own that I never got to play, because they don’t work on the 360.

      • t-rOY (tROYnHI) says:

        @HC – no wishes for a new Xbox please..I bet its gonna be at least $350 for a base model, and I’m gonna be sad because I won’t have one OR sad because I’ll be broke after buying one, along with a new game, and a spare controller.

        @Oreo – I think Microsoft has been adding backwards compatibility for old Xbox games as they go. there was a list on xbox.com and perhaps they added some of your games.

    • I can’t get mine to work I think i have logged on about 20 times and my challenge never pops up. How can i get it?

  4. HC Sangheili says:

    Flat Tire? Excellent

    Linked? Easily Excellent

    2 MM kill challenges? Uber Excellent

    The one challenge I haven’t seen in ages is The Pink Mist. Probably too easy now that Arcadefight has the Needler as a secondary weapon to the FRG/Jet Pack loadout.

    • Dogmeat says:

      I mentioned the Pink Mist firefight daily challenge yesterday in my comment wondering the same thing! They could always increase the count of kills required from the needler/needle rifle super combines to account for FFA’s unlimited ammo. I actually listed quite a few firefight challenges that haven’t shown up for a long while or very rarely. Take a look, and see how many make you say, “Oh yeah! I remember that one!” 🙂

      • HC Sangheili says:

        Indeed you did. I’d like to see Orbital come around again. Usually drops during any 2X Score Attack.

  5. Woody says:

    Easy challenges today. Though, I think I may pass them up today. I finally ranked up to Hero yesterday and it seems my desire to play Reach has dropped. Unless my best friend can talk me into playing, I think I will take a break from Reach for the first time, since my girl was in the hospital back in early July.

    • Dogmeat says:

      At LEAST do the 15-second Bungie.net challenge. It doesn’t come around that often. Who knows if it will ever be offered again? Judging from the repeat firefight weekly challenge snafu, however, here’s to hoping the Linked Up challenge will appear every day for the rest of the week! That would definitely help make up for the two weekends of no super credit jackpots. Just enter a matchmaking lobby, and then back out before anyone can join…”forcing” you to play a match or two…or twenty. 😉

      • Woody says:

        Just finished the Bungie link challenge, but instead of jumping off the game, I’m playing another game. LoL

    • YoSoY says:

      Hey Woody! I understand what you say. I took a break for 2.5 months. (In that time I used to play alone and it was boring and I think I was Mythic or something, so I seemed to take forever to rank up) Then, when I came back to Reach, it was really funny. Now I think I’m gonna take another break and play Final Fantasy XIII and the “peaceful” Minecraft, again! 🙂

  6. lolgtfoplz says:

    After another night of sleeping, I have another onyx campaign commendation!
    I’m so stupid. . .

    As for the challenges today, perfect, something different, and non firefight related. (flat tire, screw you)

    Good luck everyone.

    • lolgtfoplz says:

      Oh and BTW,
      You do not get commendation progress percentage for getting it to max correct?
      Hope somebody gets back to me on that.

      I mean i’m going to go for max eventually, but want all onyx first.

      • HC Sangheili says:

        No % increase, no cR per instance, no notice of hitting max.

        And Flat Tire is Easy 😛

      • lolgtfoplz says:

        Alright thanks HC 🙂

        Flat tire is easy yes, but nothing to jump into firefight about for me. lol

  7. YoSoY says:

    Just wondering the chances of being banned if I use 2 controllers in Doubles FFA…

    • HC Sangheili says:

      Not sure of the odds specifically, but yes anything other than Score Attack +plus+ a boost method runs the risk of getting your hand slapped.

  8. L0rdKinb0te says:

    I signed up on Bungie.net and went in the Matchmaking lobby and didn’t get the 3000 cR. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since I’ve never done matchmaking before. I played a game also, Score Attack, and still no cR.

    • HC Sangheili says:

      After you created a B.net account, did you sucessfully link your XBL GT?

      Over the months the recommendation has been to allow a few minutes for syncing to occur (some kind of batch process needs to run on their end), then try. As soon as you start searching for a match, after the 5 second timer has expired, the challenge complete box will display.

      If you’re already logged into XBL and Halo: Reach, when creating and linking the accounts, sign out and back in.

      • Scruff 815 says:

        ^ the linking is the important bit. You don’t just log into bungie.net – you have to link your Gamertag. Follow the instructions in the challenge guide above 🙂

      • L0rdKinb0te says:

        I logged into XBL after I created and linked my account and yes Scruff 815, I did link it because my avatar with customized armor showed up and all my stats are there. I went to the Matchmaking lobby, nothing happened. Chose a game and started, nothing happened. Stopped and looked again then I went in a played a game of Score Attack to completion, my stats on Bungie.net updated and still no credit. Looks like I won’t be getting it today since I have to go to work soon and won’t be back home until tomorrow. This sucks. S’pose to be an easy 3000 cR and I get nothin’. Well, I get linked to Bungie.net to see all my stats and stuff, which is kinda cool, but didn’t get the challenge for doing it.

      • Dogmeat says:

        What I had to do was change my nameplate via the website after getting everything set up and linked together. Then I logged out of and back into bungie.net and then restarted my xbox (logging back into live and firing up the game again) as well. One or all of those steps caused the detection to finally kick in. Hope this info helps!

  9. Scruff 815 says:

    @Gans, Poro, Pete & Yellow – ‘Masta Challenge’ finally completed. Took 1 hour and 4 minutes. Got promoted to Legend immediately afterwards. Made all that screaming and swearing at the rocks worthwhile… 😀

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      Wow! Nice job, Scruff! I only ever managed to get to the third checkpoint, and that was more than enough to make me hate the maker of that map with a passion.

      • Scruff 815 says:

        There was vast amounts of swearing. But there was a sadistic part of me that wanted to finish the damn thing; I acknowledged that part. 😉 Actually it gets easier after the third checkpoint. It’s mainly a question of knowing how to do each particular obstacle – it’s very much like an Extreme track in Trials HD.

        I think Gans has the record amongst us at the moment with something like 35 minutes?

    • gans42 says:

      congrats scruff! anyone can reach legend, but only the best can finish a lap of masta challenge (and in roughly an hour no less). i must say i am impressed

    • Noobwarrior523 says:

      Scruff, it’s okay,everyone was swearing at the Masta challenge…..and gans got 35 minutes? Damn, I beat it in like 40 minutes. I must beat gans score! And congrats on legend scruff!

      • Michael (DR HIGGLESTEIN) says:

        What is this “Masta Challenge” you speak of? I might like to have a go at it.

      • gans42 says:

        michael its an insanely hard race track. my first try it took me an hour and a half to finish the first lap. send me a friend request, and ill set you up. itll give you an ulcer, but if you beat it you get a massive sense of accomplishment

  10. lolgtfoplz says:

    +1 for HC and being a helping helper today 🙂

    • HC Sangheili says:

      3 cheers for the summer slowdown. Been an unusually busy time. Glad to give a little back 😉

  11. Oreo says:

    I was excited to see the linked up challenge today. I’ve been too tired the last couple days to even turn the 360 on, much less play a game, but it’ll come on tonight. Only problem is I usually end up playing at least 2 hours worth, when I should go to bed after one.

    HC, I hope you don’t take offense to the earlier post. I was only joking about your part in it. I don’t know why I got so ranty when I started writing.

    • HC Sangheili says:

      No worries, no offense taken.

      I see a lot of life left in the current Gen but when Rockstar has to scale back a game from 4 discs to 2, maybe it’s time. The PS3, albeit a weak platform, accommodates the increasing size of games due to the obvious BluRay integration.

      • Oreo says:

        It is true that we are at the limit of DVD capacity. I wonder if they were going to use the HD-DVD to up that?

  12. André says:

    40 automatic kills is annoying. I been through team classic, multi team and ended up in rumble pit (Rumble Pit is easiest I think), Flat tire I got in 3 games of FF arcade, easy but annoying when the kills don’t count.

    • gans42 says:

      i personally found multi team the best, but thats also because i had a full party. and yeah, some vehicle kills dont count, like boarding a wraith from the front and planting a grenade

    • crazybydefault says:

      Yeah, the 40 automatic kills challenge is pretty annoying! I’m a heavy DMR user, so I had to force myself to keep my AR out to get it!

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