10th September – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today’s challenges are listed below, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1125 cR
  2. Up Close and Personal – Kill 5 enemies with Close Quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1100 cR
  3. Neuroscience – Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a mutliplayer Matchmaking game – 1200 cR
  4. The Magic Number – Complete 7 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1350 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 1125 cR

You’re better off doing the other challenges first, particularly the 7 games, then mopping this up. Best options for this specifically:

  • Forge – make a game with players spawning in one spot and camp it
  • Firefight – Download my Firefight Invincible game type on my File Share, lots of Elites, lots of medals, lots of kills (plus ‘cheevos if you’ve not done the Firefight ones)
  • ONI: Sword Base – Use the Target Designator trick (run past everyone at the beginning, grab it, turn around, fire, wait for the killing to stop and restart the checkpoint)
  • Package – There are points where you can get a checkpoint just before a number of Grunts appear in the final battle, so you can gun them down and restart

Up Close and Personal – Kill 5 enemies with Close Quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1100 cR

Close Quarters Combat is essentially melee, assassination, sword, hammer or shotgun kills. Grifball is 100% melee and easy to get lots of kills when you get your timing right. Infection can be really good, and it does appear that sword kills count double for the sword and the pummel.

Neuroscience – Kill 10 enemies with headshots in a mutliplayer Matchmaking game – 1200 cR

Play on Team SWAT for this, where about 97.7% of kills should be headshots with one shot. Don’t forget if you shoot someone in the body you can still shoot them in the head for the headshot. Keep your reticule at head height as well.

The Magic Number – Complete 7 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1350 cR

If you want quick game types, Infection and Grifball can be very very quick, so run through them a couple of times and you’re good.


26 Responses to 10th September – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    Wow, a day I might complete all challenges, in the given 2 or so hours I will have later.

    I know people were talking about this a while back, but I didn’t pay attention because I was interested, but I am now, so could someone please explain how to put a campaign save onto a USB for later use? E.g. The last checkpoint of LASO POA is ready for resuming on my Xbox, how do I get it onto my computer, then what so I do when the time comes to use the save? Thankyou 😀

  2. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    Do sword kills count as 2 toward the close quarters commendation, or just challenges?

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Good question. I think sword kills only count as 2 during Infection, not during any other mode. I maxed out CQC a while ago so I can’t test it 😦

  3. Scruff 815 says:

    o hai internets. It’s me, happy and non-aggressive, non-antagonising Scruff! 😉 So I intend to get at least a couple of these done today, 7 games might be a bit tricky though, between home stuff and Lego Batman I might not get that done! I’m alright with it though… I’m going to have a two-month period of ‘sligthly less Halo’ to do some other games before CE:A comes out 😀

    • Sir Galahad 63 says:

      :O Scruff? Slightly less Halo? Are you high?

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Not ‘no Halo’, just ‘less Halo’. But it is pretty much the ONLY game I’ve played in 12 months, aside from a quick hammering of Dead Space and the occasional bout of other Halo games. I’m also not enjoying it as much when I go in solo (still love it as a group though). But I’m super-stoked for CE:A and the new/old maps for Reach, and I want to do another Forge map (not race this time though), so it’s all good. Just want to do Lego Batman, AC:Brotherhood and maybe a couple of others that I never got round to in the next couple of months. But I’ll still be playing Halo, so don’t worry 😉

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        Mmm I borrowed AC Brotherhood off a friend a few weeks ago, and I havnt really got around to playing it because I just can’t stop with Reach. It also, is the only game I have played in the last 12 months :/ it’s only because I want to beat my friend to Field Marshall, then I’ll play AC 🙂 he has 240 000cR to go, and I have 290 000cR to go. I wont be happy until I beat him! The I will play other games.

        Also, you know what’s really bad? The fact that CE and Revelations are coming out on the same day!!

      • Scruff 815 says:

        That’s ok. I very, very rarely pay full price for games these days. They drop in price so quickly now. I’m just waiting until Portal 2 and the new Mortal Kombat drop below £20, then they’re mine! 😉

      • Braythor says:

        I’ve been playing AC Brotherhood quite a bit the past month, it’s an excellent game. Not too dissimilar from AC2 but with enough extra touches and content to make it worthy of being a full game. At times though, Ezio still does not understand that just because I’m not pressing the control stick in the direction I want to go with pinpoint accuracy, it does not mean I want him to jump off a 20 metre high building onto the street…

        Reach has been getting less and less attention from me recently due to a combination of my commendations all being way off any levelling up, and the fact that field marshall takes forever to get through. And I know that even when I do rank up it’ll just drag even more. I think with GOW3 out in 10 days Reach may actually go on the shelf for a while (as opposed to next to the tv, ready to pop in, as it has been for the last 9 months).

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I know exactly what you mean. Maybe they’ll make him more accurate in Revelations. I’m also gonna be putting Reach aside for a while when Gears comes out. Ten day is just too long! 😀

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        You think that’s bad? I have a very serious case of wanting (and already pre-ordered) the collector’s editions of the following games:

        – Gears of War 3 Epic Edition,
        – Batman: Arkham City Collectors Edition,
        – Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Animus Edition
        (NOT the Collector’s Edition; the Animus gives you an AC encyclopaedia & all the stuff that
        the Collectors edition has on top, for the same price 😀 . That is, IF you pre-ordered early
        >_> ).

        I already got Deus Ex: Human Revolution Collector’s Edition, and I am on the fence about Dead Island, Rage, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Resident Evil HD Collection (this is a likely buy), Resident Evil Portable (PSP), and some others that I may have forgotten about.

        All in all, a VERY EXPENSIVE winter for me :/

        (P.S. Skyrim is NOT on my list for the sake that I will probably NEVER finish it, based on my gaming habits. Also, the collectors edition looks nice with the Dragon, but no soundtrack and it’s massive price are off-putting considering what I’m getting from the other pre-orders, especially AC:R Animus Edition).

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        Oops, my bad, I am also getting Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary OBVIOUSLY ;).


      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I don’t really understand the point of the Collector’s Editions. The extra stuff just never really seems like it’s worth the money.

  4. JustHawkeye says:

    I’m waiting for battlefield 3 🙂

  5. Noobwarrior523 says:

    Gee…you guys are all so psyched about all these games and I’m excited about none of them(except CE:A of course!) and scruff… I love dead space….wondering if they are gonna make a third(I’ll go buy that!)

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Still haven’t done Dead Space 2 yet! To be fair on the ‘other games’ front, I really couldn’t care less about Gears. 😉 My Assassin’s Creed desires had faded somewhat, though I thought AC2 was amazing, but then my friend made me play Brotherhood online the other day and I was WELL impressed. Want 😀

      • Noobwarrior523 says:

        There is hardcore mode in 2…..you only get 3 saves the whole game an if you die…you start from the last save(or start)…..it’s like the iron skull for dead space =/

      • crazybydefault says:

        I’ve played a little Dead Space 2. It’s fun! I REALLY want to get AC: Revelations though! I never have been much of a Gears player, so I’m not really excited about it! 😉

  6. shaka mubarak says:

    I feel like the daily challenges are getting really old and boring. I feel like bungie should be doing challenges that are really off the wall to keep it spicy. Like….play a multiplayer matchmaking game without firing a bullet. or something crazy like that.

    • Scruff 815 says:

      1) Bungie haven’t been in charge since July.
      2) “Play a multiplayer matchmaking game without firing a bullet” = “Play a game of Grifball”.

      You’re right that the challenges could do with a shakeup though. But I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon. Just gotta remember that the challenges are only a little bonus on top of the normal Halo goodness; they are not the reason to play the game.

      • shaka mubarak says:

        That’s true, that was a pretty poor example. I just feel like I’m not getting the same kind of excitement out of the game that I used to. A better example of what they could do to improve gameplay is introduce new variants. I play a lot of pc games in addition to Reach and games like Gmod and CSS have great variants like gungame and game master and such. Also, if they added a mechanism to find custom game lobbies that would be a massive improvement.

        Who’s in charge of Reach now? The same guys that are doing Halo 4?

  7. gans42 says:

    major props to santaanas ‘cos, and ‘cos’s friend blooping for helping me nap the final challenges while inebriated. who would have thought it was possible to get a killpoc and a killtastrophe seperately in 1 game in grifball after consuming a lot? i know i wouldnt have been able to do it without a solid team behind me, so thanks guys!

    • 'Cos says:

      Yup, Yup, & Yup. You’re welcome. I even teabagged someone. We do always have fun when we party up, don’t we. And speaking of being inebriated…i am gonna give drunken Halo another try. Got the day off tomorrow and want to stay up late tonight playin’ some Reach. Jack Daniels here i come…

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