19th September – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Today is turning out to be a good Monday. Not only do we have an easy and high payout Weekly Challenge, but we also have some very high payout, and again easy, daily challenges. Hopefully this is a return to when we got loads of credits per challenge. They’re listed below as usual, click Read More to view the commentaries:

  1. Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 2000 cR
  2. Roast ’em, Toast ’em – Kill 10 enemies while jet-packing in Exodus on Normal – 2400 cR
  3. Aggressive Negotiations – Earn at least 17 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 3430 cR
  4. Clip It. Share It. – Make a clip from your Local files and upload it to your File Share – 2500 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 2000 cR

Well the other challenges call for at least 27 kills, and you’ll probably get more than that easily in playing a bit longer. If you want just this, hit up 2X Score Attack or Gruntpocalypse. I wonder what will happen when we get S&L for 400 kills – 8k in credits?

Roast ’em, Toast ’em – Kill 10 enemies while jet-packing in Exodus on Normal – 2400 cR

It’s been over 2 months since we saw this challenge, which is a shame because it can be good fun. Go to Rally Point Alpha of Exodus where you’re given a jet-pack and hop over to the platform. You need to make sure you’re actively firing the jet-pack when you get the kill otherwise it doesn’t count. 10 should be pretty easy, you can snipe the Grunts and Jackals before actually making it to the platform so getting a few that way. However it’s always good to grab the Rocket Launcher off the marine as you get to jet pack area, then just blast some Grunt packs. There was also a good suggestion from Turbo previously – pick up a Gravity Hammer from the Brute who runs at you, then hit fire and equipment at the same time when hitting someone.

Aggressive Negotiations – Earn at least 17 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 3430 cR

Grifball is always a good option for this. It’s easy to get lots of kills, especially if you swap around your team holding the bomb to make games last longer. Squad Slayer, Multi-Team and Halo Ball Extreme are also excellent choices, and if you’re good at Rumble Pit you’ll be able to do this in that game type too.

Clip It. Share It. – Make a clip from your Local files and upload it to your File Share – 2500 cR

Woohoo, double the credits, same amount of work. One of the Reach achievements is to recommend a video (note – a clip, not a picture) to someone, this challenge is pretty similar. Press Start, go to Files and Local Store. I had one in there which was the one I’d recommended, so I picked ‘upload to File Share’ from the file info section and voila. If you need to make a clip you can frankly do a whole game, but have a play with theatre mode to capture a good kill or interesting moment in a game then upload that. There’s been some shenanigans with the names and descriptions not being allowed, so you might have some frustration in playing around to get it uploaded, but it’s worth a couple of minutes trying.

If you want to know how to get notifications of these challenge commentaries it’s easy… you can follow on Twitter, join the Facebook group or just subscribe to the site using the email option on the right to receive the challenges and a link to the commentary straight into your inbox.


37 Responses to 19th September – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Holy crap!!!! Over 10k cR for the daily challenges today!!!!!! Now that is a nice payout for for about 40 minutes of work. I just hope they dont make any “mid-day changes” lol

  2. Scruff 815 says:

    Quick delete/re-upload of a video, 87 seconds in Campaign, 8 minutes in a Rumble Pit game, a 17 minute, 2-player game of Arcadefight aaaand done. Thank you 343, you and your easy, big-reward challenges have made me care about Halo again 😉

    • HA! Are we going to start bragging about how we help friends who got reset for boosting get back to their former rank??? J/k the whole “care about Halo again” thing kinda reminded me of a conversation from a few weeks ago that got deleted…

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Do not speak of that conversation!! It still haunts me 😕

        Anyhoo, credits are nice. Although I’m still doing the quickest way of getting the challenges done, I’m not boosting them as such. A 3430 cR bonus for doing well in a game of Rumble Pit is an incentive to play Halo again. A 2100 cR bonus for doing one of the hardest levels in the game on one of the hardest settings is an incentive to finish off Lego Batman instead 😉

      • Sorry bout that just a little rough humor on a Monday.

        Anywho Lego Batman was a big pain for me, I finished it off about 6 months ago and have been working the achievments ever since.

  3. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    Wow. Just wow. I think I’m in love…

  4. Woody says:

    I figured it out!!! 343i knows that GOW3 is being release tomorrow, so they’re trying to win us over and make us stay with Halo. Okay, okay… it seem like a good thought. LoL

    • Actually that makes sense to me too… Just watch, over the next few days we are going to be getting better payouts so we are forced to take a “quick break” from GOW3 lol

    • Krandyt says:

      Good point woody, and for me who isn’t going to be playing GoW3 just yet because I didn’t finish GoW2 yet it’s a massive bonus, lol 

    • DESTROYER says:

      Yea, these high payouts seem like bribes. I guess I’ll be taking some time out of GOW3 to get the challenges this week. Lol 🙂

      • thegoatboy says:

        Woody, I was thinking the same thing when I saw the CR payouts. And like DESTROYER said, I will take time out from playing GOW3 to get that easy weekly payout.

    • Woody says:

      I have no choice but to wait a few days for GOW3, since I ordered my copy through Ebay to save money. Anyway, I’m glad these challenges are giving payouts that make we want to play more Halo. Being a “Hero” and tryingbto rank up can be discouraging.

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      It looks like I’m not alone in the “take a break from Gears to do the Challenges” idea. Honestly, I just want it to be tomorrow already. I’ve been waiting for way too long.

  5. Dogmeat says:

    Greetings all! Does anyone know exactly how many mp matches a person can quit within a span of matches/time before he/she gets put on probation? I was too afraid of getting dinged for quitting to actually do so.

    I have been hanging out in multi-team as I like the variety of games offered, and the matches last long enough to average 3k of credits each. The problem is that 20% of the matches I played last night are rocket hog races. I am trying to work on my trigger man commendation at the moment. I need to attain at least 10 kills with automatic weapons per match to get the commendation to gold before my next rank. RHR isn’t helping in that regard. I tried rumble pit, but slayer dmr and slayer pro get picked quite a bit.

    Any suggestions, folks? Should I stick with team slayer and/or team objective instead? Thanks in advance for your guidance!

    • ASLANS ROAR says:

      I’d recommend Team Slayer or Invasion. Lots of AR possibilities!

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Team Classic generally has a lack of precision weapons, if you can cope with every map being very, very grey. Rumble Pit is also good for the same reasons that Multi Team is good, only without RHR.

      Though you shouldn’t quit games anyway. It’s mean to your team-mates, and it screws up your chances of getting big jackpots.

      • Dogmeat says:

        I forgot about team classic! I will definitely re-visit that section tonight. Thanks for reminding me!

        I can still count on two hands how many mp matches I have intentionally quit over the past year. They have only been hockey (primarily) and one or two regular haloball matches (both pointless action sack gametypes IMHO). I have never quit a RHR even though I was tempted. I even stick it out when my teammates leave me alone to drive around defenseless. I try to and often still win because everyone else is busy concentrating on each other. The occasional splatter along the way to end with a positive k/d makes the taste of victory even sweeter!

        Jackpots don’t help me keep my credit earnings consistent (but neither does quitting). Invasion games often last too long, and I wind up getting way more credits than I want. Is that as weird for everyone to read as it was for me to type…that a game pays out too many credits? My average needed to time things right (because of many high-credit payout matches) has already diminished from 3078 to 2780.

        This experiment will probably drive me to the brink of insanity! Only 219 matches to go, though! 🙂

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I played a game of Rocket Hog where both of my teammates quit, and I still won!

    • seventhdawg says:

      Squad slayer! You always start out with an assault rifle, and, of course you have an ‘extra’ target on the other team. Not to mention the game lasts to 75 kills, not 50. That’s an extra 25 kills for one person added. I’ve always found it the way to go for such commendations. It was this gametype i recently got the “110 kills w/ auto weopons” challenge.

      Good luck…

  6. Brian says:

    oh 343, i always play reach no matter how bad the weekly/daily challenges are and especially when new games are coming out though i can;t wait till gears 3 😀 I’m looking forward to the campaign way more than multiplayer!!!

  7. Flacksguy says:

    OK, first post for me finally, however I have been following the site all summer. (Great Job, BTW)

    I’m wondering if I could do the File Share Challenge, if I got one of those Free 48 hr Gold Trials.
    I don’t have Gold, as I am not even close to good enough to play online, so I’ve been only doing the campaign Challenges. But I’d like to knock off one more towards the weekly.
    Anyone know if that would work?

    • gans42 says:

      yeah, even with silver it’d work. any challenge that doesnt specifically require MM or FFM you can do with a silver account

    • crazybydefault says:

      I believe it should!

      • Flacksguy says:

        Tried it tonight, says I need a Gold Account.
        Too bad, because that would’ve been a nice easy one to count toward the weekly.
        I’ll have to hope we get a couple more ‘Campaign’ or ‘any game mode’ challenges.

      • crazybydefault says:

        Aw that sucks! 😦

  8. Zidane says:

    Only 67k on right now, I’m staying faithful to halo 🙂

  9. JD says:

    Is there some reason Aggressive Negotiations is not happening for me? I am routinely scoring over 17 kills a game and it’s not counting. what gives? I suspect I’m being screwed out of vehicle kills or something.

  10. Zidane says:

    Halo, cod, gow but whO is biggest game manufacturer out there?

    • gans42 says:

      by far CoD, look at their units sold. not saying its the best game series, but its easily the biggest manufacturer

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      I think Gears is definitely the best game when it comes to the campaign, but Halo is probably best for multiplayer. That’s just my opinion, though. I haven’t ever played COD. I just haven’t ever been that interested.

      • 'Cos says:

        I absolutely loved the campaign missions in the first two Gears. I’m excited to play the third, but only after i have moved on from Halo. Yeah. Good luck with that…

        Anyone playing Gears 3 after it’s release needs to provide an update. If for no other reason than to let us Halo players know what we’re up against in terms of online players. Thanks, and have a blast.

    • crazybydefault says:

      Most definitely CoD. Like gans42 said, look at their units sold compared to everyone else. I guess it doesn’t help that Gears and Halo are 360-exclusive though (Well, Gears 1 and CE have are also PC-compatible, but still…)

  11. Public Enimy says:

    Was playing a few rounds of Griffball last night going for the Aggressive Negotiations challenge. Didn’t get the challenge and lost the game 3-0 but i got a 15k jackpot for finishing the game 🙂

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