Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 3rd October

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts – Win 50 games in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 30343 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

The challenge name is a reference to Friday Night Lights, apparently a speech and phrase often used to pep up the players and motivate them. Fourth time we’ve had this weekly too.

Anyway… what game types give you a better chance of winning? Rule #1 is definitely play a 2 team gametype. If you’ve got Rumble Pit, Infection or Multi Team going there are so many competitors that you’ve got to be pretty good to get the big W. Game types that you should be looking at:

  1. Grifball – Can be really easy to win, everyone gets annoyed at someone who grabs the bomb and scores quickly but it is easy and you can win a game in a minute or two
  2. Team Slayer/SWAT/Action Sack/Objective… – Any of the Team gametypes are good. 2 teams so you’ve got a higher chance of winning, especially if you trust your team and can play well together
  3. Invasion – Longer games and slightly trickier to win, but they’re really good at helping the whole gammut of Commendations, plus often help with the Challenges too
  4. Arena – Arena can be really tough as it’s some of the best players, but it’s still the same idea of two teams battling it out

There are more gametypes, frankly pick your best and keep at it. This is a proper weekly challenge that you can build on during the week, and then at the weekend top up if you need any more for it, look out for Daily Challenges that help too.

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78 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 3rd October

  1. Scruff 815 says:

    Damnit. They *would* put the grindiest challenge on during one of my busiest weeks in months, wouldn’t they? Not to mention that every time there’s a “win [x] games” challenge, I get stranded with sucky teammates.

    Well, I can try I guess. I’ll put my current Forging on the back burner and get as many games in as I can; needless to say I’ll be looking to buddy up with a good team as frequently as possible. Join me etc etc.

    I look forward to Mister X getting this done in 25 games.

    • ITS ZAPHOX says:

      HHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA he could do it in ten.

    • Marshy 40 says:

      Yeah, same here. I’ll be out of town for most of the week, so grind mill on Saturday and Sunday … if it’s even possible due to credit limits etc. Statistically I’ll need 110 or more games to get this, so that would be pushing the credit limit if done over two days.

    • PeteTheCat1 says:

      Scruff if I’m online I’ll play when i get the chance, may have to be later in the week though.

      As for Mister X his posts have made me laugh recently, he’ll probably have this weekly done in an hour.

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        I’m going to have to do this weekly before Thursday if I want to complete DE:HR this week and play GoW 3 MM. Otherwise, this weekly will have to be done over Sat/Sun.

        I seriously hope that Game Night will revolve around the weekly, as that would be a great advantage.

        Sorry that you won’t be playing GN at 8pm, but I will hopefully play with you before then (or earlier on Thurs).

        And one last point; unless I see a consistent number of veteran Reach gamers play Team Swat WITHOUT BUMPER JUMPER, I think I will be abandoning playing Swat with random’s. As in, if Swat pisses me of again today, then I shall wash my hands of that game type completely, and will make clear to any party that I play with that, unless the entire party wants to play Swat, I shall not play it. (Team Slayer DMR’s is a better choice anyway).

      • Scruff 815 says:

        And now you see why I got so sweary in SWAT last week 😉

  2. Zidane says:

    Yeah quite agree Sruff, need to get some under my belt ASAP!!!

  3. Scruff 815 says:

    Game night this week:

    Alas, I cannot make it this week, so does anyone else want to volunteer themselves as party leader?

    I will, however, be on Thursday daytime, mid-morning to mid-afternoon UK time. I hope to see various UK and European types (and insomniac Americans) on then for some good friendly gaming in the 343i Beta Hopper playlist which launches tomorrow, trying out all the wonderful new game modes and getting many, many wins 😀

    • crazybydefault says:

      Even without cross-country, I still won’t get home until about an hour and a half after it starts. So I know I’m out 😛

  4. Woody says:

    Fifty wins?! This is going to be a grind even if you have all seven days to work with, especially if you have goofball teammates.

    So, I need to basically get an average of a little over seven wins per day. I will try to get ten for today and tomorrow, since I’m warden free for these days. The rest of the week is questionable as to what I can achieve.

    • lolGTFOplz says:

      Hey Woody, was wondering if tonight after i get out of work have dinner etc etc (be done around 630pm eastern) if you wanted to jump into griffball for some quick and easy wins? i’ve only lost 23 out of the 82 i’ve played, idk why but i tend to win alot, though i’m not sure how the hammer works. lol. and you have the experiance (with 426 games played). just an idea haha. let me know

      • Woody says:

        Sure, we can jump into a few games of grifball later on. I should be available at that time.

      • lolGTFOplz says:

        awesome, that sounds like a plan!

      • Project shave says:

        If I’m on I’ll join you fellas. I haven’t played grifball in months!

      • Woody says:

        I may have some bad news as for joining…. I almost forgot my router hasn’t been responding to wireless devices for the last several days. I’m not sure why it’s not working right and I have right out of ideas to fix it, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get online this evening.

        For those who may have seen me online, it was only because I have second location I go to where I can get internet connection to my XBox, but I won’t be at that location until Wednesday.

      • lolGTFOplz says:

        alright woody its no problem, we can try for sometime during the week, Project shave if you want to throw me a request i’ll be happy to join you, i have a friend irl who wants to get going on the weekly early and he’s not too bad.

      • Woody says:

        GOOD NEWS, GUYS! The problem is fixed! So, I will be able to join y’all whenever.

        *Doing the happy dance*

  5. TheOneInYellow says:

    Not entirely happy that the weekly will take some time to do, but the challenge itself is a nice welcome change.

    Right now, I might have to make some very strong decisions about the viability of me playing Reach in terms of frequency; I am getting to the point where other, very important games are not getting enough of my time simply because I play Reach too much. I have paid for such games, and this winter is the most expensive and richest period of gaming I have seen in my life. There are still games that I want, with Batman AC and AC Revelations being the last big triple AAA games, and some minor games also on my list to get (CEA is minor compared to said games).
    In other words, I will continue to play on GN’s and weekly challenges, but I may haver to stop playing the daily challenges (or at least ones that cannot be completed in very short periods of time).
    I have said this a few times before, but its going to happen, and I won’t like it. I enjoy many games, and I am missing out on those pieces of fiction.

    I also know that CEA is coming soon, and I shall re-evaluate these challenges at that time also.

    What say you, RDC community?

    • Scruff 815 says:

      I did actually start doing this a couple of weeks ago. Then 343i took over the daily challenges and drastically increased the payouts, meaning I came back to do the challenges, which then meant that I am pretty much only playing Reach again.

      However I will be dropping the amount I play, in favour of other games that I already own / will own, but that’s not to say I won’t play at all. I’ll still try and go for as many challenges as realistically possible, along with game nights and the like.

      However CEA is the only game I’m planning on getting before 2011 is out. I don’t generally like to pay full-price for games except those that I *need*; so soon I’ll be moving on to AC: Brotherhood, which I recently picked up (new) for a mere £10. Whee 😀

      • biodrumr says:

        AC Brotherhood hooked me in. I’m pre-ordering Revelations because of it.

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        AC Revelations, alongside Batman AC, are day one releases for me. Both game series have left deep impressions over my gaming life, and both are excellent games (based on previous games) 😀

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        I did EXACTLY what you did, then 343i dropped a shitload of credits everywhere, and I could not run away…
        Yet I still stand with my comments above, that I need to stop trying to complete the daily challenges in such large numbers.

        Also, Brotherhood is awesome, but I am still happy that I had spent £60 for ACII Black Edition and Brotherhood Codex Edition, simply because the contents within are some of the best I have seen within the gaming hemisphere; Ubisoft make very decent CE’s which are worth their price when compared to other developers meagre attempts (I’m looking at you Activison and Epic O_O).
        The same will be true for AC Revelations Animus Edition and Batman Arkham City CE (Game.co.uk dropped the price to £54.99 \o/ ).

        However, you have the economical, sensible approach to getting games. I am the typical SELL HIM MOAR CE HE DEFO GET THEM HA HA consumer >_>.

    • Krandyt says:

      I feel exactly the same, I’ve cut right down on reach time what with DE:HR coming out and wanting to get everything done on that ready for batman AC coming out, I’ve avoided getting gears 3 though just because I don’t think I can juggle 3 games at once anymore. As for the weekly I’ll probably give it a miss, had a bad run lately and just got too frustrated with being matched with poor gamers.

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        I have yet to finish DE:HR, even though I have sunk a massive amount of time into it; I’m in Hengsha for the second time, doing side missions atm.

        And what you have said about ‘juggling games’ is SPOT ON why I am struggling to complete/play other games. Right now, I have Reach, GoW 3 MM, and DE:HR. Reach is taking up the most time, so I need to change my attitude to it before I have more unfinished games collecting dust on my shelf, games that I always say I’ll go back to but never do 😦

    • thegoatboy says:

      I am in agreement with you Yellow. Rage comes out tomorrow, unless I go out at midnight tonight… I am also waiting for Batman AC.

      Reach will be getting less play time for sure, if 343i had not increased the CR payouts I would be playing even less like Scruff said. This will likely change after CEA arrives.

      • biodrumr says:

        I think CEA is only going to change things for a month or two for me though. There won’t be a significant change to the multiplayer experience, just a few new maps. I plan to play through the campaign with some friends, but between that and messing around with the new multiplayer maps for a couple weeks, I think the novelty will wear off about the time 2012 is rolling in.

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        Thanks Goat Boy 🙂
        I now Rage is a good game, I just could not see justifying the purchase of that game myself when games such as Dark Souls (might still get…), Dead Island, and other games on my purchase list vie for attention. Plus, I have enough shooters, with CEA being the other big shooter to play alongside GoW 3.

      • TheOneInYellow says:

        *now = know

    • SamCiphus says:

      Yellow, I here you. I bought Dead Island to start off this EPIC string of games, but I don’t enjoy it that much. (plus it gypped me ’cause it didn’t have offline co-op) I can’t wait for Batman and AC Revelations, or Saints Row 3, or especially Skyrim (Had it preordered since February), and Reach is definitely taking a backfoot for me.

  6. lolGTFOplz says:

    A tie is not considered a win correct? i know it was on H3, but dont thing so on reach.

    • crazybydefault says:

      I don’t think so! There was a daily a few weeks ago that was (like yesterday’s) “Win [x] games in multiplayer matchmaking”. I was in a Grifball game, we tied, the counter didn’t go up.

    • John says:

      Definitely not unfortunately, it has to be an outright win to count for the challenge

    • Woody says:

      Unfortunately, ties are worthless.

      I had a situation in Rumble Pit, loooong time ago, where I had 24 kills and another guy need 24 kills. Knowing there was another person who needed one more kill, I was going nuts and getting frustrated, because I couldn’t find anyone and thinking this other fool is going to get lucky a find people to get the winning kill. Well, after maybe 30 seconds, it seem he was having trouble finding people as well, because surely he would’ve killed someone by that point. Anyway, I finally find my potential game winning victim and we killed each other with headshots simultaneously. I’m screaming, “noooooo” thinking that gives the other guy time to win… but quickly realized that the guy I killed was the guy who was tied with me. The game ended right after with both us not getting credit for 25 kills.

  7. gans42 says:

    Im actually super happy about this grindy challenge. I have a ton of schoolwork this week, and no real time for halo, and a shorter/easier weekly would no doubt tempt me. With this challenge, I am not at all tempted to try and nab this so I can actually get my work done!

    • Noobwarrior523 says:

      Same gans….I’ll be able to focus on my crappy schedule instead of being tempted by a super easy weekly*cough* co-op dash*cough*

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I’m the same way! I MIGHT get this one done, but it all depends on how much work I have to do for school. As of right now, it’s looking like a lot. 😦

      • gans42 says:

        wanna trade work loads?

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        Only if it’s math. I officially HATE College Algebra!

  8. Brian says:

    Awwww man, i come on to this site with you lovely people just hoping it wouldnt be this weekly, 8-10 wins a day i guess ;(

  9. Mister X says:

    75 to go!

  10. Mister X says:

    35 to go! I wrote wrong. Cellphones…

  11. Mister X says:

    15 to go! Tonorrow i continue.

    • Jesse says:

      Careful Mister X, you may have to provide documented proof and affidavits to my hero Dogmeat. 🙂

    • Zidane says:

      Sorry again I’ve changed my mind, done this weeks and next weeks challenge in 40 game, apolagies my mistake 😦

    • Dogmeat says:

      So…20 wins in 3 1/2 hours. Most matches are about 8 minutes (excluding short grifball and lengthy BTB games). Add another 2 minutes to search and begin another match. 20 wins in 200 minutes (about 3 1/2 hours). No room whatsoever for any losses. GT please.

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Yeah? I already got the challenge done. In one game. In 15 seconds. Whilst not at my Xbox.

      Gamertag or it didn’t happen.

  12. Zidane says:

    I did the weekly plate 20 games and won 50 of them, gt is mr mr 🙂

  13. Jesse says:

    There is a Mister X, but doesn’t appear to be too into Reach (Recruit).


  14. Mister X says:

    Dogmeat, i don’t live in EUA. I live on Brazil. The hours here is diferent.

    • Dogmeat says:

      Where you live is irrelevant unless inhabitants of Brazil travel back/forward in time. Your posts are timestamped based on the server’s timezone (not that even timezone matters for this discussion). Your two posts for having 35 wins to go and then only 15 left were a little over 3 1/2 hours apart.

      As each win only nets you a bonus 607 credits, you’re really just cheating yourself out of credits by playing speed grifball instead of a normal match. The amount of credits you could have earned through a win during a normal reach game (any style) is well over the 30k-credit payout the weekly nets you.

  15. Mister X says:

    Jesse, this is not me.

  16. Mister X says:

    Dogmeat, i did this weekly with 3 more friend, we run to the ball and won.

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      I did it with two other friends, and we only got about 12 wins in the couple of hours we were playing. I don’t think anyone believes you anymore.

  17. Mister X says:

    On Grifball.

    • SamCiphus says:

      We want a Gamertag Mister X!

    • SamCiphus says:

      ^this guy…^

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Indeed! Give us your Gamertag and we can have a look at your game history and check your outlandish claims!

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        My guess? He never will because then we would all know that it’s a lie. Now he’s never gonna hear the end of it. 😉

      • lolGTFOplz says:

        the cake is a lie….

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        Or is it? Maybe the cake is the truth and the cookie is a lie. And maybe, just maybe, you are a lie. (If you’re confused, so am I 😉 )

  18. Mister X says:

    10 to go !

  19. Jesse says:

    What rank are you Mister X?

    I did play with a group of guys yesterday who were spamming spawning areas in Grifball. I think 3 of us quit, because it was a pointless game. I suspect that is one way of winning a lot of games.

  20. Mister X says:

    Already did!

  21. 'Cos says:

    Ummmm, ok. I’ll take you’re word for it then.

    Here’s my proof…that i’m not done yet, and that i’m not an imaginary person :

    http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/Challenges.aspx?player=seventh dawg

    • SamCiphus says:

      MISTER X, GET OUT OF THESE FORUMS, unless you’re going to admit you’re making this shit up.

  22. Jesse says:

    Well, personally, I don’t think I’ll ever tell you guys what my GT is. Basically because in some games i do great, and others I am bad bad bad. So, let the guy brag, or feel good. He enjoys the forum. Let’s not make this into a bungie forum, where you get all these prima donna’s acting like they are Gods because they score 20+ in swat. OK, you shoot well, we see your stats, wonderful.
    In the end, is this a p*sssing contest, or just a friendly get together to talk. Does it really impact our lives that much that Mister X uses up some bits and bytes discussing his gaming prowess, without giving out his GT?
    I don’t care if Dogmeat is an inheritor and scores 40 kills in swat, just let us know how you do it. Technique discussions, much more fun.
    I’m still at 5 wins for the week, big deal. I love FF arcade.

    • SamCiphus says:

      Haha, you’re spot on Jesse. However, I actually want to see this guy’s profile, so I can be impressed.

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  24. Nancy F. says:

    I completed the weekly challenge for 30,353 and when it came up at the end, it said weekly challenge complete but did not give me any credits for this. I called and they told me there was nothing they could do.
    This is the third time this has happened to me.
    You kind of lose interest after a while.
    Someone should be able to tell you why and check this out.
    No one can do anything.
    I was not at my cap for the day either. It caps you off at 120,000 credits for the day.
    Thought this was supposed to be fun.
    Anyone else have this problem?

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