11th October – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Did you know that this is the 1 year anniversary of RDC? Yep, 366 commentaries written now, check out my first ever commentary post if you want to see how far it’s come. Thanks for reading everybody, here’s hoping we get challenges in future Halo games too 😀

Anyway, on with today’s…

  1. Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 2343 cR
  2. Survivor – Earn 5 sprees in a firefight matchmaking game – 2000 cR
  3. Eyes in the Sky – Kill 10 enemies with the Designator in ONI on Heroic – 1500 cR
  4. Go Right Ahead Folks – Earn a First Strike in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Blastin’ and Relaxin’ – Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 2343 cR

If you’re going for just this challenge you’ve got a few choices for doing this really easily and quickly…

  • Forge – make a game with players spawning in one spot and camp it
  • Firefight – Download my Firefight Invincible game type on my File Share, lots of Elites, lots of medals, lots of kills
  • ONI: Sword Base – Use the Target Designator trick (run past everyone at the beginning, grab it, turn around, fire, wait for the killing to stop and restart the checkpoint)
  • Package – There are points where you can get a checkpoint just before a number of Grunts appear in the final battle, so you can gun them down and restart

Survivor – Earn 5 sprees in a firefight matchmaking game – 2000 cR

You get 120 kills in Gruntpoc so it’s an easy way to do it. If you can get kills using weapons (ie 5 grenade sticks, a shotgun, sniper rifle etc) then you get nearer the total – use Score Attack to get a range of weapons. Beachhead is quite good as you can use the vehicles to get more sprees – and now on Firefight Arcade you’ve got a good chance of using a variety of weapons, lots of killing sprees and grenades and the like. I like hitting up Gruntpoc then getting the 5 killing sprees.

Eyes in the Sky – Kill 10 enemies with the Designator in ONI on Heroic – 1500 cR

From the start of ONI: Sword Base, sprint past everyone by sticking to the right all the way down the ramp to where the Target Designator is. Turn around and fire it fairly centrally at the first of the barricades on the ramp. If for some reason you don’t get the 10 kills in the first two blasts, reset the checkpoint and do it again.

Go Right Ahead Folks – Earn a First Strike in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

Team SWAT, Grifball or Infection are good game types to get this in. Infection & Grifball particularly because you get a First Strike in every round, so it’s giving you a good chance to pick up the medal. In Team SWAT, Asylum, Countdown or Sword Base are good for picking it up. On Asylum, zoom your DMR through the central arena and watch for the opposite team coming down their ramp. Countdown you can look through the central area and see the opposite team there, and on Sword Base go to the top of the green lift if you’re red, as blues usually come up the lift first. If you’re blue then go to the ramp up from your starting point as you can often snipe someone who doesn’t expect it.


47 Responses to 11th October – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Zidane says:


    • Zidane says:

      Has come a long way, must admit I couldn’t imagine you using the word “dude” though, made me smile 🙂

  2. My Little Housing Blog says:


    Greetings from a cold Finland 🙂

  3. ITS ZAPHOX says:

    Hmm, not as many points as other challenges recently…

    • Gengo23 says:

      I agree that they aren’t as much as recent challenges, but they are still more than their traditional payout.

      Blastin’ and Relaxin’ has been pretty steady at 2343
      Survivor has been 7 sprees and 9 sprees for 1000
      Eyes in the Sky on Heroic has been 1000
      Go Right Ahead Folks was previously 1000

      So overall, still an increase in payout, just not the ridiculously easy payout of “Golden Opportunity” for 5000.

  4. Jkun says:

    Congrats, and thank you for being such a fantastic resource!

  5. SamCiphus says:

    WOO! One year of RDC!

    SInce then, I’ve met and played with some of the best (and most fun to play with) “Haloer”s around! Thanks everyone!

  6. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    If it wasn’t for your wonderful blog, I probably wouldn’t have lasted throughout Reach, and would probably be studying hard, getting all A’s, socialising with family and friends, have a girlfriend, and like being outside.

    That is not the case however. THANKYOU Matthew!!

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Hahahahaha 😀

      Happy blog birthday Matthew! Also if Halo 4 doesn’t come with challenges I will be very surprised indeed.

      Anniversary game night on Thursday? 😉

      • Sir Galahad 63 says:

        Will halo 4 have a whole new multiplayer? If so do you think Reach MM will be ditched like halo 3 mostly was?

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Yes, and no. Reach MM will be quite different to H4 I think (the Master Chief games tend to be faster paced), and also people are protective of their rank and such. Saying that, H3 is still very well supported. I’ve never struggled to find a game, even at obscure times of the day.

        But that’s at least a year away. CE:A’s multiplayer is part of Reach, so that’ll keep us all going for some time yet 🙂

  7. HC Sangheili says:

    Congratulations Matthew!

  8. Scruff 815 says:

    30 seconds in Campaign, one game of Firefight and one or two games of Grifball to mop up. Good. I didn’t want a day of long challenges; Brotherhood is the game of priority right now. So, *so* good. Can’t believe I waited a year for it.

    In other news, Grifball is 100% the way to go for the Weekly. I was getting 2-5 multikills per game of SWAT; 20 multikills minimum in Grifball, and that’s when playing with randoms. Yay!

    • Gengo23 says:

      That’s pretty beast. I typically can get 10 multis in a full game (3-5 rounds) of Grifball, but last night, over the 12 games for the daily, I only averaged just over 3 (41 total in 12 games).

  9. chriscray says:

    Congrats on the RDC birthday!

    Today has easy challenges, thank god. I won’t be able to play ad much as I used too as my son now lives with me. I get to play dad again. That can be a daily challenge, but maybe I’ll be a warrant grade 1 dad by Halloween!

  10. Flacksguy says:

    Happy Anniversary RDC

    And thanks for all the time and effort you put into this Matthew.

  11. Braythor says:

    Happy birthday (creationday?) to the blog, and more thanks than can be put in words to Matthew for your dedication to it; every single day without fail there’s been a post, even Xmas day AND New Years day, that’s commitment! And it’s appreciated, a lot.

    Challenges for the day, well I’ll probably do a couple. I finally reached Hero last night and decided to have a complete armour overhaul, but I’m 75,000 cR short of getting one piece to finish off the ‘new look’.

    I’m also at 60 or so for the weekly, so I guess it is absolutely achievable.

  12. leroygetz says:

    Welldone on the blog, its been a fantastic help with Reach. Keep up the good work 🙂

  13. LolGTFOplz says:

    After staying up till 1 o clock in the morning i finally got the weekly gone. hooray!

    i dont even want to talk about what happened on ODST lastnight -sigh-

    Going to get to challenges after work today, and for 7843 cR in total i’m going to be happy.

    Good luck everyone!

  14. aeoliant says:

    wow some pretty easy challenges so far this week… I had an interesting game yesterday where I think the first 10 kills I had were all revenges (in SWAT).. gave me an idea for a sweet challenge like “complete a game with as many revenges as kills, minimum 5 kills” or something… I should work for 343

  15. thegoatboy says:

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary RDC!

  16. Krandyt says:

    Happy anniversary RDC, you’ve done a great job here Matthew, not only helping people with challenges but also creating a friendly, helpful and interesting community of gamers.  well done and thanks

  17. Mister X says:

    Congratulations RDC! A hug from the Hot Brazil!

  18. Peggy says:

    congratulations on a fantastic blog, and a fantastic community

    Peggy Peggy ftw

  19. 'Cos says:

    Congrats Matthew. Over the past year you have helped me immensely, not including the people you have assembled here i now call friends. Thanks for making it possible. Keep it up…

  20. Dragao1010 AKA: Brian says:

    The easier the dailies the better! btw, am i the first one to get halo reach( i got it in July, but started playing it in August) and only save up for inclement weather? just 300k to go zomgoodness 😀

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      I’m not really even saving for it. I think it makes you a bit more obvious and people tend to go after you more. I like Pestilence more anyway. 😀 Just my opinion, though.

  21. Dragao1010 AKA: Brian says:

    ouuu, one more question for RDC community and happy b-day to this smextastic community!!! Has anybody gotten every single weekly since launch? Or even something such as all dailies so far?

    • Scruff 815 says:

      A few people here have done every Weekly since launch. I am not one of those people. Don’t think anyone’s done all the dailies though…

    • Zidane says:

      I’ve done 26weeklys since jan,didnt know what I was doing at first and I’m rubbish at Laso’s so I’m pleased overall, only done one laso and that’s through Cos!

  22. Nexamsan says:

    Congrats!(holds up drink) Here’s to a long life of RDC!

  23. Nexamsan says:

    Hey lplgtfoplz, sorry man. I didn’t mean to spam u last night, my friends and I were wanting to play some griffage last night and could have used your team to make a complete game with no randoms for either team.

    • LolGTFOplz says:

      oh its nbd i was just on a roll with my girl and didn’t want any good players to come in and steal all my kills (like you) ended up getting the weekly done haha, you can spam anytime man.

  24. RainingMammoths says:

    Happy RDC-iversary!

  25. LolGTFOplz says:

    its been 3 months since we had “Pod Kettle Black” lets hope we dont get it soon 🙂 i nvr have done that challenge or had the time to google what they are lol.

    • SensoryFour34 says:

      Now that you say that, we’re gonna end up having that challenge tomorrow. That’s the way it works right? 😉

      • 'Cos says:

        I actually hope it comes up again soon. It is very easy to do, and i will personally explain it to you when the time comes. Easy credits…

  26. SensoryFour34 says:

    Is anyone else having problems with the Xbox Live update? I keep trying to download it, but it keeps failing. It tells me to go to xbox.com/support but all that did was tell me to try downloading it again. Now I can’t sign in to Xbox Live because it just keeps signing me out. Any ideas? I also tried Google, but with that didn’t help at all. And I’m not having any problems with the connection as far as I can tell.
    If it helps, the status code it gave me is 351F-3524-1380-0500-C000-0032.

    • Zidane says:

      I did first time round but a few days later I download fine

    • Dogmeat says:

      That stinks! 😦 I didn’t experience any problems with the update this morning. I hope you get it resolved soon!

    • Zidane says:

      It said ut would sign me out and I couldn’t join until updated but I had to shut down as it froze and signed in fine, 2nd go was fine!

  27. BJ2603 says:

    Even though I’m only new here, it seems everyone appreciates what matt is doing. And it takes a commitment to stick at it for a whole year. So thanks to RDC and heres to another year!

  28. crazybydefault says:

    Congrats! I’m very impressed with your dedication to this site and I would like to say that if it wasn’t for this blog (and the awesome people I’ve met), I probably wouldn’t be playing Reach as much as I do, if at all.

    Now to finish my homework 😦 Stupid homework…

  29. Shamboola says:

    Tenacity and grace are both appreciated and rarely found in the same person.

    Fight the good fight and thanks for your dedication.


  30. Zoing says:

    Finally hit field marshall today but i just saw how many cr it takes to get to hero so there goes my insperation
    Ps happy bday rdc

    PPs what was the “pod kettle black” challenge?

  31. Shane says:

    Happy Birthday, RDC!

    Thanks for starting and, more impressively, [i]maintaining[/i] this site. Who knows how many Warrant Officers that Vose’s Army has trained into veteran Field Marshalls, Colonels, Heroes, and Inheritors!

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