Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 17th October

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

All in a Week’s Work – Kill 700 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 30343 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

More credits for fewer kills than previously? Thank you 343. Although this is the 4th multiplayer Matchmaking weekly in a row, so hopefully it’ll get mixed up soon.

What’s the best way to rack up the kills in Multiplayer? If we take it by game type (and this list is not definitive):

  • Grifball – Can be a really mixed bag, against a good team or someone scoring quickly you won’t get many kills, but if you’re able to time your hammer blows right or grab the bomb you can get 30, 40 or even 50 kills in a 3 round game
  • Rumble Pit – If you can win games that’s 25 a time, but usually in 10-12 minutes. Something like Juggernaut is good where it’s not necessarily on kill volume, esp if you can take out other players
  • Multi-Team Battle – Normal Slayer is good, but the objective based missions are really good, Crazy King and Oddball can see you net 40+ kills
  • Invasion – Depends on your team and the ability of the attackers when you’re defending, but if they keep swarming there are loads of opportunities to get quick and easy kills
  • Action Sack – DinoBlasters seems pretty quick and shares the kills pretty evenly, and HaloBall Extreme can net you loads of kills

There are lots of game types – Infection can be good but not a high kill game type when I’ve played it, especially if you’re never made human. I think all that you need to do here is keep playing along.

As ever I hope you’ve all got your own ways of doing this (and I don’t want to hear about signing in with friends or spare controllers to boost), so please do let everyone know in the comments.

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40 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 17th October

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  2. xXMaster SoulXx says:

    Very NICE weekly!!!

  3. HC Sangheili says:

    Easy greasy. Check out your stats (http://www.bungie.net/stats/reach/careerstats/default.aspx) for Kills/Hour to determine the level of effort. I’m just shy of 7 hours, and will let it come naturally.

  4. LA says:

    Was really hoping for a non-mm weekly. MM isn’t as fun as it once was.

    • LolGTFOplz says:

      I can agree that its not as fun, i spent about 20 minutes yesterday looking through the playlists and none of them seemed “appetizing”

  5. LolGTFOplz says:


    I’m going to stick with the Team slayer and Squad slayer that i normally play. usually get around 15+ in TS and 20+ in SS. so this should be wrapped up by Wednesday at the latest. For my GF, i’m assuming its going to take all week, but its ok! Goodluck everyone!

    • HC Sangheili says:

      *SS sucks! 😛

      **I SUCK at SS

      • LolGTFOplz says:


        How can you go wrong with squad slayer, all original maps, no armor lock, extra opponent to headshot, its just, so…. BEAUTIFUL

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Squad Slayer is the best game mode in Reach.

        If you’re playing with a full party of 5.

        If you’re not, it’s just an easy way to get murdered by Inheritors when the rest of your team ragequit after dying twice.

      • HC Sangheili says:

        @Scruff – that is exactly my problem. Have not played enough full party SS to truly enjoy it. When I have played with randoms, and they rage quit, I HLG to run the clock down.

      • LolGTFOplz says:

        Mmmmm HLG -drools like homer-

      • Shane says:

        Yeah, Squad Slayer’s a Friday night playlist for me when I can get a full party together. Otherwise it can be painful.

        Great weekly, gives me a chance to almost onyx the One Shot commendation and get my precision kills closer to Gold.

      • crazybydefault says:

        I always play SS in a full party (although I have played a few games in a party of 3). I tend to do well in it, especially because Slayer DMR’s comes up frequently!

  6. Scruff 815 says:

    Easy enough. But good lord, no more Grifball please. It hurts my brain now.

  7. Z3RO 37 says:

    SBlah! 3 MP challenges in a row. Bring back Firefight or LASO.

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Four, actually. It *is* about time we had a FF one. 😕

      Personally I’m not a fan of Campaign Weeklies; they’re only either “do this one really difficult thing in one day” or “glitch the hell out of Nightfall” – plus game completion credits suck and I’ve already maxed the Campaign commendations 😦

      • Zidane says:

        I like this one but we are due FF, the problem with campaign is that it is stupid hard or can be done like you said in 10 mins, they to do something that will take a few goes at or last the week otherwise it’s just a daily IMO

  8. Woody says:

    At first I thought about doing grifball, but then I was thinking how I’m getting a little tired of griffy. Trying to closeout the weekly yesterday took a lot out of my mentally… never worked so hard just to get 15 double kills. I may use this opportunity to improve my precision skills in SWAT. I will use grifball only if I get desperate in trying to complete challenges.

  9. John says:

    I don’t think I have the patience for another Griffball grind so probably not going to bother, I wish they’d gone for something a bit more creative.


  10. callupchuck says:

    Grifball – A remedy to any challenge! Do you need kills? Grifball! Do you need CQC kills? Grifball! Do you need multikills? Grifball! Do you need wins? Grifball! Need precision weapon kills? Grifball! Why bother playing vanilla Reach?

  11. RainingMammoths says:

    Agreed. Grifball has become overplayed on my part. Although, its usually “Lolgtfoplz”‘s idea to play it in our party.
    I’m psyched for this weekly, I didn’t bother with the last one. It for some reason seemed daunting after a while.

  12. Brady Cook says:

    I saw a party of 4 people who all had 4 daily challenges and the weekly challenge completed only 2 hours after the weekly had be posted. I was in a saw match btw, but what i’m asking is it even possible for someone to get 700 kills in 2 hours? I figured they were all hackers than i played the match and we dominated them 50 to 26 with the highest person on their team having 13 kills on uncaged. So is it possible?

    • Dogmeat says:

      What is your GT? I’ll be happy to look at their game history for this morning to tell you how they did it.

  13. Zidane says:

    Fixed, not a chance

  14. Dragao1010 AKA: Brian says:

    zomgoodness, another grindfest -_- What is this, an mmo?

    • André says:

      I’ll skip this one too unless I get close near the end. I was hoping for a Slaso run or something new.

  15. Scruff 815 says:

    A weekly challenge that will take around a week of playing to complete? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY.

    • Shane says:

      Or 7 games?

      Best game of Grifball with randoms in ages.
      No one tried to score! 😀

      • Dogmeat says:

        Nice to see you maintained an almost 2.0 k/d ratio! Multiple sprees, a kilimanjaro, and two assassinations top off an excellent match. 🙂

        You’re in the home stretch for Inheritor as well…a mere 816,429 credits to go!! 😀

      • Shane says:

        Yep, although my actual k/d ratio is a helluva lot lower! 1.17. I prefer to chase challenges and commendations… and glory!

        I should get to Inheritor the week after next but first I have to take my annual holiday from Halo :-D.

  16. Deaf Phantom says:

    oi no griffball… i am doing just fine with infection i got 39 kills in one match so it’ll be easy weekly challenge if they keep coming after me without infecting me

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  18. korongar says:

    Infection is ok so long as you’re on Sword Base, guys don’t came at you in groups larger than 2 – 3, and you don’t end up like I was a week ago or so being killed in 10 secs and/or a zombie 2/3 rounds 3 games in a row.

  19. Brett Taylor says:

    When does it end?

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Every Weekly challenge ends on Sunday night / Monday morning at 3am Pacific. That’s 6am Eastern, 11am UK, etc.

  20. DOOFUS NO 1 says:

    It ends at 11pm in New Zealand, right on the IDL. It’s acctualy getting annoying because I finish playing for the night, then the new challenges pop up.

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