6th November – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

For those who are interested, I did finish Mass Effect 2 for the second time with my renegade (evil) character, I managed to get one of my missing achievements and made two decisions opposite from the Paragon playthrough (highlight the invisotext for spoilers – I kept everyone alive through the end mission, destroyed half the Geth and gave the station to Cerberus). She continued her relationship with Liara from the first game, and ended up with some wicked facial scarring.

I’ve now got Deus Ex: Human Revolution to work through in the next week or so until Anniversary comes out. I was planning to rent it but it was £15 down from £40 and they gave me the Ltd Ed instead of the standard anyways, so if I don’t get through it quickly and easily I can come back to it.

Frankly, it’s good having stuff like this to help occupy the mind.

Anyway, today’s challenges:

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 3200 cR

You could do this in one game of Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or some of the other variants. 2X is good because you’re likely to get slightly more than 120 so it takes account of TKs from the Covvies. Pick something in Holdout so that you can work at…

Just Holdout – Kill 150 enemies on Holdout in Firefight Matchmaking – 2500 cR

So you’re probably looking at two games of anything here – if you can get into Firefight Arcade on your own or with one other you might get this, but you might as well whizz through Gruntpocalypse, 2x Score Attack or something twice.

Mythic Evasion – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with Tough Luck and Mythic on – 3500 cR

I’m giving exactly the same advice as every optional Campaign mission challenge – run Nightfall, get this done in 10 minutes, tops. As a guide to Nightfall speed run I’ve picked this video off Youtube randomly, but there are hundreds like it. In fact we have further options and details on the time we did it in LASO on this Weekly Challenge page and comments. There are other levels you may be more familiar with, but honestly, you can do this in 5-6 minutes with minimal stress.

…Is a Virtue – Score 40,000 points in any Campaign mission with less than 3 deaths – 2000 cR

Long Night of Solace, Rally Point Alpha. You’ll be going into the space combat, with as many skulls on as you’re comfortable with. Last time I used Black Eye, Tough Luck, Catch, Cloud, Famine and Thunderstom. That gives you a 6.80 multiplier and should take about 5-6 mins to rack up your points – just keep playing until you hit the target then quit the mission. Note that the Phantoms don’t give you points for destroying, so go after Banshees and Seraphs first. I played it on Normal, but the multiplier goes up depending on difficulty too. Just keep playing through and taking out ships and you’ll eventually get there. The alternative is again put lots of skulls on and play through the end of Pillar Of Autumn. When you get to the MAC at the end just sit there taking out Phantoms for stacks and stacks of points.


19 Responses to 6th November – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. gans42 says:

    You can also play New Alexandria with a bunch of skulls on, and just keep killing the infinite banshees. Also phantoms there give you tons of points.

    • HC Sangheili says:

      New Alexandria is my preference as well.

      For those that co-op it remember it’s 40k per player so keep FFA scoring on.

      • gans42 says:

        And if you leave team scoring on by accident, just hit back to see your individual score.

  2. iam8up says:

    New Alexandria, Normal
    tough luck

    Phantom nets 7k, Banshee is 1k. Very easy, pretty quick. When dealing with the Phantom float above it and use your gunners for extra fire power.

  3. Flacksguy says:

    For anyone in the US that needs to re-up their Gold subscription, there is a pretty good deal on eBay right now: 12 months for 37.99 shipped.


    But you do need PayPal with a VERIFIED ADDRESS.
    It seems the seller has been getting a bunch of Negative Feedback because orders have been cancelled due to non verified addresses.

    I saw this on Wed, but I was too late to post it on here, and it popped up again this morning.
    I ordered one for myself….would have gotten two if I had more in my Paypal account.

    Also, Toys R Us is now giving away a 1600 Point card with the purchase of a 12 month Gold membership. Works out to about the same if you’d rather go that route.

  4. DaRoflBandit says:

    Done, with a game of nightfall, LNoS, and Firefight Doubles on Holdout.

  5. Scruff 815 says:

    Huh. Good day for those who like FF and Campaign challenges. If I get the time I might bang out a couple of quick games of Score Attack and maybe a Nightfall run, because free credits are nice and I’m not that far away from Noble now. 😀

    Wonder what tomorrow’s Weekly will bring… I predict a grindtacular MM one…

  6. Scruff 815 says:

    And it wouldn’t be a fresh day of challenges if I didn’t do this…


    Join me (Scruff 815) and gans42 on Thursday November 10th from 8pm UK time onwards (which will be 3pm Eastern; see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html for other places) for an evening of Custom Games. We’ll be playing the best maps and game variants currently out there, along with some home-baked creations from various RDC & Halo Social community members. If you’ve got a map or a game variant to share with the world, this is the time to do it. But please try and have it support 16 people, just in case.

    Simply add one or both of us to your friends list, fire up Reach on the 10th, and hit X to join us. With no customs matchmaking search tools, we are entirely limited to the people who show up. No people = no game night. Try and have a mic if possible, don’t go AFK, and don’t rage-quit in the middle of a game when you’re doing badly / you don’t like the game mode and we’ll all get along just fine 😀

    Expect to see this post repeated in the comments for a little while until Matthew bans me or I fall off a cliff because the guy in charge of the mouse pointer hadn’t correctly placed one of those particular Lemmings that turn the other Lemmings around so that they don’t fall to their doom, whichever happens first.

    PS: 17th November = CE:A Game Night 😀

    • DaRoflBandit says:

      I’ll be playing through the CE:A Campaign on the 17th, never played the original before.

      • Scruff 815 says:

        Goddamn you’re in for a treat. The first game has such a great Campaign…

      • Chris says:

        Yeah, the original HALO game campaign was the best of the original trilogy.

        Just try to imagine playing it in a world without Halo — where you never heard of the massive ring…the Flood…or any of the other alien and artificial life forms.

        Part of the fun of the original game was the fact that it was a mystery. You don’t know what the ring is…or why the covenant want it…or what the Flood are…and what they have to do with it.

        Good stuff.

    • Zidane says:

      You pre ordered yours Scruff?

  7. Zidane says:

    Earn 343 head shots fir 30343 cr :-))

  8. A Peach Nut says:

    I’m a fan of score attack, so I’d like to see a Weekly like 1000 headshots in score attack, or 200 assassinations in score attack, or make the flat tire 50 vehicles as weekly so I could finally do a flat tire challenge 🙂 I’ve never attempted a LASO cause I just get owned by the AI 😦 so hopefully it’s not one of those.

    Since I’m new I was wondering if there are a significant number of North Americans in the group or if most players are British? Don’t really care, just thinking about connection issues…

    Also, a while ago I purchased and downloaded Halo1 from the Marketplace but only played the first few levels because I was too distracted by Halo3 at the time. Is it worth a playthrough now or should I just wait for CE:A and enjoy the graphics update?

    Anyway, less than 6 hours left for me to do today’s dailies, so im off.

    • ITS ZAPHOX says:

      play the original first if you have it. no other halo rivals it (or any game for that matter, with the exception of GTA: San Andreas!)

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