9th November – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

Almost the Universal Day of One. Then only a few days until it’s Halo Anniversary time. My UK readers might want to look up details on Game in Kingston Upon Thames for Saturday night. I’d consider attending but I’ll be in Hull supporting England RL.

Today’s challenges are:

  1. Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 3000 cR
  2. Killagruntjaro! – Earn 25 multikills in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 3000 cR
  3.  A Side of Huevos – Kill 40 enemies with Sniper Rifle headshots in Nightfall on Normal – 3000 cR
  4. Killing Frenzy – Earn a Killing Frenzy in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 4000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Light Fare – Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 3000 cR

If you want to do this specifically (as you’ll get it just playing for the other challenges) then jump into something on Score Attack, maybe Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or Fiesta Attack to get it done quickly and rack up the kills.

Killagruntjaro! – Earn 25 multikills in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 3000 cR

In Gruntpocalypse or 2x Score Attack this is so easy. The Grunts come out of the doors/dropships/appear in groups of 4 or 5, and you can easily shoot 3 or 4 of them straight away. Multikills do stack so an Overkill counts as 3 – double, triple and 4 kills. Therefore just play the game and take them out when you see them together. I’m a big fan of using the Rocket Hog in Beachhead for this, just park it along the path to the left by the tree and defend your position.

A Side of Huevos – Kill 40 enemies with Sniper Rifle headshots in Nightfall on Normal – 3000 cR

You get 50 something bullets, so just go through and headshot everything you can. There is a checkpoint trick you can use to get this quickly, get a checkpoint trigger just behind the first Elite, headshot him, then reset the checkpoint, rinse and repeat. Note it is only the Sniper Rifle you can use to get the challenge, and it has to be a headshot. I played through to the end of the first camp (before the big creatures), then restarted the mission and got everything next time around. Don’t forget that Grunt’s heads are slightly lower than the tanks on their backs and forward.

Killing Frenzy – Earn a Killing Frenzy in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 4000 cR

The Frenzy is 10 kills without dying. Not necessarily in a short space of time. This will come down a lot to personal preference. Immediately I think Grifball, Infection, Juggernaut in Rumble Pit or Team SWAT for me. Grifball might be best although it’s so easy to be killed or betrayed you’re likely to get annoyed, however if you can get your timing in and get to the spawn points to take the opposition out as they spawn – annoying I know as the person spawning but admit it – you would if you were in that position! BTB can be really good if you can get in a tank type vehicle and just bombard the opponents.


53 Responses to 9th November – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Sir Galahad 63 says:

    I can never get the checkpoint behind the elite. I just jump down in front of him, and walk past the grunts on the side that isn’t the cliff (that you die from falling off) aim at his head and slowly walk backwards.

    • BJ2603 says:

      I’ve found I can only trigger the checkpoint if I don’t sprint to him. Means it goes off as I round the corner, so every reset requires a quick lineup and BOOM! headshot 😉

    • HC Sangheili says:

      Sprint to the first left hand bend along the cliff. Just before it tap your AA button (mine is LB) again to stop it. Then walk to the left, then back around to the right.

      Time it just right and you can get the checkpoint to trigger as you place the reticle on the head.

    • crazybydefault says:

      I hop down the cliff, turn around, scope in on his head, then slowly walk backwards while keeping my reticle on his head. As soon as I see “Checkpoint… Done” I hit the trigger, then revert, and just keep doing that. I usually get it done in less than two minutes 😛

  2. chriscray says:

    A killing frenzy is the only one I won’t try. It’s funny, I rarely get them, and its when I’m not trying. When its a goal, it seems impossible. The others are easy, and I’ll have that weekly done tonight! (Head explodes into confetti “yaaay”!)

    • chriscray says:

      I decided to actually check my stats, I have only ONE killing frenzy out of 1,148 ‘competitive’ games. Ouch. FF and campaign are my bread and butter.

      • Lord Kinbote says:

        FF and campaign are my bread and butter also. Never play multiplayer. Too much constant motion. Makes me nauseous.

      • LolGTFOplz says:

        321 out of 2701 games in all multiplayer matchmaking. just going to go into a game of team slayer and hope for the best lol.

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I’ve only got 17 out of 1342 games. Eight of those are from Grifball, seven are from Infection, and the other two are from getting lucky in SWAT and Rumble Pit. I’m probably not getting this either.

    • Matt says:

      “When its a goal, it seems impossible.”

      This. I get killing frenzies regularly in BTB (Active Camo, Plasma Launcher, and DMR on Abridged or Sniper, DMR, Camo on Renegade or DMR, NR, Evade on Trident or DMR, NR, Evade on Wayont) but I never, EVER get one if I’m thinking about it. The last time we had this challenge I choked on 9 kills in two consecutive games 🙂

    • prinzhorn says:

      ^Agreed. All I play is BTB, it’s so easy to get lots of kills in it. I have 112 out of 553 BTB games. Just play defense and you should get it after a few games.

    • crazybydefault says:

      I’ll probably get it in my usual BTB/Invasion shenanigans. Picking people off from a distance with a DMR = my specialty!

      • crazybydefault says:

        Well, I got it in a gametype that I really wasn’t expecting to get it in: Speedpile. I picked up the sword and ran around slashing people all while scoring flags! 😀

  3. DJ says:

    Think I will settle for the top 3 today and then play some matchmaking as I normally do. If I get a Frenzy then great. If not then I couldn’t care too much. I managed it last time in my last game before going out. Got a 12-0. Was that busy making sure I didn’t die for the frenzy that I didn’t kill quick enough for a perfection :/. Funnily enough we lost the game 50-22 (My team was absolutely amazing!) Have never had a perfection but at least 5 games of 12+ kills without dieing.

  4. Scruff 815 says:

    After a particularly entertaining game of FF Arcade getting me the two FF challenges, all I need to do now is get 40 quick headshots using a cheap Nightfall checkpoint and boom; Weekly completed, which will also get me the promotion to Noble! 😀

    I *may* be online this evening for a few games. As usual, join me if you see me on 🙂

    I would consider this Game event on Saturday but according to Google Maps it’s a 4-hour drive for me. So, no! 😉

    • project shave says:

      Ahhh, nothing quite like getting 42,000 cR for 30 minutes of play. One quick game of score attack netted me the first two challenges, fired up my nightfall elite headshot checkpoint, taped my controller and let it ride for the 3rd challenge (as well as the weekly), then played a quick game of Infection to get the killing frenzy. Productive morning.

      Happy hunting!

      • crazybydefault says:

        I completed my weekly in a game of Gruntpocalypse. The final challenge was Light Fare, and it was really weird getting 30,000+ credits for simply popping a Grunt in the face! 😛

  5. Scruff 815 says:

    o hai, 7 random friend requests in one evening.


    Join me (Scruff 815) and gans42 on Thursday November 10th from 8pm UK time onwards (which will be 3pm Eastern; see http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html for other places) for an evening of Custom Games. We’ll be playing the best maps and game variants currently out there, along with some home-baked creations from various RDC & Halo Social community members. If you’ve got a map or a game variant to share with the world, this is the time to do it. But please try and have it support 16 people, just in case.

    Simply add one or both of us to your friends list, fire up Reach on the 10th, and hit X to join us. With no customs matchmaking search tools, we are entirely limited to the people who show up. No people = no game night. Try and have a mic if possible, don’t go AFK, and don’t rage-quit in the middle of a game when you’re doing badly / you don’t like the game mode and we’ll all get along just fine 😀

    Expect to see this post repeated tomorrow unless Matthew bans me or my internet overloads due to a flood of incoming messages from the kid I annoyed in today’s FF game, whichever happens first.

    PS: 17th November = CE:A Game Night 😀

    • gans42 says:

      Guys I’m loving the friend requests, but if you don’t send an accompanying message I will assume its a random friend request, so please just tell me your from RDC. I know it might seem obvious that a friend request is coming from you wonderful people here at RDC, but I actually get my share of randoms friending me, so please do me the favor of not having to message all of you individually asking whether or not you’re from RDC or not.

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        Maybe you’re just that good. 😉

      • gans42 says:

        I am apparently. I have gotten many random friend requests before. Let’s face it sensory, everyone wants to play with me. You demonstrated this when all the sudden I see “Revived by SensoryFour34” on my screen, and I’m thinking “wait what?! you’re in this game with me?”

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        Yes, but you were the one who ignored me thinking I was an Easter Egg. 😉 I really thought it would tell you that I had joined because it just makes sense.

      • gans42 says:

        Oh I know I ignored you, I didn’t realize that the muffled talking was you lol, but the point is that you wanted to play with me so badly you just popped in 😉

      • crazybydefault says:

        I don’t have a huge issue with getting random friend requests, but I get clan recruitment messages ALL THE TIME o.O

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I don’t get them too often, but a few weeks ago, I got two of them within two days of each other. One of them was from a guy who quit almost immediately. That was definitely a good way to recruit. (Not!)

  6. BJ2603 says:

    Your boys will need some help getting over the kiwi outfit Matt… Glad Aussies got through but not without loss. Billy Slater is a big part of the lineup, here’s hoping that shoulder is good to go next year (go Melbourne RLC 2012)

    3 challenges knocked over in less than 30 mins + the weekly pushed me over the million cR mark and yay for pestilence (what a grind…)

  7. My Little Housing Blog says:

    The campaign challenges for today were good, I hope there will be 10 good this week.

    Some Halo playing is a great way to relax after too much work, Reach is one of the best games I have ever played.

    • Dogmeat says:

      BS Angel said there would be at least one campaign challenge every day this week to get everyone psyched up for the release of Halo Anniversary. However, I’m interested to see what that statement translates to for Firefight Thursday or Matchmaking Friday. For your sake, I hope that it isn’t merely “kill x enemies in any game mode.” It would stink if you can’t get your 10 challenges for the week! 😦

  8. Will Cline says:

    Was nice getting 31,000 in challenges this morning for one Gruntpocalypse on Corvette! 🙂

  9. Dogmeat says:

    Given the types of challenges and their payouts today, it is impossible to attain more than 7,767 credits for daily challenge bonuses in a single match (maybe the initial version of Mister X could have done it 😉 ). Everyone is safe grabbing the weekly challenge today! There is no fear of losing some of those earned credits! Tomorrow may be a different story, though. We’ll have to wait and see.

    • Marshy 40 says:

      How did you work out that number? A normal game of FF could net you at 6,000 for the challenges, plus 1,000 performance bonus, plus easily 2,000 for normal scoring, plus 800 or more for commendations. Reason I’m asking is not to doubt you, but someone posted yesterday that the max credits would be around 32,767. I need to manage how I play these as I already had 8 of the 10 dailies, so in order not to lose out on any credits I don’t want to get the FF challenges all in one game.

      • Scruff 815 says:

        The max credits is 32,767 on the “challenge bonus” count ONLY. Game completion, commendations and performance bonus do NOT count towards the total of 32,767.

  10. About the Frenzy:

    I went onto some quick FF Doubles for 6000 in challenges, then the headshot-revert trick for the 40 headshots (about 25 minutes so far). and spent the next hour chasing after the frenzy. I tried rumble pit, BTB, Invasion, Grifball, Infection, boosting with guests, no good. Finally got it on my last game I got it and proceeded to die 1 second later, but hey, what can I say.

    I agree with the post above that when I’m just playing, I can get a frenzy almost every game, but when I’m aiming for it, nigh impossible.

  11. FuaaAlliance says:

    I tried once to do the killing frenzy with a friend as an xbox live guest, we played rumble pit at some specific maps and i just hide and wait for him to come where i was for to kill him, i killed him without dying more than 10 times and i never get the killing frenzy medal, i kill him by knife, headshot, and normal kill, but, nothing happen.. Why is that if someone can help me please

    • Scruff 815 says:

      It was your account that went for the Frenzy, not the guest, right? Because guests can’t get medals / challenges / etc.

      Failing that, it might be because the host migrated during the game. Did you get a black screen while the host changed? If so, that resets all of your sprees to 0.

      If it’s not them then please provide your Gamertag so we can investigate your game history etc.

      • LolGTFOplz says:

        I’m assuming host migration as Scruff said

      • FuaaAlliance says:

        Oh thank you, i really don’t remember if a host migration happened when i was doing the frenzy, but it could happen.. Either way thanks, and knowing that info about the host migration can be very useful

  12. Will Cline says:

    I didn’t know there was a limit on the Challenge credits in a game.

    I completed Light Fare & Killagruntjaro! in one game which gave me the weekly Dedication/Time as well.

    25,000 + 3,000 + 3,000

    Going to finishing A Side of Huevos, not chasing the Killing Frenzy tonight.

  13. RueNSig99 says:

    For headshots just kill the first elite and load last checkpoint. Took me 4 mins.

  14. Paul says:

    Killagruntjaro – did this on Unearthed 2x SA with Recon by grabbing the Target Designator that gets dropped, sprinting back to safety and using it on the main courtyard soon after each of three enemy spawns – got a Killionaire each time, 48 multikills total.

  15. Ive been doing the easier and faster daily challenges this week so i can complete the weekly challenge. I havent been playing Reach very much at all lately because all of my time has been consumed with work and playing GOW3 and RAGE with my girlfriend. LoL. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone and i hope everyone is doing good. 😉

    • callupchuck says:

      Good to see you still poke your head in once in awhile! Most of my time is occupied with BF3 and Trials HD.

    • crazybydefault says:

      RAGE looks like a fun game! Glad to see you still stop by! 😀

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Heyyyy good to see you’re still around! 😀 Hope all is well with you 🙂

  16. DaRoflBandit says:

    By the way, Skirmigeddon (Is that how you spell it? XD) is way better than Gruntpoc if you are looking for a easy Firefight variant. No Plasma Grenades, no Fuel Rod Guns, no Plasma Launchers, Insanely large hitboxes for their head, making headshots a breeze, (unlike the hitboxes for the grunts, dumb flinching makes is hard to headshot them in a row) meaning all you have to do is find a relatively long corridor where the skirmishers gather, (like near the main spawn room on corvette) and they will congregate to go after you, making it super easy to headshot them over, and over AND OVER. It’s quite fun to get a overkill with a DMR within 2 seconds LOL. Hope this helps! 😀

  17. Allison says:

    Ahh snickerdoodle..still the grumpiest person on halowaypoint:

    General Discussion — Topic: this forum about 4 hours ago
    guys, knock it off. it’s already been necroposted. stop with the spam. take this to Yo if you want to keep discussing culinary creations, please.

    • crazybydefault says:

      Quite frankly, the mods (and BS angel) are okay with what she does. They like how she helps to moderate the forums and keep things under control. Because after all, they really can’t keep an eye on everything at once! Spam is indeed against the TOS and nobody likes to see a thread that was last posted in a year ago suddenly pop up again.

    • Scruff 815 says:

      And this has what to do with anyone here, exactly?

      If you’ve got problems with Waypoint forums, go there and complain.

  18. thinkbigger says:

    Well that was three hours well wasted trying to get Killing Frenzy today. One game of Infection I got to 8 and 9 kills, but choked both times. Frustrating.

    • crazybydefault says:

      I know what you mean 😦 It seems that everyone else does too. When I actually *try* for Frenzies, I never seem to get them!

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