Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 14th November

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Single Wield – Earn 200 kills with small arms weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 20343 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Honestly I’m slightly disappointed. I was hoping for a new Weekly Challenge, which this is, but I was hoping for something that would relate more to Halo Anniversary.

Wait just a pistol whipping minute…

See that there, in his hand? It’s the Halo: CE Anniversary Pistol. Which is super powerful. Hurrah.

Some of you might have Anniversary already, some of you might be receiving it very soon (as our friends in the future Australia/NZ etc are almost in tomorrow anyway). There are a whole set of new playlists. Anniversary Classic definitely replicates the power of the original Pistol (which is something like you point it in the vague direction of the player and they drop dead instantly right?). I believe that the Title Update (TU) game types in other play modes also feature the powerful Pistol, can someone verify for me please?

So that’s your primary aim, Anniversary games whether you buy Anniversary and install the maps to play with Reach, play them direct from Anniversary, or whether you want to forego one of the best campaigns and stories from any game ever and just download the Anniversary map pack (1200 points on XBL) and play directly from Reach.

If you’re not doing any of that, my usual advise is Team SWAT – Magnums. The Plasma Pistol also counts as Small Arms, so think about using that to take guys down, it’s good for stripping away shields, but the Magnum is better for unshielded guys. Infection is good too – you can snipe the zombies using your pistol and get a few kills that way, esp in Cage, Courtyard  or Pinnacle where you can see Zs coming.

There’s a good mix if you want to play lots of game types during the week. The credit return is excellent considering last time we saw just 3000 cR for 100 kills!

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12 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 14th November

  1. chriscray says:

    I’m confused, I though CEA was a new game. I’ve seen the box for (future) sale at gamestop. Is it a Reach add on, or its own game? So this wc can be done playing CEA?

    Help, I’m confused!

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Anniversary multiplayer matchmaking basically is Reach matchmaking, and the two work together. The MP maps in HCEA are remakes of old maps, but you can also download them to your HD and play them in Reach (AFAIK), and you can DL them from XBL if you’re not going to be HCEA.

      Wow, I went a little acronym crazy there huh? Hope it makes sense.

      • chriscray says:

        Thanks, that’s cool. I remember when I first played Halo, CE. I thought it can never be topped. After halo 2, 3, and Odst, I was thinking reach would be the same. I’m glad I was wrong. I’ll end up getting CEA, but maybe after my next payday. Besides, Skyrim has 90% of my game time!

  2. Scruff 815 says:

    The Campaign of CE:A works on its own and is nothing to do with the stats / challenges / game engine of Reach. The Multiplayer of CE:A is part of Reach, and so all your CE:A multiplayer kills count towards Reach stats, ranks & challenges.

    For those who don’t plan on getting CE:A this week, Team Swat currently features a lot of people voting for Magnums, but that’s bound to change as the week goes on and more people get this challenge done.

    And yes, the TU Beta playlist does indeed feature the powerful Magnum; however it’s highly likely that this playlist will be removed tomorrow on CE:A’s actual release.

  3. Marshy 40 says:

    Matthew, I agree. I was betting on “Complete 9 campaigns this week”, in keeping with the theme. I think I’ll give this one a pass. It’s not especially difficult, just boring.

    • ChrisStrawhat says:

      Actually I think the theme you’re speaking of will be ended tomorrow with some campaign-related challenge on the level Pillar of Autumn (maybe LASO to end it with a bang?) – because you see I think 343 planned those challenges, one campaign mission a day, so that the last one (PoA) would be finished the very same day CE:A came out.
      Hence there would be no real reason for them to try to get you to play more Reach missions, when they want everyone to get their own game!
      Also the CE:A campaign doesn’t seem to be connected to Challenges/Reach stats at all, which I previously hoped =( So no campaign challenges there.

      On a related note, I got my CE:A today (living in Sweden) played the first 3 campaign levels on Heroic, constantly switching back and forth between Reach Graphics and Classic mode, while bathing in nostalgia. Had a blast! Gonna continue the epic journey the rest of the week.
      Only small disappointment though is the MP, I thought you had all the Reach MP stuff on the CE:A disc. Which you did not. I’m gonna try the playlists and new maps for a day or two, but then I will pop in my Reach disc for MP in the future, seeing as (at least for the moment?) it’s way bigger, more game modes, more maps, more ppl playing etc.). Gonna be a constant switching between the discs for CE:A Campaign and Reach multiplayer 😀
      Wish you could download the complete games to your HDD somehow to skip the disc hassle? :E

      Anyway awesome game! Suggest you all go out and buy it 😀
      Gonna go for some challenges tomorrow probably as this day was dedicated completely to CE:A campaign.

  4. SensoryFour34 says:

    I know that the Anniversary and Reach multiplayer are connected, but does that mean you can actually get the Weekly done in Anniversary, or do you have to be playing on the Reach disc for the Anniversary maps to count?

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Read the post above. The only way to play CE:A’s multiplayer is through the Reach disc. All CE:A’s multiplayer is is DLC for Reach.

  5. BJ2603 says:

    Decision time. Picking up HCEA in 6 hours… Do I put it aside and play as much swat as possible, rack up the weekly and then play campaign on HCEA or do I forego 20k cR?

    I only got into halo when reach came out and I played 3 and odst after reach, but CE is totally fresh and new for me…

    And then the other problem is I’ll be picking up AC Revelations in a few days too… Time for a few sickies from work.

    Side note, awesome game by the poms Matt, and may I be the first to say congratulations on runner up of the four nations 😉

  6. gans42 says:

    I got the weekly today in just 2 hours of swat. My best game wasn’t even in swat magnums, but regular swat (http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Reach/GameStats.aspx?gameid=851405797&player=gans42). I knocked it out so I can play AC:R and CEA campaign all week and not have to worry about multiplayer. Thanks to all that played with me today!

    • DaRoflBandit says:

      You should try Invasion, its really good! (I looked at your History :D)

      • gans42 says:

        I’ve tried invasion, I am not such a fan, but thanks for the suggestion! I generally play it if I am in a party of 6. That or BTB

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