19th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

I need a lot more patience. The combat challenges in Batman: Arkham City are a doddle. String lots of hits together in a combo, end with a ground takedown and eventually you meet the targets. Especially when you know the tactics for taking down each different enemy type it’s pretty simple.

The predator challenges are a different matter. I can see what I need to do, but I’m looking to do it quickly and efficiently. If I take my time, wait for the guards to get in the right positions and use gadgets correctly I can do it, but at some point I’ll take a risk to do something quickly, and quite often it backfires and I get shot.

So… I need more patience.

11% to go.

Today’s challenges are:

  1. One Spartan Army – Kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 2250 cR
  2. Survivor – Earn 5 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 2000 cR
  3. Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR
  4. Overlook’s Overwatch – Kill 150 enemies on Overlook in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

One Spartan Army – Kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 2250 cR

You get 120 Grunts in Gruntpocalypse, about 100 enemies in Score Attack, 120-135 in 2X SA, and something like 330 in a Firefight Matchmaking game (although split between up to 4 people). If you need to ‘top up’ your FF kills, jump into a game of Generator Defense or Crashsite and once you have your kills give up the defense.

Survivor – Earn 5 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

You get 120 kills in Gruntpoc so it’s an easy way to do it. If you can get kills using weapons (ie 5 grenade sticks, a shotgun, sniper rifle etc) then you get nearer the total – use Score Attack to get a range of weapons. Beachhead is quite good as you can use the vehicles to get more sprees – and now on Firefight Arcade you’ve got a good chance of using a variety of weapons, lots of killing sprees and grenades and the like. I like hitting up Gruntpoc then getting the 5 killing sprees.

Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR

Key to point out is you must destroy the vehicle, not the driver first. You’re better off using something explosive (Spartan Laser, Plasma Launcher). The Anniversary Firefight map, Installation 04, seems pretty good for Banshees, they appear pretty often. The best options outside of that are below.

  • Score Attack – On Holdout you get Banshees in the rounds. If you can keep a Grunt alive at the end of a wave for a long time you have a higher chance of getting them to come out again and again. They don’t tend to appear when it’s raining
  • Firefight Doubles – Especially Beachhead, where vehicles are usually dropped at the beginning and end of each round, you can decide who gets to take them out and work on it (plus great for working on assists)

Overlook’s Overwatch – Kill 150 enemies on Overlook in Firefight Matchmaking – 1125 cR

Pretty much the same advice as above. FF Doubles might well get you this much for at least one if not both players, but as ever I say Score Attack so you get more options, get whatever you can on Overlook, and assume you’re doing two games.


12 Responses to 19th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Matthew Vose says:

    I’m now registered to go, because it must kismet that I’m already attending the Learning Technologies event on next door to that. I’ll be trying to get pictures of interesting things if I’m allowed to take them.

    If I can’t take pics I’ll still be writing about it. 🙂

  2. Micah (SpartanM914) says:

    I didn’t get any input yesterday, so I’m reposting in the hopes that someone with good answers will see it this time:

    Having taken advantage of my last save point from running Nightfall for the weekly challenge, doing the challenge today was a snap. I can see that having my run through nightfall saved somewhere would be really handy. Currently I just use my hard drive for storage. Can any of you who have gotten fancy with thumb drives or cloud storage talk about what you’ve done to save different key points (target locator on ONI, Scorpion vs. Phantoms for 40k campaign, etc) on different devices? What’s your stategy?

    • I did it with a thumb drive. When the game starts instead of selecting the hard drive select the device you want to save it on. I’m not sure but it looks like you would need a different memory stick/thumb drive for each save, I’ll be testing that out on a different thumb drive myself. Trial and error is what I’m doing, hope that helps you some.

      • Steve Bergen says:

        How does it work with, I think it is Mythic, when you start at the beginning of the level when you die. Does the save start you off at the end of the game? Just wondering.

        Got all the challenges done in two rounds of Score Attack on Overlook, and two rounds of Score attack on Installation 04. Easy day for challenges.

        GT: stevebergen

      • I was on Nightfall and I got a checkpoint at the gate and saved it there. I quit the game and restarted from the checkpoint and just went through the gate, I got another checkpoint just before the end and saved it and finished the mission. I restarted my Xbox and when memory select came up I selected my memory unit instead of the hard drive, started Nightfall and finished in 13 seconds.

  3. André says:

    USB Image Tool/1GB usb pen. I have all levels SLASO (last checkpoint) on my computer and a few boosting checkpoints.

  4. Micah (SpartanM914) says:

    Ok, so I have an update to my own question here. I have Cloud backup configured, so when the game starts, it asks me if I want to use the Hard Drive or Cloud storage to load from / save to. When I started, I had the end of my Nightfall run saved on the hard drive and nothing on Cloud backup. So if I started on Hard Drive, it would show my saved Nightfall game, and if I started from Cloud, it would not. I’d start at the beginning of the game with no saved game.

    From the Xbox Dashboard, I went to settings, then system settings, then storage. I was able to copy my saved Nightfall game from the Hard Drive to Cloud. I don’t have a spare USB drive at the moment, but extrapolating from what I’ve already done, I can use the same process to copy saves from the Hard Drive to the thumb drive and then to my computer, where I can categorize and organize them for later use.

    I didn’t see a way to load up the saved Nightfall game and then essentially do a Save As to put it on the Cloud, so if there is a way to do that, someone please explain.

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