20th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

I finally wrote up the personal favourite boss battles last night. Have a read (and watch some great moments in gaming on the links) and let me know any more favourites of your own. 🙂

Since I was writing I’ve not got a Batman update. I have been playing ‘Where’s My Water’ on my phone whilst on the train lately. Surprisingly good fun despite my expectations (it’s very cartoony and made by Disney), I’d say it’s a better physics based game than Cut The Rope, which I enjoyed immensely. I’m only 30 or so puzzles in and there’s a lot more to come, so I’m holding off an overall verdict until I see how much longevity I get from it.

Today’s challenges are:

  1. More than a Handful – Kill 77 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3500 cR
  2. This is My Rifle… – Earn 20 kills with precision weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR
  3. Double Nickels – Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 3000 cR
  4. Mythic Bustin’ – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with the Mythic Skull on – 1000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

More than a Handful – Kill 77 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3500 cR

Multi Team Battle or Grifball are the best ways to get lots and lots of kills, you tend to get more than any other modes. If you play Crazy King or Oddball you can get even more as some people who would shoot you go for the objective, and you can take them out. If you can make an area in an Infection game defensible as a human you can rack up kills quickly.

This is My Rifle… – Earn 20 kills with precision weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1000 cR

Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Focus Beam and Needle Rifle. Team SWAT will do you well here. Unless you use melee or Pistol every kill will be a precision weapon kill, so play it a few times, try and get a good team who will cover your back (and you theirs), and just do this over 2 or 3 games.

Double Nickels – Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 3000 cR

This is two in one game. Try and get a weapon you like and aim to take out 5 guys with it. This is pure kills, not what you use. Of course one option is to play something like Boardwalk and snipe people from far away. Don’t get so engrossed in your scope you miss what’s happening around you though! Close Quarters often works well – so Grifball will be really good for getting this too. BTB works very well from the vehicles, especially the Falcon or Scorpion.

Mythic Bustin’ – Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with the Mythic Skull on – 1000 cR

Sigh, Nightfall. Again. I’m giving exactly the same advice as every optional Campaign mission challenge – run Nightfall, get this done in 10 minutes, tops. As a guide to Nightfall speed run I’ve picked this video off Youtube randomly, but there are hundreds like it. In fact we have further options and details on the time we did it in LASO on this Weekly Challenge page and comments. There are other levels you may be more familiar with, but honestly, you can do this in 5-6 minutes with minimal stress.


14 Responses to 20th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Just one campaign challenge today, not worth so much either. I have found myself playing almost only Tip of the Spear these days, not sure why it is so fun.

    • I do the same thing, I like it on normal with about 8 skulls on, a overcharged plasma pistol, and hi-jacking anything in sight, it’s a blast. A good challenge would be hi-jacking both the Banshee’s before Jorge helps you out and shoots them down while your trying to do it.

  2. Braythor says:

    Interesting choices, Matthew, I didn’t read all of them so as to avoid spoilers, especially on Arkham Asylum, which I’ve still not played, but will be borrowing off a mate soon(ish), but those I did read and have experienced, I wholeheartedly agree with you on.

    Shame these challenges weren’t yesterday, as I would’ve got the mm ones through just playing. I know the same could apply today but a) maybe not for the sprees one and b) I’m 31 today so I have a lot of non-Halo related fun to indulge in.

    Finally, I am excited to see zombies return in the Resident Evil 6 reveal trailer.

    • BJ2603 says:

      Happy day of birth Bray! 🙂

    • Randy says:

      Dude, I’m so pumped in general for both of this year’s Resident Evil games, Operation Raccoon City, looks like an amazing spin off, instead of fighting Umbrella Corp we get to be the USS, fight Leon Kennedy etc, even get the option to kill him in the game for a huge “what if” moment. It looks awesome, Now the zombies returning thing? I’m pretty excited to see that too, both games will include them and it’s gonna be great. I honestly don’t know why so many people are hating on these games. Now RE: 6 looks pretty badass too, great way to continue the series, we get to play as Leon and (what’s his name, I can’t remember right now). They both look great.

  3. J.D@wg says:

    I know this is a Reach blog, and I’m not sure if any of you have battlefield 3, but if you do, would y’all be up for helping me (and possibly yourself) with the co-op achievements? None of my friends play it and you have to do it over Xbox live. Anyway, thanks.

    GT: MarineBinkie7

  4. GO0DGUY says:

    Sure I can run nightfall no problem until I get to the forklift.
    Have never made it through the gate. I guess just need more practice. Or, is there a little technique I’m missing? Ok, I’ll try again.

  5. Steve Bergen says:

    I was one kill from my second Killing Spree but I jumped between two guys and got killed. I tried Grifball twice and my team was getting killed. The other team was spawn killing. Why do I always end up on the losing team in Grifball. I don’t understand.

    GT: stevebergen

    • Rossco says:

      You just need me on ur team I will plow the fields for you.

    • Kev says:

      i know some people may look down on it, but i think spawn killing is a legitimate strategy in grifball, and especially for 2 Killing Spree challenge. but like you i’m always ending up on the opposite team of the spawn killers, or else some keener on my team keeps planting the bomb. anyone want to join me for some spawn killing? gamertag’s FlyingFroze. i’ll probably be on for an hour yet.

  6. Can somebody help me with the correct technique for the crouch jump used in the Pillar of Autumn to get to the platform off the pipes, as in when to push or let go of what buttons to jump that high. I have hold to crouch enabled and use the default controller settings.

    • André says:

      You mean right before the hunters? If so jump and crouch midair right before hitting the ledge and hold forward once your close to the ledge.

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