21st January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges

No Commentary today I’m afraid folks, one final trip to my uncle’s so these challenges are coming to you from the M6, near Stoke.

If you need to look up how to do these then put the challenge name in the search bar up top to look it up. 🙂

Today’s challenges are:

Shootin’ and Lootin’ – Kill 400 enemies in any game mode in Reach – 4000cR

Sweep the Leg – Perform an Assassination in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 2000cR

Close Talking – Earn 100 kills with close quarters combat in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500cR

It was the Winter… – Complete Winter Contingency on Legendary without dying – 3000cR


6 Responses to 21st January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges

  1. Bah Bodenkurk says:

    Today you get 1500 points for 100 CQ kills. January 3rd you got 2343 points for only 5 CQ kills. Granted, on January 3rd they all had to be in one game, but that’s easy- just play Grifball. You get almost 1.5 times the points for 1/20th the work.

    • SkyrinGans says:

      They make it so the total credits in the daily challenges reaches a little less 10,000 or just a little over. In this case, the total credits today are 10,500. if they make it 2343, it would be around 11,000 credits which would be too much.

  2. SensoryFour34 says:

    Easy Challenges today. For Sweep the Leg, just go into Action Sack. There are multiple Gametypes that make Assassinations easy. HaloBall X-treme is best, but you can get it Dino Blasters, Boomball, etc.

  3. clutch1965 says:

    for wc speed run map by staying to the far right and cutting thru the second break in the guardrail
    to the vehicle. drive all the way to the last fight, skipping the other 2 battle zones. I use the vehicle to run everyone down. ( I know you can plasma charge the falcon and use that but it’s hit
    or miss on if it works ). after the drop off just stay in the opening of the buliding with the dmr’s and
    pick off covenant. in the final stage once you get the elite with the energy swords attention run and hide up the ramp to the room. while he is fighting jorge sneak behind and assassinate him.

    rumble pit is always good for assasinations, especially slayer pro.

    ff doubles works very well for total kills and seems to have a good payout. pick arcade game type.

    • Quinn says:

      For the elite, you can also grab a plasma pistol and over-charge him, then gun him down with your A.R.

  4. Quinn says:

    I don’t usually try for assassination challenges but today I got 3 in one game of speedflag or whatever it’s called.

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