Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 23rd January

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

Single Wield – Earn 200 kills with small arms weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking – 20343 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

343 are being clever again and trying to get us to play more Anniversary themed games…

See that there, in his hand? It’s the Halo: CE Anniversary Pistol. Which is super powerful. Hurrah.

Anniversary Classic replicates the power of the original Pistol (something like you point it in the vague direction of the player and they drop dead instantly). I believe that the Title Update (TU) game types in other play modes also feature the powerful Pistol, can someone verify for me please?

So that’s your primary aim, Anniversary games whether you buy Anniversary and install the maps to play with Reach, play them direct from Anniversary, or whether you want to forego one of the best campaigns and stories from any game ever and just download the Anniversary map pack (1200 points on XBL) and play directly from Reach.

If you’re not doing any of that, my usual advise is Team SWAT – Magnums. The Plasma Pistol also counts as Small Arms, so think about using that to take guys down, it’s good for stripping away shields, but the Magnum is better for unshielded guys. Infection is good too – you can snipe the zombies using your pistol and get a few kills that way, esp in Cage, Courtyard  or Pinnacle where you can see Zs coming.

There’s a good mix if you want to play lots of game types during the week.

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21 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 23rd January

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  2. Rossco says:

    Ooo nice weekly I should have it done today after numerous rounds of swat. I’m pissed cause I couldn’t play yesterday and one of the dailly challenges was 10000 cR for 12 wins in MM. That woulda been a nice pile of cR to have received for a daily.

  3. SensoryFour34 says:

    Since when can you play Infection on Courtyard? I’m pretty sure it’s only Firefight. 😉

    • Dogmeat says:

      Whoa…entertaining a thought here. Zombie covenant? Waves and waves of sword-wielding, somersaulting, high-jumping elites while I’m holed up in a section of the map with a weapons stash to my back and nothing but a pistol/shotgun combo trying to overcome the odds even though the final wave consists of 100+ elites all rushing me at once? YES PLEASE!!!! 🙂

  4. Quinn says:

    Not sure I’m going to do this weakly, swat magnums is fun and all but I suck at it.

    • Dogmeat says:

      Okay…entertaining another thought thanks to the above typo. I’m imagining a “weakly” variation of the weekly challenge: hit opponents with 200 bullets from your pistol with a payout of 343 credits. 😉

      But seriously…even if you’re terrible at SWAT magnums (not to mention that regular SWAT still provides the magnum in your loadout) , surely you can manage 29 kills a day!

    • thejaydubjay says:

      I am terrible with the Magnum too but it’s one of those things to just keep chipping away at. Team Swat is great for it – you always get the Magnum, and no shields…

    • Quinn says:

      Whoops, spelling fail.

  5. Matthew, I can verify that TU gametypes do NOT feature the 3 shot pistol, only Anniversary Gametypes. TU just means 85% bloom, melee bleed, and new camo and armor lock. Looks like this week will be a lot of Aniiversary Classic for me…

  6. thejaydubjay says:

    Speaking of the CEA disk… I finally got around to putting the codes in Reach from the CEA package. I am not sure what the maps are… I played Swat for another probably 5 rounds, and never once got anything new….

    • Scruff 815 says:

      Really? Maybe if you tried playing in the FIVE ANNIVERSARY PLAYLISTS THAT ARE JUST FOR THE DLC you might find some of the new maps?

      herp derp

  7. Scruff 815 says:

    I give my chances of bothering with this Weekly a resounding “Maybe”.

    • Quinn says:

      I’d say “Join the club”, but the club I’m in only accepts resounding ”No’s”.

    • Scruff 815 says:

      So I turned my “Maybe” into a big fat “Yes” and got 67 pistol kills in 45 minutes of SWAT. Everyone’s voting for Magnums at the moment. Useful 🙂

      • FireySplork says:

        Another good gametype is infection. I got 20 kills/game.

  8. Shane says:

    I’m definitely going for this. CE:A or Infection would be my go-tos here. CE:A may give you more pistol kills per game but Infection games are very quick and also give you loads of sprees (double for pistol, triple for shotgun).

  9. Dan says:

    Every single time I play infection I get betrayed nonstop, either by human or by zombie. It doesn’t matter. I’m with Quinn, last time there was this weekly challenge I got up to 110 pistol kills but couldn’t get any more. I range only 2-5 kills in a SWAT game type. Swat pistol dmr sniper, it doesn’t matter. It’s too damn hard.

  10. Rossco says:

    Challenges completed. Weekly completed. Another easy week.

  11. Peggy Peggy says:

    Anniversary Classic, especially if you haven’t played it before, I won 7 games straight or something like that to go from about 100 kills to 200 kills!

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