26th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges

I went to the Toyfair 2012 yesterday. I did go and look at the Halo 4 Warthog from Re:Creation. And yes, it’s definitely a Warthog. They only had cardboard models so hard to tell any differences. The display included 2 sizes of Warthog, a small one with figures and a large one that was scaled so you could use the existing action figures in it. There was also a Mongoose and a Ghost.

The posters behind showed a Spartan, marines, an Elite, a grunt, Sgt Johnson, Jorge, some Forerunner type installations, and… a character the size of an Elite in fairly curved, moulded armour, and a rifle like weapon that seemed to be part of the body unit. I don’t think I had seen them before so hopefully a hint at what’s coming. Looked like a pretty hardcore fighting unit, reminiscent of Legion from Mass Effect 2.

I can’t really comment on much else that I saw, particularly Hasbro who had an NDA to sign before going in. Star Images are bringing out some cool Halo and Star Wars packs, particularly some nice multi character sets (Halo leader pack including Forge, Carter and Buck for instance).

And Happy Australia (‘Straya) Day. I think I just got it in before it stops being the 26th Jan for you folks. We’re probably having Aussie pie for lunch here, and I’m saying strewth as much as possible. Good job the Australian on my team finds it funny!

Today’s challenges are:

  1. Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 3200 cR
  2. Demon – Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 2800 cR
  3. Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR
  4. J.H. Death Machine – Kill 70 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher – 1250 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 3200 cR

You could do this in one game of Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or some of the other variants. 2X is good because you’re likely to get slightly more than 120 so it takes account of TKs from the Covvies.

Demon – Kill 40 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking – 2800 cR

A lot of the unusual solo Firefight MM variants give around 25 Elites these days – 2X, Fiesta etc. Firefight Doubles might well be a good way to go here if you pick Arcadefight on a map you both like, although I’m not sure if that’ll give you 100 Elites to split. So as above, do 2x score attack twice and you should get this.

Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR

Key to point out is you must destroy the vehicle, not the driver first. You’re better off using something explosive (Spartan Laser, Plasma Launcher). The Anniversary Firefight map, Installation 04, seems pretty good for Banshees, they appear pretty often. The best options outside of that are below.

  • Score Attack – On Holdout you get Banshees in the rounds. If you can keep a Grunt alive at the end of a wave for a long time you have a higher chance of getting them to come out again and again. They don’t tend to appear when it’s raining
  • Firefight Doubles – Especially Beachhead, where vehicles are usually dropped at the beginning and end of each round, you can decide who gets to take them out and work on it (plus great for working on assists)

J.H. Death Machine – Kill 70 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher – 1250 cR

Score Attack for this one. One of the loadouts is the Grenade Launcher, so grab that and go nuts. The waves are Grunts, Jackals, Brutes, Skirmishers and finally Elites.


35 Responses to 26th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges

  1. rabsmyth91 says:

    Firefight thursday! The best day 😀 Heres hoping i do them all in the one match. Tho the vehicle one could hold me back. Thanks for the tips Matt i think Beachhead doubles i shall try 🙂

    • Micah (SpartanM914) says:

      I like using the sniper rifle against the banshees on Holdout in Firefight Arcadefight in Doubles. I can get 5 kills in one game most of the time.

      • André says:

        I was aiming for 5 but got 3 due to the rain. I waited 4 minutes for one damn banshee then 2 minutes left I just killed the last elite. 2x on Holdout with spartan laser.

  2. SamCiphus says:

    Haha happy Straya day to you too mate! Had a rather large night, finished work at 5, where I subjegated myself to wearing an Aussie flag as a cape and a southern cross temp. tattoo on my face, met up with some mates, bought a slab (case) of beer and sunk ’em while listening to Triple J’s Hottest 100 (kind of a tradition) and cooking snags on the BBQ! Just got home, after a hefty night i’d say it’s time to hit the hay pretty soon!

  3. Lord Kinbote says:

    Playin’ Mass Effect now and am totally hooked on it. Will move directly to ME2 afterwards, even though I hear it’s very different and less of an RPG and more a shooter than the first one. But hey, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like shooters. 😉

    • Braythor says:

      I just finished ME the other night, and popped ME2 in straight away. It’s definitely a different style of game, but it’s rooted in the same basics. I’d say the shooter element is indeed more focused upon, but it’s been tweaked to handle itself better: the cover system actually works (and is needed), and firefights feel more structured and tactical. I don’t know if I’m a fan of bringing ammo and reloading into it though, I mean, the idea behind the technology of the first one seems more advanced. But I suppose ammo does add to the shooter feel of the game.

  4. SgtMaj AJJ says:

    Thanks for the update Matthew. Were you able to take any pictures, or was that off limits?

  5. Matt says:

    Until Tuesday we have the “Custom Challenge of the Week – Drones” active (see http://halo.xbox.com/blogs/Headlines/post/2012/01/25/The-Halo-Bulletin-12512.aspx), where dead Drones are worth much more than they usually are. The Bulletin asserts that they are found in three campaign missions, but I’m only coming up with two:

    1) Pillar of Autumn caves; and
    2) Inside the second AA gun on Tip of the Spear (though if you don’t approach on foot, they never come out).

    Anyone know which mission contains the third group(s) of Drones, and where in the level? Has anyone played around with the custom challenges to see which give the maximum payout for Drone deaths? 343 as usual is being rather vague…

    • Locklear66 says:

      In side one of the buildings on New Alexandria when you have to shut down the jammers

    • Micah (SpartanM914) says:

      If anyone is curious about the drone payout, here is what I figured out using the following Custom Challenge Settings:

      Challenge Type – Campaign
      Kills of Enemy – Drone Infantry
      Target – 1
      Skulls On – None
      Level cR per Kill # Kills for 5000 cR
      Easy 43 117
      Normal 47 107
      Heroic 51 99
      Legendary 56 90

      • Micah (SpartanM914) says:

        I guess the blog strips out double spaces. Let’s try formatting that last part again.

        Level *********cR per Kill ***********# Kills for 5000 cR
        **Easy ***********43 ************************117
        **Normal ********47 ************************107
        **Heroic *********51 ************************99
        **Legendary ***56*************************90

  6. Locklear66 says:

    I’m on a mission to get all the achevments and I was wondering how many of you guys have gotten all of them

    • Locklear66 says:

      On halo:reach

      • André says:

        I have 1575G.

      • SensoryFour34 says:

        I have them all. None of them are that hard. The hardest part is getting the right Gametype to come up. You Ate All The Chips was probably the worst because you can’t get it in Speedpile.

      • Dogmeat says:

        I’m stuck on the 3 newest defiant achievements because I can’t get the maps to even come up now that 343 did away with the original DLC playlists. I played Squad DLC for a bit in the attempt to get “paper beats rock”. So far, no joy. I also played Infection for numerous matches (since it coincided with the weekly challenge) even though I don’t particularly care for it as much as some people. The condemned map (or any dlc map for that matter) never showed up as an option. I may have to risk getting banned temporarily and full party boost them. 😦 I got the others legit. It would be a shame to have to give in now.

      • Locklear66 says:

        I was down to nine left when they introdused all the DLC and Iv been worken on them whenever I can but like Iv said befor we don’t have Internet so it’s kinda hard

      • Dogmeat says:

        I guess you’ll just have to go to a friend’s house that has a decent internet connection. If you get 3 360s, 3 gold accounts with all the DLC, and 12 controllers, I believe you can work on the achievements you don’t have for game types like stockpile, invasion, etc. Cross Mappin, You Blew It Up, and a number of others could all be knocked out relatively quickly I would imagine as you work together with your friends on what each one needs.

  7. SungAiza says:

    Was in the middle of todays challenges on Holdout, finished with the J.H. Death Machine portion, nearly finished with the Covenant-cide and realized something was terrible wrong, my kills were not longer being tallied toward the challenges, in fact the challenges were no longer visible and I was still connected to XBOX live. As the game finished I did not receive any of the challenge points and matchmaking was no longer available to me. I thought maybe it was my XBOX so I checked on the Bungie net app and it was not available. At the time I left for work the bungie app was showing challenges and my rank, but the XBOX was still not accessing the Halo Reach servers. Anyone else having this issue?

  8. Quillian86 says:

    Does anyone want to do FF Doubles with me later? GT: Quillian86

    • DaRoflBandit says:

      Hey, I can. Add me: DaRoflBandit, and the L in “Rofl” is a L, not a uppercase i. what time zone are you in? or are you in the UK? I’m in Arizona, so I’m on U.S. mountain time. its 4:00 PM here.

      • Quillian86 says:

        I’m at work right now, on a break, typing this from my cell (phone, not dungeon, LOL). I’ll get home at around 10:30 EST (I live in CT); can we do it then?

      • DaRoflBandit says:

        Ok, add me and I’ll try to get on then. My mic is busted though, but I’ll do whatever you want to do 😀

      • DaRoflBandit says:

        Hey, have you tried to add me yet? I still haven’t got your friend request, and it’s like 30 minutes until we do firefight doubles! 🙂

      • DaRoflBandit says:

        I’ll try to add you. Tell me if you get it ok?

      • DaRoflBandit says:

        Still nothing… are we doing this or what?

  9. Rossco says:

    Easy challenges.

    I have 51 achievements from not trying for them just getting them naturally.

    I have a question, I killed the elite at the beginning of WC and he dropped something. It was a data pad of some sort so I clicked “A” on it as I was given that option but it was only a bunch of stuff to read. 1hat is this data thing for ?

    • DaRoflBandit says:

      What difficulty was it on? I tried and tried to kill him but his health (not shields) seem to be infinite! The only time i saw him die was on Co-op campaign, and there was 3 other people shooting at him. Someone got to him to get the data pad before me though 😦

      • Rossco says:

        It was on legendary!

      • Rossco says:

        I was able to catch up with him and assassinate him.

      • DaRoflBandit says:

        Really? How? I put like 3 magnum clips into his back and he still didn’t die! How did you catch up with him? as soon as you see him, he runs away. Maybe I’ll try your method later…

      • Rossco says:

        If u hit him in the right spot with magnum his shield goes down then he stops for a few seconds and gets angry. At that point u run up behind him and assassinate. You have to be quick though and keep as close as u can behind him. He doesn’t fight back so u have nothing to lose just keep trying.

  10. Quillian86 says:

    So, my plans with DaRoflBandit didn’t quite work out… anyone else want to help me get Flat Tire? GT: Quillian86

  11. Quillian86 says:

    Nevermind, got it now. Thanks again!

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