30th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

I finished Where’s My Water on my phone last night. Just in time for the release of the expansion pack that twists around everything you’ve learnt to do so far. Love it when you get design like that forcing you to use what you know but think around problems in a different way.

Today’s challenges are:

  1. Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 3200 cR
  2. Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR
  3. Five-time Champ – Win 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 4343 cR
  4. The Love of the Game – Complete 17 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3700 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Covenant-cide – Kill 120 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 3200 cR

You could do this in one game of Gruntpocalypse, 2X Score Attack or some of the other variants. 2X is good because you’re likely to get slightly more than 120 so it takes account of TKs from the Covvies.

Flat Tire – Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking – 2000 cR

Key to point out is you must destroy the vehicle, not the driver first. You’re better off using something explosive (Spartan Laser, Plasma Launcher). The Anniversary Firefight map, Installation 04, seems pretty good for Banshees, they appear pretty often. The best options outside of that are below.

  • Score Attack – On Holdout you get Banshees in the rounds. If you can keep a Grunt alive at the end of a wave for a long time you have a higher chance of getting them to come out again and again. They don’t tend to appear when it’s raining
  • Firefight Doubles – Especially Beachhead, where vehicles are usually dropped at the beginning and end of each round, you can decide who gets to take them out and work on it (plus great for working on assists)

Five-time Champ – Win 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 4343 cR

Both this and the next challenge are great chances to get ahead on the Weekly Challenge. And you get more credits for this than we did for winning 15 a week ago! Team Slayer and SWAT will be excellent for this, as there are only two teams so a much better chance of winning than in multi team. If you are doing Multi Team, try objective based types and go for the objective itself, most teams don’t. I mean Crazy King, Oddball, Rocket Race. Grifball can be good if you’re ready to grab the bomb and score you can win really quickly.

The Love of the Game – Complete 17 games in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3700 cR

Been a while since we last saw this! Check out this weekly challenge post for lots of detail on getting through games quickly. It might take a bit of time but there’s no limitation on winning or weapons etc. Fastest games are often Infection as they go really quickly I find. Equally, it’s a good chance to try out different variants you might not have played, so jump in BTB, Rumble Pit and Arena to see what they’re like. And of course you can win 3 rounds of Grifball in 30 seconds if you’re just going for the bomb and the score, although you might get avoided for ‘playing the wrong way!’ :D


11 Responses to 30th January – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Locklear66 says:

    Ha I’m the first to post. 🙂

  2. Steve Bergen says:

    17 games? Really. That would take something like two hours with an average of 7 minutes a game. I will probably only get the covenant-cide challenge.

    GT: stevebergen

  3. Rossco says:

    I might get them all but maybe not the 17 matches. Weekly should be done today too.

  4. Quillian86 says:

    Anyone want to get the Flat Tire daily challenge with me? GT: Quillian86

  5. BJ2603 says:

    Never thought the day would come, but I’m burnt out on Halo… Its become a bore. Anyone else suffering a rough patch or had one in the past? I think it’s partially due to my ISP being shitful, dropping in and out all day long. Time for a temper fueled phone call!

    It’s also in part to a rekindled love affair with RPG’s, action/adventure and the like. FFXIII and AC: Revalations are high on the list to finish, plus the GOW series (which I’ve never played, bought all 3 for $100 a few weeks ago)

    • Steve Bergen says:

      Yeah, I am finding it boring again. I only play for the challenges then log off. Basically I am working on my Rank and Commendations but it is getting boring. I think I may take a break for a little while and get more Skyrim time in. Maybe play some of the games that came with the Xbox that I never have played yet.

      GT: stevebergen

  6. clutch1965 says:

    BJ, for goodness sake gaming should be fun. Take a break from Reach. I found GOW to be a lot
    of fun. Bit of advice you are no spartan, cover is your friend in gears. This is especially true in the first game. multiplayer is esp. frustrating when internet is on the fritz. Mass effect 2 is awsome.
    good luck and happy gaming.

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