Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 6th February

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

Ride the Wave – Complete 150 Waves in Firefight Matchmaking – 30,000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

And as if by magic, a wild Ride the Wave appears.

You use Score Attack. It’s super-effective.

The key is that this is waves, not rounds or sets. There are 5 waves to every round, and 3 rounds to every set. In the bottom right by the score and the lives is a dot counter to show you which wave and a number for the round you’re on.

So… Gruntpocalypse and Score Attack are 5 waves. In Corvette I can do either in about 7-10 mins (less for Gruntpoc), this means a little bit of grinding and you’ve got the challenge, plus a bucketload of credits – be careful you don’t hit the daily cap (I believe now 200k) when you get this if you’ve played a lot that day.

Firefight proper (including Rocketfight, Sniperfight etc) has 16 waves, as the bonus is counted as 1. That means up to 12 games of Firefight and you’re there (depending if you can get them finished or not).

My recommendation – this is a weekly challenge so take the week to do it. We usually get Firefight Thursday challenges so hopefully that will be a massive help. Do any Firefight challenges during the week, plus maybe the ‘any game mode’ types as well and you’ll pick this up without having to do an excess of additional games.

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32 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 6th February

  1. André says:

    FireFight! easy.

    • JThomas says:

      Always makes for a good week when seeing an easy weekly challenge…thanks for the donations Bungie.

  2. mickoboy90 says:

    i was hoping for a firefight challenge and yay 😀

  3. Dogmeat says:

    Okay, Dan. What are the winning numbers for this week’s mega lottery jackpot? 😉

  4. mattc says:

    Last Monday this weekly came up for me for a hour, I was hoping 343 had switched it out for Multiplicative.


    • Here come the AFKers…I’m going to get mine legit and maybe level up a few tough commendations at the same time.

      • ultimatevyse69 says:

        Aye, same here. Almost Onyxed Numbers Game and Specialist. 😀

      • André says:

        I will check mine soon, see what I need though I have onyx max on most of them. About 50k kills with the DMR 🙂

  5. Ted says:

    Can you do this in a firefight custom game?

    • Matthew Vose says:

      No sadly. When it says Matchmaking means it must be via their servers rather than locally.

      • Ted says:

        O ok, i wasnt sure because I know that the other firefight weekly challange we get (like the one where complete x amount of sets) you can do in a custom game. anyway, ty

  6. Quillian86 says:

    Question about this Firefight challenge: Does it say that you need to get through a wave WITHOUT DYING, or how many times you may die doesn’t matter? (GT: Quillian86)

  7. Dan says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally my prayers have been answered! Hahaha. Already got through 96/150 in a 2 hour span on arcade firefight, got done 2 of the dailies at the same time. First game I busted 5 banshees on holdout, I just need 4 more to get silver grounded. And yes the afkers as usual. I wonder if i set a new record in coop firefight cuz’ my connection failed – someone was on youtube next to me was sucking up all the bandwidth – and I still made it to the bonus round alone. Were it not for pesky riflin’ through and vehicluar I would have gotten onyx backup long ago.

  8. Dan says:

    Depends which lottery you are talking about dogmeat. and which country you live in. I’ll try predicting but I ain’t psychic! 😛

  9. Noobwarrior523 says:

    A nice and easy weekly, considering I’m getting back into reach this weekly will get done, and after 5 months( I hit field Marshall in September, then stopped playing….) I will rank up!

  10. Scruff 815 says:

    Score Attack is nowhere near as effective as FF Arcade.
    Score Attack = 5 waves in ~10 minutes.
    FF Arcade = 16 waves in ~15 minutes.

    I for one am glad of this challenge. I don’t play FF as much as I feel I ought to, and I’ve got a couple of commendations close to ranking up. This’ll be the week I get to 100% armoury, huzzah 😀

    • Dogmeat says:

      I’ve got another 250-300 games of Firefight Arcade to get under my belt before I can put it behind me for good. I only plan on getting my Perfectionist and Grounded commendations to gold. Forget about onyx! If I play for 3 hours a night, that would still take almost a month at the most. *Ugh*…doesn’t seem worth it when I put it in those terms! 😦

      Congrats on almost having 100% armory! 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Man I don’t intend on going past silver for grounded or perfectionist. Everything else sure but those 2 are so bloody hard, I mean 2100 for grounded, and 1500 for perfectionist? Too hard. Dogmeat what’s your GT?

      • Dogmeat says:

        GT – DogmeatOnAStick What’s yours?

        With the exception of the campaign commendations, I have earned the rest the non-boosting way. I despise idle boosters in Firefight! The gold amounts for those two remaining Firefight commendations are actually 2500 for Grounded and 2000 for Perfectionist. :-/ Just two remaining MP commendations as well. Hanging out in BTB lately as a result. This weekly challenge will be a refreshing change…I hope.

      • Dan says:

        You and me both man, when I’m in firefight if I see boosters hiding I “cough” accidentally lure them over to the camper, like today, a reclaimer. I should finish a video I recorded, 3 guys boosting on outpost, I put them all into harms way and recorded them dying 10, 20, 30 times. And I said 2100 for grounded because I was subtracting the number you already have – 400 for silver, 2100 more for gold.

        My GT is KrazyDan26

  11. Lexi says:

    Ohh great time for the boring challenge ehh? Well at least i can work on my FF commendations while death by boredom sets in lol

  12. Dan says:

    Pfft, I’m sick of getting so many multiplayer challenges, and LASO’s. I stopped playing arcade because of the boosters and cuz’ I wanted to get harder commendations up. I got the weekly today in about 9 or 10 games. I might play more arcade this week to get perfectionist up, and pull the pin, only 750 till max! Heh my perfectionist is at 343 right now.

  13. Rossco says:

    Weekly completed and 350k from reclaimer. Also trying to get my perfectionist up to silver currently at 482. 10 games of arcade to get weekly. Arcade is way faster.

  14. Quillian86 says:

    Oh, how I love Firefight! (Just check out my commendations for it!)

    And I’m already 4/5 of the way there (120/150)!

  15. Outlaw_BAU says:

    Has anyone else experienced receiving less that 5 waves on a 2X Score Attack – and is there a resolution to get full credit?

    Yep, I am whining – ’cause I value my time and would like full credit where full credit is deserved.

    Thanks for all comments…Outlaw_BAU

    • Outlaw_BAU says:

      Oh yeah, my partner in this got credited with 5 waves where I got 3…?????

  16. Marcus case says:

    any 1 want to do 1v1 against me?

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