Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 27th February

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

Dedication/Time – Complete 10 Daily Challenges this week – 25,000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Well this is more welcome thank a LASO or an epic Revenge medal chase. What are the quick and easy ways to get 10 daily challenges? My best recommendation is to get them as quickly as possible, in case they start making every day’s challenges all LD or something. Of course I’ll have information up every day on how to get them quickly, so you can use that if you’re stuck.

And if you see anyone on Monday or Tuesday with the Weekly Challenge complete then you know they’re cheating!!

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24 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 27th February

  1. JThomas says:

    Does anyone have any good suggestions on custom challenges that give real high payouts (I’ve think I’ve heard of some that give 10,000 with little work)? Always looking for advice!!!

    • Ryan says:

      I have done 200 kills and 200 medals in 3 hours. That was 4715 credit each. You could probably do 300 kills and 350 medals in 3 hours for more but I was just experimenting.

      • JThomas says:

        O ok thanks. I thought there was an earlier post about grunts in FF that paid out 10,000, but maybe I’m wrong.

    • Paul says:

      10,000cR seems to be the cap – playing around with the kill volumes gives the following Firefight Matchmaking mix (allowing 3hr to complete) playing Gruntpocalypse:

      50 Grunt Hero: 9560cR
      75 Grunt Specialist: 9560
      120 Grunt Infantry: 7648cR
      400 Medals: 5099cR

      you should get the Hero and Specialist in the first two games, turn them in and recreate them, do two more games – 50987cR for 4 games!

      If you like Multiplayer Matchmaking, try 250 kills (10622cR) and 400 medals (16996cR) in 3hrs – this is designed for Grifball so check your stats for your favourite gametype and adjust accordingly.

      • Paul says:

        uh, should have noted that I just made Noble – I guess the returns are less for lower ranks.

        Anyone care to post their rank and the returns they get for the above challenges to see if we can work out the rank weighting?

      • JThomas says:

        I’m a noble as well and will post what those customs are returning when I have a chance. Do the custom challenges change the credit reward daily/weekly? I have a feeling they will always be changing…

      • Paul says:

        to be honest I’m not sure. I believe the caps are constant:

        Campaign = 5,000
        Firefight = 10,000
        Multiplayer = 30,000
        Custom = 2,000

        I think the rewards are constant as well although Matthew alluded to there being a bonus on Grunts this week – any chance of a link to that info?

      • JThomas says:

        30k for multiplayer matchmaking? Wow…that’s insane. I’m sure someone has had that before.

        Any thoughts?

      • André says:

        350 kills / 3 hours, 450 medals / hours. I used those in Swat a while back before they upped the requirements (almost 30k each), now it’s more like 15-20k each. Be prepared for many games of Swat though cause you need to play continuously for 3 hours.

      • Paul says:

        BTM credit to André for original posting on Gruntpoc challenges

      • André says:

        Hey, no prob. I will try your challenges now see how it goes. Nice work! I need to try turn in challenges, good call!

      • André says:

        These work for max credits.

        55 Grunt Hero: 10.000cR
        80 Grunt Specialist: 10.000cR
        160 Grunt Infantry: 10.000cR
        500 Medals: 6373cR

        I had 160 Infantry after 4 games of Gruntpocalypse with several random explosions, going for the pistol kills commendation. I can confirm 55 / 80 kills works with 2 games then turn in.

        Kills in my 4 games: 116, Outpost / 120, Installation 04 / 116, Unearthed / 120, Installation 04.
        Medals: 530/400.

      • André says:

        The only one I had to do an extra game for was 160 infantry I had 134 somehow but I also forgot to set up new 55 / 80 kills. So either do one extra game or set it to 130.

        9 Gruntpocalypse games today and I’ve earned a total of 130.000 cR 🙂

      • Paul says:

        Life is sweet!

  2. Tony says:

    850 kills and 850 medals in ff in 3 hours will get you 20k. Also on the halo forums there are a couple topics on a couple different ways to us the tl on sword base

    • BowDown BadKids says:

      its actually 785 kills and 785 medals for the 20k

      • André says:

        I’ve always used 840 x 840. Nice to know the lowest possible.

      • JThomas says:

        Awesome to note, thanks guys! Has anyone else had trouble getting credited for finishing the challenges? I’ve finished my challenges, turned them in, and have not gotten rewarded yet? Is there some sort of notification on live?

        I obviously noted what my credits were before I finished and turned in the challenges, but was curious if anyone else had any troubles or found out how long before they got the credits.

        Everyone’s been a huge help!

      • Paul says:

        I didn’t get to do any custom challenges yesterday, but André also says that challenges aren’t paying out at the moment. The cR should show up within a couple of minutes of Turn-In.

      • André says:

        I meant they don’t count as in 0/xx. Not sure about the cR payout.

      • André says:

        It’s working good today. I just received 20.000 cR from 2 gruntpocalypse games. I will continue today (and last days of grunt x5) with these:

        79 Grunt Specialist for 10,000cr, 3 hours
        53 Grunt Hero for 10,000cr, 3 hours
        157 Grunt Infantry for 10,000cr, 3 hours
        785 Medals for 10,000cr , 3 hours

  3. Dan says:

    Nice easy challenge this week, in contrast to last weeks craptacular one. I had 2 wins out of 77, granted I wasn’t going to bother knowing I wouldn’t get it, and I’d be angrier if I had tried. Maybe next week we’ll get a full campaign run through, that’s always fun to do.

  4. Ryan says:

    My live expired this past weekend. So I don’t know if I’ll use my next 3 month card yet or not. I’d like to complete the weekly challenge but there are not too many offline dailys to do. And I can only play on the weekends. 😦

  5. Dan says:

    Anyone want to throw a guess at what the next weekly will be? I’m hoping for a campaign runthrough. I’d give me a reason to play it over as I’ve been getting rather bored of it recently. I’m only 111 elites away from onyx.

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