29th February – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

What is everyone doing with their spare day this year? I’ve heard about people auctioning it off, or volunteering to do something worthy today.

Me, I’m at work, trying to get time to put together a document that needs to be done this afternoon, then going for Thai dinner later on. So a normal Wednesday!

And if you’re a lady who is using today to propose, or you’ve been proposed to by your lady, I would love to hear about it!

Today’s challenges are:

  1. Fire When Ready – Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3000 cR
  2. Scoped – Kill 200 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with precision weapons – 1500 cR
  3. Golden Tree City – Find and kill the Gold Ranger-class Elite in a Banshee, fast and low, while on New Alexandria, on Legendary – 4500 cR
  4. Close Talking – Earn 60 kills with close quarters combat in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1350 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Fire When Ready – Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 3000 cR

As ever, Grifball, and you’ll get this in a game or two. Try and get at least one buddy to hold the bomb whilst you play for kills (and vengeance), or hold the bomb yourself and pick off the other team as they come at you with hammers.

Scoped – Kill 200 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with precision weapons – 1500 cR

Precision weapons are the DMR, Sniper Rifle, Focus Rifle and Needle Rifle – note not the pistol! Gruntpocalypse will get you through this challenge in two games if you stick with the DMR. As always, use Corvette since it’s such a small map and use one of the corridors off the spawn room to bottle neck and scope enemies without being too vulnerable. Your best bet is to go for any Score Attack type game and just make sure you loadout with the precision weapons and keep killing enemies.

Golden Tree City – Find and kill the Gold Ranger-class Elite in a Banshee, fast and low, while on New Alexandria, on Legendary – 4500 cR

To complete this challenge, the BOB flies a Banshee that appears at 6 minutes on one side of the map (near Club Errera), and boosts all the way across to the other side. You’ve got to be in place to take it out as it flies, but once you’ve seen it you can usually use restart checkpoint to make sure you catch it and take it down. I don’t know about other difficulties, but it’s definitely there on Legendary. I have seen some people find it at 5 minutes, but 6 seems to be the more likely time.

Close Talking – Earn 60 kills with close quarters combat in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1350 cR

Close Quarters Combat is melee, beat down, assassination, Sword, Hammer, Golf Club and Shotgun. It’s actually my normal way of playing to shoot then melee so it should be pretty quick. Jump into Grifball and have some fun bludgeoning the other team to rack up these kills, or Infection with everything bar the pistol. Halo Ball Extreme can be good for this, but for every HBX with a high kill volume you might get plain old HB which has a 0 kill volume.


23 Responses to 29th February – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Gil says:

    Or you could spend Feb. 29 completing Halo Reach challenges! 😛

  2. Rossco says:

    2 of these eassy challenges and weekly is done. Which 2 should I do?

  3. Locklear66 says:

    Its Work for me too. The only good thing about it is when I get paid

  4. Ryan says:

    The 2 multiplayer matchmaking challenges would be easy to get. That’s like 2-3 games of grifball. I’m starting to like just normal slayer, snipers, and swat more though. What gamemodes do you guys do?

    • Dogmeat says:

      I have been playing regular and anniversary BTB a lot for my vehicle commendations, but I also like rumble pit and anniversary FFA, multi team, team and squad slayer (including the anniversary varieties), action sack, and SWAT. The sniper playlist can get sniped for all I care. 😉 I also do very well at Grifball, but I don’t hardly play it anymore. I played one recent match of Grifball Dash, though, and tore into the other team using sprint. It’s definitely my new favorite variation of Grifball! 😀

  5. DaRoflBandit says:

    If I kill 60 people in Grifball, the weekly is done. I’ll get on Reach after school.

  6. …then going for Thai dinner later on. So a normal Wednesday!

    you are so Sheldon Cooper =P

  7. MissedTheApex says:

    Well, I got my weekely done thanks to a few games of Grifball. But I’ve got to say, Grifball can be irritating when you’re playing it for a particular reason.

    If you’re using it to get lots of multiplayer kills, there will always be the one guy who takes advantage of the rampant hammering to score three quick goals, because he doesn’t know why the other 7 players are there.

    Then, on days when you’re just trying to knock out a few quick games to cap off a participation challenge, it seems like that’s the day the other team is trying pad their CQC commendations. So you get stuck in 5 rounds of ball-hogging, spawn-camping, Grifball hell that lasts 15 minutes and makes you say “hell, I could of played BTB in less time!”

    Seems like the Grifball gods love to conspire against whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.


  8. Brian the second says:

    Wait… “Kill 50 enemies…” is worth 3000 cR BUT “Earn 60 kills with CCC…” is only worth 1350 cR?

    Really?? What’s the logic behind that?

  9. Dogmeat says:

    I can envision doing something special or out of the ordinary today if it was like a free day…not just slapped in as a regular day of the week. Treat it like a holiday for everyone from work, school, etc. Then Wednesday would pick up as Match 1st. People would make sure they were stocked up on good, gas, etc. Since no one would be providing services of any kind, going into labor, getting seriously sick/injured, dying, and criminal activity would be forbidden! 😉

    Don’t forget that sword swipes count a pummel as well! That means you would only need 30 sword kills to satisfy the CQC challenge. 🙂

    • MissedTheApex says:

      I don’t understand the sword kills thing, but I believe you because it seemed to work that way for me.

      The only multiplayer games I played today (so far) were Grifball. At one point, I had 24 kills toward “Kill 50 enemies in MM”, but 29 kills toward “Earn 60 kills with CQC”.

      I wondered how I could have more “CQC kills” than I had “kills”. I still don’t get it. Can anyone explain?

      • Dogmeat says:

        When you use a shotgun, hammer, or melee, it registers as one kill. For the sword, it registers as a sword kill AND a melee.

      • MissedTheApex says:

        Well, i’d like to say that makes sense…but at least I get it. Good thing to know for future challenges.


  10. Micah (SpartanM914) says:

    I’m getting Disc is Unreadable errors a lot these days on Reach, mostly when I try to do campaign. Anybody have any favorite techniques for fixing up DVDs so they read better?

    • DaRoflBandit says:

      Unfortunately, the problem is either your Xbox, or your disk. There is no way to fix the disk problem, unless you install reach onto the hard drive. Then you can play reach perfectly, unless the Xbox wont recognize the disk at all or you have a hard drive problem. If this does not fix the problem, the only thing you can do is replace what has broken, which can cost alot of money.

      • Micah (SpartanM914) says:

        I have all of the halo games up to this point. I get it on Halo 3, which has prevented me from getting credit for completing the third level of the campaign. I was going to take all my Halo DVDs and get them polished at the movie store down the street to see if that helped. I had Reach installed on my HD at one point, but it still required the DVD to operate, so I’m not sure what the gain is there.

    • Brian the second says:

      Yeah that sucks. If you have to, you can always get a “new” used one on Amazon :/ http://amzn.to/wXTRio

      • Locklear66 says:

        The reason for downloading any game to your hard drive is so your Xbox cd rom drive won’t have to work as much. When it’s downloaded the disc doesn’t spin as much so doin that mite fix your problem.

  11. pointblank says:

    My wife proposed to me. Bought a ring and everything, however I didn’t wear the engagement band. The ring ended up being my wedding ring though.

    It wasn’t romantic at all. I was dismantling a computer desk in what used to be our spare room (now it’s our kids room). She walked in, started crying, told me she loved me, and that if we didn’t get married she would leave. So it was sort of an ultimatum, again not really romantic…

    Whatever.. our fourth anniversary is coming up on the 8th of March.

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