5th March – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

I’ve ordered my tickets for the Eurogamer Expo in September. It should be good fun, and yes I’ve gone for early access so I can try to avoid the scrum each day. Now just to get the time off work!

There appear to have been some screenshots leaked for Halo 4 today. They show… Master Chief. Holding a gun. With some pretty textures. Not exactly groundbreaking, and I’m still tentatively anticipating this one. I’ll need a lot more quality information before I get very excited.

Although we all know that unless it reviews really poorly I’ll be buying it day 1.

Today’s challenges are:

  1. Fire When Ready – Kill 30 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1100 cR
  2. Up Close and Personal – Kill 8 enemies with close quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1600 cR
  3. The Little Guys – Kill 200 Grunts in Campaign today on Normal or harder – 2500 cR
  4. Survivor – Earn 9 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

Fire When Ready – Kill 30 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1100 cR

As ever, Grifball, and you’ll get this in a game or two. Try and get at least one buddy to hold the bomb whilst you play for kills (and vengeance), or hold the bomb yourself and pick off the other team as they come at you with hammers.

Up Close and Personal – Kill 8 enemies with close quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game – 1600 cR

Close Quarters Combat is essentially melee, assassination, sword, hammer or shotgun kills. Grifball is 100% melee and easy to get lots of kills when you get your timing right. Infection can be really good, and it does appear that sword kills count double for the sword and the pummel.

The Little Guys – Kill 200 Grunts in Campaign today on Normal or harder – 2500 cR

10 more grunts to kill, 800 fewer credits than last time? The curse of being third challenge strikes again!! Winter Contingency, Exodus or The Package are excellent for Grunts.  The opening of ONI Sword Base has one useful trick – go straight to the Target Designator, turn around and blast some Grunts, then reset to checkpoint. It’s a quick way of doing it, although I prefer playing through levels to up various commendations. Ryan suggested something similar on The Package, throwing a grenade just before the checkpoint so that every time you reset it goes off and takes out a few Grunts. ONI: Sword Base can also be good by just taking out the few who are in front of you at the start then restarting the mission, but if you go for the TD you get lots of big commendations too.

Survivor – Earn 9 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game – 2000 cR

You get 120 kills in Gruntpoc so it’s an easy way to do it. If you can get kills using weapons (ie 5 grenade sticks, a shotgun, sniper rifle etc) then you get nearer the total – use Score Attack to get a range of weapons. Beachhead is quite good as you can use the vehicles to get more sprees – and now on Firefight Arcade you’ve got a good chance of using a variety of weapons, lots of killing sprees and grenades and the like. I like hitting up Gruntpoc then getting the 5 killing sprees.


20 Responses to 5th March – Halo Reach Daily Challenges & Commentary

  1. Tyler says:

    i noticed that on the 2nd of march people were talking about 343 already having taken over however the transition isn’t supposed to be finished until the 34th of march so it may not be 343’s fault the challenges are repetative.

  2. Rossco says:

    It will be a nice easy day of challenges. I will prolly grifball the first 2. Then score attack with dmr on gruntpocolypse to up my precision weapon commendation along with completing spree challenge. Then I will proceed to bravo checkpoint on WC and pull out the trusty ol AR to up those commendations.

    Glad to see you made it home safe off the plane matthew. I personally would have a hard time leaving Glasgow myself.

    Oh and I wasn’t sure if there was an advertising section in these forums as I haven’t explored past the daily and weekly challenge areas.

    My clan is currently looking for competitive swat players to play on our mlg roster. I will be holding tryouts daily throughout the next couple weeks. We haven’t played any matches yet this season but last season we went 10-7. Were under the name of TcF – The Chosen Few.

    I’m not the actual clan leader but I’m in charge of the mlg team. Most of our members are high ranked and all positive K/D. So drop me a line if ur interested and want to try out. GT: Knifekilljoy69 just message me and let me know its about swat mlg.

    Oh and sorry matthew if this is not acceptable to be doing in here.

  3. FireySplork says:

    For the two hundred grunts…. if you have time, you can set up a checkpoint on Nightfall where you shoot one sniper bullet and get 4 grunt kills. If you do it right u can get approx. 6000grunts/hour. Youtube it.

  4. brxoverdose says:

    I just did the target locator on sword base got 200 grunt kills in 5 minutes. The 2 matchmaking ones i got in 1 game of griffball and the ff 1 i played arcade doubles and used the sniper and between sniper and killing sprees got it no problem. I have all campaign commendations to onyx already so im not worried about those need to rank 1 more up to be at 90 percent. Im almosy to reclaimer whoever posted about wanting swat players i had a 50 in h3 swat so send me a msg.

    • Rossco says:

      That was me lookin for swat players. What’s ur gamertag or add mine from previous post.

  5. Dan says:

    For the 200 grunts, I already had 49 from doing the weekly. So I loaded up Long night of Solace and did the firefight thing. At the start after you get inside the facility a checkpoint happens and nonstop spirits drop enemies. I took the opportunity to attempt the Corrected Medal (15 sticky kills in a row) it was so hard and I died right afterwards. Kept it on normal difficulty. In campaign the two weapons I die most from are plasma grenades and FRGs. After 1 hour and 13 minutes I got the challenge and died, which really pissed me off because after I checked the post game results I was on a streak of 417, so close to inconcievable in campaign! Also got onyx leadership element, so it was worth it anyways.

  6. Tim says:

    All i got for halo 4 is this website from xbox, http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Marketplace/Product/Halo-4

  7. André says:

    Ah great a two week cR ban for playing 13 gruntpocalypse and hitting the cap. What’s up with that?

    • André says:

      Custom challenges will get you banned! Hope they fix this soon. Meanwhile I’ll play Halo: CE Anniversary.

      • Dogmeat says:

        Never heard of that. Hitting the new 200k cap resets when your console’s time zone hits midnight (or 1 am when under daylight savings time). You must have been banned for something else?

        I surprisingly hit the cap recently due to trying to play for the “Don’t Touch That!” achievement for a number of hours. However, I don’t work with custom challenges. To save yourself some grief, the ONLY way you can get this achievement if NOBODY touches the flash for all 4 rounds! Our team managed to defend our flag twice, but the achievement never popped. Finally had a defiant map come up again and stayed away from the flag when we were on offense. Finally got it. What a pain!

      • Dogmeat says:

        Let’s try that again. The ONLY way you can get the achievement is if NOBODY touches the flag for all 4 rounds.

  8. André says:

    I didn’t hit the cap on the day before but it was very close. I posted on 343industries.org so hopefully they lift the ban. Yes that achievement is a pain. Me and a friend managed 2-3 rounds then they charged the flag and got it. I been trying many times before on High Noon.

    • Dogmeat says:

      To save yourself some further grief, the only 2 maps on which you can get the achievement is Condemned and Highlands. You can get them to come up if you have purchased the Defiant map pack (Noble map pack is also required) and go to the Squad DLC playlist. The Anniversary map pack is now optional to enter that playlist.

      • André says:

        Defiant of course. I mixed it up with the skull one which is on Anniversary map.

  9. Dan says:

    You know I played to the end of cea and was playing super carefully, trying to get the achievement for the hog not flipping over and ejecting me, and the part where you have to jump the gap and plumet down once I landed it flipped. I was less than a 30 seconds from the end of the level and it flips! That was on heroic. Next when I play it on legendary I’ll have that to do over, and some of the other achievements I’ve noticed have not worked. On the silent cartographer, I stormed the beach with no marine casualties and it didn’t register! Talk about unfair………

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