Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 2nd April

This week’s challenge is below, click Read More to view the commentary:

Multiplicative – Earn 200 Multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking this week – 25,000 cR

Commentary follows after the break…

This is actually fairly easy to get I reckon. My usual tips apply here – go for Grifball, Team SWAT or Multi Team to get a good chance of quick kills (SWAT because you can kill in 1 shot to speed up the kill, Multi Team because people group together, Grifball because it’s one giant melee anyway!)

For SWAT and Multi-Team, some maps help better than others, my favourites are:

Sword Base – On SWAT you can hold the killing area at the top of green lift and take out a team as the rush you from any direction. On Multi Team if the top of that lift becomes a killing zone through some grenades in it then follow them up to mop up.

Asylum – Similar to Pinnacle, but this is even better for sniping people who run across your field of vision.

Countdown – A nice killing area at the top of the lifts, Multi Team is good for this because everyone comes from different directions so you can steal kills and take out the person who was shooting as well. You might get a couple at the beginning if you go to shoot your opponents on the opposite side of the atrium.

Reflection – Again some nice killing areas at the top of the lift and along the long corridor.

I know there are more maps, but these are the ones where I think you’ve got a good chance of getting multikills.

And finally, don’t forget the multikills will stack. So an Overkill (4 enemies) will count as 3 for the double, triple and Overkill.

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7 Responses to Halo Reach Weekly Challenge & Commentary – w/c 2nd April

  1. Rossco says:

    Grifball all the way baby.

  2. Dan says:

    3rd time i’m seeing this and I’m not bothering with it this time. 1-3 days of grifball, 1-3 days of frustration is not worth it. Or for people who get this in 1 day of 12 hour grifball tryouts. I guess we can’t get a good campaign challenge 2 weeks in a row. Instead of this I’ll play some of the dailies or just switch to a different game.

  3. kv20 says:

    easy as pie! after only 2 games of grifball i already had 19/200. this will be a fun weekly in my books. grifball all the way!

  4. Rossco says:

    178/200 after day 1 of grifball mania. My best round I went 119-35 for k/d with 48 multikills. 1 or 2 rounds today and the weekly is finished.

  5. DaRoflBandit says:

    Hey everyone, have you seen or heard about the early leaked GameInformer magazine edition about Halo 4? Its stirred up quite a controversy, because of it’s content. I would dig around and look for more information, as I cant remember all of the webpages that I read about this. Try the Halo Waypoint forum to see for yorself what this has caused. I do however have the link for the leaked images of the GameInformer magazine in question: http://s1069.photobucket.com/albums/u462/jannaxbox/Halo%204%20May%202012%20Game%20Informer/ I don’t know if or when these might get removed, alot of this info is being blocked so I would advise to find this information quickly if you either want to see it for yourself or share it to all of the uninformed people out there. I know this is not fake, there is too many people enraged over this and too many different original information sources out there. David Ellis himself even said that the information is more or less true, but there have been changes to the game since the media visit. Now obviously there is too much information for me to tell all of you about it, so the above link should really help. I hope this sheds some light on the controversy for you all and I hope there will be some changes to Halo 4, some of the things that they said would be in the game is… unsettling. 😦

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