Given the lack of up to date pages about the daily challenges that Bungie issue for Halo Reach, I thought I’d make my own. Each day I put up details on the challenges as they come out (11am here in England), including a commentary of how to complete the challenges as quickly and easily as possible – unless I see a way that’s more fun or rewarding.

I really like the challenges, they’re a good way to keep people interested in the game and help the paper chase to get a higher rank in the game. As with all things I’m interesting in the ‘meta’ structure of the system, so I’m looking forward to finding out what happens to challenges after a year, two years…Β  My money’s on them looping the challenges automatically after creating new ones for about 18 months. That’s what I’d do.

The thing I like most about the challenges is that they help get people trying different forms and ways of playing the game. So by getting people to use a weapon a certain amount of times of play a certain game type you give them a reason to do it. Very reminiscent of the Gears of War 2 achievements that worked well in making you try different things from your usual play pattern.


Matthew – GT Loreweaver. Sorry if I’ve ever betrayed you in a game, trust that I’m not good enough for it to be on purpose okay?

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  1. Robbie says:

    Thank you for posting the daily challenges. I like to check them while at work but my workplace has blocked all of the gaming sites so this is the only place I can check up on them while at work.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Marcel says:

    Hey Matthew,

    in my case its the same situation as described in the previous post.
    So youΒ΄re the savior of a bunch of halo addicted guys, that cant wait to make plans on how to get the most Cr out of the challenges. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for that !

  3. Matthew Vose says:

    No worries fellas, I’m happy to help. The good thing about working with online systems is that I have free rein over my net access. To the extent my boss came to see me the other day and I’d left the Bungie challenge page up in another screen and was asked ‘what’s that with the skulls’? Fortunately they knew about Reach and my blog so was easy to explain.

    If there’s anything else you want to see on the site, please ask. I’ve got a couple of things I’m hoping to have up in the next week or so that should be interesting.

  4. bungiesgirl says:

    I’d love to see a bit more info on the weekly challenges and maybe a hub for linking up to do them together? I’m always on the scout for some more wingmen!

    BG x

    • Matthew Vose says:

      I’ll have a think about it BG. I’m wary as posts for Gamertags, play sessions etc go out of date very quickly. It’d be useful though sure.

      For now put down your gt so you can get hundreds of guys to add you to their friends list. πŸ˜‰

      Great username btw.

      • bungiesgirl says:

        Yeah I can see your point play sessions go in and out of date pretty fast!

        As to the guys, you’d be surprised how many ppl dont realise I am a girl, and flame me as a 12 year old kid!

        I’ll not post mine here as it’s your baby so to speak πŸ™‚ If anyone does wanna play, either send me a message or pop over to my blog and say hello!

        Tips and tricks could also be useful particularly for those slightly more tricky challenges?

        BG x

  5. Ralph says:


    I think your blog on challenges is great! I figured a few out on my own but this is helpful for the ones I didn’t nail down yet. I’ll have to grab a partner for the tougher assist/avenging ones!

  6. Jonny says:

    Good site mate, i’m sure lots of people would find this useful

  7. Bryan says:

    “The thing I like most about the challenges is that they help get people trying different forms and ways of playing the game.”
    I agree. I never used to use the needler, but after a few “That Pink Mist” challenges, I use it more often. While I’m not a pro yet, I at least have more confidence to use it and will usually choose it over other weapons.

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Definitely true. If you look at the first challenges I was obviously limited in my knowledge of game types, as they’ve gone on I’ve been able to experiment more and offer even broader advice on what playing style fits where. It’s all about the credits!

    • kevin says:

      i couldn’t agree with you more. i used to run right past the needler, and now i pick it up all the time. and after playing Gruntpocalypse, i now find myself instinctively making more accurate headshots in multiplayer matchmaking. it’s a win-win!

  8. Vaters says:

    I really appreciate what you do hear. I check this site every morning as i do facebook so I know what to look forward to when i start playing halo, and I love your commentaries they have helped me in more ways then one.
    And i agree that the challenges keep you intrigued and keep you trying different weapons and game types, for the longest time i only played SWAT.

    Anyway thanks!

    • Vaters says:

      My gamertag is VatersGonnaVate add if you want, I play quite often. and its a new account so I dont have many friends.

  9. i think this is my new favorite blog! i’m in italy so the new challenges come out at noon for me and i couldn’t find them anywhere on the bungie site. so so so glad i found this instead!

    bungiesgirl – i TOTALLY empathize! gets real old, real fast!

    • Kovitlac says:

      I read her post, so same here. Once I was Forging with a couple guys. About 10 minutes into our session he gets real quiet, then carefully askes, “so, like, are you really a girl? Or do you just sound like that?” I actually felt bad for him. It’s worse when they’re a jerk, or harassing you. He actually sounded adorably awkward.

  10. Manata says:

    I’ve only just starting playing the game. I have found this site and it has been really helpful. Thanks for organizing this!

  11. okininja08 says:

    Thanks man, I’ve been looking for a site that has everything you have here, and was accessible at work. Thank you so much for haveing this. Have you thought of linking this to twitter so people could recieve these straight to their phones, not sure if you had that already but just an idea. πŸ™‚

    • Matthew Vose says:

      If you use the ‘Useful Links’ on the right column you can follow me on Twitter, there’s a tweet anytime I post something to the site.

      • okininja08 says:

        Ok cool, thanks man. I figured you had something, but wasn’t sure.

  12. jackie says:

    This is so useful..I always check right when I wake up to see if the challenges could wait or I just have to get on right away…I’m with the girls also…I get it a lot that I’m a 12 year old boy…

  13. Peter says:

    love the site, just found it today. know i will be back on a daily basis now ^^

  14. Ninpo Pandemic says:

    Thanks for the tips, man! Add me and we’ll play one day… Ninpo Pandemic.

  15. Scott says:

    It’s great! Thanks for taking the time to do this from the Pacific Northwest!

  16. kenny says:

    I recently started playing reach again however none of my friends do, if anyone wants or needs new friends add me

  17. JzO says:

    Whats the best way to get credits with a silver account? until gold is activated again

  18. THE WEEJ says:

    Thanks Matt and Sam (and all the friendly and clean participators!) for keeping this blog going! I’ve been a quiet follower for a while now, but just wanted to express my thanks. This is the only Halo site that I can access from work! I really hope I’ll get the opportunity to catch you guys for an RDC game night even though the time difference is a bit difficult for me…

    Cheers from across the pond!

    THE WEEJ (My Gamertag)
    New York, NY

    • Matthew Vose says:

      Thanks dude, that’s really nice to hear and very welcome at the moment. Hope you can join in one night – especially 7/7 to team up against Bungie.

  19. Lefty734 says:

    I just love this site, every day I wake up at six am to check this website and if the challenges haven’t been posted yet I sit there waiting for them show up even when I can’t play reach that day (like when I’m on vacation or like now when I’m credit banned which I did not deserve).

  20. CaptainMurphy77 says:

    Excellent site. I’ve had Reach for less than two weeks (Yeah, I know it’s been out for a year. I was boycotting Halo.) and I’m almost to Lt. Colonel, almost 50% armory and commendations. Thanks to your site and the excellent commentaries from all involved. It’s helped to make my return to the Halo franchise very enjoyable. Please keep up the good work. Cheers!!!

  21. An entire site dedicated to Halo Reach? I am impressed!

    I got the game on release day and roared through the campaign with a big, stupid grin on my face the whole time.

    Anyone else read the Halo books?

  22. Filomeno Fulano says:

    For people new to Firefight and Matchmaking, the use of these words by Bungie (and the autor of this blog) isn’t totally clear. They tend to say “Firefight Matchmaking” when referring to games where you enter Matchmaing and then a Firefight game. But you don’t select Firefight and then look for a Matchmaking within Firefight (as implied by the order of the words). Instead, you go into Matchmaking and then select Firefight.

    For newbies, it isn’t at all obvious that “Firefight Matchmaking” means that you ignore the Firefight menu and instead select Matchmaking when that first list of options pops up.

    Bungie should reverse the order of the words to coincide with the order in which they’re selected in the menus. And anyone writing a blog about how to fulfill the challenges should consider that newbies don’t automatically get all the off-hand references to all the different game types.

    It would be useful to have a more direct explanation of how-the-hell to get to the specific game type that can be best used to fulfill the challenges. Like this:

    “Ok, so go to Main Menu >> Matchmaking >> Playlist >> Cooperative >> Firefight Arcade and then when you get a chance to vote, select game type….”

    To someone who has been playing Halo for years I’m sure that such detailed instructions seem tedious, but there are lots of newbies (especially kids) out there who see all the menus and sub-menus as daunting. They’d like to begin improving their skills by doing the challenges, but they get frustrated trying to figure out how to select the correct game type in which to complete the challenges.

    I’m sure any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Locklear66 says:

    If I may I would like to suggest a Christmas song for tomarrows song.

  24. InfinityCamper says:

    Thanks for taking a few minutes out of
    Your day, every day to this this.
    I and alot of people appreciate it.

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